Great Celestial Master Chapter 34

A somewhat shabby Santana skillfully shuttled through the roadway that could only accommodate one car, and soon drove into an office with its own small yard hidden in the residential area. This is a three story old house, surrounded by seven or eight story old buildings without elevators. At a glance, it is full of private buildings.

The predecessor of this office was the office building of urban management. Later, I don’t know whether it was the planning above or whether the other unit had money. After moving away from this small broken building, the three-story office building with its own small yard was vacant, and then it became the office of today’s Secret service team. However, the sign hanging outside is XX Co., Ltd. It looks old and dilapidated, and looks very poor.

Zhou Qin’s strength to get out of the car and close the door unconsciously increased, and some overwhelmed Santana also shook for a while, as if it could fall apart at any time. Li Li said with a smile: “boss, you can be gentle. We don’t have extra funds to buy a new car for the time being.”

Zhou Qin glanced at him with a cold face: “call everyone to the meeting!”

Li Li shrugged helplessly and turned to call people.

LAN Yuzhuo came to the secret service today to exchange pills. Although she is a member of the staff, she doesn’t have to stay here all the time. Like her, the heavenly masters who come when they have something to do and move freely when they have nothing to do actually account for only a small part of the secret service department. More people work nine to five like ordinary people.

This kind of people are divided into two categories. One is a real ordinary person who is responsible for some trivial chores on weekdays. Except going out to catch ghosts, the rest can be classified as trivial chores. There are also those who know something about Taoism, but they can’t be called heavenly masters. They are trying to cultivate. However, both the cultivation resources and the capital to live in the secular world depend on the logistics department, so they have to report to work every day.

The people called by Zhou Qin for the meeting refer to those in the group who work nine to five in the logistics department every day. However, Li Li saw LAN Yuzhuo with sharp eyes. Thinking of the headache meeting today, he quickly flashed over and stopped the person: “it’s just right that you’re here, so as not to have to run again. He’s going to have a meeting.”

LAN Yuzhuo, who had just changed all his points for pills and was worried about not having any points, put the pills in his bag and followed Li Li Li to the conference room: “what happened again? What’s the matter, let me know?”

Li Li smiled at her: “you’ll know later.”

LAN Yuzhuo tutted lightly, but he didn’t ask any more. When he entered the conference room, he found a place to sit down.

As soon as Zhou Qin came in, he saw that a group of people had almost come. Except for those heavenly masters who didn’t have to stay here every day, those who should come also came. There was no more nonsense. He directly turned on the projector, and a picture of a man and a woman suddenly appeared on it.

“These two are Japanese yin-yang masters. They entered Japan on July 18 and disappeared near Chongming Road on August 29. The man’s name is Ichiro Hasegawa and the woman’s name is Keiko Mingguang. They are members of the black crow shrine. Keiko Mingguang is a disciple of the Japanese great yin-yang master Sakurai Wenren.”

Zhou Qin looked at the people who were taking notes: “now the task given to us is to find these two people, live to see people and die to see corpses.”

At this time, there was a humanitarian: “are the two yin-yang masters chartered to enter the country?”

Li Li shook his head and said, “they entered the country without permission. They went through the general tourist entry channel and didn’t report to the special department. The soul lamp they left in Japan is now very dark and almost extinguished. There is no contact with them in Japan. Japan thought they were taken by the discovery of our secret service department, so they came to negotiate with us.”

Some people who obviously disliked the Japanese directly hissed, “their people didn’t report to us when they came to China. Now they’re gone and want us to find them?”

Zhou Qin said, “the Japanese offer is to exchange three of our colleagues for the two yin-yang masters.”

In addition to some political spies in each country, those with special abilities will also hide their identity and sneak into other countries. Unlike those political spies, once they are found, they usually end up badly. No matter how much political spies know, they are just ordinary people, but it’s no joke that any one of China’s heavenly masters, American powers and Japanese yin-yang masters loses control and starts to be cruel.

So the terms offered by Japan are so attractive that they can’t refuse at all. No matter what the purpose of these two yin-yang masters coming to China is, let alone three, they can only agree to change one. They can’t let those heroes who don’t hesitate to sacrifice for their country feel cold. As long as they can save them, they should save them at all costs!

After Zhou Qin said the conditions on the Japanese side, everyone in the conference room was silent for a moment, and the original dissatisfaction was suppressed. He began to hope to find someone as soon as possible and exchange them for their Chinese compatriots.

