Great Celestial Master Chapter 37

After returning home at the weekend, Si Yang planned to ask Shen ran to make a web page first, and then let LAN Shang find some ancient prescriptions, and then cooperate with some of his Dan medicine residue to make some skin care products. LAN Jinxiu, who happened to take the cow to rub the cook for dinner, heard it, moved slightly in his heart and couldn’t help looking at Si Yang.

Seeing that he seemed to have something to say, Si Yang asked, “what’s the matter?”

LAN Jin said, “do you want to do business?”

Si Yang smiled: “being idle is also idle. You don’t always toss around and find something to do. Why, do you have an idea?”

When it comes to business, LAN Jingxiu is much smoother: “I have a mid-range skin care brand, a mature industrial chain and imported equipment and instruments. If I open a new line, it is also very simple. In fact, I have always wanted to be a state-owned brand, but in the general environment, the state-owned brand is actually very difficult. First, there is a technical problem. There is nothing that really belongs to me that others can’t crack. Second, there are too many imitations For a long time, although there are many domestic easy-to-use things, they can’t go out. In the concept of Chinese people, the two words “domestic” mean cheap, poor quality, many fake goods, less than those big imported brands. Most of those who have a certain understanding and ability of skin care will choose imported brands. ”

Si Yang touched his chin: “is China so bad?”

Although I don’t want to admit it, it is true in some aspects: “as for the skin care industry, it is true that many brands are really trying to do their own things, but there are more shoddy goods, and all kinds of exceeding standards are repeatedly banned, which makes the already bad market more chaotic.”

Si Yang tutted lightly: “what if there are ingredients that can’t be detected? You should know that the things I refine can’t be detected in terms of technology and knowledge.”

LAN Jin said: “then you can refuse to disclose some formulas on the grounds of trade secrets. As long as things meet the standards and have no harmful ingredients, and there is no quantity in the market, only quality. What is really good is not afraid of no sales.”

Shen ran suddenly interrupted: “the state can give us a green light. We may be able to turn on any green light we want. Well, maybe.”

They both looked at Shen ran at the same time. Then they remembered that the state still owed compensation.

So, Si Yang was also moved: “Since we cooperate, we are not making a small fuss. If we want to do it, we should make it big. We should make a really top-notch good thing and never export it. Why should we leave the good things of others to the Chinese people, and all the best things in China should be used as export commodities. As for anti-counterfeiting, you can take it easy. You can directly use fragrance to prevent counterfeiting. There is no need to spend much effort on the outer packaging. I configure it No matter how powerful the perfumes are, they can’t match this taste, let alone those pirated small workshops. ”

LAN Jingxiu slightly raised his mouth towards him: “so, are you going to cooperate with me?”

Si Yang picked his eyebrow: “if there are ready-made workers, don’t. why should I bother myself.”

LAN Jinxiu, a ready-made worker, said he was very happy to serve Siyang.

Siyang moves very fast. Many things are ready-made, such as the real ancient prescriptions that have long been submerged in the river of time. The IQ of the ancients can never be underestimated. Some seemingly developed scientific and technological principles have been integrated into the life of the ancients thousands of years ago.

In addition, women’s cosmetics in ancient times were really not as rough as people thought, and the degree of fineness absolutely subverted people’s cognition. You know, if things were not easy to use or dissatisfied with use at that time, it could not be solved by returning and exchanging goods. One carelessness was brain bag loss.

Although it’s a long time ago, Lanshang still remembers some main medicinal materials in the ingredients of some skin care products. Originally, Siyang intended to use drug residues. Yes, it was the 10000 drug residues left in alchemy! But I thought that since I didn’t follow the route of undocumented small workshop, I would naturally have a complete system, so I searched the soul house and found a large bag of seeds of Jiuming jade grass. As long as there is aura, the Jiuming jade grass can grow a grassland.

Jiuming jade herb is an auxiliary medicine in YAN Dan. The medicine is more than enough for ordinary people, and its own fragrance is also very unique. The most important thing is that this fragrance is generated by aura, and its herb itself is not the product of the earth. As long as the Jiuming jade herb does not leak out, no matter how powerful a perfumer can adjust this fragrance.

This package of seeds can be said to be the core secret of the product they want to make. LAN Jingxiu will not ignore it. After asking about the planting conditions, he directly refitted a whole floor of his R & D company to plant Jiuming jade grass.

Si Yang said that a piece of Jiuming jade grass can be mixed with about one kilogram of finished products after decomposition, which is still relatively concentrated. The diluted effect is definitely much better than the skin care products worth tens of thousands on the market. Therefore, the planting area does not need to be large, but it must be highly confidential.

Lanshang also took out some ancient prescriptions sorted out. Si Yang simply handed it over to her. It was just right for Lanshang to take charge of the things used by the woman, so the power of the housekeeper in the family was temporarily handed over to the more stable congmeng. No matter whether he will establish a school here in the future, there is no harm in having his own stable industry and source of income. What’s more, if you meet a good seedling on a whim and want to recruit an apprentice to re-establish hengtianzong, you can set up if you want to at any time.

Although this plan is only an expectation in Siyang’s mind, it has planned the possible follow-up development in the future. This product is only nominally attached to LAN Jingxiu’s company, but it will actually be an independent brand. If Siyang wants to, he can separate it at will.

