Great Celestial Master Chapter 32

Obviously, the impact of the big truck is not something that their car can resist. Especially in such a high-speed lane, the car suddenly rushed in the fork of the road. The car was hit in mid air, rolled several times like a movie special effect, and finally scattered on the roadside.

Shen ran directly released the demon force and set up a barrier for everyone in the car. Although it would hurt them a little, it would not endanger their lives. Otherwise, it would be too strange if such a car accident didn’t hurt at all.

After all the people in the car were safely protected, Shen ran directly stunned everyone, and then got them out of the car one by one. He felt that the place where grandpa sealed him was hot. It wouldn’t be long before he would show the prototype.

Looking at the unconscious Zhuang minister lying on the ground, Shen ran couldn’t help reaching out and stroking his very familiar face, and then couldn’t help laughing at himself: “Grandpa’s right, demons who are emotional to people are fools.”

The picture of turning around to protect Jin Wenxi was replayed in Shen Ran’s mind side by side. A kiss gently fell on Zhuang Chen’s lips. Shen ran whispered, “goodbye, Zhuang Chen.”

Zhuang Chen seemed to feel something, his eyelashes trembled slightly, as if he was going to wake up, but he was just an ordinary human, how could he defeat the demon force, and finally he was in a deep coma.

At the moment when Shen ran got up to leave, a sense of crisis hit again. Shen ran turned sideways and a flying silver needle almost passed by. At this time, two people ran down from the back compartment of the truck that hit just now and ran straight towards him.

This was obviously aimed at him. When he put everyone down with magic just now, he didn’t feel there was anyone in the back compartment.

A man and a woman came down from the car, holding something like a gun but not a gun, which made Shen ran instinctively feel dangerous. However, when he turned and wanted to run, the two men almost flew towards him at a speed that ordinary people couldn’t reach. One after the other, they directly cut off his way.

Shen Ran has stayed in the human world for so many years and has never met anyone who obviously knows his identity and deliberately comes to catch him. However, he has only one idea at the moment. Leave here as soon as possible. They must not catch minister Zhuang and threaten him.

Those two people didn’t mean to catch Zhuang Chen at all. In their eyes, a demon can’t be threatened because of a human. However, they are also very confident that they can catch the demon alive, so they don’t need any threat at all.

Although it is a demon formed in peacetime, demons have their own inheritance, which will awaken with blood when giving birth to wisdom. Therefore, although Shen Ran has never fought with anyone, it does not mean that he is the existence of the slaughtered. Seeing that the way was cut off, Shen ran could no longer hide. The characteristics of the long tailed hairy mouse loomed on his body. The white and slender hands grew sharp nails in an instant. The sharp fingertips were a deadly weapon at a glance.

At this time, the two people who caught him said something. Shen Ran’s eyes were suddenly cold. They were Japanese.

After several fights, Shen ran could not dodge and was stabbed by the silver needle shot from the woman’s gun. Shen ran instantly felt that the demon force in his body was gradually locked under the action of the silver needle.

Once he has no Demon power in his body, he really has to be caught.

Just when he was almost desperate, the seal and prohibition given to him by his grandfather was completely untied at this time. Shen ran immediately slapped the two people who wanted to catch him with the explosion of the moment of unsealing, and then turned and ran away quickly.

The two Japanese obviously didn’t expect that the goblin could explode under the action of their medicine. After being slapped, they whispered a Japanese curse and immediately got up and caught up.

Unable to maintain human shape, Shen Ran has turned into a long tailed hairy mouse, which is not big, about the size of two adults’ palms. Instead of running into the barren mountains, he fled towards the center of the city.

He asked himself that he was hiding well, but the two Japanese obviously came prepared, but he didn’t understand why they planned this car accident since they were so prepared to determine that he was a demon. Could they still expect a car accident to kill a demon. But now he can’t care so much. He doesn’t want to be a research object of the Japanese.

While running away, Shen ran suddenly thought of the girl who once attracted a girl like a Heavenly Master to check him because he didn’t pay attention. Shen ran knew about the Heavenly Master group, but he had never been in contact with it, so he followed the Heavenly Master several times, and several times he followed the Heavenly Master to the villa area not far ahead.

