Great Celestial Master Chapter 31

Although the risk assessment of relevant national units is not very good, once they get serious, they can be very fast. After Si Yang sent a message to Zhou Qin, the captain of logistics group 1, the captain personally took people early the next morning.

This time, Zhou Qin didn’t take the vice team Si Yang met last time, but the child who had no sense of existence with LAN Yuzhuo at Cang Yongfeng’s house for the first time. The child should not be too young. He is almost twenty years old. He probably has a tender face and looks like a minor.

Seeing that Si Yang said hello to the captain, Zhao an looked at himself and hurriedly said, “master Si! We met before, do you remember? In the village of your classmates, I followed sister Yuzhuo to deal with the female fetus! My name is Zhao an, an ordinary person who became a monk halfway.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “remember, you’re from the Zhou team.”

Zhao an smiled a little shy. He looked at Si Yang with bright eyes. He didn’t know whether it was because Si Yang still remembered him and made him feel happy. Compared with the slightly fierce Zhou team, Zhao an seemed much softer and cute.

Si Yang didn’t talk too much nonsense with them. He directly called out the people: “I’m new. Please get an identity for team Zhou.”

There are not a few ghost servants in Xuanmen, but most of them are heavenly masters of the previous generation. The new generation of heavenly masters have not grown up to raise a ghost servant without being eaten back. We should know that after death, people do not necessarily become ghosts. Only those who are deeply obsessed and unwilling to reincarnate can become ghosts by chance.

Once the wish is fulfilled and the obsession is eliminated, even without the transcendence of the Heavenly Master, those ghosts will naturally go to hell and wait for reincarnation. So ghost servants really don’t just catch a ghost.

However, it was expected by Zhou Qin that Siyang would accept ghost servants. It was actually very convenient to have more than one ghost servant running errands. He just accepted five at a time, which surprised Zhou Qin. No matter how harsh and difficult it is to find ghosts who meet the conditions of being a ghost servant, it is impossible for an ordinary Heavenly Master to suppress five at a time.

Originally, Zhou Qin evaluated Siyang’s strength very highly. Now when he looked again, he suddenly felt that he had underestimated it. If Si Yang hadn’t said that, looking at several people who didn’t even leak a trace of ghost gas, he wouldn’t have noticed that they were ghosts at all.

Seeing that Zhou Qin looked at them and didn’t speak, Si Yang looked at him: “is there a problem?”

Zhou Qindao: “No, but here’s a piece of information. I also hope to see some ghost servants of Heavenly Master Si. Since the ghost servants walk in the sun with the permission of relevant departments, some rules still need to be observed. Now we will register your ghost servants, but please also leave a mark on them to prevent them from being accepted by other heavenly masters when they work for you in the future It’s too late. ”

Si Yang nodded and had no objection. Since he wants to make their identity clear, he will abide by some rules. He has never been a troublemaker.

When Zhou Qin registered them one by one, Zhao an couldn’t help whispering, “senior, can I take the liberty to ask, where did you collect these ghost servants? One of my senior brothers was still talking about wanting to collect a ghost servant some time ago, but this kind of thing really needs chance. I haven’t met a suitable one.”

Siyang smiled: “there are so many in the Forbidden City, just pick it.”

As soon as the voice came down here, the first registered imperial chef over there said, “my name is Fang Zhicun. I was born in the first year of Jiajing. I entered the palace in the 16th year of Jiajing. I used to be the fifth grade imperial chef and died in the 32nd year of Jiajing.”

Zhou Qin’s pen suddenly stopped: “imperial chef?”

The Fat Chef nodded, “yes.”

Si Yang said with a smile: “I’m really impatient to cook by myself. It’s just close to the Forbidden City, so I went to see if it’s suitable. Now they are still adapting to their new identity. Some science and technology appliances are not very good at using. I’m afraid it will take some time to get familiar with them. At that time, Huanying Zhou team often comes to dinner.”

