Great Celestial Master Chapter 28

Almost a week later, Jiang Meng received a call from LV Jingming and hurriedly took the female ghost qian’er to Siyang’s home. There are also many ways to let the soul stay in the Xuanmen, such as various Yin trees and some talismans. The soul can avoid the Yang of the day and nourish the soul. But this kind of sustenance can only take shape after the soul comes out. Although it can be taken everywhere, it can’t feel the warmth of the sun and taste the sweetness and bitterness of food.

Many people think that the spirits of the underworld can receive and eat when they burn or worship the things in the sun. In ancient times, because people worshipped ghosts and gods very much, there was a saying that sincerity is the spirit. At that time, ghosts and gods could indeed receive offerings from the world. However, as science came into people’s life, feudal superstition was broken. When those sacrifices gradually evolved into a form of pursuing ancient traditions, in addition to some new souls still involved in the sun, those things burned by ordinary people were really burned, and those souls in the underworld could not be received.

Of course, this is not absolute. If someone is quite sincere, he can still receive it. If you can’t guarantee whether the things you worship can be received by the soul of the underworld, you can also use the traction of runes.

Therefore, LV Jingming was curious about what Si Yang would do and wanted to see what amazing means this seemingly extraordinary elder had. So when Jiang Meng asked him for help, LV Jingming instructed Jiang Meng to ask Siyang.

However, the means of real monks can not disappoint those Taoists who just touch the door, but still stay at the level of ordinary people. As soon as they entered the house, they saw the transparent sphere in a wooden box on the tea table at the first sight. The sphere is only the size of a palm. There seems to be liquid flowing slowly in it, but if you look carefully, you can’t see anything.

Si Yang didn’t talk too much nonsense with them. He directly said to the female ghost, “put your hands on it.”

The female ghost first looked at Jiang Meng and saw him nod before she did what Si Yang said.

At the moment when the female ghost’s hand touched the transparent glass ball, the female ghost and the glass ball dissipated a little at the same time. LV Jingming pressed Jiang Meng who was ready to come forward and told him not to be anxious. After a while, the figure of a girl beside the tea table gradually took shape, from a little bit transparent to solid, and finally became no different from ordinary people.

Jiang Meng couldn’t help coming forward: “qian’er?”

Qian’er looked around with her skirt, and her feet couldn’t help stepping on the ground. This down-to-earth feeling even made her unable to walk. Seeing Jiang Meng’s surprised look, he couldn’t help smiling at him: “ah Meng.”

Jiang Meng first tentatively reached out and touched qian’er’s shoulder. In the past, he could only penetrate the spirit body. Now he could still feel the warmth from his fingertips: “qian’er, you, have you become a person?”

The faint fragrance at the tip of her nose touched the cool smell on her skin. She could even feel the temperature of the sun projected from the landing window. This feeling made qian’er feel excited and suddenly reborn. Hearing Jiang Meng’s inquiry, I was not sure: “I, I don’t know, but I feel very good, especially good!”

Even if LV Jingming had been mentally prepared, he even thought that Siyang might refine a body. After qian’er’s soul possessed the body, he could move like an ordinary person, but he didn’t expect that the real situation still shocked him. Looking at qian’er in front of her, LV Jingming even subconsciously mobilized the spiritual power in her body to see it, but they were all ordinary people, with body temperature and heartbeat, and there was not even a trace of ghost Qi on her body.

If such mysterious means are spread, people and ghosts will not be divided in the future. Even more, people’s bodies will die and die, but what about the bodies refined by foreign things that are not old and immortal? Is this longevity in a sense?

Si Yang looked at LV Jingming, who frowned and thought, Smiled and said: “Because your soul has been nourished by spirit jade for hundreds of years, and you haven’t done anything evil, you can match with the hermit I refined. Now you look like ordinary people and can eat, but you are not a living person, so you should eat some soul pills to clear your body every once in a while, otherwise there will be more hermits in your body I can’t bear it. ”

Qian’er listened carefully. Her heart jumped at the thought that she could walk in the sun openly, eat the delicious food Jiang Meng told her, and see the beautiful scenery that had never been described in the book.

Jiang Meng listened carefully, for fear that she might miss something and hurt qian’er.

LV Jingming asked aloud, “is there a time limit?”

Si Yang nodded: “yes, within a one-year time limit, the material of this deposit does not use constant solid material, so the degree of retention is not high. At that time, after the crossing, the deposit will dissipate naturally.”

Hearing that it was only one year, Jiang menggang’s excited heart was suddenly cold, but when he thought that this year was hard to earn, he only felt that he should cherish every day. He wanted to leave now with qian’er and seize every minute and second.

What should be said was almost the same, and Siyang didn’t keep them anymore: “only one year, you should cherish it.”

Jiang Menglian hurriedly said, “thank you, master!”

