Great Celestial Master Chapter 33

The name of long tailed hairy mouse may be strange to ordinary people. It is estimated that many people are familiar with chinchilla, but most of them are short tailed on the market. The real long tailed hairy mouse is on the verge of extinction and belongs to class I protected animals, especially Shen ran, whose blood was very pure hundreds of years ago.

At the moment, Shen Ran is sitting on the steps of the yard. The dark gray tail is curled behind his ass. although he still maintains the human shape, he can’t take it back. He knows that Siyang must have a way to help him, but he thinks it’s good now. Although he has a little evasive attitude, he really feels that this is the most relaxed and comfortable period of time since he came to the human world.

Just as he was born, the girl named congmeng quietly appeared on his side. After so many days of understanding, he knows something about the family.

The owner of this family is Siyang. He is still a college student. Now the school has opened and hasn’t come back for several days. There are five ghost servants in the family, all of whom come from the palace. An imperial chef named Fang Zhicun is addicted to developing delicious food every day. A little ghost named xiaofuzi likes eating best. Most of the things he makes go into the kid’s stomach.

The housekeeper of the family is Lan Shang. She taught the two Japanese a lesson that day. In the end, it seems that she also dealt with the two Japanese. Although she looks classical and quiet and full of poetic and painting temperament, she feels that she can only recognize them.

In addition to the housekeeper, there are two ghost servants positioned as maids in the family, one named congmeng and the other named Jingrou, who are mainly responsible for all trivial chores in the family. In addition, there is a very diligent little paper man at home, who wipes around with a rag bigger than his body all day.

At the moment, this is called coming from the dream for nothing else. It’s time for class. It’s not they who teach him, but he who teaches them.

It is said that these ghost servants have stayed in the palace for hundreds of years. They know about the current society from some tourists, so they know it in pieces. Now he happens to be a demon who knows a lot about human society. In order not to live here for nothing, Hu Siyang gave him the task of helping them get familiar with this society as soon as possible.

Si Yang’s familiarity is not just understanding. According to Si Yang’s requirements, the ghost servant should be able to exist freely, and he should be trained according to the elite model one by one.

Looking at them, Shen ran unconsciously remembered himself when he just entered the human world. At that time, he used the identity arranged by his grandfather to go to class with human children. Although he was a demon, he was not much smarter than human beings at that time. He followed Pinyin and learned Chinese characters. As a result, his grades were always at the middle and lower reaches of the level. At that time, he actually didn’t care. Human beings studied hard in order to have a good life in the future. If he wanted to live a good life in the future, he just needed to practice hard.

As a result, for such a person, he began to neglect his cultivation, indulge in learning, and gradually become an elite in the eyes of others. I didn’t expect that because of my ability in human society, I had a meal and didn’t get kicked out. It’s really unpredictable.

Most of the students in the school haven’t adjusted from the vacation syndrome, and are somewhat depressed and excited. In short, they live in their own world. What the teacher is talking about is all about the left ear and the right ear. Even Si Yang began to read small comics in boredom, let alone others.

The cartoon protagonist he chased finally grew into a promising existence through a series of chasing and killing of supporting actors, and then cultivated to soar through countless resources sent to the door. Unexpectedly, the fairyland is another Shura field. As soon as the protagonist soared, he directly took the fairy mountain resources of a large family in the fairyland of others, and robbed the anti heaven immortal beast that has been raised by others for nearly 10000 years. Well, after arriving in the fairyland, he began to pursue and kill the upgrade stream.

Zhou Fang, who was sitting next to him, poked him. Si Yang didn’t lift his head and said, “if you have anything to say.”

Zhou Fang came up to Si Yang and asked in a low voice, “you are so good at divination. Can you find someone through divination?”

Si Yang knew who he was looking for, and refused cleanly: “No.”

Zhou sighed. Cang Yongfeng, who was also looking down at the novel, asked Zhou Fang curiously, “who are you looking for? Who is missing?”

Zhou Fangdao: “It’s the special assistant of the company I worked for part-time. Just a few days ago, the boss of Tengfei went to talk about business with the special assistant. As a result, there was a car accident on the road, but the special assistant disappeared. Everyone was there. Although the car was badly damaged, everyone was not seriously injured. It is said that when the ambulance arrived at the scene, the people on the car were moved down and let go alive When they got to the ground, no one died, whether it was the car they took or the big truck that caused the accident. Only the special help of the boss disappeared. They couldn’t find it. The whole person disappeared out of thin air. ”

Cang Yongfeng touched his chin and guessed, “it won’t be through?”

