Great Celestial Master Chapter 3

When he was in the breakfast shop, Siyang already saw that these people were unusual. He knew that although the earth was the end of the law, there were still people practicing. However, the general environment is like this. In addition, there are few people with gifted spiritual roots here. Moreover, judging from their accomplishments, I’m afraid the Taoism they practice is not complete at all. Fundamentally speaking, the cultivation direction of people on earth is also different from that of monks. Monks are to pursue longevity and strengthen themselves. People here seem to prefer witchcraft, catching ghosts, subduing demons and dispelling evil spirits.

Although Si Yang knew that there was such a group on the earth, this contact was the first time, so when he heard the girl say so, he asked, “how are you going to solve it?”

Hearing the question, the four turned their heads and looked at the approaching person. Their practitioners generally look at people and mainly look at Qi. Those skin bags and appearances are only external objects to them. But the first time I saw this man, I was still attracted by his handsome appearance. When I subconsciously looked at the facial features, I couldn’t help but feel dizzy in my eyes.

After they found that they couldn’t see through the person’s face, even the breath was strange. The round faced girl and the middle-aged man quickly converged their mind, looked at each other, pressed their doubts and said, “the fetus has formed a Yin spirit due to the accumulation of Yin Qi. We will drive away the Yin spirit to avoid innocent people from being contaminated by disasters.”

My father immediately roared, “what nonsense are you talking about! A group of psychopaths, you go quickly. If you don’t go again, I’ll call the police!”

The more impetuous young man among the four said with disdain and impatience: “ignorant, don’t deal with this spirit now. When she gives birth, it will be the time when all your family will die, regardless of good or bad!”

The round faced girl immediately whispered, “Jing Yu! If you don’t restrain your temper and pay attention to your words and deeds, you won’t have to come out with us in the future!”

The younger Zhao an stretched out his hand and asked him not to interrupt.

The young man named Jing Yu seemed to be afraid of the girl. He was scolded, but he didn’t dare to refute. He glared at the ignorant mountain people, threw away his hand and pulled Zhao an. With a cold hum, he went aside and looked on coldly.

The round faced girl seemed to have some pity for the pregnant woman, Wen said in a warm voice, “this Yin spirit is also your own cause and effect. Whenever you knock out a formed baby, it will cause a sin. Now this baby in your stomach is not a normal baby. If you insist on giving birth to it, it will be the time when your family will be destroyed. Am I alarmist? I think you know very well.”

Cang Wenli, who was shivering in her mother’s arms, turned pale when she heard what the girl said. Just when Cang Yongfeng couldn’t bear this group of nonsense people and was ready to find something to beat them out, Cang Yongfeng pressed his father and turned to his sister: “sister, is what she said true? Did you deliberately kill the first exiled child? Later, you killed more than one?”

If they didn’t come back this time to deal with the dirty things, Cang Yongfeng would think this group of people were talking nonsense. Now when I hear them say this, I naturally have to confirm with my sister whether it is true.

The father looked at his son in surprise and said angrily, “listen to these people’s nonsense!”

Si Yang came forward and patted Cang’s father on the back: “uncle, calm down first. We won’t let them hurt sister Cang.”

When he was patted on the back by Si Yang, my father only felt that his mind was clear for a moment, and people gradually calmed down from their initial anger. And Cang Yongfeng is still asking his sister.

Cang Wenli was frightened and frightened. After being repeatedly questioned by her brother, she cried in panic: “hit, hit, hit three, wuwuwu…”

Hearing this, Cang father and Cang mother were shocked, and Cang Yongfeng was unbelievable. Zhou Fang stood foolishly aside, a little confused.

The round faced girl said, “because it’s not a boy. Whenever the child takes shape and can see the gender, it’s found that it’s a girl and it’s knocked out. If this baby is not a boy, I’m afraid it will also be knocked out by you.”

Cang Wenli looked at her parents’ unbelievable face and shook her head with tears: “no, no, I don’t want to, i… I don’t want to…”

Cang Yongfeng’s eyes were red with blood and said fiercely, “Lin Jian? Did that beast force you

Thinking of the hardships of these years, the three unborn children, the forced questions of her brother, the shock of her parents, and the possible things said by these strangers, Cang Wenli burst into tears and said the things intermittently.

In a word, it’s just that rural people prefer boys to girls, and the environment of her husband’s family is not very good. Even if the second child policy is open, she can’t support one more child, so she wants to kill a man with one fell swoop. When she was forced to knock out the first child who had been pregnant for five months, it was doomed that Cang Wenli’s nightmare began.

She was afraid to tell her family the truth, so she had to cheat that the child was not very good and had to run away. Later, once she got pregnant, she didn’t even dare to go back to her mother’s house, so the family didn’t know that she had two children later.