He is not sure what the Chinese Heavenly Master will do to him, but he can be sure that the two Japanese have no kindness to him. So Shen ran turned directly. Whether he could meet the Heavenly Master or not, there was still a little hope.

The security system of yufeixiang garden is very in place, but it is only the defense of ordinary people. It can’t prevent demons. Naturally, it can’t prevent the two Japanese who are obviously not ordinary people.

Shen Ran Ran in in panic. He didn’t have time for him to identify which house the girl lived in, but demon Xiu’s sensitive intuition for vitality made him escape directly into Siyang’s house by chance.

As soon as he ran into the yard, the rich aura instantly made him feel much better. Under the action of the Japanese silver needle, the Demon power in his body was almost exhausted. There was aura and the boundary covering the aura. This must be the house of the Heavenly Master girl.

When he was going to hide in the house, suddenly his whole body was given by a force and he couldn’t move. Shen ran raised his eyes and looked at him with a smile: “where’s a little mouse?”

Shen ran, who was beaten back to his original form: “…” he is not a mouse!

At this time, the two Japanese also chased in and shocked them as soon as they stepped into the yard with strong aura. As Japanese yin-yang masters, they really want to talk about that the origin of Yin-Yang art really comes from China. Even after the evolution from generation to generation, the cultivation also needs aura. However, the aura was stronger than that in their holy palace, which made them instinctively show a look of greed.

Realizing that the owner here is definitely not an ordinary person, their original madness almost instantly converged, He sincerely said to Siyang, “I’m very sorry to enter your home without your permission, but we are very worried about the escape of our pet, so please forgive me for our impatience. Later, we will prepare a generous gift to apologize again. Would you please give us this little thing first?”

At that time, they must find out the source of this rich aura. It is a waste to put such a good thing in China. If they contribute to the divine palace, they will benefit more yin and Yang masters, so as to reflect the real value of the treasure!

That Putonghua is well spoken and has no accent at all.

Si Yang looked at the little mouse and said, “is this your pet?”

Japanese men and women immediately nodded when they heard the speech: “yes.”

Si Yang picked Shen ran up and hung him in the air. He turned to LAN Shang who had been standing on his side and asked, “what should a liar do according to the punishment in the palace?”

Lanshang didn’t look at the two Japanese and respectfully replied, “bullying the king is naturally a felony of beheading.”

“Beheading?” Siyang shook his head: “my beautiful little garden is stained with dirty blood, but it doesn’t look good.”

“Although the master gives it to Lanshang, he will never let them dirty every plant in the small garden.”

Hearing this, the faces of the two Japanese changed, but they didn’t choose to leave like this. They finally seriously injured the demon and were about to get it. Let them leave like this. Where would they be willing.

“It’s our faux pas to come uninvited. We sincerely apologize to you. Please see that adults don’t remember villains for our urgent mistakes. This little thing is very important to us. Please give us a convenience.”

Siyang chuckled, flicked his fingertips, and a touch of spiritual light directly entered Shen Ran’s forehead. In an instant, the long tailed hairy rat became a living man, and Shen ran fell directly to the ground.

The two Japanese felt that the medicine injected into the goblin’s body had failed. They hated in their eyes, and then turned and ran away. I don’t know the details and abilities of the man in front of me. There is another goblin who is recovering its Demon power. If they really want to fight, they can’t win the upper hand. If they really want to make a big fuss, it’s not good for them to disturb the relevant departments in China. Since they can’t get well here, it’s the best policy to go naturally, but they must revenge today’s revenge!

Shen ran immediately shouted, “they are Japanese! They are not Chinese at all!”

Siyang didn’t move, but the two men came in unimpeded. Now when they flew out, they were blocked by a border, and Shengsheng was hit back from mid air.

Siyang looked at the two people who fell to the ground: “this is not a vegetable garden door.”

