Great Celestial Master Chapter 30

Si Yang knew that in the era of supreme imperial power, the least valuable was human life, so there were certainly not few ghosts here, but he didn’t expect LAN Jinxiu’s blood effect to be so good. Only a few drops of blood, and he didn’t know whether it had attracted the whole soul of the Forbidden City.

Looking at LAN Jingxiu sideways, although his expression was very calm, his eyes looked slightly straight. Si Yang smiled very unkindly and said, “is this ghost film good?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded stiffly, “it’s OK.”

As soon as he said this, Si Yang smiled more happily, but he smiled like this in front of a group of expressionless kneeling ghosts. LAN Jinxiu thought, thanks to Si Yang’s good-looking smile, otherwise the picture would be too scary.

Seeing that Lan Jingxiu, who was not frightened, turned white and was shocked. Si Yang still had some little regrets. With a wave of his hand, the vast soul disappeared in an instant.

LAN Jinxiu looked at him suspiciously, Si Yang casually explained: “some souls have been suppressed by this palace for too long and dissipated almost. They have long lost their mind. They are just a wisp of souls. It’s no use for me. Some are incomplete and look out of the way, so don’t want them. Some are just ugly and don’t like them, so don’t want them.”

LAN Jin fixed his eyes and saw that the rest was a little different from the one he had just seen. I don’t feel so numb. Although I’m still expressionless, I’m really alive.

After explaining to LAN Jinxiu, Si Yang didn’t care about him, but swept the ghosts one by one: “are there any royal chefs in your class?”

As soon as Siyang’s voice fell, Five ghosts floated in front of the ghosts and knelt down.

Three fat ghosts, one thin ghost, and one looks like a child. Si Yang looked at the kid who was obviously not yet an adult and whose hair had not been shaved: “are you also a royal chef?”

With his eyes, the whole ghost of the kid was raised, A frightened look suddenly appeared on the expressionless face: “back, back, if you are an adult, you have been on duty in the imperial dining room since you were a child. The head of the imperial kitchen is from the same hometown as you. Seeing that you are smart and clever, you have been teaching around. Although you have never eaten for the emperor, you have also made meals independently under the guidance of the head.”

Si Yang asked, “how did you die?”

After the pretty child was asked this question, his eyes began to turn blood red, but maybe it was the servility of that era. The kid was not ferocious and crazy, but more afraid. The whole ghost trembled and said, “yes, it’s the empress an bin. The maid just saw the imperial doctor asking for her pulse, and then was smothered by someone covering her mouth and nose.”

This is typical. He doesn’t even know how to die. Oh, no, he somehow knows who suffocated him.

Si Yang waved: “wait aside.”

After the kid was released by that force, he quickly climbed to the side and continued to kneel.

Si Yang looked at the remaining four Ghosts: “I only need one imperial chef. You can come forward on your own if you want.”

Among them, the thin ghost was the fastest, and then two fat ghosts also moved, leaving one obviously fat ghost of the Qing Dynasty kneeling in place.

As soon as Si Yang waved his hand, the fat ghost who didn’t move disappeared directly, and then looked at the three ghosts in front of him: “whose cooking is the most exquisite?”

The three ghosts are all a meal. The three of them are not from the same age at all. How can they compare their cooking skills? However, the thin ghost was the first to say: “if you return to my Lord, when I was alive, I used to be the chief chef of zhengsanpin imperial kitchen and have been in charge of Zhengde emperor for more than six years.”

The other two fat ghosts also followed: “the villain once served as the imperial kitchen of zhengwupin before his death. He worked in the imperial dining room for more than 12 years during Jiajing.”

“The villain was the chief chef of the fourth grade.” After the fat ghost finished, he paused strangely and then said, “during the reign of Hong Xi, his term of office is half a year.”

Although Siyang only read some miscellaneous books about history and didn’t know much about it, he still knew that emperor Hongxi of the Ming Dynasty died of illness without even doing it for a year. He didn’t want the unlucky imperial kitchen of the short-lived emperor, so the unlucky imperial kitchen disappeared directly.