Zhou Qin tightened his hand with the pen, and Zhao an couldn’t help swallowing. Any ghost caught in the Forbidden City is a hundred years old. The latest one is one or two hundred years old. I don’t know how many hundred years it has been the longest. In this way, few people can live in the ghost gate with age and heritage. Even more, sometimes when they encounter some difficult questions, their secret service team will go to offer one or two, hoping to get some guidance.

Zhou Qin looked at the extremely respectful ghosts standing in the row and couldn’t help but say, “master Si, the Forbidden City is a very special existence. In addition to dragon Qi suppression, a very powerful elder once signed a contract with the Forbidden City. The dead souls in it must not disturb the world, and we can’t invade them without reason.”

Si Yang nodded: “I naturally feel the contract, but I suggest you invite one or two reliable people to check it. The effectiveness of the contract has been weakening and can’t contain the old ghosts in it soon. As for them, I asked them to nod their heads before taking them out. You can rest assured that if you can’t involve the contract, I will naturally be responsible for the ghosts I bring out. They are If I don’t obey, I’ll just get rid of it. ”

As soon as Si Yang’s words were finished, the Five ghosts knelt down together in an instant, and the meaning of submission could not be more obvious. Of course, this is not a superficial gesture. The power of the Heavenly Master they can feel is only the tip of the iceberg, which is enough to frighten them. The Dragon Qi of the imperial palace can resist one or two, but they can’t turn a little spray in the hand of the Heavenly Master.

Zhou Qin silently looked at the five ghost pieces and only got: “I naturally believe what Heavenly Master Si said. I’ll send someone to check the Forbidden City.” If the contract is really loose, early discovery is a precaution. Once it is late, it will be a big trouble.

After recording the information of the imperial chef, Zhou Qin looked at the woman with the most stable temperament and classical beauty.

The woman straightened her back and nodded slightly towards Zhou Qin: “Lanshang, a native of Suzhou mansion in nanzhili, was born in the year of Hong Wu. She entered the palace with Miss Wang. In the 18th year of Yongle, she moved her capital to Beijing with Emperor Yongle, and then died with Emperor Yongle.”

Zhou Qin’s hand could not help shaking again. Well, he grabbed an old man of the Forbidden City to be the housekeeper. There was no one left.

When he came out of Siyang’s house, Zhou Qin couldn’t help looking up at the dazzling sun. Suddenly, he was tired and didn’t want to say anything. Zhao an was still excited: “elder, it’s really great! When can I become so powerful!”

Zhou Qin knocked on the hat on his head: “practice well, you.”

Not all the heavenly masters in the secret service group are the children of aristocratic families, but also some poor heavenly masters or ordinary people who become monks on the way. Some people are destined to have this opportunity to practice Taoism, but now their aura is thin and resources are scarce. Most of these resources are in the hands of the state, so those heavenly masters have to rely on the state.

Zhao an is such an ordinary person who has to rely on the state to obtain cultivation resources and become a monk on the way, so it’s probably a fool’s dream to grow to the level of Siyang. But Zhou Qin didn’t hit him either. Young people, it’s good to have some unrealistic dreams.

I’m afraid I have to report this matter separately when I go back.


Looking at the photos on the table, Shen Ran’s eyes were slightly heavy. When he went out early this morning, he had a bad hunch. Although he was not a very powerful monster, animals had an instinctive intuition about danger.

In the photo, two seemingly carefree teenagers are smiling with a bright face and a twinkle. More than ten years have passed. In addition to insisting on Cultivation and transformation, the longest thing he insisted on was to love this person.

For the love that can’t be asked, Shen ran asked himself for countless days and nights, why Zhuang Chen is and why Zhuang Chen must be. It’s a pity that he couldn’t give himself the answer. He was so moved for a moment that more than a dozen cold and summer days passed. Some things seem to have formed a habit. Until this habit was broken, Shen ran looked back and saw the scars.

Habit makes him forget himself. When he thinks of himself, he finds that it hurts too much. How can people who give out their complete heart but take back an incomplete pain and have not paid understand it.

