Great Celestial Master Chapter 23

In such a situation, meeting Siyang was just a surprise and joy for LAN Jinxiu. Before he thought of how to save his image in Siyang’s heart, LAN Jingxiu instinctively walked towards Siyang: “come to dinner?”

They are located at the door of a restaurant called imperial food shop. It is said that there was a eunuch in the ancestral family. The eunuch worked in the imperial dining room on weekdays. Although as a eunuch, he was despised by the imperial chefs and had to do some chores because of his low status, the eunuch deliberately learned a move. I learned a lot over time. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to try one by one, I secretly wrote down all the skills.

Later, after leaving the palace, he wrote a booklet, and the clan door groped and studied according to the letter. It was really better than the cooks in those wine shops in the market. Slowly, a family business was formed. It is said that the letter is still for use in the head office and is regarded as the treasure of the town store.

The chef of this shop is the imperial kitchen cuisine, but there have been real royal kitchen heirs in Zhongdu for a long time. The hot pot shop they ate before is one of them. Imperial food workshop can only be regarded as a copy of stealing teachers. Therefore, they have positioned themselves very early, do not take the top-level and high-end route, and the price is not close to the people, but it will not be expensive to the extent that the general popularity of the city does not step up. At least some of the slightly expensive meals in the imperial food shop are ordered all over, which is almost 10000 pieces. In places with such prices in Zhongdu, this price is actually willing to bite its teeth.

Siyang still thinks the taste of this shop is good. People on earth really give full play to the sentence that food is the most important thing for the people, that is, any radish cake can be made as exquisite as a handicraft. Although there are many delicious foods in the fairy world, only the Soul Kitchen specializes in delicious food, Even the ordinary people in the fairy world spend almost all their mental energy on cultivation, so in contrast, the refinement of food in the fairy world is still inferior to that of the earth.

For Siyang, after coming to this world, he can no longer feel the pleasure of collecting Tiancai and Dibao from the major secret places. He can only fill the void from delicious food. Seeing that Lan Jinxiu had solved the entanglement just now and came towards him, Si Yang also smiled and said, “yes, I made an appointment with my classmates. What a coincidence. Are you here to talk about business?”

LAN Jinxiu, who just wanted to say that it was better to have dinner together, was reminded by this sentence. He remembered that he came to talk about business, so he had to hide his disappointment: “well, have your classmates arrived?” If he doesn’t arrive, he can stay here to talk with him and wait for others.

It’s a pity that everything today is doomed not to be as he wishes.

“My classmate has arrived and is waiting for me in the private room. I happened to see you and wanted to say hello first. Then you are busy. I won’t bother you.”

Seeing that Siyang was going, LAN Jinxiu subconsciously said, “Siyang.”

Si Yang bit the drink straw and looked back: “hmm?”

When there was nothing to talk about, the best topic was food, so LAN Jingxiu had a flash of inspiration: “do you like seafood?”

Si Yang nodded: “OK.”

“I have a business friend who sent me some crabs and will fly them over these two days. If you’re free, would you like to come to my house and try the cook’s craft?”

Si Yang smiled at the speech: “OK, I’ll make an appointment then.”

After agreeing on the next date, LAN Jingxiu naturally won’t find any more topics. He entered the store with Si Yang and watched him walk to a private room before walking to the room he had set.

As soon as Si Yang entered the box, the two early comers were already chatting in full swing. As soon as he saw him, Zhou Fang’s first sentence was to tease: “Oh, our big family is coming.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “have you ordered?”

Cang Yongfeng: “waiting for you, I ordered some that must be ordered every time. See what else you need to add.”

Si Yang shook his head and sighed, “really, you can’t eat big people. You just have to catch up with what’s expensive. You have to wait for me.”

When the waiter was called in, Siyang ordered all the signature dishes in the store. The ordinary three boys ate a lot, especially now when it was time to consume a lot, not to mention a monk like him. Just waiting for the waiter to go out with the meal list, Cang Yongfeng still couldn’t help but feel sorry for Siyang’s wallet: “it’s OK to be in the stall. This is the imperial food shop. First, if you don’t have money to pay, you put Zhou here to wash the dishes, but don’t leave me.”

Zhou Fang kicked Cang Yongfeng: “you can leave me to wash the dishes. Don’t eat tea later. I bought it!” Then they went to grab the water in front of Cang Yongfeng, and they soon became a mess.

This kind of dormitory daily Siyang saw more, so he sat and looked at it with a smile. When they had enough trouble, he asked, “have all the things in your family been solved?”

Cang Yongfeng nodded: “divorce by agreement. After the divorce, Lin Jian never appeared again. It will be my sister’s due date in two months. However, I asked my sister to go to Lin Jian several times. Anyway, the phone doesn’t answer and people can’t find it. The whole disappeared. It’s good to avoid any moths later.”

Zhou sighed: “men are afraid of entering the wrong line and women are afraid of marrying the wrong lang. this is true at all.”

Recently, things at home have been quite satisfactory. In addition, Cang Yongfeng has also found a good part-time job. The sales situation is fairly good. It is expected that the Commission at the end of the month is not small, so the whole person seems in a good mood. Hearing Zhou Fang’s exclamation, he asked: “how about your part-time job? It should be easier for professional counterparts.”

