Great Celestial Master Chapter 24

Perhaps I didn’t expect LAN Jingxiu to be so sharp. Siyang smiled and didn’t refute. People are instinctive to explore the unknown, which can be called a kind of curiosity. But when all things can be seen through at a glance, there is naturally nothing to be curious about. Over time, it is inevitable to become indifferent to these things. What’s more, he was not a hot tempered man. I’ve experienced too many killings. If I want to be hot, I may not be hot.

Seeing that Siyang didn’t speak, LAN carefully fixed his eyebrows and frowned imperceptibly: “is there really a problem?”

Si Yang said, “well, it should be that someone lowered his head, so the hospital can’t save his life. If you want to live, you have to go to the head lowering teacher.”

LAN Jingxiu glanced at him and said, “do you also dabble in head lowering? I heard Yuzhuo said that there are not many people who know head lowering in our country. Most of the head lowering teachers are in Southeast Asia.”

“The so-called lowering the head is nothing more than a kind of insect. Planting all kinds of insects and insects in people’s body will be broken as long as the insects are destroyed. However, the methods of lowering the head and the insects raised are different. Some insects are not recorded in books and are mutated from fighting, so it will give people a difficult feeling, but they can’t change. Find out the principle It won’t be difficult. ”

Si Yang said this simply, but even LAN Jinxiu, who didn’t quite understand it, knew that the poisonous insects could be destroyed so easily. One carelessness was the death of insects and people. He had only heard Yuzhuo mention it before, that is, to give him some popular science, so as not to be out in the future, but he didn’t know more.

“Can you handle the man’s head lowering just now?”

Si Yang turned his head and smiled at him: “Yes, it’s just a general flying insect landing. This flying insect landing enters the body with the breath of the target character through smell or weak powder, and then the little flying insect will instantly take the human body as the host and unconsciously nibble at the internal organs. Therefore, the people who fall in this flying insect landing are actually very lucky, because they can’t feel pain, just because the internal organs are bad Die and spit blood, and then die without medicine. ”

LAN Jingxiu wanted to say how lucky he was.

“You…” Lan Jinxiu wanted to ask Si Yang if he wanted to save him. After all, the Heavenly Master also wanted to eat. But he was not sure whether Siyang’s previous two moves were because he wanted to make a living, or whether he was just on a whim and idle and bored, although he felt that the latter was most likely.

Before LAN Jingxiu could say anything, Si Yang said, “if you don’t save him, he’s not worth saving. He’s carrying a lot of small lives. As far as I see, there are as many as four. It’s just the shelter of the family shadow that won’t be affected by the karma, but this person who plays with life saved his dirty hands.”

Si Yang is not such a kind person. Once in a secret place, a sect ambushed a disciple of the Hengtian sect, looted all the treasures, used the disciple as bait, and finally died under the claws of the treasure protecting spirit beast. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the fact that skills are inferior to people in this secret place. If you can’t protect your own things and life, you can only say that you have no ability.

But sometimes some things don’t count like that. It was the first time Si Yang led the team. Their Hengtian sect was not the most powerful in Wushan area. It was Xuanyin sect, the largest sect in Wushan, who killed the disciples of Hengtian sect at that time. Because of their strength, their style was naturally more domineering. And Siyang couldn’t swallow this tone and directly led people to ambush and kill step by step. After three months of secret territory training, he led people to kill 781 disciples of Xuanyin sect.

During that experience in the secret place, none of the disciples of Xuanyin sect came out alive, and Si Yang became famous.

Although Si Yang can be said to have come out of the killing, it does not mean that he is indifferent to life. He has seen too many deaths, so he is more soft hearted about rebirth. That’s why when he was in Cang’s family, knowing that the final result of Cang Yongfeng’s sister was actually his own fault, he still saved the child.

Sometimes murderers may not be real bad people, and businessmen who seem to have a successful career may not be good people.

Siyang doesn’t save him, but money can make the devil push the mill. There are many people who are willing to save him. The man who ate and vomited blood that day was ma Kang. Although he was nearly 40, he had a successful career and paid great attention to maintenance on weekdays. He looked like a man in his thirties. It can be said that he was in the prime time of a successful man.

Usually very healthy people suddenly spit blood and are hospitalized. They can’t find out the reason. Ma Kang doesn’t think about superstition. He just thinks he has a terminal disease and hasn’t been found out yet. But one of his lovers is Taiwanese. He believed in Mazu from childhood and even said that he recognized Mazu as a godmother. When his lover went to the hospital to see him one day, he told Ma Kang that her godmother, mother Mazu, entrusted her with a dream.

