Great Celestial Master Chapter 26

“Sanqing gathers at the top to connect with my gods; xuanming Jiuyin, listen to my orders, as urgent as laws!”

With a cry, the three long incense sticks inserted in a silver tripod spontaneously ignited without fire. I don’t know if it was an illusion. Ma Kang seemed to see a palm sized Scarecrow placed behind the tripod, which seemed to move and his head seemed to be leaning towards himself.

Before he could see it carefully, Master Yi, who had just finished reciting the mantra, held a piece of talisman, and the talisman even burned. But it was strange that the thin yellow talisman paper burned for a long time, and only burned a little sharp. This was completely different from what he had seen others do before. Although other people’s talisman was also spontaneous combustion without fire, But as soon as it burned, the whole paper burned to ashes.

When Ma Kang saw that Master Yi put the burning Rune paper in front of the scarecrow, he was surprised that the scarecrow was not lit. He immediately felt as if he was surrounded by a fire. That heat is not the burning heat caused by the burning of foreign objects, but the heat that seems to rise from the soul.

Because of the sudden heat, Ma Kang even couldn’t sit still. He wanted to untie his clothes and couldn’t help moaning.

LAN Yuzhuo pressed Ma Kang down: “don’t move. We’re doing it. If you fail to move, we can’t save it.”

As soon as he said this, Ma Kang immediately stopped moving. It’s the key to life. You can’t move even if you die of heat!

At the next moment, in addition to enduring the feeling of being burned by fire, we should calmly shield the ghosts and wolves in the house. Because when the rune paper was close to the scarecrow, a sad baby cry suddenly sounded in the room.

Yi Wei’s eyes coagulated: “it’s really guided by the baby spirit! It’s really vicious!”

When the baby cried, Ma Kang, who was originally sitting on the sofa, slipped to the ground. Of course, he was not afraid, because he didn’t have the energy to be afraid. The cry was like an alarm clock that woke up all the insects in his body. He couldn’t describe the pain with distortion. He couldn’t even sit still. The whole person slipped under the sofa and curled up on the ground. He couldn’t even make a sound of pain. Ma Kang knew that it was not shouting and tumbling that people hurt to the limit.

As soon as the baby’s cry sounded, Yi Wei picked up the bell burned by the rune and shook it. In the living room with closed doors and windows, a dark wind blew in an instant. LAN Jinxiu stood at the periphery of what they did and looked at it quietly. The runes painted by Si Yang to him before his chest also began to show signs of fever. It seems that Ma Kang is not just a bug.

As Yi Wei’s bell rang louder and louder, the baby’s cry became more and more shrill. Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed in front of LAN Jingxiu. LAN Yuzhuo, who had been standing next to Ma Kang, moved in an instant. A dagger made of small five emperor money also flew out, and stabbed it according to the dark shadow.

The little shadow is very fast and very flexible, jumping around in a small space. Ma Kang, who was so painful that he wanted to faint immediately, but his mind seemed to be led by a thread. As long as he had the trend of fainting, he would be pulled immediately. He was very sober.

Yi Wei’s practice weakens the Yin Qi on the shadow. The formation of this dirty thing is Yin Qi. If Yin Qi weakens, the power of dirty things will naturally weaken. LAN Yuzhuo is better at catching, so the two attack each other and complement each other.

“I think you have been used by evil people and have not caused greater harm so far. If you obediently obey the law, I will reincarnate for you. If you struggle and resist again, you will only end up scared!”

In response to LAN Yuzhuo, the dark figure bared his teeth and howled. The open mouth can also see slightly white and black sharp teeth. The teeth are like the tusks of beasts. They look very seeping.

The little thing broke away from its mother before it took shape, and was locked by the headmaster with a secret method. It also fed the Gu insect with blood and flesh until it was completely integrated with the Gu insect. After that, the headmaster descended to its father to nourish the soul. The kid doesn’t know anything, even has no wisdom, but instinctively absorbs what is good for him to grow up. So it didn’t understand what LAN Yuzhuo was saying. It just instinctively avoided the attack, but because its main body was still in its father’s body, it could only escape and couldn’t leave.

However, maybe the headmaster who refined the imp is too powerful. Even if LAN Yuzhuo and Yi Wei attack inside and outside, the strength of the dark shadow imp seems not to be weakened at all. On the contrary, Ma Kang’s soul lamp is getting weaker and weaker. If it continues like this, once Ma Kang dies, the imp has no bondage. Once he runs out, he doesn’t know how many innocent people will be killed.

Seeing that the situation was getting worse and worse, Yi Wei directly reached out and picked up the scarecrow already prepared. He wiped the vermilion with his fingers and wrote Ma Kang’s birthday on the scarecrow. This simple double can only deceive the IMP in a short time, so they have to subdue the ghost IMP in this time.

