Great Celestial Master Chapter 36

In the small garden full of aura, Shen ran sat under the eaves porch and stared at the flowers in full bloom in the garden. Si Yang passed by with a cup of tea and said coolly, “if you want to see me, I don’t have a Wangfu stone here.”

Shen ran looked back at him: “if the person you love doesn’t love you, what will you do?”

Si Yang said, “if this is not true.”

Shen ran: “why?”

Si Yang smiled at him. Even though he was smiling in the past, his eyes were still indifferent. At this time, they had a gentle taste, and his heart jumped straight: “the person I fell in love with, do you think he might not love me?”

Shen ran swallowed his saliva and had nothing to say.

Si Yang’s expression converged for a second and went into the small study with a tea cup. This small study was specially improved by him. All the walls were knocked off and changed into a fairly transparent sunshine room. Although he has no work to deal with in his study, it is pleasant to see comics in a beautiful environment.

With a new body, but still a small piece of paper, the little paper man diligently carried its small rag and wiped the place where Siyang stepped on, which was bright and reflective. Shen ran looked at the most industrious little thing in the family, turned his head, looked at the small garden and continued to think about demon life.

On the mountain where he Boyi was suppressed, a group of bald monks sat around the Golden Bell and read the Buddhist scriptures. The head master Shanji felt it. At the moment he opened his eyes, the golden bell also trembled, and the monks who were chanting the Scriptures opened their eyes at the same time. In the past, Admiralty occasionally responded. Whenever Admiralty responded, they could feel that they and others seemed to be illuminated by the light of the Buddha. The sense of peace of mind was far better than ten years of concentrated cultivation of the Buddha.

Such a spiritual tool with Buddha nature can hardly be described as the supreme treasure of Buddhism. It’s a pity that this is something from someone else’s family, and it’s really an opportunity for them to be lucky to understand. Therefore, the monks with good cultivation and understanding in Linggu Temple were sent out to chant scriptures to help Jinzhong eliminate he Boyi as soon as possible, and also their own cultivation.

Everyone thought that this time it was Kim Jong Il who responded and was happy. A Linggu Temple is not big, but it is definitely not small. If all qualified people come to understand, the whole mountain may not be able to sit down. Therefore, they adopt the rotation system. Some people regret that they failed to get a response from Admiralty during the Buddhist ceremony. If they get it, it is really luck. Therefore, it seems that there has been a movement in Admiralty this time. Everyone is very happy. It should be good luck to get a rare response from Admiralty.

Master Shanji, one of the eleven who planned to die with he Boyi that day, sighed: “the opportunity is over.”

As soon as the voice of Shanji fell, the golden bell rose directly from the ground, buzzing constantly. A Buddhist sound that can clean people’s hearts vibrated and sounded, and a golden light seemed to break through the cloud and shine on the whole mountain.

The mountain that was swept by he Boyi’s Yin evil spirit before had no idea how many years it would take to cultivate and recuperate before it could restore its original vitality. Now the golden light seems to dispel all the haze in an instant, and the whole mountain is really like living. The dense mountain forest is calm and full of vitality. Both the monks on the top of the mountain and the ordinary people guarding in the mountain have a general feeling that they have been washed away by gentle and powerful forces.

The monks did not care too much, so they quickly sat down and meditated and absorbed the feedback from the Golden Bell and nature as much as possible. Such an opportunity can be met but not sought in today’s age when there is little aura.

This opportunity is a rare blessing for both practitioners and the police who guard here to prevent tourists from entering by mistake. These benefits are definitely something that can benefit for life.

When everyone wakes up from this opportunity, where is the golden bell in front of them? Shanji sighs again. Other people’s things, even six clean monks, are nonsense if they don’t have a little greedy.

Xiao Jinzhong, who had completed his mission, happily flew back to Si Yang and circled around him. Siyang smiled and stretched out his hand. Xiao Jinzhong obediently fell into his palm: “good performance.” The Buddhist scriptures read by the group and Shang for so long, although the monks’ cultivation is not very good, they are still sincere, so the little golden bell is brighter than before.