Zhou Fang said: “now many people guess so. I think it’s more likely to kidnap. However, if you are kidnapped, you should always call for ransom for so many days. It’s really strange that there is no trace of disappearance.”

After that, Zhou Fang couldn’t help sighing: “the day of the accident happened to be the end of my internship. I also met brother Shen ran in the elevator, the missing special help. Brother Shen ran also said that he hoped I would enter take-off work after graduation.”

Cang Yongfeng patted him on the shoulder: “everyone has his own life. Maybe someone else has another chance to survive.”

In Shen Ran’s home, the bearded Zhuang minister sits on the sofa. There is a smell of Shen ran. There are cups that have drunk coffee but haven’t been washed in the kitchen, and Shen Ran’s favorite cheese cake in the fridge. It’s just that for so many days, even in the fridge, that cake can’t be eaten. Zhuang Chen thought that if Shen ran came back, he would buy Shen ran a bigger cheese cake and let him eat enough.

In Shen Ran’s room, there are quilts that have not been folded after getting up in the morning. Although Shen ran looks so beautiful, it gives people a gentle and elegant feeling. In fact, Shen Ran is very lazy. If it’s not necessary for four years of college, he never folds quilts.

And on the desk, in addition to a pile of company documents, the chicken claw bones gnawed in the small trash can have not been poured out. That guy likes to eat this kind of junk snack. He knows that eating too much spicy food will make his stomach uncomfortable, but he just can’t control his mouth.

Zhuang Chen deeply inserted his hand into his hair. How could a living man disappear.

When he woke up in the hospital, people told him that although the car accident looked very serious, no one died. Everyone was only slightly injured, but disappeared. At that time, he thought, deliberately, deliberately hiding made him anxious. It must be because he has paid too much attention to Jin Wenxi recently, so he is angry.

In the first two days, he was able to live steadily. There were only a few friends around Shen ran. Even if Shen ran deliberately hid, he could always find them. However, the matter was so big that even the police were alarmed, but he still couldn’t find anyone. There was no trace of disappearance. Now, Minister Zhuang was really flustered. Almost all the relationships that could be started were launched. Unfortunately, the place where the car accident happened that day did not know whether it had been tampered with. The only picture taken was the moment when the truck hit, and then a snowflake. When they recovered, all of them lay on the ground, except for a calm.

Zhuang Chen watched that video countless times. He looked for all the cameras that could aim at the scene of the car accident, but he didn’t shoot anything useful, nor did he find Shen Ran’s figure at all.

How can a good person disappear so suddenly? It’s not really like those private ghosts.

The mobile phone on the tea table vibrated again and again. Looking at the incoming call Jin Wenxi, Zhuang Chen had an unspeakable disgust. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. According to his friends, he was confused as if Jin Wenxi had bowed his head. And the car accident. He clearly remembered that he instinctively protected Shen ran, but his memory after waking up was that he hugged Jin Wenxi.

Zhuang Chen looked at his hand. He hugged Jin Wenxi? He even hugged Jin Wenxi at such a moment? Is it because of this that Shen ran left.

Zhuang Chen covered his face and whispered painfully, “come back, Shen ran, please.”

Unfortunately, Shen ran can’t hear it.

Looking at the person in front of him, Shen ran unconsciously put on a standard sitting posture like a pupil. Si Yang leaned very casually on the sofa and asked him, “how long are you going to stay with me?”

Shen ran was silent for a moment: “do you still accept my little brother?”

As soon as he said this, he immediately felt that several eyes were condensed on himself. These eyes came from the ghost servants hiding in every corner of the house. Shen ran had to harden his head and said, “I don’t know how I was exposed to the Japanese, and I don’t know if they will send someone to catch me again. Moreover, I’m really homeless now.”

Si Yang threw a newspaper in front of Shen ran. Shen ran looked down. It was a report about the car accident that day and his disappearance. There is also a big reward for the boss of Tengfei. As long as he can provide relevant information, he can get a huge thank-you money.

