Great Celestial Master Chapter 35

What Si Yang said was to tell Shen ran in disguise that the two Japanese were not dead. At the same time, it was up to him whether to release the two Japanese. Shen ran doesn’t know that Si Yang Mingming asked LAN Shang to dispose of the two Japanese that day. It’s obvious that he didn’t intend to leave them. Why did he change his mind? Did he calculate anything? However, since he handed over the handling power to him, the two people naturally can’t hand it over in vain.

Although this person must be handed over in the end, the exchange terms of the three heavenly masters, even if not Shen ran of the Heavenly Master circle, can understand how significant this matter is. Although the society is stable and harmonious now, where ordinary people can’t see it, I don’t know how many people are sacrificing in order to maintain this harmony and stability.

However, respect belongs to respect, but the benefits should still be. Anyway, now the Japanese are in their hands, and those Japanese must finally pay for these benefits. Their Chinese diplomats are not vegetarians. Don’t do it for nothing.

“I do have people here, but what can you exchange?”

LAN Yuzhuo suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Although she guessed that the Japanese should be in Shen Ran’s hand, she was more relieved to hear that Shen ran confirmed it, so she hurriedly said, “you can ask for anything! We will try our best to do it!”

Shen ran didn’t want to embarrass LAN Yuzhuo. He was just worried that if the two Japanese were released, his goblin identity would be exposed. He has been in human society for so many years. He has seen heavenly masters and ghosts, but he has never seen demons. He didn’t know whether the demons were hiding in the mountains to practice, or whether their cultivation was deeper than him, so they hid well, so he didn’t dare to expose himself to humans, which was the reason to delay the surrender of the Japanese.

When he hesitated, he suddenly heard Si Yang’s voice: “don’t worry, those two people have been abandoned.”

Shen ran subconsciously looked at Siyang, but at this time, under the service of dream and Jingrou, Siyang was comfortably addicted to delicious food. He was completely in a posture of watching the play. Looking at the others, LAN Jingxiu was making sauce for Siyang. Lan Yu stared at herself with good eyes. Obviously, he didn’t hear what he said just now. He had heard from his grandfather before that his accomplishments had reached a certain level, and he could communicate with his thoughts. He didn’t know what level Siyang’s accomplishments had reached.

However, since Si Yang said so, it proved that putting the Japanese back would not expose anything, and he didn’t have to find any reason to delay, So he said to LAN Yuzhuo: “In the face of family and state affairs, I’m not a trivial person, but my innocent victims are hard to calm down. Unfortunately, those external things are really only external things now. Now I’m the ghost servant of Tianshi Si. If Tianshi Si is well, I’ll be fine. So I won’t mention too many demands. You can see for yourself. In addition, I hope you can help me If you deal with the aftermath, you won’t let me hang the name of missing all the time. I’ll donate all the property under my name. It’s also accumulated virtue. ”

LAN Yuzhuo didn’t expect Shen ran to say so. She has even made psychological preparations that it won’t be so smooth. After all, it’s the enemy of life and death. No matter how generous, it’s hard to forgive the people who killed themselves. In particular, Shen Ran’s attitude was so tough before, but he didn’t expect to take it so seriously in the end.

It’s just that looking at the compensation is much harder than Shen Ran’s direct request. If he takes the initiative to make a request, there is still some flexibility. However, when sovereignty was handed over to them, they were more constrained and the compensation could not be lighter.

But this is a headache for the top. It’s good that she has completed her task.

Zhao an and konjaku, who had been called by Zhou Qin to follow LAN Yuzhuo for investigation, had just come here with their possessions. Before they could do anything, LAN Yuzhuo stuffed a person in one hand. Looking at the two people who were obviously tied by a special rope and were already miserable, they looked at LAN Yuzhuo with silly faces.

LAN Yuzhuo: “what are you doing? If someone finds it, you can finish the work.”

Zhao an said, “here you are?” The matter was so serious in the previous meeting that the whole group was dispatched, and even half of the people in the second group were transferred to help. As a result, we found it?

“Otherwise? Don’t you have these two great living people? Take them back first. This rope is a special magic weapon. Now only I can solve it, but they can’t run now. Go back first. I’ll go back to the Bureau after contacting team Zhou.”