Xiao Jinzhong happily responded to Si Yang. This “business trip” is really full of food. The monks also read scriptures. It is very comfortable. Now it needs to quietly absorb the harvest of refining and strive to improve its strength.

The great trouble that has been on everyone’s mind has finally been eliminated. Now those who shut down and heal their wounds can finally settle down completely. Those who want to get closer to Siyang are also ready to move. The monks of Linggu Temple come first.

Because Shanji had contact with Siyang before, and he is the highest status in Linggu Temple except the abbot and elder who has been closed for many years, so his coming in person is not a neglect of Siyang.

This time, Shanji came with two disciples. In addition to giving thanks, he wanted to see if he could borrow the golden bell from Siyang for a while. This move is too cheeky. Shanji made a long ideological preparation before he put forward it in shame.

Si Yang is actually more tolerant of monks than ordinary people, which is also due to some things he encountered during his experience in the cultivation world.

Although his killing and fame in the secret place was the result of many reasons behind it, it also achieved his vicious name, which involved the resource inclination of the whole Wushan mountain for nearly ten thousand years. If they didn’t kill a blood path, they might be eaten by Xuanyin sect at that time.

However, these so-called noble and decent sects always have reasons to deal with some people. In order to give the sect enough time to break the checks and balances of Xuanyin sect over the past ten thousand years, Si Yang directly admitted all those unnecessary charges, separated from the sect and embarked on the road of seemingly fleeing but actually experiencing.

Although the subsequent events were not as ups and downs as in the cartoon, they were not easy. In the process, he also made many friends, including a monk.

The monk’s name is Tianguang. His cultivation is profound and his heart is like the sea. That’s the only person he fears. As a monk who smiles, one can never figure out what he is thinking and the bottom line of his cultivation. Si Yang originally thought that he might be one of the great emperors in thousands of years. But I didn’t expect that such a monk should be in love with a fox girl.

Human demon love is common in the cultivation world, but a monk and a fox woman are almost unheard of. However, for the feelings of others, Si Yang never commented much. The sentimental monk naturally could not travel with him, so they had to go their separate ways.

But I didn’t expect that when I saw him again, the monk with great talent was no longer Zhuang Yan Baoxiang.

Tianguang asked him if he wanted a baby.

At that time, his reputation had broken out. After years of planning, the master in Wushan cut off most of the strength of Xuanyin sect. He originally planned to return to Hengtian sect. It’s not too much to think about babies. It’s also good to break into the secret place before going back, so I said to.

But unexpectedly, the sky light took him into the sea of death. It was a sea of sand, but no one knew that under the sea of sand was the secret storehouse of the first door in the cultivation world.

Later, Si Yang knew that the fox woman whom Tianguang fell in love died miserably in the hands of the sect’s young master, and suffered all kinds of humiliation. Even in order to humiliate Tianguang, he put the fox woman’s body in public at the gate of the city.

Tianguang took off his Buddha clothes. Overnight, he was possessed by the Buddha and tried his best to revenge. The young Lord fell into Tianguang’s hands again and again, but Tianguang didn’t kill him alone. The sky light wants that life to see how his generation fell.

Compared with Si Yang, the light of the sky in those years was cruel. He killed all such a huge thing, and it was the bottom of others. Si Yang still remembers the days when he fought all the way in the sea of death. It was really shocking step by step. He swam on the edge of life and death all the time, but he was really happy. His hearty blood really didn’t waste his life.

So seeing these monks, Si Yang always thought of the sky. After all, those days were so unforgettable. At this time, the embarrassment of Shanji, Siyang naturally can see that if he agrees to other things that are not too important, he will agree, but xiaojinzhong is really not the time.

“Only living creatures can call it a spiritual weapon, and all spiritual things have their own cultivation methods. It’s really unfortunate that the master came. Xiao Jinzhong is refining now because he sucks too much Yin Sha.”

“Amitabha, I’m really abrupt.”

Si Yang smiled: “what the master said is that now the Xuanmen are declining, and there are few talented disciples. The resources in front of us are naturally to strive for. This golden bell is originally a spiritual tool biased towards Buddhism. It is said that Buddhism is the most beneficial place for golden bell, but it is a pity that this golden bell was given by a friend and has been with me for many years.”