Zhou Fang shook his head and said: “No, there has been a bit of turbulence in the company recently. There seems to be some contradiction between the anti Zhengda leader and the second leader, which makes people unstable. Many people have changed jobs when they see the opportunity. My department should be the operation center of the whole company. It’s easy to say, it’s not easy to say. There are fewer people, so the existing people can’t distract themselves from staring at the machine. It’s a little strange I have to maintain it quickly. I have experienced the so-called programmer’s life in advance. It’s more curtily than a curtilage man. ”

Si Yang said, “do you want to develop in this direction after graduation?”

Zhou Fang was a little uncertain: “there is still a year left. Let me think about it again. The salary prospects of programmers are good, and they only need to focus on technology and don’t have to deal with people. I feel that people now have more and more social obstacles. It’s really tired to socialize with people. I just want to live in my own world.”

Cang Yongfeng chuckled: “homestead syndrome is like this. Why don’t you come to my part-time job? We happen to have a partner together. If you do it in a month, there will be no social barriers.”

Several people spoke for a while, and the dishes they ordered were sent up one by one. It’s better to serve food in imperial food shop. A table of dishes comes up at almost the same time, which will not make the guests wait too long, or the waiting time can only focus on the one or two dishes that have been served.

There was a table full of delicious food. Cang Yongfeng and Zhou Fang took out their mobile phones to take photos at the first time. They would come to the store to eat several times a year, but they still enjoyed taking photos every time. Zhou Fang took Siyang for a group photo. After satisfied with the circle of friends, we started to eat.

The two of them also paid occasional attention to the small online store in Siyang. Then they found that the store that had been opened since freshman year and had been “dead” for several years suddenly came alive. This month’s sales increased slightly. The price of that talisman was in 10000 units, and they were out of stock. If there were not all kinds of praise from people below, if they were not familiar with Siyang, they almost thought that Siyang was looking for someone to brush the bill.

So Siyang said that when they invited guests to dinner, they agreed without thinking. At this moment, he asked curiously, “what adventure did you encounter? How did you get everything done?”

Si Yang didn’t hide it from them: “I helped people a little before and charged a little hard, so I fixed the house and launched the online store. Anyway, if I can sell several copies a month, I can live a good life.”

They thought, I’m afraid the charge is not a little cruel. At the beginning, Siyang said he liked the house. They also regarded it as a dream. Unexpectedly, the dream will come true. It depends on whether people dare to think about it.

After eating and drinking enough, the dishes on a full table were almost swept away. The three sat in chairs chatting and eating. School will begin in about half a month. Compared with the senior courses, the senior courses are more loose, but there are more things. There is also a saying that graduation equals unemployment, so we should plan for the future early.

While chatting, Si Yang suddenly stopped, turned his head and looked in one direction and frowned slightly.

Zhou Fang and Cang Yongfeng, who were eating melon seeds, saw that he suddenly stopped talking and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Si Yang shook his head: “I smell a bad smell.”

Zhou Fang moved his nose and sniffed everywhere. In addition to the residual smell of food, he didn’t smell the smell said by Si Yang in the room. Seeing that Cang Yongfeng was also smelling, he deliberately leaned over to smell him twice, covered his nose and boasted, “Wow! Did you fart!”

Cang Yongfeng was looking for the source of the odor. When he heard Zhou Fang say so, he turned his eyes: “you farted!”

After chatting for a while, the three got up and prepared to leave after the waiter brought the packaged dessert in. However, there was a sudden commotion outside, and the noise seemed to be in some confusion.

Zhou Fang was the first to run to open the door to check the situation outside. It seemed that some waiters in the restaurant were running back and forth in a hurry: “what’s the matter?”

Si Yang and Cang Yongfeng also came to the door with dessert: “maybe someone in the box is drinking and causing trouble. Let’s go.”

Before they stepped out of the private room door, a waiter hurried in and out of the private room opposite them. One of them saw Siyang as soon as he looked up, so he walked directly towards him with his slender legs: “do you want to go back later? I can see you on the way.”

It’s good to have a free ride, so Siyang smiled and said, “OK, you’re going to go, too?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “something happened, so he left early.”

Zhou Fang saw that it seemed that the man was in the private room before the accident, so he gossip: “what’s the matter? Was he drunk and making trouble?”

Siyang chaolan Jingxiu said, “they are my classmates, Cang Yongfeng and Zhou Fang.”

LAN Jinxiu nodded to them, “Hello, my name is Lan Jinxiu. I’m not drunk and make trouble, but someone suddenly vomited blood.”

Hearing this, Cang Yongfeng and Zhou Fang hissed at the same time, so is it worthy of being the boss? It’s hard to spit blood for business.

Soon the ambulance came, ran in between them and carried the man who vomited blood into the car. Siyang took back his eyes after a look. It’s common to kill a person with a black hand in the mall for the sake of interests.

Although they didn’t get along with Si Yang very much, and they could even say that they had only known each other for a short time, LAN Jinxiu felt that there seemed to be something wrong with Si Yang’s eyes.

When the two students of Siyang left, LAN Jinxiu sent off his bodyguard and drove by himself. In the car, he couldn’t help asking, “is there something wrong with that man just now?”

Si Yang looked at LAN Jingxiu and said, “why do you ask?”

LAN Jin said, “that day at the door of the hot pot shop, you looked at the demon like that.”

Si Yang smiled: “what kind of eyes?”

LAN Jingxiu thought: “there is a kind of insight into everything, and there is also a kind of indifference to everything.”


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