Great Celestial Master Chapter 27

When LAN Yuzhuo and others were dealing with the follow-up problem of flying insects, LV Jingming came to the door with Jiang Meng, who had almost recovered. Of course, they were accompanied by a beautiful and elegant female ghost.

Although LV Jingming didn’t come to Siyang’s house for the first time, he sat in the yard and didn’t enter the room. This time, when he stepped into the room, the whole person could be described as shocked.

Since the LV family can become the four masters of Xuanmen today, its family background can not be underestimated. Apart from other things, our vision is definitely much better than that of ordinary people. I thought the small garden I saw that day was the ultimate. When I entered the living room, I didn’t know how many times the aura was better than the small garden, even the holy land of cultivation in their family was not so strong.

LV Jingming can see the extraordinary clothes and decorations in the house, but he doesn’t know any of them. I thought I wasn’t a shallow man, but I didn’t think he just hadn’t seen anything really good.

Jiang Meng, who was completely ignorant, was much happier than him. He only felt that the expert’s family was more particular than ordinary people. Feng Shui was probably good. After the whole person came in, the sinking feeling of his body was swept away in an instant. It seemed as if he could float up, and the comfortable subconscious took two more breaths.

The female ghost followed Jiang Meng peacefully. Although she could not recognize the objects in the Heavenly Master’s house, she felt good or bad instinctively. So he hurriedly went to Jiang Meng’s ear and reminded him, “there seems to be something good in the master’s house. If you do the tuna I taught you several times, it will be of great benefit to your recovery.”

After the loss of the soul and the loss of the soul, even if the three souls returned to the body, they were missing for so long, which naturally caused a lot of damage to the body. Although the female ghost has been trapped in the mountain for so many years, she once had a lot of spirits in the mountain. She also knows a lot of cultivation methods suitable for human beings. Even if she can’t cultivate the Tao, she can strengthen her body. Therefore, she taught Jiang Meng the tuna method, hoping that his body could be nursed better.

Hearing qian’er’s words, Jiang Meng nodded quickly and began to spit in regularly.

LV Jingming looked at them, but didn’t say anything, because even he unconsciously began to absorb Reiki. I think at the beginning, in the family, except for the children selected due to talent, even the children of our family were not qualified to enter the holy land for cultivation. Those who enter the Holy Land and come out after three months of practice can not be described as reborn.

In those years, he was also lucky to be selected to enter the holy land, but compared with the aura of this elder Siyang’s home, he felt like a little witch sees a big witch. If you could cultivate in a place with such strong aura since childhood, it’s not surprising that master Siyang’s cultivation accomplishments are all over.

A few people were led into the living room by the little paper man. Seeing the little paper man holding a teapot bigger than its body to pour water for them, LV Jingming was not surprised. Although the paper man technique was not simple, there were not many people who could meet in the Xuanmen. Although few people could control it so flexibly, after the impact of the aura, the little paper man’s spell could be accepted by him calmly.

Although Jiang Meng has experienced such a mysterious thing, the Three Outlooks formed in more than 30 years are still alive. When he suddenly sees this unreasonable thing, he is still stunned. His eyes are full of curiosity and stare at the palm sized paper man.

After a while, Siyang came down from upstairs. They got up quickly: “senior.”

Si Yang smiled: “sit down, don’t be formal.”

That said, LV Jingming and others didn’t really sit down like this. After Si Yang came and sat down, Jiang Meng quickly took out a card: “thank you for taking the trouble to run for me before. It’s a pity that Jiang’s strength is not good, and he can’t find anything that can enter the eyes of the master. It’s only vulgar once. Please accept this little thought!”

Si Yang took a sip from his tea cup and asked with a smile, “aren’t you just here to thank you today?”

Jiang Meng looked at qian’er beside her and said to Si Yang, “I remember that night. I did promise qian’er to marry her. I am also willing to fulfill my promise, but…”

Qian’er, the female ghost next to Jiang Meng, said: “I don’t want to. Ghost marriage was common in my time. I didn’t know that such feudal superstition had been eliminated in today’s era. If Jiang Meng married me, I might be influenced by me in the future. I originally lived in Yin. No matter whether I can help Jiang Meng’s fortune more prosperous after ghost marriage, it must be bad to be involved with a ghost all year round, so I I want to go to reincarnation. ”

If you just want to go to reincarnation, LV Jingming can do it for them. There is no need to bring ghosts to him, so Si Yang didn’t make a sound and waited for the following.