Zhou Qin changed the picture on the screen when he saw that the people were sinking and no longer so impetuous, It turned into a picture of the scene of a car accident: “on August 29, there was a traffic accident on Xiaowen road. The place where the accident occurred was not far from Chongming road. The most doubtful point is that with the impact strength of the two vehicles and the damage degree of the vehicle, the personnel on the vehicle can’t just have slight scratches, and.”

The picture on the screen turned again: “this man’s name is Shen ran. He disappeared after the car accident. I’m not sure whether this man’s disappearance is related to the two Japanese yin-yang masters. There is no evidence now, but we can take this as a breakthrough point to check.”

Li Li then said to LAN Yuzhuo, “I remember Yuzhuo asked me to check the boss of Tengfei company and this Shen ran.”

As soon as Li Li said this, everyone’s eyes turned to LAN Yuzhuo, LAN Yuzhuo said: “I checked it before. When I passed by them, I felt an unusual power fluctuation, very weak and fleeting. However, I didn’t find anything after in-depth investigation. I inadvertently contacted Shen ran and Zhuang Chen several times and didn’t find anything. They are ordinary people.”

Zhou Qin pulled out a map: “here is the place where the car accident occurred. This area is the information given to us by Japan. The two yin-yang masters disappeared near here. I remember your family lives near here?”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “my brother just installed the house not long ago. It’s only been moved in for a month. Sometimes I go to live with my brother for a few days.”

Zhou Qin pondered for a moment: “Yuzhuo, you take xiao’an and Ju Ruo to check around there. I’m afraid you’ll have to live with your brother these days. I’ve asked the people of the assurance department to check the scene. As long as there has been a fight there, there will be traces.”

LAN Yuzhuo just nodded. Zhou Qin received a phone call. After hanging up, Zhou Qin said in a deep voice: “Yuzhuo, you continue to investigate the anomalies around there. In addition, Li Li Li, you take someone to check Tengfei. After the investigation of the assurance department, there are still energy fluctuations at the scene of the car accident, which proves that there has been a fight there a few days ago, which is not a fight of ordinary people.”

After the crowd dispersed according to their respective division of labor, Zhou Qin stopped LAN Yuzhuo: “before the investigation, you should visit Heavenly Master Si first.”

“Brother Siyang? Why?”

Zhou Qin said: “there are two possibilities. First, Shen ran caught the two yin-yang masters, but he can’t show up for some reasons, so he can only disappear. Then Shen Ran is very likely to go to the deep mountains, because we can find all his activity tracks in the city. We haven’t found other secret strongholds yet, so it’s more likely to go to the mountains temporarily.”

“The second possibility is that Shen ran can’t beat the two yin-yang masters, so he can only run. You have checked him. If he is really not an ordinary person, he must have found that you are a Heavenly Master, so he may want to use you as a Heavenly Master to get rid of the pursuit of the Japanese. Next door to your house is heavenly master Si.”

Zhou Qin said, “of course, there may be a third possibility, but there are too few clues in front of me. I didn’t think of it for the time being. I’ve arranged for someone to search in the mountains. Our time is very short. If we delay one more day, our colleagues will suffer one more day in the hands of the Japanese. We can’t afford it.”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded and saw that after everyone was busy, there was no delay. It happened that the elder brother said he was eating crab at brother Siyang’s house tonight, and he received five ghost servants. She hasn’t seen one of them. There is a real imperial chef, which is more authentic than those shops outside under the banner of imperial chef inheritance. I think my mouth is watering.

Unexpectedly, the surprise came too suddenly and too easily.

Looking at the man who should have disappeared and whose secret service department was vigorously tracking down, LAN Yuzhuo suddenly felt that Zhou Qin had known for a long time and felt like what he thought and what he came to.

LAN Jinxiu looked at his sister standing at the door foolishly: “do you want to come in or not?”

LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly said, “yes!” Then he hurried to Shen ran and stared at him. He looked at Si Yang with a tangled face. It seemed that he wanted to ask something and it was not easy to ask.

Shen ran smiled at LAN Yuzhuo: “I’m the sixth ghost servant of the Heavenly Master.” Si Yang said that people would come to his family occasionally, and his classmates were ordinary people. It was not easy to accept the existence of ghosts. It was better not to let them know that there were demons in the world, so he helped him break his grandfather’s ban, and then put his tail away.

