Great Celestial Master Chapter 282

The End

In the picturesque manor, a group of people in black dresses and white flowers stood solemnly. Even if the weather was hot and even far from the central area, they could not touch the people they wanted to contact, but no one in the field showed an impatient look and was invited to attend the funeral of the mother of the eldest disciple of hengtianzong, which was an affirmation of their status, This is not a place where anyone can come if they want.

After waiting for a long time, there was a movement in the quiet crowd. From a distance, a group of people were walking slowly with a wooden coffin carved with complex array patterns. The leader was Li Zezhi, who could not meet until he made an appointment in the capital of the Yuan Dynasty.

When the wooden coffin fell into the pit, the moment Li Zezhi sprinkled the first handful of soil, a gentle warm wind brushed gently. People only felt that the warm wind seemed to bring gentle rain, which poured on them with the light wind. However, when they felt it again, it was dry and dry without any wet meaning, but inexplicably, the whole person felt comfortable.

Although there are many heavenly masters these days, there are not many who really have the ability to point acupoints. In addition, China was too harmed by a sinful person, and the treasure land of true acupoints is becoming more and more scarce. At this moment, seeing Li Zhenren’s mother buried in the real cave that can arouse the abnormal aura of heaven and earth, everyone was very envious.

Living houses and dead tombs are connected with Qi and fortune. They are well buried, but they can bring benefits to themselves and benefit future generations. However, with Li Zezhi’s achievements now, this protection should not be needed.

Although Li Zezhi and his mother have been missing for many years, fortunately, the fate between mother and son is not over, and finally found each other. In the early years, Li Zezhi’s mother suffered severe physical losses in order to find her son. Fortunately, there were few things on Putian mountain. There were many spiritual herbs and medicines. Although it could not be excessive, it could at least ensure that her mother did not need to be tortured by illness in her Limited life.

Although Li Zezhi’s mother was destined to live a long life, she did good deeds and accumulated virtue all her life, and Li Zezhi’s son prayed for her. In the next life, she was destined to be a rich and noble family. As for where to devote himself, Li Zezhi did not intend to calculate that the fate of mother and son in this life is over, and the afterlife is a new chapter, so there is no need to intersect again.

Li’s mother walked peacefully. Although she didn’t see her son get married, her son’s path and achievements have long been beyond the scope of mortals. When Li’s mother was in her eighties, her son was still in his twenties. Such a person is also doomed to be unable to accompany ordinary girls for life. Instead of losing his love at that time, it’s better not to be together at the beginning.

Although mother Li regretted that she could not continue to accompany her son, her son had a very powerful master and a group of close younger martial brothers and friends. She thought that even without the company of her other half, she would not be lonely in life.

Li Zezhi’s mother left without concern. Although Li Zezhi was sad, his cultivation to now, the definition of life has long been beyond life and death. When he thought of his mother’s great wealth in the next life, that sadness turned into a blessing. At least in this life, their mother and son have no regrets.

Looking at the coffin gradually buried, Li Zezhi lowered his eyes and presented a white flower. A group of his younger martial brothers came forward to see them off one after another. The funeral didn’t end until the auspicious hour passed.

Until the funeral guests dispersed, Liu Yi went to the pavilion where Li Zezhi was located: “what are your plans next?”

Still warm, But Li Zezhi, who had more wisdom and precipitation, smiled at Liu Yi: “I’m in charge of the overall situation in Putian mountain. You can frighten foreign enemies. The third and fourth younger martial brothers have long been able to take charge alone. The fifth younger martial brother has also calmed down a lot in the past two years. Only one sixth younger martial brother still needs to take pains to teach. However, I’m probably reluctant to give up the master during this period. In order to pursue the steps of the master, the sixth younger martial brother who most reluctant to give up the master will certainly mature a lot, but it’s not easy Know what kind of world it is and when we can have the strength to pass. ”

Liu Yi smiled: “I can go up to the fifth floor.”

Li Zezhi, who could only struggle on the fourth floor, looked at him for a moment and said with a smile, “it’s no use for you to go up to the ninth floor. Now you can only make soy sauce on the third floor.”

Referring to the guy who can only make soy sauce on the third floor, Liu Yi’s eyebrows and eyes immediately softened down, but more of them are disgusted and helpless. It’s clear that he can’t even go up the fourth floor and has to climb up alive. Relying on his miraculous medicine, he doesn’t have to fight desperately. Every time, he says that even if he is broken to pieces, he must have a way to save him.

The number of floors they mentioned is the nine storey glazed tower that Siyang took out to replace the keel seal. At first, they thought that the nine storey glazed pagoda was just a repressive artifact. Even in order to prevent people with intentions, the secret service department, together with the heavenly masters, spent ten years laying a large array in the whole Kunlun.

It may be that in those years, if he gave up his life to turn the array, or that Si Yang used a secret method to return the power he Boyi absorbed from heaven and earth to heaven and earth. After a year of recuperation, the thin aura of China gradually became richer. Although it was still very few, it did not dry up. Therefore, the strength of the Chinese Heavenly Master improved faster and faster, and the skill repaired by Si Yang for them, Although several decades have passed, there are no other robbers except several disciples of Siyang who have successfully survived the robbery, at least with hope, there is more hope.

At this time, Si Yang said that the earth has limited his and LAN Jingxiu’s cultivation. If they stay here, their cultivation will never stop, so they need to find a way out again, which is the place suppressed by the nine storey glazed tower.

At this time, the Chinese heavenly masters knew that the nine storey glazed pagoda was not just a repressive spirit tool, but also a spirit tool that had already been born. Over the past few decades, the spirit tool had been closely connected with the seal place, and even could communicate through the nine storey glazed pagoda. However, if you want to pass, you have to rely on your strength to pass through the nine storey glazed pagoda.