Lanshang helped her master deal with a lot of affairs in the harem before she died, but it was the supremacy of imperial power at that time, which was completely different from today’s social situation. Let her handle the big and small affairs at home. She can handle them easily, but she still feels a little worried about receiving such a task even though she has been an old ghost for hundreds of years to set up a company for Siyang.

Shen ran patted her on the shoulder with a look of someone coming over: “elder sister, you can rest assured and do it boldly. Don’t you still have me? At least I have mixed with the elite level of human beings and founded a company. I have a lot of experience.”

LAN Shang looked at the hand on his shoulder without expression. Shen ran dared to shrink back immediately. Lanshang glanced at Shen Ran’s back: “take care of your little tail first.”

Shen ran subconsciously touched his ass, but didn’t touch his tail. As soon as he saw LAN Shang go away, he hummed, “sister ghost is really hard to serve.”

Then he turned around and planned to go to the small garden to practice. He really felt that he was too diligent to practice in the mountains. The Japanese didn’t know what had been injected into his body before. Although he seemed to have been relieved by Siyang, there were still some residues. It was not easy for him to practice the lost Demon power during this period of time.

If it weren’t for his unstable state, sometimes he couldn’t control his tail, he would almost run out. But it’s good. Now he’s really afraid to see Zhuang Chen. Sometimes it’s a habit to pay for so many years. If he sees Zhuang Chen sad for him, he doesn’t know if he can’t help showing up.

It must be sad to know Zhuang Chen for so many years. Or wait, I just don’t know if Zhuang Chen has come out of the sadness of his death when he has the courage to go out of this small garden.

He sighed silently, and then stepped on a hard thing. Shen ran looked down and didn’t know when he stepped on the little paper man who wiped the ground with a small rag.

Shen ran picked up the little paper man and blew the dust on it: “although your master has changed you into a strong body, you can’t brush the sense of existence in this way.”

The little paper man held his little rag and did not respond. Shen ran put it on the table. The little paper man was like a machine that received instructions and worked diligently again.

Si Yang alone uses nine leaves of the jade grass to soak out a bottle of water without Li Hao’s products, which is more troublesome. Since he does not plan to work in a small workshop, the secretary is too lazy to make a face cream for Li Hao alone. Anyway, Li Hao also needs to apply a mask every day, and replace it with water film.

Li Hao couldn’t wait to try on the day he gave it to him. As a result, Zhou Fang took an empty bottle on the spot and robbed half of it. It’s also called trying to find a girlfriend before graduation, so the smelly one should be smelly.

So in the dorm room, there was only one mask deposited two times. The three anhydrous effect is naturally needless to say, with Li Hao’s words, apply one hundred hundred yuan mask and do not use this three wet dry compress once.

As soon as Cang Yongfeng came back, he saw the scene of two flirtatious bitches who love beauty. He said in silence, “Li Hao, that’s eating on his face. What do you do with future programmers?”

Zhou Fang hummed: “who can tell the future? If our family has become a king superstar, I can follow suit. It is said that those dragon sets without lines have a hundred yuan for a play. With a king covering me, how can I have more than ten dragon sets a day? Life is enough.”

Cang Yongfeng controlled his hand and didn’t throw his shoes off his face: “if you go to be a star, it’s better to play sports, although you’re also a pit cargo.”

Li Hao said impolitely: “he is a retired old man at his age in the competition. He has no chance to compete with small fresh meat for this meal in his life.”

Zhou Fang raised his foot to kick him, but Li Hao dodged him sensitively.

Seeing that Cang Yongfeng opened his lunch box and began to eat, the food was a little cold. Zhou Fang tore off the water film on his face and looked at him silently for a while. He sighed: “you are still young. Don’t force yourself hard. What time is it before you eat? You want money but not life. Has your sister been discharged?”

Cang Yongfeng nodded: “sitting at home for a month, I want my mother to pay attention to her work before it comes out.”

Li Hao interposed: “it’s not necessary. The child has just been born and needs to drink breast milk.”

Cang Yongfeng took a big bite of grilled rice: “yes, it’s not difficult to lack that bite at home. It’s just that the woman who once married has no confidence to go home, so she’s anxious to support herself.”

Li Hao sighed: “this is the difference in concept. Many married people around me are not used to living in their mother-in-law’s house. They have always lived in their mother’s house. They are all the treasures of their parents. What can I do without confidence?”

Li Hao poured the last bit of water into the spray bottle and shook the sun.

Si Yang, who was seriously completing the teacher’s homework, looked at him and said, “I’ll bring it to you next week.”

Zhou Fang raised his hand unwilling to show weakness: “I want it too!”

Li Hao rushed up and pressed him and said, “you too! You have your share of everything!”

At the end of the noisy day, everyone kept busy with the work at hand and went to bed. In the middle of the night, Si Yang suddenly opened his eyes and quietly looked at the dark roof. After a while, he closed his eyes and went to sleep again.

Just this evening, a big event happened in the school, so that the whole school was tight. Although it happened late at night and all the insiders were shut up at school, some news came out.

It is said that the sewer of a girls’ dormitory building has always been blocked recently. The housekeeper’s aunt dredged it again and again, and even posted a notice not to throw sanitary napkins at the gate, but the blockage still hasn’t improved.

So the housekeeper aunt reported to the school, and then found a professional dredging team to dredge. In order not to affect the class of students during the day, the dredging team came to dredge at night. As a result, six bags of black plastic bags were pulled out from the sewer. All the pieces in each plastic bag were cooked corpses.


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