Great Celestial Master Chapter 29

LV Jingming didn’t tell Jiang Meng that Jiang Meng lost his three spirits when someone wrote his birthday on a stone with red cinnabar and threw it into the stream. It was mainly because Jiang Meng’s three souls had just returned to the body and were still unstable, so they still needed to be recuperated. If Jiang Meng was told at that time that he had been plotted against, Jiang Meng would not be able to stand still. He must be eager to start the investigation.

However, LV Jingming later investigated all the people who went camping that day. Except that a few of them seemed to have come into contact with a little doorway, they were not pure Xiaobai. The others were simply curious and joined in the fun. Especially the initiator of the camp, there seems to be an elder in his family. He was born in a wild way and is the most suspicious one. It’s just that the man has never been in contact with Jiang Meng and has never had a grudge. He doesn’t have no reason to just find someone to practice his hand.

The investigation was at an impasse for a while, so Jiang Meng came to tell himself that he smelled the fragrance on his ex fiancee, which also provided a clue to his investigation.

Seeing that LV Jingming was quietly investigating, Jiang Meng said helplessly, “what’s more direct than asking my client to come? You didn’t tell me about it. You told me to be on guard.”

LV Jingming looked at him with a smile: “then you said, what clues can you provide? Who did you have a holiday with when you went camping?”

Jiang Meng kept silent for a long time. Finally, he said, “I’ve seen those people for the first time. If I hadn’t been worried that Yang Ping was unsafe outside at night, I wouldn’t have followed. It was a temporary decision the night before.”

If it weren’t for this, he would have thought in a bad direction. How could he always think it was an accident.

“But I’m about to marry Yang Ping before. If Yang Ping doesn’t want to marry me, it’s good to go back on her word. It’s not going to be murder. If it’s murder after marriage, I can still think about property, but now it doesn’t make sense.”

LV Jingming said, “maybe Yang Ping didn’t know about it, but was used by others. I’ll find out about it. You wear this amulet on your body, and I’ve prepared two for you. In case of any situation, at least one more one for standby. I specially asked senior Siyang to draw it separately. The effect is better than the one in the small shop. Remember to give it back to me.”

Jiang Meng put a smile on LV Jingming’s neck: “who are our brothers with whom!”

LV Jingming took his hand off: “who is with your brother? You really convinced me this time!”

LAN Jinxiu had a long meeting today. Seeing that it was late, he invited the subordinates of the company to have a late night snack. When he came back, there were only street lights, not even a personal picture. LAN Jingxiu sat in the back seat of the car, holding the dessert packaged in the restaurant. He doesn’t like sweet food, but Siyang seems to like sweet food very much. He saw Siyang peel sugar several times. Knowing that it was a little late, he couldn’t help packing one. Looking at the empty path outside, it seems that this dessert can’t be sent out today.

Just thinking so, when passing by Siyang’s house, LAN Jinxiu still asked the driver to drive slowly, and then just saw Siyang open the door. He almost eagerly shouted to stop. When he got off with his packing box, he looked at Si Yang’s eyes as if they were shining: “it’s so late. Are you going out?”

Si Yang smiled: “did you just get off work?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded and handed the packing box to him: “the dessert in this restaurant is delicious. I packed one. Have a try.”

Without opening it, Siyang also smelled the sweet smell. He didn’t talk to LAN Jingxiu politely and took it with a smile.

LAN Jin said, “where are you going? I’ll see you off.”

Si Yang didn’t answer, but his eyes turned strangely in LAN Jinxiu: “do you want to see ghost movies?”

The towering stone walls of the palace gate and the solemn and gorgeous palace, even in the dark night, the magnificent buildings still show the proud crystallization of the wisdom and sweat of predecessors for more than 500 years.

Perhaps the magnificent palace is too easy for Siyang to build. He can see many more magnificent buildings like the Forbidden City. Compared with the magnificent heavenly palace of jiuchongtian and the magnificent Dragon Palace under the boundless deep sea, the Forbidden City is just a drop in the ocean. However, for Siyang, it can only be regarded as a small palace, but the Forbidden City has a different thickness.

Dark light ripples in his eyes, and scenes of the past flash in Siyang’s eyes. The laboring people with bare upper body, bent back and heavy bricks and stones on their backs. He was dressed in Chinese clothes and sat on it, overlooking the emperor of the people and all living beings. Whether for the seat or the man on the seat, people from generation to generation continue to perform the cycle of history.

Some people die here, others shine here.

One man after another, who symbolized the supreme right, walked through this land and looked at the great rivers and mountains outside through the wall piled up by countless lives. This small palace, once brilliant, brilliant, has withstood the baptism of war, witnessed the replacement from one generation to another, and has stood up to now.

Five hundred years, for Yu Siyang, is actually just a flick of the finger, but for ordinary people, it is a long number. This is the massiness that Siyang can feel but can’t feel.

LAN Jinxiu stood aside with a food box and looked at the deserted palace Museum Hall at night. It was impossible to say that there was no hair, so he had to focus his whole attention on Si Yang to distract his thinking. Some fears were imagined by people themselves. Seeing Si Yang’s eyes staring out of the hall, LAN Jinxiu asked softly, “what’s the matter?”

Si Yang smiled: “I saw a lot of glory and death, emperors from generation to generation, and the blood stained in the hall. This palace carries too many things for this supreme seat.”

LAN Jinxiu couldn’t help asking, “are there many… Ghosts here?”

“There may be other places, but not in the Jinluan hall.”