He loved people for so many years, but he smiled at others. Every look and smile was like a sharp knife, cutting him one by one, and even the blood had to be swallowed secretly.

“Listen to Shen ran. Is the sound of Wen Xi’s piano particularly warm? It makes people feel hopeful.”

At that time, he was standing next to Zhuang Chen, but Zhuang Chen looked at Jin Wenxi who was playing the piano. He was so focused that Yu Guang in his eyes was unwilling to give him anything. So he had to take back his eyes silently, look down at his palm quietly, where it hurts, very painful.

A bell pulled the calm thoughts back from that night. Zhuang Chen’s voice was transmitted through the microphone. Today is Jin Wenxi’s concert. At the same time, there is a big project to discuss today. However, Zhuang Chen still insisted on sending Jin Wenxi to the venue to prepare before going to the conference. In order to reconfirm some details on the road, he had to follow Zhuang Chen to send Jin Wenxi first, and he couldn’t refuse.

Shen ran hung up the phone, picked up the long prepared documents and got up. The people in the picture were still smiling at him. At that moment, Shen ran had an intuition that he would never come back.

Pressed down the strange in his heart, Shen ran looked at the photo and was silent for a moment. He stretched out his hand and slowly put the photo down. The crisp sound of the picture frame touching the desktop seemed to knock into his heart, click and cover it.

In the elevator, several young people like college students chatted with paper boxes, watched him come in, and quickly stood up: “Shen tezhu.”

Shen ran nodded to them, “is this the end of your part-time job?”

Zhou Fang nodded hurriedly: “school will start tomorrow, so come and pack up today.”

Shen ran said with a smile, “then you are welcome to join take-off again after graduation.”

Zhou Fang and several other college students who were part-time also laughed: “OK!”

Looking at these young people full of youth, Shen Ran’s mood relaxed a bit, but it didn’t last long, because he saw the young pianist sitting in his position for more than ten years in the car waiting for him on the roadside, on Zhuang Chen’s right hand.

There is an accompanying bodyguard in the co pilot’s seat. If Shen ran gets on the bus, he can only sit on Zhuang Chen’s left, a direction he has never sat in.

Seeing him coming down, Zhuang Chen, who was laughing with Jin Wenxi, also shook the car window and waved to him: “Shen ran, hurry up.”

That familiar face made Shen ran feel very strange for the first time.

Where there is Jin Wenxi, Shen Ran is always silent, and as long as there is Jin Wenxi, Zhuang Chen will not talk about work with him. Looking at the rapidly retrogressive scenery outside the window, Shen Ran’s mood was unprecedented calm. He and Zhuang Chen didn’t know when to start. There was no other topic except work. Zhuang Chen can not talk about work with Jin Wenxi in order not to ignore him, but he can ignore him and talk about music with Jin Wenxi.

The accident happened in an instant. When he sensed the danger, Shen ran instinctively opened his eyes and the first action was to stretch out his hand to protect Zhuang Chen. But when the two cars collided, Zhuang Chen instinctively turned around and protected Jin Wenxi in his arms.

Shen Ran is a demon who cultivates and shapes, but the world is difficult. Grandpa once told him that there are very few demons who can shape these days. People are terrible. Even demons are not human opponents. Therefore, if you want to survive in this world, you can only regard yourself as a person completely unless you hide in deep mountains and forests.

Shen Ran’s body has a prohibition given to him by his grandfather. If he uses a spell, he won’t continue to maintain his human form. If he can’t maintain his human form, he can only hide back in the mountains, so he hasn’t used magic once in these years.

When the big truck hit, Shen ran knew his hunch when he went out, and he couldn’t go back.

The moment when the vehicle hits and rolls over is just a blink of an eye for human beings. All actions come from instinct. But in Shen Ran’s eyes, it was a long and almost heart digging stillness. Shen ran looked at Zhuang Chen who held Jin Wenxi tightly in his arms and slowly put his hand on Zhuang Chen’s back. After more than ten years of chasing, this moment was completely over.


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