The female ghost qian’er also blessed her body towards Si Yang: “thank you for giving qian’er a chance to be a human again. Even if it’s only one year, it’s precious for Yu qian’er. Qian’er has no regrets for such a chance in this life.”

LV Jingming asked the two of them to wait in the car. After waiting for them to leave, before he asked the exit, Si Yang pointed out: “worry about the inverse chaos of yin and Yang?”

LV Jingming did not hide: “the elder’s means are unpredictable. Today Jingming is an eye opener. Just now the elder said that if there are better materials, there will be another form of immortality?”

Si Yang smiled: “do you mean eternal life for thousands of years or live with heaven and earth? If it is the former, indeed, if there are better and more suitable materials, thousands of years is not a problem. If it is the latter, I’m afraid even the gods and Buddhas may not be able to do it.”

“Those gods and Buddhas are just fictions made up by people. Maybe someone has seen the magical means of monks, so they are myths.”

“Maybe, have you ever seen the kind of possibility you say?”

LV Jingming was slightly stunned, Si Yang smiled: “You’re surprised to see the art of incarnation now, because you just look at it from the perspective of ordinary people, just as ordinary people feel magical when they see you subduing demons and catching ghosts. Even if you can live for thousands of years, how can you pay attention to thousands of years when you have the ability to live for thousands of years? Everything in heaven and earth has its own rules, and if you can be a living person, who will be willing to be a dead thing. ”

Until Jiang Meng was sent away and returned to his apartment, LV Jingming was still thinking about Siyang’s words repeatedly. However, after breaking off the beautiful words, we can probably sum up a central idea: less knowledge, so we don’t calm down about what we see.

It’s not possible to go abroad for the time being. Qian’er’s identity has not been established yet, but it can be played at home. Moreover, while waiting for Si Yang to make his body, Jiang Meng discussed with qian’er and prepared to drive by himself. Originally, they thought they would let qian’er stay somewhere and come out when there was no one, but they didn’t expect Si Yang to give them such a big surprise. So many things need to be prepared again, such as the clothes qian’er can wear.

Those beautiful dresses, delicate and delicate cosmetics and fragrant perfume are all fatal attraction to women. And qian’er has never enjoyed the pleasure of buying so much. She didn’t even know the value of money in the world. Jiang Meng told her that those things were cheap, so she took what she liked, so qian’er lost herself in the ocean of shopping.

Qian’er is very beautiful, with long hair like a waterfall, a tall figure and a beautiful glowing face even without makeup. She turns her head in the street. Jiang Meng was originally tall and handsome. She was held in her arms by qian’er’s little bird. Men and women are very beautiful.

In this way, Jiang Meng met his ex fiancee when qian’er took his arm and he carried a big bag and a small bag of just bought things for qian’er.

Yang Ping is also shopping with her friends, but without the financial support of her former fiance, she can only look at the clothes of the new season. Her salary can’t afford the luxury price. When I came out of a store, I just saw Jiang Meng who was going to enter the store. Jiang Meng stopped and Yang Ping was stunned.

Although his previous affair was caused by Yang Ping, it was really an accident. To say love, in fact, there are more or less, but more just two people have more suitable temperament, so they separate. In that case, Yang Ping can’t resist her mother’s blame. She can’t insist on taking care of a person who may not have tomorrow. Jiang Meng doesn’t blame her, so Jiang Meng can calmly say hello: “what a coincidence, shopping.”

Yang Ping looked at the beautiful girl holding Jiang Meng: “are you well?”

Jiang Meng nodded: “yes, OK.”

Yang Ping nodded and seemed to laugh at herself: “who is this?”

Jiang Meng is trying to introduce her. Say it’s her girlfriend. Qian’er is not. Although they almost got married, qian’er repented and hasn’t identified herself yet.

His silence made Yang Ping smile: “I see. I only blame us for our fate. I wish you happiness.” Anyway, missing is missing. There’s no need to make it so ugly. It’s better to be generous. No wonder she didn’t insist on it herself.

After the two staggered, Jiang Meng took qian’er into the store until Yang Ping could not be seen. Qian’er asked Jiang Meng, “that girl just now, is she your fiancee?”

Jiang Meng nodded, “HMM.”

Qian’er said, “there’s a smell on her, which is very similar to the smell you got when you left your soul that night.”

Jiang mengyileng: “what’s the smell when I leave my soul? What’s the smell?”

Qian’er thought, “I can’t tell. Anyway, there is a special smell. That night, I smelled the smell first, and then I saw you floating out of the tent.”

Jiang Meng suddenly said, “didn’t you smell the ghost before?”

Qian’er said with a smile, “I can’t smell the sun, but I can smell the hell.”

At that moment, Jiang Meng’s whole back cooled when he didn’t know that he had been secretly plotted and when everything was a coincidence.


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