Ma Kang doesn’t really believe in this, but everyone has their own beliefs. He knows that his little lover believes in Mazu. Every year he gives her money to worship Mazu temple, so when he heard his lover say Mazu dreams that day, he just asked what he dreamed of.

As a result, his lover said that she dreamed that there was a dark shadow on Ma Kang. She also dreamed that after the dark shadow dispersed, Ma Kang was covered with insects. Later, she was frightened to wake up.

This businessman, who hasn’t heard of some evil ways to make money or harm people, plus this sudden vomiting of blood. If the reason is found, it’s OK. Strangely, he can’t find the reason. As soon as his little lover’s dream said, Ma Kang almost subconsciously thought of some witchcraft. So before going abroad for inspection, find such a knowledgeable person to take a look for him.

The boss who can cooperate with LAN’s enterprise naturally has no small business and wide contacts. It is not difficult to find someone who is very powerful, but it is not difficult to find someone who knows a little.

As a result, he did not vomit blood because he was ill, but his head was bowed. The Taoist he was looking for had a little skill, but lowering his head was really a troublesome sorcery. Even if he could see what was being lowered, the same kind of lowering his head could be lowered by thousands of insects. If you don’t know what the bug is, you can’t solve it.

So the Taoist told Ma Kang that he could only see that Ma Kang was indeed in the fall, but he really had no ability to solve it, and then took the money and left. A Taoist like him who has no background and wanders by himself can’t do anything else. He still knows what to do and what not to do. Although it is not easy to demobilize, it is the most troublesome thing to offend the headmaster after demobilizing. Therefore, it’s better to have iron plate people to do this kind of thing.

So after all kinds of twists and turns, I finally asked LAN Jingxiu to come here. Ma Kang had some cooperation with Lan Shi. He still had some understanding of LAN Jingxiu. For example, his sister was a member of Xuanmen and worshipped the orthodox Taoist priest of Xuanmen. If his sister can’t help it at that time and spend a high price to lobby, it may not be possible to invite his sister’s master.

Because of Siyang’s attitude towards Ma Kang, LAN Jinxiu has begun to slowly deal with the cooperation with the Ma family during this period. The cooperation in the bank can only continue during the contract period. What is being discussed later, LAN Jinxiu has eliminated the Ma family.

Maybe it’s because of the different world outlook. In fact, LAN Jingxiu didn’t repel and dislike like Si Yang even if he knew what Ma Kang did. In this society, I don’t know how many people have abortions every day. People can’t control their desires. Sometimes it’s inevitable that there will be some accidents. Because it’s too common. Most of them are easy to gather and disperse. It’s really hard to say who is right and who is wrong.

In particular, people like Ma Kang are mature and rich, and there are countless women who send them to the door. He likes beautiful women, and beautiful women like money. They just get what they need. In their eyes, Ma Kang’s behavior really does not rise to the category of character. However, since Siyang doesn’t like it, he’s just a dispensable business partner. It’s just to reduce the intersection in the future.

So when Ma Kang begged to come to the door, LAN Jingxiu was not happy to take over his sister. But it was in the same circle, and he also knew that his sister didn’t know about lowering her head. Even if she wanted to take over, she couldn’t take it. The most was to introduce a mysterious man who knew how to lower her head to have a look. That’s why he called.

LAN Yuzhuo really doesn’t know how to lower her head. Her master is a talisman. Even when she walks outside to experience, she doesn’t have much chance to see it with her own eyes. So when I got a call from my brother, I called another colleague in the Department.

Ma Kang came to LAN Jinxiu’s house to ask for help in person, so LAN Yuzhuo took his colleague to yufeixiang garden after receiving the phone call. Her colleague is Yi Wei of the Yi family in Southwest China. It is said that their family can even be traced back to the ancient Yi nationality, which is also a family with a long history in the whole Xuanmen. Really speaking, the ancient Yi nationality can even be said to be the ancestor of the head lowering Gu insect. Even the ancient Dian state was differentiated from the ancient Yi nationality.

Although the person who came was very young, Ma Kang did not dare to neglect him at all. He said a lot of good words of compliment. He only wanted to save his life with a huge reward.

Yi Wei is not the kind of person who is good at communicating with others. When he hears the speech, he directly asks him to shut up: “I have to see what kind of poison you are in first, and then find out the truth of the matter.”

Ma Kang nodded quickly, and then sat quietly at the mercy of others.

A bowl of glutinous rice was sprinkled with unknown medicinal powder. After three fragrant sticks were inserted into the rice and burned out, Ma Kang stretched out his hand and let Yiwei cut a blood hole. The dark red blood dropped on the rice. The red blood on the rice changed in full view of the public and turned into a black bug that was only drilling in the glutinous rice.


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