Shen ran seemed to laugh at himself: “I have known him for more than ten years and made a take-off with him. It is certain that he will find me when I suddenly disappear, but I don’t want to go back, and I can’t go back.”

Si Yang knew that his inability to go back was not the tail that couldn’t be taken back, but the feeling. He was always too lazy to gossip about other people’s emotional problems. That kind of fussy thing didn’t sound interesting. He just asked, “what’s good for me to leave you?”

Shen ran thought for a long time and tried to say, “can I help you make money?”

Si Yang couldn’t help laughing. Shen ran said that he was annoyed. With Si Yang’s ability, where can he help him make money. He has been in the human world for so many years. Although his house is in the Third Ring Road, it is about 100 square meters. He can’t even get out of a villa. He also said that Siyang, who helps live in the villa, said money. This is a slap in the face.

Unexpectedly, when he was racking his brains to think about how to stay, Siyang relaxed: “OK, I happen to have an online shop, and the financial power of the family will be handed over to you. If you can’t make ends meet one day, you’ll wait to be swept out.”

Shen ran suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. At least he didn’t have to go back to the deep mountains and forests. He just had enough of the human world and should return to the demon. Compared with those feelings and love, cultivation is the most important.

Thinking of cultivation, Shen ran unconsciously looked at several ghost servants at home. It seems that he can’t even beat a few ghost servants. It seems that he really needs to hurry up cultivation, otherwise the identity of younger brother Siyang feels that he can be robbed at any time.

LAN Jinxiu didn’t expect that he just didn’t come because Si Yang went to school for a few days. In addition to five ghost servants, there was another demon in the family.

Shen ran, who had followed LAN Yuzhuo before, of course knew who their next door neighbor was. Now, seeing LAN Jingxiu carrying several big and deep sea crabs, he smiled calmly and said, “President LAN, I’ve heard a lot about your name. Nice to meet you.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded politely to him, “hello.” Then he bypassed Shen ran and went directly into the house. He was familiar with himself. When the Fat Chef saw what LAN Jinxiu was carrying, he hurriedly greeted him: “last time you said you wanted to make crab, I’ve studied it well these days. Just wait and eat. Make sure it’s delicious, so that you can’t even swallow your tongue!”

LAN Jingxiu nodded to the Fat Chef, changed his slippers and entered the house. Siyang was sitting on the carpet. He didn’t know what to do with the drum. There were pieces of iron scattered around him. Seeing that Lan Jingxiu was probably afraid of messing up his things and sitting a little far away, Si Yang didn’t lift his head and said, “the fat man is happier to see you than to see me. Obviously, I look much better than you.”

LAN Jingxiu’s mouth slightly tilted: “what are you doing?”

After Si Yang inlaid the two iron pieces together, the iron pieces immediately moved like joints: “make a body for the little paper man. Yesterday, that stupid thing accidentally fell into my Dan stove and burned himself.”

Originally, the existence of the little paper man was for convenience. Although this little thing didn’t have its own mind like a ghost servant, it was enough to use the little paper man for some trivial things at home. Moreover, I was used to the little paper man running around. Without the little white shadow at home, I was suddenly not used to it. So Siyang plans to make a body for it, at least strong enough to fall into the censer and climb out before burning himself.

Shen ran also came over at this time and sat further on the small sofa. Si Yang moved his sore neck. LAN Jin said, “do you want me to press it for you? My massage technique is OK.”

Siyang smiled at him: “you ordinary people need massage and open your mouth.”

LAN Jingxiu opened his mouth obediently. At the next moment, a cool thing was thrown into his mouth. It was a little like the small pill given to him by Siyang in the hot pot. The taste disappeared in his mouth without tasting it. But soon, he heard the sound of his bones. The originally tight shoulders and neck were much more flexible and lively, It’s not too much to describe the fact that the comfortable bones are a few kilograms lighter.

Si Yang raised his eyebrow: “is it comfortable?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “comfortable, very comfortable. What pill is this?”

“It’s a general light body pill. It can dredge some blocked meridians. The effect is much more comfortable than manual massage.”

Shen ran just sat quietly and watched the two people chatting together. Although the topic may not have anything substantive, this atmosphere is inexplicably relaxing and comfortable.

Looking at the dark and sinking sky outside, I sighed silently. I’m still a little lonely alone.


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