Shanji Lian hurriedly said: “this time, the celebration of Boyi is also thanks to the help of Taoist friends, otherwise it will be a heavy blow to Xuanmen.”

“Now it’s over, and you don’t have to mention it.”

Lanshang brought the brewed tea with her. The tea smell was wanton. Coupled with the rich aura in the house, Shanji couldn’t help sighing: “Si Daoyou is really the ultimate here.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “although I haven’t studied the Dharma, I have little contact under the influence of my friends. If you are free, you might as well come and walk more. I didn’t know much about Xuanmen until I came out of the mountain. I’m afraid you still need to solve many problems.”

Shanji hurriedly said, “I don’t dislike Taoist friends. I’m afraid Shanji will have more trouble in the future.”

The two were chatting while drinking tea. As we talked, we gradually became good at listening to Siyang’s Buddha. There is no small contact. Si Yang’s Buddha nature is deeper than that of a monk he has been for a lifetime. Some unique insights can even make him suddenly enlightened. If it hadn’t been for the evening, he would have been reluctant to leave.

Before leaving, Shanji reminded that if the great trouble threatening the Xuanmen was removed, naturally many people’s minds would float. This means that after confirming the strength of Siyang, there will be more and more attempts to woo the clans of those sects. How to deal with it should be prepared in advance.

After Shanji and his party left, Siyang stood in front of the window for a while, waved his hand, and the boundary of the whole house changed again.

LAN Jinxiu heard from the servant that someone came from next door. He thought it was Si Yang. He had something to do with him. Unexpectedly, it was the kid named xiaofuzi. Xiaofuzi handed LAN Jingxiu a wooden box: “This is from my master. My master said that in order to avoid being disturbed in the future, he specially set up a border at the door. Without this guide sign, he can’t find the door even when he gets to the door, so brother Jinxiu should remember to wear this when he comes home. In addition, please say hello to the security room and call in advance in the future, otherwise the security guard can’t find the door It’s terrible. ”

LAN Jingxiu took the box. There were two things like a crystal pendant in it. It should be carved for him and jade.

Xiaofuzi finished the task given by Siyang and blinked a pair of eager eyes: “brother Jinxiu, when will you come home? Uncle said he had worked out another way to make crabs.”

LAN Jingxiu carefully put away the small crystal pendant and looked at xiaofuzi: “haven’t you been tired of eating for several days?”

Xiaofuzi quickly shook his head: “not greasy, not greasy!” When he was alive, he didn’t eat much good food. Occasionally, some noble people can get a little of it, but he cares more about it. Now it’s not easy to let go of eating and drinking, and this greedy nature is more and more uncontrollable.

LAN Jin was worried about whether it would be bad if he went too attentively. The little Fuzi brought a blessing and slightly raised his mouth: “there are still a lot of delicious ingredients. I’ll let you taste fresh in two days.”

Xiaofuzi left contentedly, and LAN Jinxiu immediately transformed from a workaholic into a gourmet.

Cang Yongfeng’s sister was born, but it may be the reason why Yin Qi was intertwined before. The child was born very light. Although there was no big problem, it felt very thin. It happened that the bed next to his sister gave birth to a fat boy weighing nearly six kilograms, which was two sizes smaller than others. However, the safe birth of the child is a happy event, and uncle Cang Yongfeng Rongsheng is also very happy.

It happened that their roommate Li Hao, who indulged in his studies and filming, finally completed the first play in his life and happily came to school with his luggage.

Li Hao is naturally suitable for the entertainment circle. He seems careless, but actually he is very meticulous. His EQ is particularly high. He is very comfortable in speaking and doing things. In addition, he has a good family since childhood, has a decent attitude and looks good. He also likes to be sought after and worshipped by others. He simply exists for the entertainment circle. Of course, this sentence is Li Hao’s original words.

