Great Celestial Master Chapter 25

LAN Yuzhuo, who had already prepared, threw the trash can at Ma Kang. Ma Kang directly held the trash can and ran to the corner to spit violently.

This picture also made LAN Jingxiu unconsciously think of the situation at the dinner table that day. When everyone handed in a cup and changed a lamp that day, Ma Kang, who was talking, suddenly spit out a mouthful of blood without warning. The blood was sprayed directly, so that the dishes on the table were full of blood. He just sat on the side far away, and quickly retreated to avoid, which didn’t touch him, but there were a few drops on the better clothes sitting next to Ma Kang and across from him. If he was unlucky, half of his face was sprayed with blood.

At this moment, seeing that the blood directly turned into a worm, it can be imagined that Lan Jingxiu was probably a little bad at the moment. He frowned directly on his expressionless face, and there was a sound of Ma Kang’s vomiting in his ear. LAN Jingxiu unconsciously stroked his seemingly swollen stomach.

LAN Yuzhuo’s bearing capacity was obviously stronger than her brother, and he bent down to look at the little black bug carefully: “what kind of insect is this?”

Yi Wei shook his head, took a rune and burned it into the glutinous rice. A strong stench came from the rice. LAN Yuzhuo quickly covered his nose to avoid it. The slightly better Ma Kang vomited violently as soon as he smelled the smell.

Si Yang, who lives next door to LAN Jinxiu and is addicted to online comics, frowned slightly. With a wave of his hand, an invisible wave rippled. With a flick of his fingertip, a snow-white qinglingdan flew into the flowing water ornaments in the living room. In the rolling water, a faint blue flame wrapped the qinglingdan, and a faint fragrance dispersed in an instant. Si Yang withdrew his hand with satisfaction and continued to indulge in comics.

The imagination of earth people is really mysterious. There is a magic medicine in the portable space. The yin-yang spring is washed and cut marrow. It is also obtained by an unknown little man. If there is such a natural material and earth treasure in the immortal world, how can it be killed level by level? It is also the stepping stone of the protagonist to help him experience and improve his accomplishments. Such a treasure is enough to startle the great emperor level friars, Where will the protagonist have a chance to hop.

The lollipop in his mouth turned around. Si Yang leaned comfortably on the sofa and poked the screen. The cartoon turned another page.

LAN Jinxiu finally calmed down. Ma Kang covered his convulsed stomach and looked at Yi Wei with a pale face.

Yi Wei Shen channel: “It’s a flying insect drop. If I’m right, it should be the flying insect drop of the moon silver insect. The moon silver insect is also called the moon pornographic insect. Whenever you have sex with people, the insect will attack and devour your internal organs and essence. When your body is damaged to a certain extent, you will spit blood. If you find it early, you should restrain yourself before the insect insect attack, and you can’t wait to find a way to save you, but now You should have vomited blood more than once. It can be seen how bad the internal organs in your body have been. Now you look no different from ordinary people, but also because the moon silver bug that has absorbed your blood essence is still in your body. When you pull out the moon silver bug, the extent of your body damage will be directly reflected. ”

Ma Kang’s face turned white, but Yi Wei began to put away the field, cleaned up the used things one by one, and burned a rune to clear the residual Yin and bad luck after burning insects.

Seeing Yi Wei didn’t seem to want to save himself, Ma Kang’s almost flustered voice trembled: “master, if, if I don’t have a relationship with people in the future, will the Gu insect never happen again?”

Yi Wei shook his head: “if you have never had intercourse with people after being poisoned by insects, the insects will always be in a state of deep sleep, but once the insects wake up, they need nutrient food, and they will keep eating your internal organs and essence until the parasite dies.”

When Ma Kang heard that it was this kind of poison, he thought of many people for a moment. Although he had many women, he really never treated anyone badly. Even more, he knew that he was very playful and didn’t want to have a red flag outside his home, so he didn’t even get married. He originally wanted to have a child for two years. He continued to live so recklessly without restraint. Everyone loves me and wishes, and no one will affect anyone. But now, he really can’t think of anyone who would be so poisonous and harm him.