LAN Yuzhuo, who got a satisfactory result, walked away. LAN Jingxiu had no choice but to say to Siyang, “sorry, I wanted to have a happy dinner. Yuzhuo can’t care about anything when she works.”

Si Yang smiled and didn’t care much: “even if it’s early.”

LAN Jinxiu found that the dishes and chopsticks on the table were just right. Shen ran couldn’t help but say, “did you calculate the two Japanese in advance? That’s why you didn’t kill them?”

Si Yang didn’t answer his question, but said, “are you sure you want to kill yourself?”

Shen ran suddenly lost his voice and hesitated for a long time before saying, “anyway, it’s impossible for me to talk to him. It’s better to order it simply. Either he knows I’m dead and slowly forget me, so as not to always think that I may live in any corner of the world, or he will leave a mark on his heart and let him remember it for a lifetime.”

To put it bluntly, Shen Ran is actually a little vindictive. What’s the point.

Zhou Qin, who led the search in the deep mountains, received a call from LAN Yuzhuo, immediately stopped the search and hurried back to the secret service department. At this time, the two Japanese looked depressed and their eyes were dull. They were placed on the bed in a special room, quiet and quiet, but there was no response no matter what they asked.

LAN Yuzhuo and Zhou Qin stood in front of the glass window that could see the movement in the room, looked at the two people in the room, and said the situation briefly: “so what compensation should be given to Shen ran? I’m afraid team Zhou should take great pains to think about it. If it’s just Shen ran, now he has become the ghost servant of brother Siyang. I’m afraid the compensation can’t be light.”

Zhou Qin frowned and said, “why do you think these two Japanese killed Shen ran?”

They have no doubt that Shen Ran is a Heavenly Master. Not every heavenly master is registered in their department. Some are born with abilities different from ordinary people and have not undergone orthodox cultivation at all, but they have become self-taught through various explorations on the Internet. Isn’t there a saying that experts are free among the people, so there are really many capable people and different people hidden among ordinary people like this.

After bringing the two Japanese back, interrogation is of course essential, but I don’t know what Shen ran or Si Yang did to the two people. Obviously, his soul is there, but his cultivation is completely abolished. He is stupid and dull. No matter what stimulation he did to them, he didn’t respond.

Without asking anything, LAN Yuzhuo had to guess: “Shen ran said he didn’t know them at all. He didn’t know why they suddenly chased him. That day, as you said, he wanted to escape to my house, but they intercepted and killed him before he got to my house. He was just seen by brother Siyang passing by. Unfortunately, he was a little late. Brother Siyang had to put his soul into the living appliance temporarily to stabilize the dissipated soul. That’s Japan People even prepared to kill brother Siyang, but he was caught by brother Siyang. So either Shen ran hid something from us, or he had something the Japanese wanted very much, or the Japanese were crazy and came to China to hunt and kill our Chinese Heavenly Master indiscriminately. ”

Zhou Qin looked at LAN Yuzhuo and said, “which one do you think is more likely?”

LAN Yuzhuo shrugged: “Of course, it’s the former. Unless they really eat the bear heart and leopard courage and want to officially start a war with China, they can’t do such a stupid thing. Moreover, I think brother Si Yang must know everything. I could detect a difference in front of the hot pot shop that day, but brother Si Yang said he didn’t feel anything. It’s obviously impossible. Now he took Shen Ran’s hand and didn’t protect Shen However, you know, for people like us, death does not mean the end. ”

Zhou Qin said to LAN Yuzhuo, “you live near, communicate more and walk around.”

LAN Yuzhuo shook his head: “Naturally, I will try my best to have a good relationship with brother Siyang, but it’s just because brother Siyang is really good. It must be a very lucky thing to be a friend of brother Siyang, and he also helped my brother. Whether it’s emotional or reasonable, he really benefits our family too much, so if you want to investigate this matter, you’d better find someone else, even if I really know from brother Siyang After telling the whole story, if he told me to keep it a secret, I wouldn’t say it either. ”

Zhou Qin didn’t say much. He didn’t force LAN Yuzhuo. He just patted her on the shoulder: “it’s hard. I’ll deal with the next things. We’ll implement the compensation to Shen ran as soon as possible.”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded. After explaining the matter, he began to deal with Shen Ran’s “things behind him”.