Si Yang looked at the two imperial chefs left in front of him and said nothing. He seemed to be wondering which one to choose. At this time, the thin ghost said again, “if you don’t accept me first, you’ll see who makes the imperial food more to your taste, so you can keep which one.”

Si Yang smiled and looked at the thin ghost and said, “for the emperor, do you know what is the most taboo?”

The thin ghost was a little confused at first. Maybe he had been a ghost for too long. He had a long memory when he was a human. He didn’t react for a long time. Then his breath changed and he turned around and wanted to run. However, before he got up, he suddenly lit a faint blue flame.

The ghosts that disappeared before were just sent away by Si Yang, but at this time, the thin ghost was burned without even shouting.

Originally, there were some courtyards that heard the sound of the rope when Siyang asked. At the moment when the thin ghost flew away, the whole space seemed to solidify. The ghosts left by Siyang had lower bodies and their heads were directly close to the ground. If they hadn’t died, they would be scared to pee their pants at the moment.

The fear that can only be felt when you were still alive and still a person. After being a ghost for hundreds of years, you feel it deeply again.

Si Yang looked at the fat ghost left last: “wait aside.”

The fat ghost forgot to float and almost rolled to the side.

Si Yang looked at the remaining group of ghosts and said, “I need three more ghost servants, do you have anyone interested?”

The frozen air seemed to be a little alive, and the rustling sound sounded again. This time, more than a dozen men and women came out. The rest seemed afraid of anger. The heavenly masters who dared to enter the palace to collect ghost servants dared not lift their heads and wished to shrink into the ground.

Si Yang was not the one who forced people to face difficulties. He sent those unwilling away directly. Then he looked at the ghosts kneeling in a row: “stand up.”

A group of ghosts quickly stood up obediently. Si Yang eliminated several short and not very good ones, leaving only four female ghosts and two male ghosts.

Si Yangchao stood beside him all the time. LAN Jingxiu, who didn’t make a sound, asked, “who do you think is suitable for them?”

LAN Jingxiu ordered three female ghosts directly. It happened that the three female ghosts were the most beautiful among them. Si Yang also liked them a little: “what a coincidence, I also like them.”

LAN Jin said, “these three are the most calm. Even after you just shot, many ghosts have lost their manners. The three of them are still very calm.”

Si Yang glanced at him and said, “have you observed so carefully? Haven’t you been frightened by the one who lost his soul?”

LAN Jingxiu said truthfully, “it’s too fast. Before you react, the ghost will be gone.”

Si Yang smiled: “just now that guy had countless lives in his hands. Although he didn’t swallow much after he died, he also had at least two or three souls. But he didn’t take the initiative to seduce people after he became a ghost, so he didn’t have much evil spirit. He has tasted the sweetness of swallowing souls to grow up. He won’t meet the power brought by the dead soul soon.”

After finishing, Si Yang said to several ghosts he had set: “I will take you out of the palace and help you get rid of the shackles of the palace. In the future, you will be used by me. After a hundred years, I will let you reincarnate.”

Four adult ghosts and the kid quickly knelt down and saluted: “thank you, master!”

A flash of light flashed, and several ghosts who were still kneeling on the ground were immediately included in the wooden card in Siyang’s hand. The yard fell empty again. Siyang turned to LAN Jingxiu and smiled: “done, go home.”

When he followed Siyang out, LAN Jinxiu couldn’t help asking, “since there are so many ghosts in the Forbidden City, why does the country have no action, and it seems that no one has come to cross.”

Siyang chuckles: “Where there is dragon Qi suppression, do you think those heavenly masters in the Xuanmen have the ability to transcend? If ordinary people die, if they don’t have such deep obsession, they will automatically enter reincarnation. If they have deep obsession, they will become fierce ghosts. It can be said that in the whole of China, only places where imperial palaces have been established can have this kind of non reincarnation after death, but they don’t become ghosts because of obsession Place, do you know why there are so many ghosts in the Forbidden City and why they can’t reincarnate? ”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Si Yang and shook his head: “I don’t know. Yuzhuo only told me not to get close to the Forbidden City. He said there was dragon Qi here, but it was also the place with the most Yin Qi.”