Under the threat of death, no one can keep calm. If Ma Kang hadn’t seen more storms, he would have knelt down to Yiwei and begged. He thought about it carefully. He really didn’t think of the person who would start him, so he had to hold on to the only driftwood in front of him: “master, please help me. If you know so much about this kind of insect, you must know how to solve it. If you need something that is not easy to get, you can ask me, and I will find a way to get it!”

Yi Wei shook his head and said: “If it’s just a moon silver bug, there is a way to solve it, but if it’s just an ordinary moon silver bug, it will die away from your body. But the moon silver bug that came out of your body just now didn’t die until I burned the rune paper, which proves that there are other things in your Gu. Unfortunately, I can’t see it. So I’m sorry, unless you find the person who gave you the Gu and force it out, I can’t help it. ”

LAN Jinxiu suddenly said, “he vomited blood in the restaurant that day. If you want your rune paper to burn this kind of insect to die, aren’t the rest who have been stained with blood also poisoned?”

Yi Wei said: “that’s not true. This kind of insect usually has a goal. People other than the target character won’t catch it even if they encounter it. Moreover, even if I don’t burn Rune paper, the detached insect will die. Just now I was eager to know what kind of insect it was, so I couldn’t wait to burn it.”

Ma Kang didn’t die and said: “master, master, help me again. Saving one life is better than building a level 7 floating Tu! Master, save me. I know that worldly money is not worth mentioning to an expert like you, but I’m a layman. There’s nothing I can do except that money. Master, please help me, even if I lose my fortune!”

Ma Kang knows that head lowering is popular in Southeast Asia, and there are many people who know it, but he really has no way. Moreover, as Yi Wei said, he has vomited blood more than once. He doesn’t know how bad his body will be if he delays any more. Even life is gone. What do you want with that money to buy yourself a luxurious gold inlaid grave.

Yi Wei planned to refuse without thinking about it. LAN Yuzhuo suddenly grabbed him and said, “look at this mark, old Yi!”

Yi Wei went behind Ma Kang, pulled open Ma Kang’s collar and saw a light mark like a ghost face on Ma Kang’s neck. The mark is like a birthmark, a very conspicuous ghost face, or a totem similar to a skeleton. At the sight of this mark, Yi Wei’s face changed.

When they didn’t speak, Ma Kang became more and more frightened: “big, master?”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “go to the guest room and have a rest. We need to discuss some things. Here is a pill. You can take it later to alleviate the poison in your body.”

Although I don’t know why they suddenly changed their attention, Ma Kangsheng was afraid that they would repent and don’t save. He hurriedly took the pill and entered the guest room under the guidance of the servant.

Seeing that they seemed to have something important to talk about, LAN Jinxiu asked, “do you need me to avoid it?”

Without outsiders, LAN Yuzhuo, who had just been carrying, was directly soft on the sofa and leaned against my brother: “no need.” Then he looked at Yi Wei, who still frowned: “is that man saved or not? It’s not easy to have some clues. Shall we follow it?”

LAN Jinxiu looked at LAN Yuzhuo. Although he was puzzled, he didn’t ask. LAN Yuzhuo always didn’t hide anything from his brother, so he explained: “there was a colleague in our bureau who was secretly tricked a year ago. He was poisoned by a ghost face, and there was the impression on Ma Kang just now.”

“Isn’t the flying insect in Ma Kang?”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “Ma Kang’s poisonous insects can lead out the poisonous insects, so we know what kind of poisonous insects they are. But our colleague can’t lead out the poisonous insects at all. It’s just that the mark of the ghost surface on his body is getting deeper and deeper, so we can only use the ghost surface poisonous insects instead. But Ma Kang also has the ghost surface, which may be done by the same headmaster.”

“So you want to follow Ma Kang’s line and find out the scheming headmaster?”

LAN Yuzhuo sighed: “I think so, but it’s not that easy. If there weren’t two predecessors in the bureau who had suppressed the poison all the time, our colleague would have died. But sooner or later, we would never be able to suppress it. If only we could find the headmaster or a way to relieve the poison before then.”

LAN Yuzhuo said, seeing that Yi Wei was still looking down at the information in his mobile phone, he asked, “is Ma Kang’s Gu really hard to solve?”

Yi Wei shook his head: “it’s not easy to solve, but it’s not difficult to solve. It’s just that we need to find out what else is in addition to the silver worms in our body, so we need to check them one by one and take some time.”