Ma Kang seemed to share half the pain because of the straw double. The rope that had been holding him tightly broke, and he passed out directly. At the same time, the scarecrow burned up. The kid immediately howled wildly, and his sharp and harsh voice made his head dizzy even if he was a man of practice like LAN Yuzhuo.

The array of LAN carefully cultivating his chest is getting hotter and hotter. LAN Yuzhuo almost subconsciously looks at her brother. Seeing that he doesn’t look different, he immediately breathes a sigh of relief. Then he suddenly gets up and runs to her brother and pushes her brother away: “you hurry to brother Siyang. The Yin Qi here is getting thicker and thicker. If you lead out the Yin evil spirit in your body, it will be a big trouble!”

It’s her fault. She thought it was just a bug problem. Unexpectedly, she was involved in the ghost. If she had known that there would be a ghost, she would have sent my brother away.

LAN Jinxiu didn’t want to stay here and let them get in the way, so he nodded, turned and walked towards the door.

When he just came to the door, Yi Wei over there made a sudden effort, took out his sword and stabbed it out quickly.

The imp was stabbed in the process of dodging. The sword is not an ordinary sword. Although it is not a magic instrument, it is more than enough to restrain this kind of ghost because of the addition of some things during refining. The kid who was stabbed suffered from pain and fled in panic. The direction of its rapid escape is Lan Jingxiu, who has reached the door.

LAN Yuzhuo’s eyes suddenly changed at the sight of this situation. His body reaction was faster than his thinking. He almost rushed to resist with his body.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that before the kid met LAN Jinxiu, LAN Jinxiu’s chest sent out a golden light. The kid who was fleeing quickly was suddenly illuminated by the golden light. It was like that greasy meat was put on a red iron plate. He was burned like a barbecue, and most of his Yin Qi was taken away in an instant. Ma Kang, who was unconscious on the ground, also suddenly vomited a big mouthful of blood.

Seeing that the kid couldn’t get close to the elder brother at all, LAN Yuzhuo even weakened the kid’s strength by half in an instant. LAN Yuzhuo immediately took advantage of the victory to chase after the kid, read the mantra and stimulate the talisman, and directly restrained the kid who had not been beaten to the ground.

Seeing that the kid was caught, Yi Wei immediately came forward and made several fingerprints to strengthen the seal of the talisman.

It happened at that moment. LAN Yuzhuo and Yi Wei didn’t cooperate for the first time. They tacitly grasped the opportunity. Seeing Ma Kang’s breath, LAN Yuzhuo said, “there’s me here. Go and pull out the Gu quickly.”

Yi Wei nodded at her, pulled the unconscious Ma Kang directly from the ground, sat down, and lit another poison inducing incense. The mantra in his mouth was full of words, and wisps of black thread were pulled out from the kid restrained by LAN Yuzhuo and wrapped around the poison inducing incense.

With the incense burning more than half, Ma Kang gradually woke up. Before he opened his eyes, a strong sense of vomiting surged up, opened his mouth and directly vomited half a basin of black blood. Finally, after spitting out a few sticky, palm sized things from Ma Kang’s mouth, he looked very young, as if Ma Kang was only in his thirties. The wrinkles on his skin were visible to the naked eye, and the senile spots gradually emerged. A 40 year old man was directly old to his seventies.

After removing the flying insects, the aging of Ma Kang’s body is not what they can deal with, so LAN Jingxiu directly asked people to send Ma Kang to the hospital first. Anyway, Ma Kang will not die for a while and a half, and the cost can be settled slowly later.

Yi Wei ignored the whole basin of black blood and the unknown meat, and looked at LAN Jingxiu: “what was the light just now?”

Before LAN Jinxiu spoke, LAN Yuzhuo said directly, “that’s the array talisman that brother Siyang gave my brother to suppress Yin evil. I didn’t expect to have such a powerful restraining effect on this kind of Yin.”

“Si Yang? Is it the elder who helped deal with he Boyi?”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded and whispered to Yi Wei, “brother Siyang lives next door. I tell you, I let you deal with things here because brother Siyang lives close. If there is any situation, it is more secure to rescue nearby.”

Yi Wei couldn’t help saying, “can you introduce me?”

LAN Yuzhuo neither agreed nor refused: “I’ll ask brother Siyang first.”

After reading a cartoon, Si Yang threw the tablet aside, took a sip of the tea cup, couldn’t help smiling softly: “little girl has a lot of heart.”

After putting down the tea cup, I grabbed it in the air at will, and there was a black line on the tip of my finger. Siyang gently twisted his fingertips. After the black thread was rubbed into a ball in his hand, it dissipated instantly with a flick of his hand.

The first mock exam of a man in a luxurious villa on the other side of the ocean is a very young and handsome man who makes insect powder with a slight frown, and a blood flow from his lips.

The man didn’t care. He stretched out his hand to erase the blood. He looked to the East and narrowed his cold eyes like a snake.


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