The nine storey glazed pagoda is not only guarding their passageway, but also guarding against the existence opposite the passageway. Another function of the nine storey glazed pagoda is cultivation. Each layer is a kind of experience. As long as the spiritual power is enough, it can always provide a place for people to experience. When you can pass through the ninth floor, you will naturally leave the earth like Siyang.

The secret service department has long known that the earth in the end of the law era is not suitable for cultivation. When the resources here are more and more scarce and the Xuanmen people have no way to live, sooner or later, more and more people will have the idea of he Boyi. But they didn’t expect that in this way, Siyang gave everyone a fair way to leave.

Only some people know about Si Yang’s departure. The people who contacted him in those years have already become a big man. I don’t know when Si Yang has become an existence only in the legend of Xuanmen.

Everyone knows that there is such a giant Buddha guarding China, especially when the secret territory address leaked out. After those countries that organized groups to brush the dragon were seriously injured, and because of the rise of China’s Xuanmen, no one dared to commit it for decades. Even the nails hidden in China are hiding their tails. Today’s China is no longer the place where everyone can take part in it.

It is precisely because of the intentional cultivation of Siyang that the heavenly masters of various practices in China are developing better and better. When the strength of these strange people and scholars grows, the country also has a lot of confidence, and they use their confidence to develop and expand the whole of China. Although Si Yang was not interested in this kind of international politics, he was very happy when he left because his disciples still had to live and practice in such a country.

Many people knew that they were leaving, but only a few of his disciples were allowed to see them off. Even LAN Jingxiu’s sister LAN Yuzhuo and LAN Jingxiu didn’t let her come. They used to be brothers and sisters who depended on each other for their lives, but they had two families. This kind of parting LAN Jingxiu, who may never meet again in this life, didn’t like to see him. Let LAN Yuzhuo think he was practicing in seclusion. Why cry.

Looking at the handsome Li Zezhi, Si Yang smiled: “hengtianzong has given it to you. As a teacher, I believe in your ability. Maybe another world is not as good as we think, it may be a lower level, and we will come back naturally at that time.”

Before Li Zezhi spoke, a young boy suddenly rushed towards Si Yang, hugged Si Yang’s waist and cried with rain: “master, will you take me with you, wuwuwuwuwu… I can’t give up my master…”

Si Yang had no choice but to touch Xiao Liu’s head. The child was an orphan. He was met by Si Yang when he was still in his infancy. Unexpectedly, he was a good young man for cultivation. At that time, Si Yang saw that the child was lonely all his life and his parents died, so he took him back to Putian mountain. Because he has been guided by Si Yang since he was a child. Although his cultivation is not as good as the big disciple and the second disciple, he has surpassed many other disciples. Therefore, he has some arrogance and arrogance. However, Siyang’s words are the most sticky.

Just like now, it is clear that his six disciples are very reluctant, but only Xiao Liu dares to cry and hug them up and beg to take them away.

The children raised by themselves are naturally somewhat different from the feelings of the previous disciples, and Si Yang is more indulgent, Jokingly, he touched his head: “you have a good talent, but you are a little too proud, which is bad for your cultivation. Go down the mountain to practice after Shifu left. After honing your mind, you can go further. Maybe you will be the first to find Shifu at that time.”

Xiao Liu looked at Si Yang with tearful eyes. His eyes were full of expectation: “can’t Shifu really take Xiao Liu away?”

Si Yang looked at him and shook his head.

LAN Jinxiu, who kept suppressing the air conditioner, couldn’t bear it. He tore the dead child off Si Yang and pushed it to Li Zezhi. If it weren’t for this sticky smelly boy, he wouldn’t encourage Siyang to leave the earth at this time. Their cultivation is not true because of the restrictions here, but they are not addicted to cultivation. They can enjoy their life for hundreds of years.

But it’s the dead child, all kinds of sticky. Since he brought the child back, there’s less space between him and Siyang. He endured for so long that he could endure until the dead child was an adult before they left. It was his great endurance.

Glancing at several other obedient disciples of Siyang, LAN Jin said, “in the future, your martial brothers should keep watch and help each other. Don’t let your master down.”

Listening to LAN Jingxiu’s cold warning, everyone said in unison: “yes, we will not let master down!”

LAN Jingxiu nodded with satisfaction and looked slightly at Si Yang: “let’s go.”

Si Yang naturally knew LAN Jingxiu’s careful thinking. This guy’s mind became smaller and narrower over the years. Finally, he looked at the children who had a lifelong relationship with him. Si Yang didn’t miss it. He directly took off with LAN Jingxiu and went to the ninth floor of the glazed tower.

Since the fate of their apprenticeship is not over, they will see each other again in the future. If the other world is a place suitable for cultivation, they should step up their cultivation and expand their power. Otherwise, when his apprentice comes, he will accomplish nothing as a master, which will be a shame.

Watching master and Shiniang fly directly to the ninth floor, people have worship, envy and even stronger firmness in their eyes. Sooner or later, they can fly up and find master!

Si Yang stood on the ninth floor and looked up at the boys, I couldn’t help smiling: “when I first came to this world, I didn’t think I would take an apprentice. In the world I used to be, I didn’t take an apprentice, but watching my apprentice grow up so well, I suddenly realized that when I found a good seedling, I urgently wanted to get under the door. I really have a sense of achievement.”

LAN Jinxiu held Si Yang’s hand. In his eyebrows and eyes, he was focused for decades: “it’s time for us to leave.”

Siyang looked back and smiled, “OK.”


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