If she hadn’t checked out that the baby was a boy, she might still dare not tell her family that she was pregnant. But I didn’t expect that it would be like this when my husband went back to his mother’s house on business.

Hearing what had happened to her daughter over the years, Cang mother burst into tears. She was worried that her daughter’s stomach had not moved for many years and would be difficult to live in her husband’s house. She was finally relieved to get pregnant, but she didn’t expect the truth to be like this.

Cang Yongfeng trembled with anger and roared, “do you think I’m dead! You should come back when the beast forced you to have the first child! I’m going to kill the beast!”

Cang Wenli grabbed her brother, but she really didn’t know what to do except crying.

My father was more than ten years old. He thought these people were crazy people who talked nonsense, but now, the truth told by his daughter forced him to believe that these people really have some skills. Although rural people are no longer so superstitious, they have always held in awe of what science can’t explain.

My father trembled and wanted to light a grass cigarette, but he couldn’t light it for a long time. Finally, Siyang helped him sit down and lit the tobacco for him.

I knew that the family didn’t know it. The round faced girl’s face was better, but looking at the poor woman, I don’t know whether to sigh or lament: “it’s no use crying. The evil created will always be returned. Now it’s to solve the fetus gathered by Yin Qi in your stomach, so as not to involve your family and innocent villagers here. As for your husband’s family, there will always be retribution.”

Cang Wenli trembled. She was afraid that what the man said would really involve her family, and how she would face her husband and her husband’s family if she didn’t want the child. This woman, who has never had her own opinion, even thought that she might as well die. When she dies, she doesn’t have to face all this.

Seeing that the situation was in an impasse, Si Yang, who had been silent, asked, “is there any way you can keep your child and solve the problem of Yin Ling?”

The man named Jing Yu sneered at this: “you want to have the best of both worlds for your evil deeds. Dream!”

The middle-aged man who had been silent among the four looked at the round faced girl and shook his head: “the evil debt and resentment of the Yin spirit are too thick. It’s not easy to disperse it, and it’s even more impossible to protect the fetus.”

Si Yang looked at Cang Wenli: “if she aborts this baby, she will never have another child in her life.”

Hearing this, Cang Wenli’s face became more and more pale, and her hand tightly grasping her mother’s clothes gradually loosened, leaving only despair.

The round faced girl shook her head: “what kind of cause, what fruit.”

Knowing that they really had no choice, Si Yang had to say, “since you can’t keep the children, leave it alone and we’ll solve it.”

Hearing this, the desperate family looked up at Si Yang. Cang Yongfeng was even more excited and said, “Yang Yang, do you have a way?”

The middle-aged man subconsciously wanted to persuade, but he thought of something and didn’t say anything. Jing Yu said in a cold voice of direct ridicule: “do you think it’s good to have an abortion? Just the one in her stomach. If you want to have an abortion in a general way, you can’t have an abortion without a corpse and two lives. Don’t believe you try!”

The round faced girl nodded and said, “this is really not something that can be solved by having a baby.”

Si Yang looked at them: “I know, I will keep the child, and I will deal with the Yin spirit.”

It seemed as if Jing Yu had heard a big joke. He laughed loudly and said sarcastically, “you deal with it? Who do you think you are? What ability do you have to deal with it?”

Seeing that Jing Yu began to speak with a thorn in his mouth again, Zhao an pulled him and asked him to pay attention to his words.

Siyang looked at the talkative and impetuous young man slightly. He would pinch his hand gently, flicked his fingertips at him, and said with a light smile: “young man, it’s better to be calm. Be quiet for a while. Don’t worry. You can continue to speak after six hours.”

Jing Yu’s disdain was mockery when he heard this, but he suddenly found that he couldn’t make a sound. He opened his mouth and looked a little frightened.

Seeing this, the round faced girl and middle-aged people were surprised. They didn’t see how the man shot. This is obviously a fellow believer, and I’m afraid his cultivation is not low.

The round faced girl glanced at the middle-aged man and saw him nod. Then she took a step closer to Siyang, smiled and said, “Jincheng Lanjia Lanyu Zhuo, I don’t know what to call you?”

The middle-aged man also said, “I’m the LV atrium of the LV family.”

Siyang smiled: “Siyang.”

Although Siyang didn’t report out of the house, LAN Yuzhuo didn’t dare to underestimate the skill just revealed, and his breath converged like ordinary people.

Now is not the time to chat. Seeing that the group of people surnamed LAN no longer had any objection to his action, Si Yang turned and ordered Cang Yongfeng: “help your sister to the room. You come with me, and the others are waiting outside.”

Looking at the crying Cang mother, Si Yang comforted: “aunt, don’t worry. In fact, we came back this time to solve this matter. The child and sister Cang will be fine.”

Hearing this, the Cang family is like grasping a life-saving straw. They don’t care if Yongfeng’s classmates are too young. Do they really have this ability? If they really have a way.


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