No one dares to say who can cheat the most, the country is the second. When Zhuang Chen arrived at the hospital, he didn’t even dare to uncover the white cloth. He looked at the uniformed policeman and the body said to be Shen ran. Zhuang Chen was white and didn’t dare to come forward.

LAN Yuzhuo, with a police officer’s card hanging on her chest, looked at him. Before that, she thought, and didn’t know whether the male love ended happily or forgot in the Jianghu. However, she didn’t expect that it would be long before heaven and man were separated. Probably because Shen Ran has always been the one who pays, and she has also contacted Shen ran, she naturally has some views on Zhuang Chen at this time. It seems that Zhuang Chen can’t accept the current reality, “Mr. Zhuang, please confirm that Mr. Shen has no relatives alive. You are Mr. Shen’s friend and boss for many years, so we can only trouble you.”

Unfortunately, Zhuang Chen could not hear anything at this time, and his world was only a white cloth in front of him. But how could this be possible? Shen ran just hid because he was angry. It’s impossible to lie here.

However, the reality could not help him to escape. Seeing that he had no action, a police officer on one side directly came forward and lifted the white cloth a little, revealing a dead and lifeless face.

Zhuang Chen can’t be more familiar with that face. He can see it almost every day when he opens his eyes in the upper and lower bunks for four years in college. After graduation, he has been working together for 365 days a year, almost 360 days. How can he be strange to such a person.

But at this time, he felt that he didn’t know the face. He was so strange that he even felt afraid: “no, he’s not Shen ran, he’s not… No, it’s impossible, Shen Ran is still fine. We didn’t get hurt in the car accident. How could he be Shen ran… How could it…”

When Zhuang Chen said no, LAN Yuzhuo couldn’t help but burst into a sudden heart. In addition to catching ghosts, their special department is to end some feudal superstitions. Just like now, since Shen Ran’s corpse is gone, they can’t say that others are dead without any evidence, which makes some families of the dead how to accept it. Therefore, the existence of this fake corpse solves this problem very well. This is something specially made by their department. Even I can’t compare it. Don’t come on business. So when Zhuang Chen said that, LAN Yuzhuo thought it was seen.

As a result, seeing that Zhuang Chen completely resisted, the man in front of him was Shen ran. LAN Yuzhuo was relieved. He didn’t see it, but he simply couldn’t accept the reality.

“Mr. Zhuang, we have verified the identity of the deceased. Now let you confirm. It’s just a process. If you are willing to take over the affairs behind the deceased, please go through the formalities with us. If you are not willing, we will have a special department to deal with it. In addition, the deceased left a will earlier, and he donated all his inheritance. We will follow up on this matter Someone will handle it. ”

Zhuang Chen, with red eyes, stared at the man on the cold table and said hoarsely, “he, how did he die?”

LAN Yuzhuo pretended to look through the records: “according to the situation at the scene, it should be kidnapping. The dead died of internal bleeding. In addition, Mr. Shen’s life is very simple and basically work. Therefore, in the later investigation, I hope Mr. Zhuang can cooperate and find the murderer as soon as possible to comfort Mr. Shen’s spirit in heaven.”

Zhuang Chen was silent for a moment and whispered, “can I see him alone?”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded to the two real policemen who came to help her, and then turned and went out.

The cold morgue was constantly cold around. Even if the lights were bright, Zhuang Chen only felt that the whole world had lost its color. How he wanted to rush out like this. He didn’t admit that it was Shen ran. His Shen ran was still alive and hid in a corner of the world. Then he jumped out one day and asked him ruthlessly, “do you regret it?”

Looking at the quiet people in front of him, Zhuang Chen seemed to step on the tip of his heart, choking with pain. He… Was dying of pain.

The cold and stiff touch, a small tear mole covered by slender eyelashes in the corner of the eye, no longer has the brilliance of the past. Zhuang Chen gently stroked the eyes that could no longer be opened. From then on, these eyes would never look at him and smile again.

“Regret, really regret.”

No one answered him in the empty room, and drops of hot tears fell silently on the cold body. Unfortunately, no matter how hot the tears were, they could not dispel the cold and stiffness of the man in his arms.

Zhuang Chen held the body tightly in his arms. It seemed that the cry suppressed in his throat was like blood, which made people feel painful.


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