Sure enough, Jiang Meng said, “but I promised qian’er to take her to see the new world. If I can, I want to take her to taste delicious food from all over the world and see the great rivers and mountains.”

A female ghost in ancient times, according to the custom at that time, women’s status was low. Except for individual festivals, they could go out without going out. Even if they wanted to go out and see the outside world, they were just eager. If they married in the future, they would be trapped in the back house, and they would live like this all their life. So being able to go out and have a look is absolutely attractive to female ghosts.

Jiang Meng continued to say to Siyang: “In fact, as long as I take the jade pendant, qian’er will naturally follow me wherever I go. But I’m a little greedy. I hope qian’er can taste the delicious food in the world. Moreover, if qian’er comes out during the day, it seems to have a little influence. I’m afraid she can’t stand it for a long time. I don’t know if the master has any way. I’m willing to pay any price. I owe it Qian’er’s promise! ”

And if qian’er hadn’t used the jade pendant to stabilize his soul, he wouldn’t be able to wait for Si Yang to save him. I’m afraid he would have died long ago. Therefore, if qian’er can meet a wish, he is willing to pay whatever price.

Moreover, it was really caused by him. Modern people really have no concept of ghost marriage. Some even take the initiative to find ghost ghost marriage in line with the eight characters for luck. He felt that qian’er had been alone and wild for hundreds of years and didn’t have a incense. At that time, he couldn’t think of going to the grave and offering more sacrifices to a grave, so he said ghost marriage. But he didn’t expect to save his life, so even if qian’er repents now, he also hopes to take qian’er to see the world.

Si Yang looked at the female ghost sitting beside Jiang Meng obediently: “do you want to raise her?”

LV Jingming, who has been acting as the background board, said at this time: “Jiang Meng just wants to fulfill her wish. When her wish is fulfilled, I will send her to reincarnation.”

“It’s not difficult for a female ghost to walk in the sun and even have an entity, but it’s not easy for you to make her feel the ups and downs as usual.”

It was obvious that there was room for discussion. Jiang Menglian hurriedly said, “if you have any requirements, please tell me!”

Si Yang said: “I have a small online store. I’ve been looking at logistics companies recently, but I’m a little dissatisfied with their delivery commitment time.”

Jiang Meng immediately said, “master, I also have a logistics company under my name. Although it is not a big logistics company, as for the delivery time, as long as it is within the domestic geographical scope, it can arrive the next day!” It’s no problem to set up a special class for the master’s package. Even if there is only one package, it’s no problem to fly human flesh directly to deliver! Being able to get involved with such a master is only good for him, not bad.

Siyang nodded with satisfaction. For whether to sign a contract with people or find a ghost to deliver, Siyang finally chose the former. Although it’s very convenient to use ghosts. It’s not an investment to set up a soul raising array and occasionally give some soul raising symbols and other things, but it’s not easy to find suitable ghosts. In particular, although ghosts have no entity, it’s also a delusion to travel thousands of miles a day without the help of external forces. Generally speaking, ghost distribution is convenient in a short distance, and human logistics is more suitable for a long distance.

The best cooperation is to directly throw the distribution to the human logistics company and find a ghost to take charge of the order.

“The three-year contract is the reward for this time. I won’t charge you another fee. However, if you want her to have something to rely on, the stone statue fragments in the mountain forest that day are very suitable. There is no need to be too many. The fragments weighing one kilogram are enough. I have the rest materials here. If you bring the fragments, I can make a place for her.”

Jiang Meng hurriedly said, “it’s lucky to ask the master to do it. How can I let the master produce materials, but I’m afraid I can’t get the materials that the master will use. It’s better to set the contract period as ten years. Please don’t refuse, or I’ll be ashamed!”

Siyang smiled and didn’t say much. His small online shop may not be able to do it for ten years. Meaningless arguments are just a waste of time.

Siyang agreed, and LV Jingming hurriedly contacted LAN Yuzhuo. The stone statue of the black Buddha was solved by Si Yang that day. He directly gave it to LAN Yuzhuo. Therefore, when LAN Yuzhuo proposed that they share it with each other, LV Jingming did not agree. Therefore, if you need to use the stone statue now, you can only ask LAN Yuzhuo for it.