LAN Jinxiu turned to look at the Dragon chair: “is there no emperor who is unwilling to die and has to guard his own dragon chair as a ghost?”

Si Yang walked directly to the Dragon chair, sat down impolitely, and waved to LAN Jingxiu: “come and experience the feeling of being an emperor. You can’t sit here during the day.”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Siyang, and a helpless smile flashed in his eyes. Then he sat up according to Siyang’s meaning.

Siyang opened the food box that had been carried by LAN Jinxiu. A sweet smell filled the air. Fine cakes such as blooming roses and gold foil powder sprinkled on the petals looked exquisite and gorgeous. Si Yang took one and took a bite. It was sweet but not greasy, but the ingredients might be very good for ordinary people, but it was a little worse for him, so the taste was not so amazing.

While eating, Si Yang said, “this dragon chair is not a real dragon chair. How can there be a wronged soul that the dead emperor is unwilling to accept, and there is dragon Qi in the Jinluan hall. Ordinary ghosts can’t stand it and dare not come near.”

LAN Jin said: “I’ve heard people say before that the hundred step yin-yang path, the ghost wall with the figure of a maid in waiting, and the reflection of water in a dry well were explained by some scientists in the exploration program from a scientific point of view, but many people actually prefer to believe that there are ghosts rather than those so-called scientific explanations.”

Si Yang asked him, “do you want to see him?”

LAN Jingxiu, who was taking snacks out of the lunch box and handing them to Siyang, gave a slight meal: “didn’t you take me to see ghost films today?”

Siyang smiled and patted the dessert crumbs on his hands: “let’s go. I’ll see if there are any useful ghosts here.”

LAN Jinxiu put back the snacks he had just taken out, nodded, got up and quietly followed behind Siyang.

Naturally, there are no ghosts in the main hall. I’m afraid this Jinluan hall is the cleanest in the whole Forbidden City. But in the harem, it’s hard to say.

The palaces in the TV series have been beautified. Even after artificial repair, the real imperial palace still looks a little dilapidated. A little better are those open palaces. Some of the locked palaces have long faded, leaving only the mottled mark touched by time.

After arriving at the most shady place in the Forbidden City, Si Yang threw a few small stones on the ground at will. LAN Jingxiu was in a trance of overlapping space, but the feeling was fleeting. When he felt it carefully, he couldn’t feel it again.

Si Yang seemed surprised. He was sensitive. He looked at him and explained, “we came secretly. Although the Forbidden City is large, it is also patrolled. In case something happens later and frightens people, it’s better to take precautions in advance.”


Si Yang said with a smile, “it’s a simple cover up. Even if someone comes over, he can’t see anything.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded. It’s really time to take precautions in advance. If there’s too much news later, maybe tomorrow’s newspaper headline will be the news that the Forbidden City is haunted.

As soon as Si Yang turned his hand over, he didn’t know when there was more white jade cup in his hand. LAN Jinxiu subconsciously looked at him. He had a short sleeved T-shirt, casual jeans, a very young, sunny and simple dress. He didn’t bring a bag and didn’t bulge in his pocket. Therefore, this slightly large white jade cup shouldn’t have been taken out of his pocket.

Si Yang said to him, “give me some of your blood.”

LAN Jingxiu held out his hand without hesitation. Si Yang’s fingernail gently scratched on LAN Jingxiu’s finger abdomen, and a few drops of blood fell into the jade cup. Si Yang loosened LAN Jingxiu’s hand and threw a small jar at him: “here you are. Just put a little on the wound.”

LAN Jinxiu did as he said. The wound cut by Si Yang on his finger healed instantly after applying ointment. LAN Jingxiu subconsciously pinched his finger and really healed as if the wound had been an illusion.

Before he could recover from his magical wound, he saw bursts of white smoke in the white jade cup with his blood. At the moment when the white smoke rose, there was no breeze in the original quiet environment. Suddenly, a dark wind blew, plants and trees were disturbed, and sand and stones flew away,

Although there was a dark wind, I didn’t know if it was because he couldn’t see. LAN Jingxiu didn’t see any ghosts. He just thought so, and suddenly he felt that his calf seemed to be swept by something. The white smoke of the jade cup in Siyang’s hand rolled more and more fiercely. LAN Jingxiu could even hear the sound of boiling water.

Suddenly, LAN Jinxiu felt a push on his back. He didn’t hold steady, and was pushed forward by this force.

Siyang glanced at him slightly and said in a deep voice, “presumptuous!”

As Siyang’s voice fell, LAN Jinxiu obviously felt a force of gravity pressing down. At that moment, the whole world was still. It was really still. There was no sound at all.

Later, Si Yang repaired to LAN Jin, “I’ve seen ghost films.” Then he put the white jade cup into LAN Jingxiu’s hand.

In the originally empty and unknown dilapidated palace, at the moment when LAN Jinxiu took over the jade cup, a large group of people suddenly knelt in front of him. Those people wear gray clothes that can’t see the color and pattern. Those far away can’t see clearly, but those close can see the style of clothes. There are ru skirts, flag clothes, some hair bun and some flag heads. There are also some male ghosts with hair and half shaved head.

In the quiet night, there was a lot of weeds, rotten and dilapidated. Compared with the name of the palace, it was more appropriate to describe the courtyard as a deserted compound. A group of “people” of different dynasties were equally pale and ghostly, kneeling quietly, slightly lowering their heads and looking numb and expressionless, Even though he was prepared, LAN Jinxiu suddenly suffocated. He swallowed his saliva subconsciously. There is no doubt that this is a real ghost film.


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