LAN Jingxiu thought for a moment and guessed, “is it possible because of the child?”

They turned to LAN Jingxiu and said, “boy? What do you mean, brother? What do you know?”

LAN Jin said, “Ma Kang’s private life is very open. It must be a woman who can poison him like that, and women can only have two kinds of poisonous hands. One is to ask but not to be abandoned, and the other is to have children but not to keep them.”

LAN Jingxiu would associate this mainly because Si Yang said that Ma Kang had several small life obstacles, so if it was because of children, the scope of the investigation might be much narrower.

But he didn’t tell Siyang. Since Siyang said he didn’t want to save him, don’t involve Siyang in this. It seems to be a series of troubles.

LAN Jingxiu’s voice fell, and Yi Wei’s eyes lit up: “son! What the headmaster likes most is the unborn baby spirit. He even uses the unborn fetus as the lead to feed the Gu king. It’s not impossible if the Gu given to Ma Kang has his child’s flesh and blood as the lead.”

LAN Yuzhuo tutted lightly: “it’s really poisonous.”

Yiweidao: “Head lowering was originally originated from Gu Shu and Maoshan Shu. It is said that at that time, due to the extremely difficult living environment in foreign countries, the number of poisonous insects, snakes and mice was so large that there was no place to lower their feet. A wandering Taoist saw that the local people were living too hard, so he taught them the art of controlling Gu so that they could drive snakes and insects away from their aggression. The result gradually evolved later A head lowering technique that causes harm. ”

Originally, this spell originated from their ancestors, but now they are not as proficient as others. They are also secretly attacked by outsiders and can’t find a way to save them. I really don’t know whether to be sad or sigh.

With the clues provided by LAN Jinxiu, Yi Wei buried himself in trying to solve the Gu. Anyway, first try to remove the Gu from Ma Kang, and maybe find a clue to save their colleagues.

LAN Yuzhuo doesn’t know how to lower his head, so he can only provide Yi Wei with the venue and some things he needs. After Yi Wei went to work, LAN Yuzhuo grabbed the elder brother who was going to go to the study: “honestly, are you hiding something from me?”

LAN Jingxiu looked at her calmly.

LAN Yuzhuo hummed, “you’re my brother. Don’t I know you yet? In your habit, after Ma Kang went to the guest room just now, you will definitely go back to the study directly, instead of asking if you need to avoid it. If you ask this sentence, it means you don’t want to avoid it. You’ve never been interested in this kind of thing before, and just one sentence pointed out the key problem.”

LAN Jingxiu tore open the hands that held his arms tightly: “I was wrong to provide you with clues?”

LAN Yuzhuo hummed: “What did brother Si Yang tell you? Brother, if brother Si Yang really told you something, don’t hide it from me. You don’t know that the person who got poisoned is the vice captain of team three. You know I used to be a member of team three, but then the captain of team three disappeared. The vice captain got poisoned and couldn’t find anyone who could lead the team. Then the members of team three were scattered to team one or two. If Yes, I still want to go back to the third team, and Shao’s team is really good, and I don’t want anything to happen to him. ”

LAN Jingxiu touched his sister’s head: “Siyang didn’t say anything, but saw that Ma Kang was carrying the evil debts of several small lives, saying that such people saved his hands.”

LAN Yuzhuo looked at her brother: “so brother Siyang had seen Ma Kang before. He saw at a glance that Ma Kang was poisoned, and even saw what kind of poison? Brother, do you think if I asked brother Siyang to see Shao team, would he agree?”

LAN Jingxiu sighed after a moment of silence: “Si Yang is capable, but he doesn’t want to work in the Department. You can see that he is used to freedom. His bad temper means that you can annoy him again and again. What’s more, if your colleague is just a simple poison, you can ask someone for help. Do you want to involve more Si Yang in the things behind that person?”

LAN Yuzhuo sighed helplessly after hearing this, but he didn’t say anything more. He looked at his brother’s back and couldn’t help showing a pity in his eyes.

Her brother can think so deeply about what she just said. Although he may not guess what it is, he can see that there is a huge trouble behind it. If such a sharp brother can also enter the Tao and practice, with her brother’s perseverance, his achievements must be far ahead of her. Such a good and powerful brother can only live like ordinary people, and even worry about his life at any time. The world is really unfair.


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