Li Hao lay on the bed with his legs tilted against the quilt while knocking potato chips, listening to what had happened at Cang Yongfeng’s house before, Straight sigh: “I didn’t expect that this kind of thing should really happen around me. In what era, are boys and girls so important? Do you have to have a boy? Do you have a throne to inherit at home? I can’t figure it out. My mother always says that it’s better to have a son than a daughter. My son comes to collect debts.”

Li Hao then asked Zhou Fang, “did you see the ghost baby? You don’t know. There was a movie called big head monster baby before. I saw it when I was a child. I felt terrible at that time, but I haven’t seen what the big head monster baby looked like from beginning to end. I’ve been curious. I don’t know what I was afraid of when I was a child.”

Zhou Fang joked: “What are you afraid of? I’m afraid of an atmosphere. I didn’t see it. Yongfeng and Yangyang were in the room at that time, but when they came out, it was said that the ghost was sealed into the wooden card. Anyway, the situation was terrible. You know that kind of old houses in rural areas are made of wood and stone. Originally, the house was ghost like. In addition, the original sunny day turned dark directly, which was a terrible thing It’s noon. Suddenly it’s dark. It’s cloudy and windy. It’s more interesting than the movie! ”

Li Hao turned over and looked at Zhou Fang who was fighting in the game: “did you have a nightmare?”

Zhou Fang rolled his eyes: “young master, am I such a timid person? How can I have nightmares.”

After washing, Si Yang came out of the bathroom with water vapor. Li Hao looked at him and stuffed a big mouthful of potato chips into his mouth: “Yang Yang, why don’t you do a fortune teller and become an actor? An actor has a better future than a fortune teller. You have to be red when you stand there without lines.”

Siyang glanced at him lightly: “I’m obviously talented. Why do I have to eat with my face.”

Li Hao still sighed: “I have lived in the same bedroom with you for three years. The only thing I can be sure of is my steel straight. I go to the entertainment circle. It’s all because of you. I see you see too much. Even the school flowers in the school feel ugly. I have to go to the entertainment circle to find beauty, or I’ll be single all my life.”

Siyang smiled: “are you ready? You can go at any time.”

Zhou Fang hurriedly shouted, “wait a minute! It’s almost at each other’s door.”

Li Hao jumped out of bed and adjusted his clothes, Run to the mirror, smelly beauty: “Yang Yang, didn’t you make some strange pills before? Do you have any pills to make people look handsome? It’s really not good. I can’t get fat without eating, or I can have abdominal muscles after eating. My agent keeps me fit like urging me to eat every day. I can’t eat either. Heavy food is easy to get oily on my face, but I can’t swallow the dry leaves Go down. ”

Si Yang suddenly said, “are you actors willing to spend a lot of money on beauty and skin care?”

“Of course, it is said that 80% of the people in this circle depend on their face, and the 20% are especially talented. They can’t be top people, so they can only rely on their face.”

Then he turned to look at Siyang: “is there any? Don’t be afraid that the effect is too magical and will scare me. Just pile good things here!”

Si Yang smiled and said, “I’ll make one for you. Then I’ll give you an online store link of skin care products.”

Li Hao patted his chest and said, “don’t worry, I will try my best to infiltrate your online shop into the corner of the entertainment circle!”

It was noisy until the sun went down. The three of them went out. They bought some fruit on the road and went to the hospital produced by sister Cang Yongfeng. At this time, everyone basically finished visiting. When they came, the ward was very quiet, and the child had just been sent to the nursery.

According to their custom here, visiting a newborn is to give a red envelope. They don’t need money, especially for such a happy event. The elder sister of the Cang family had been worn out too much. She still didn’t recover after a few days. They slept well when they came to visit, so they kept a low voice and didn’t wake her up.

Cang Yongfeng said, “I’ll take you to see the baby. It’s very small and ugly. It’s really ugly. I’ve never seen such an ugly child.”

Li Hao slapped him on the shoulder: “just be happy and be an uncle.”

Cang Yongfeng smiled and took them to see the children.

Si Yang quietly followed the crowd and turned a blind eye to Cang Wenli’s dead breath and the dark Yintang without mentioning half a cent. He who should come will come.


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