Shen ran just joked casually. LAN Yuzhuo took it seriously and said in shock, “you, you’re dead? Where’s your body? Who killed you? Are those two Japanese?”

It’s no wonder LAN Yuzhuo misunderstood, because Shen Ran’s breath at this time is almost the same as that of the five ghost servants of Si Yang. Just like ordinary people, they have a heartbeat and body temperature. But if they open their eyes, they can’t see the kind of Qi that ordinary people have. In this way, they can tell whether they are ghost servants or living people. So when Shen ran said this, LAN Yuzhuo naturally believed it.

However, Shen ran narrowed his eyes slightly when he heard LAN Yuzhuo’s words: “how do you know the Japanese?”

LAN Yuzhuo suddenly looked frozen: “is it really the Japanese? The Japanese killed you? Why did the Japanese kill you? Are you also a Heavenly Master? The energy fluctuation I noticed was really you, right?”

Shen ran said helplessly, “you asked me so many questions at once. Which one do you want me to answer?”

LAN Yuzhuo eagerly grabbed his wrist: “answer me one by one!”

LAN Jingxiu frowned and said, “Lan Yuzhuo! What are you doing? Even if you are curious, you should pay attention to the occasion!”

LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly explained, “I’m not curious! Brother, you don’t know, those two Japanese are very important to us!” Then he looked at Siyang: “sorry, brother Siyang, those two Japanese are related to the lives of our three heavenly masters lurking in Japan, so I’m a little anxious.”

Siyang smiled: “it doesn’t matter. Work is important.”

Seeing that Siyang was not angry, LAN Yuzhuo was relieved and turned to see Shen ran: “Shen ran…”

Shen ran frowned: “the jade and stone are burned. They want to kill me. I naturally want to resist, but two to one can’t fight. Instead of being killed, I’d better take them to die together.”

Shen ran was obviously lying, which LAN Yuzhuo could see. Maybe her mindless eagerness made others unhappy, so her attitude was obviously colder. LAN Yuzhuo reflected: “sorry, I didn’t worry about your feelings. I didn’t make it clear. Just before I came back, our department received a task to find the two Japanese.”

“These two are Japanese yin-yang masters. On the day of your car accident, these two Japanese also disappeared. Now their soul lights are dim and they are worried about their lives. Japan has to negotiate with us. I hope we can help them find these two yin-yang masters and send them back to Japan. The condition is to exchange the three heavenly masters of China who are held by them.”

LAN Yuzhuo said: “Also, if they kill you, we will certainly get justice for you. If they entered China without special permission and killed people in China, we will never let them go easily. But now, I hope you can tell me where the two Japanese are. Although I may be quite unfair to you, I hope, hope…”

“I hope I focus on the overall situation?” Shen ran took her words and said, “you can’t say it yourself. You think it can be accepted by me. I was killed by them for no reason. In a fair word, let me put down the Revenge of killing myself?”

LAN Yuzhuo didn’t expect to meet Shen ran here. What’s more, he didn’t expect that Shen ran had been killed by the Japanese and now he has become the ghost servant of brother Siyang. Those words she said are naturally no problem in the general interests of the country, but a newly dead person can’t put his hatred. As for dying together, it should be impossible. Shen Ran has been missing for more than a week, but the news given above is that the soul lamp is getting weaker and weaker, proving that the two people are still alive.

On this thought, LAN Yuzhuo couldn’t help looking at Siyang. At this time, Siyang was sitting on one side eating crab meat shelled by two beauties. Like her brother, he seemed to watch a play and looked leisurely.

“Brother Siyang…” if the two Japanese are still alive but dying, she thinks brother Siyang is very likely to have a hand. What’s more, Shen Ran is now the ghost servant of brother Siyang. Maybe the two Japanese were caught by brother Siyang and lost to Shen ran to let him vent his hatred?

As soon as Si Yang stretched out his hand, Jing Rou on one side quickly handed over a wet towel. Si Yang wiped his hands and said, “the enemy creditor is over there. It’s no use calling me.”

LAN Yuzhuo had to look at Shen ran again, and is Shen ran really so bitter at this time? Of course not. What he thinks is that the misunderstanding just now can continue. Why don’t he just stop missing and die?


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