When LV Jingming found LAN Yuzhuo, he knew that they had come into contact with the head lowering master of the ghost faced Gu. Although it was a pity that they did not find out who the head lowering master of the ghost faced Gu was through the forced Gu insects, they had locked one of them through the woman who had been pregnant with Ma Kang’s children, but they were worried about startling the snake, She didn’t disturb the woman. Now some members of the group have been dispatched to spy.

With the direction of investigation, it’s better than not finding a clue. Therefore, the members of the three groups have been very active recently, and they all want to find the murderer of their deputy as soon as possible.

LV Jingming is an external staff and has never been with any team leader, so he knows that they have the direction of investigation and is happy for them, but he doesn’t participate. After he asks LAN Yuzhuo for a heartless stone, he quickly sends it to Siyang’s house.

This sustenance can not be done immediately with materials. Si Yang asked them to go back and contact them when they were done.

After they left, Si Yang checked the amount in the card given by Jiang Meng. It was two million, not much, but not less. Find out a child welfare institution he was optimistic about before, and Siyang donated all of it directly. Anyway, money is worse for him than external things. In fact, it is no different from waste paper. A small part is the need to integrate into this society, and more is just a string of numbers.

Li Wanfang was originally the daughter of a rich family. Later, through the help of her parents, she met a man who was worthy of her family. They also felt good. After two or three years of communication, they entered the palace of marriage. Less than a year after marriage, Li Wanfang conceived a child and later gave birth to a fat boy. This was originally a very happy and successful life, but with the decline of business at home, her father’s investment failed, her husband’s family could not save her life, and her husband still had a woman outside. Under all kinds of blows, Li Wanfang almost fell down.

However, for her, marriage is not the only thing in her life. Since her husband is cheating, the big deal is divorce, but her children are her last bottom line. The tragedy happened in the process of her competing with her husband for custody. Because the conditions on her husband’s side are better and her family is heavily in debt, no matter how you look at it, it is obviously more appropriate for the child to be awarded to the man.

Li Wanfang naturally would not agree to this judgment. Although the family was in debt, the man cheated first. Li Wanfang had to grasp this point to compete for custody. But unexpectedly, when she was wandering around, when the man’s parents were taking their grandchildren out to play, the child disappeared, and the traffickers were so rampant that they took the child away in public.

It has been more than ten years since her child was abducted. Li Wanfang has been suffocating when she thinks of her son who doesn’t know where he is. At the beginning, her ex husband was also trying his best to find children, but with the birth of her ex husband’s son and daughter one after another, the abducted first child naturally became an indifferent existence.

But Li Wanfang has only one son. In order to find her son, she has paid all she can over the years. She has not remarried. She carries all the debts in her family and forces herself to change from a charming girl and a full-time wife into a strong woman. And all her money went into finding children.

Year after year, Li Wanfang saw countless families break up with their children being abducted and trafficked, and countless examples of finding children, so she never gave up hope. From the beginning, I devoted myself to finding the abducted children, and gradually developed to the establishment of a welfare institution to rescue the children in need while still rescuing the abducted children.

Li Wanfang knows that with her own strength, she can only be regarded as a drop in the bucket among this huge group in need of assistance, but she is unwilling to give up. Maybe among the children she has helped, she has her own son.

In a studio less than 100 square meters, only Li Wanfang has three other volunteers. They have few people here, but through the Internet, they have their volunteers almost all over the country. When they receive social donations, they will allocate funds according to the needs of some places and try to spend every penny in practice.

On that day, Li Wanfang came to the workshop she set up as usual. Xiao Wang, who was in charge of the studio staring at the donation platform, ran excitedly: “Sister Li, we just received a personal donation. Guess how much?”

To make Xiao Wang so excited, Li Wanfang guessed, “100000? 200000?”

Xiao Wang shook his head and stretched out two fingers: “two million!”

Now even Li Wanfang was surprised: “so many?!”

Xiao Wang nodded: “it’s just an anonymous donation. We don’t have the information of the donor. We can’t even contact to express our thanks.”

Li Wanfang said, “to do our job well and use the money to the people who really need it is the best thanks to the donors.”

Xiao Wang nodded again and again: “I just hope this society can have less abduction and more love, and good people will be rewarded!”

Li Wanfang nodded when she heard the speech, but she didn’t say much. She also hoped that good people would be rewarded. She didn’t ask to report to herself. She just hoped that she could report to her son for her good deeds.


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