“Don’t people often say that life is from a certain family and death is the ghost of a certain family. Who dares to move and who can move this royal ghost? The ancients believed that even if some things can’t be put on the table, they always have to do something in private, otherwise if they kill people, who can sleep safely at night. Apart from the overall pattern of the Imperial Palace, there is still one in those small palaces and halls Some ornaments, that’s Zhenyin. ”

LAN Jin said, “then you found these ghost servants. Doesn’t it matter?”

Si Yang picked his eyebrow and smiled, “guess?”

LAN Jinxiu smiled slightly at the speech. Si Yang’s ability can’t be measured by the standard of Xuanmen Heavenly Master. The Logistics Department of the country has so many capable people and strange people, but it is easy to dare not enter the palace to cross these ghosts suppressed by dragon Qi for hundreds of years, which is enough to prove that it is absolutely not easy for these ghosts to move. Just now they all knelt down in front of Si Yang. He didn’t even see Si Yang’s action, so he directly extinguished one and took in a few ghost servants. He would come to the Forbidden City. Maybe he was too lazy to look everywhere.

Looking at Si Yang who was eating a lollipop, LAN Jinxiu was really curious about what kind of place and people could cultivate such a Si Yang.

Perhaps his eyes were burning, which led Siyang to look back at him and took out a lollipop from his pocket: “do you want to eat?”

LAN Jinxiu, who doesn’t like sweets, lingered around the white slender hand and nodded, “thank you.”

Si Yang said, “I underestimated the influence of your blood on ghosts. Fortunately, I set the border in advance, otherwise the fierce ghosts will make a big noise in the Forbidden City tonight.” With that, he seemed to be pleased and said, “fortunately, you are not a woman.”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t react to the meaning of Siyang’s words for a moment. He reacted after a moment, so his face was distorted. It’s probably rare to see LAN Jingxiu’s face change so obviously. Si YangLe couldn’t help laughing directly.

After tossing about for most of the night, he finally found all the ghosts that should be found. Before, he was too lazy to go out to find them. Now he sees that school is about to begin. The flowers and plants at home always need to be taken care of. His online shop and distribution business have been given to the express company. The sorting of this list and some cumbersome things should always be handled by individuals.

After returning home, Siyang released the four big, one small and Five ghosts and threw five small light balls at the same time. The light ball was made by him when he was still practicing in the immortal world. Naturally, it is not comparable to the puppet used by qian’er.

Except that the fat imperial chef is not in line with Siyang’s aesthetics. Although he is not ugly, he certainly can’t be called handsome. The other three female ghosts, including the underage kid, are pretty good.

Si Yang didn’t know how much they knew about today’s society, so he directly made a jade slip and threw it to several Ghosts: “I will arrange a personal identity for you. During this time, you will adapt to the new living environment as soon as possible, and the old words and behaviors will be right.”

The five subconsciously made an old ceremony: “yes.”

Si Yang looked at them and said, “you don’t have to kneel. In two days, I’ll set up a soul cultivation array in a room. When nothing happens, you can stay in the soul cultivation array. In such a small yard, you come out of the palace. I don’t have to say much about how to take care of them. If you do well, there will be a reward. If you can’t do well, go back and forth.”

The five people responded with a low voice: “yes.”

Si Yang said, “the house is borne by the three of you. Naturally, the thing in the kitchen is the imperial chef. Kid, you go to the kitchen.”

The kid nodded again and again, “yes!” It’s a great blessing for him to be able to leave the palace without worrying about being eaten at any time. It’s his business to start the kitchen. He can definitely do it well!

Siyang directly sent them to absorb the contents of the jade slips, and how to do things for him without integrating into the society first. Then he sent a message to the leader of the secret service group. Instead of bothering to arrange the identity of the ghosts, it’s better to find professionals directly.


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