Naturally, the two men would not allow themselves to bow in front of the Chinese people. After standing up, they calmly patted the dust on their bodies: “we are the envoys in the black crow temple. Now we come to catch the monsters who cheated and defected from the Lord in the temple. If Sir refuses to release people now, we have to go through the international process. At that time, all the losses of our country should be settled with you.”

The woman’s voice fell and snapped, and the crisp sound of slap bloomed on the woman’s face. I don’t know when LAN Shang came to the hospital, took back his hand, straightened his clothes by the way, and looked down at the woman who was slapped to the ground. His eyes were like looking at a mass of dead meat: “a mere Japanese dwarf, dare to settle with China and borrow the courage from heaven?”


With a slap, Lanshang slapped again impolitely, and then a smile came up on the classical and cold face: “when I was a man, what I was good at was to teach those disobedient women, like you.”

The man immediately came forward to protect the woman: “what you did today, I will…”

Before the man’s words were finished, his whole neck seemed to be pinched and picked up. The man tried to break off the hand pinching his neck, but he had nothing on his neck and struggled to look at the terrible woman, but the woman just stood aside quietly, even as beautiful as an ink painting, but it made him cold for a while.

Just then, a snake with nearly two adult men’s thick bodies emerged out of thin air, staring at the enemy in front of him with cold eyes, spitting out scarlet snake letters from time to time.

The woman who was knocked to the ground by Lanshang fan stood up and looked at Siyang ruthlessly: “since you are looking for death yourself, it will all become my food!”

On the upstairs platform, a fat man and a 15-year-old child were watching a play while eating melon seeds. The child asked the fat cook, “have you seen that thing before? There is no entity, is it an animal soul?”

The fat man chuckled, “that’s a trick. In the past, when the kingdom of Japan came to pay tribute to Ming Dynasty, it was specially performed. At that time, the emperor was happy and authorized them to perform in the palace for three days. Eunuchs and maidens can watch it. It’s like playing a monkey play, but it’s lively.”

The little boy who had never seen a trick said, grabbed a handful of melon seeds from the Fat Chef and continued to knock.

Their voices were not loud, but they were enough to enter the ears of the two Japanese yin-yang masters. They saw that the greatest yin-yang technique in their country was ridiculed as monkey play. How can women tolerate it and manipulate the form God to attack the two people watching the play upstairs.

As a result, with a thud, the snake’s head with a wide mouth didn’t bite people, but directly hit a layer of knot, and the whole snake body was twisted and trembled with pain. The Fat Chef calmly ate melon seeds. The little boy was startled, and then he clapped his hands excitedly: “do it again!” It’s much better than Godzilla he saw last night!

The Japanese woman was angry. This time she chose to attack nearby and directly attacked the woman who slapped her around.

Not the least trace was found. The sun was slightly frowning, lifting the hand lightly, and the huge snake seemed to disappear instantly. The Shishen of the Japanese Yin Yang division is nothing more than a kind of illusion. There are thousands of illusions in the cultivation world. It’s really not enough for him to see such a vulgar thing in front of him. But his little garden was also carefully arranged by him. If it was ruined, he could not guarantee that he could restrain his temper and not kill people.

The Japanese woman opened her eyes incredulously. How could her powerful form God be defeated by even one move and be strangled by others! The Japanese woman didn’t give up calling again, but she couldn’t feel her form God. The woman’s face turned pale and retreated in panic. Looking at Siyang’s eyes seemed to be looking at a terrible devil.

The Japanese man was afraid that his strength was worse than that of a woman. He couldn’t even summon Shi Shen. He was choked by LAN Shang and fainted.

Looking at the man and woman, Si Yang said coldly, “if you want to live and beg for mercy, it’s OK to be so arrogant in other people’s territory. You deserve to die.”

Siyang’s killing intention was undisguised. The Japanese woman retreated again and again: “you can’t kill me! I’m a god envoy! If I have an accident in your country, our black crow temple will never give up!”

Siyang smiled at the speech: “it’s just a small island country. Lanshang, deal with it.”

Lanshang respectfully replied, “yes.”

When Siyang turned around, he saw the pale Shen ran and smiled: “little mouse, now deal with your business.”

Shen ran: “…” he’s not a mouse, really not.


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