Great Celestial Master Chapter 38

The discovery in the school of corpses chopped, cooked and packed into sewers has had a great impact. Fortunately, I went to dredge the sewer that night. If it was during the day, I’m afraid it would be directly on the social news. It will undoubtedly increase some difficulty in catching the murderer, and it is easy to cause social panic.

But the paper can’t stop the fire, especially in this era of rapid information, it still happened in the school. Early in the morning the next day after the incident, I don’t know who got the news and sent it to the campus network. As a result, it spread ten to one.

Fortunately, the administrator found it early and deleted the post in time, so the situation in the school was slightly controlled. However, I’m afraid this kind of thing can’t be covered for long. Such a crazy thing happened in Zhongdu University of technology, and the social headlines never ran away.

Early in the morning, Zhou Fang, whose turn it was to buy breakfast today, shared the news directly with the three roommates who had just got up: “it was said that the body was found in the girls’ dormitory last night. Many posts on the Internet said this before. Unfortunately, it was empty when I bought the steamed stuffed bun and planned to look carefully.”

Cang Yongfeng, who had just washed his face, was shocked and said, “is it true or false? What’s the situation?”

Li haodao, who woke up early and has been brushing his mobile phone in bed: “It is said that several black plastic bags were fished out from the sewer on the other side of the girls’ dormitory building, which contained the boiled corpses cut into pieces, but there was no head among those corpses, so it was not possible to confirm who the dead was, and the school was also investigating the students. It seems that it was yesterday, no, it should be early this morning. There was a dormitory in building 3 that was ready to stay all night in the middle of the night Smoking in Taiwan, I saw a group of people around the downstairs of the girls’ dormitory. They were curious and looked directly through binoculars. As a result, they watched the whole process, and then couldn’t help posting it online. ”

Zhou Fangqing tut said, “the opposite side is the women’s bedroom, and there’s a telescope. It’s OK. But they’re scared to death when they see this kind of thing this time.”

Si Yang listened to them talk about the corpses, calmly took the waist pollen and ate it. Many people said that the school canteen was dark cuisine, but the canteen of their university of technology was really good. The meals were very real, especially some snacks tasted very good. He likes the pepper of this family best. It’s very authentic.

Even if I saw the scary news in the morning and it happened in the girls’ dormitory building not far from them, But Li Hao also eats calmly: “I don’t understand. There are many places to dump corpses in the school. It is said that there are still a lot of plastic bags. It’s better to put them in the suitcase and put some stones into the suitcase to sink into the lake. Isn’t there an abandoned old building behind us? It’s said that no one dares to go there. Since you dare to kill and cut corpses, you won’t go to dig a pit and bury them in the middle of the night Some people know that if this is stuffed into the sewer, it’s obvious that they don’t intend to hide and wait to be found. ”

Zhou Fang suddenly said to Si Yang, “Yang Yang, isn’t there something called magic spirit that can invite ghosts to the upper body? If the police invite powerful heavenly masters to invite ghosts to the upper body, won’t it be easy to find the murderer?”

Si Yang corrected: “the practice of divination is to invite gods, not ghosts. This practice originated from ancient divination. At that time, when people had problems, they used tortoise divination and yarrow Divination (SH) ī SH ì) it’s not a ghost to pray to God, ask God’s instructions and predict good and bad luck. If you see someone outside who says he can support Shamanism and invite some relatives in the underworld, don’t read it, it’s all deceptive. What you are talking about is asking for ghosts in general, which can also be called asking for rice, but now there are not many people who can ask for the art of rice, because there are fewer and fewer people with this psychic constitution. Even if it is a Heavenly Master, it may not be a psychic body, so don’t think that as long as it is a Heavenly Master, you can invite ghosts. ”

Li Hao slapped Zhou Fang on the back of his head: “don’t think you can rely on anything if you have seen a ghost once. There are still few outstanding cases in the world. According to you, as long as there are dead people, go to the Heavenly Master to call the dead up from the underworld for questioning. What do you want the police to do?”

Zhou Fang, who was slapped, kicked the past and retaliated. He still didn’t give up. Chao Siyang gossip said, “really not? I heard that many people with Yin and Yang eyes can see the dead at some crime scenes, and some cases. The police seem to solve the case through the guidance of the ghost of the dead.”

Zhou Fang said something that happened in his mother’s hometown: “There is an art school in my mother’s hometown. A female student was found dead on the way back to the school. The school has two doors. The side door jumped in from a small forest. Many people walk during the day, but no one dares to walk at night. There is no street lamp, which is particularly terrible. Then the girl is said to be very good. She went out to sketch that day and came back late. According to her roommate, it’s not bad How soon did the girl get off at six o’clock? They were still texting about going to dinner together. Maybe they wanted to take a shortcut. The girl left the side door, but it was winter and it was dark and early. ”

The three men of Siyang each carried their own breakfast and listened to Zhou Fang’s ghost story while eating.

Zhou Fang also lowered his voice, To create a terrible effect: “Unexpectedly, the girl didn’t go back to her bedroom that night, and her cell phone couldn’t get through. Her roommate hurriedly told the teacher about the situation. Naturally, the teacher took people out to look for it. As a result, she saw the girl’s body lying in the bushes. Looking at the traces on the ground, it was dragged in when the girl was struggling. Unfortunately, there were no street lights, no cameras and winter clothes I wear too many clothes, and I don’t think I have too much physical contact. There is nothing to check except a strangulation mark on her neck and the hand that the girl scratched on the ground while struggling. ”

Zhou Fang whispered, “guess how the last thing was solved?”

Siyang looked at him with a smile. Li Hao and Cang Yongfeng shook their heads with breakfast in their mouths. Zhou Fang continued: “The policeman who investigated the matter was a little sensitive. Although he couldn’t see it, he could feel it. When he found the girl’s body, he had a very strange feeling. He couldn’t say it. It was the feeling of sudden cold all over. Because the girl’s living environment was very simple, there were only a few friends around, and he hadn’t made a boyfriend yet. The police checked everything everyone could check But everyone has an alibi and no motive to kill. ”

As like as two peas in the school, indeed, the policeman was wearing a plain clothes in the school. When the girl was always walking on a few roads, she was swept away by a boy who had finished playing. The policeman felt a cold sensation all the time. It was exactly the same feeling when he found the corpse at that time. Later, the police went to investigate the boy, and sure enough, he felt that he was in the cold. It’s the murderer! ”

Cang Yongfeng hurriedly asked, “why did you kill? Courtship was rejected?”

Zhou Fang shook his head: “The one who begged for love had contact with him. He had been investigated for a long time. The man looked very good. He was popular in school. He looked very cheerful and normal, but he was actually a psychopath. He killed the girl only because his favorite position near the window corner in the library was always occupied by the girl, not once or twice, it is said that many times, So that day when I saw the girl walking alone into the woods at the side door, I killed her. ”

After hearing the reason for killing, Cang Yongfeng and Li Hao were speechless. Li Hao said, “fortunately, I don’t like learning and don’t go to the library.”

Cang Yongfeng: “then I really want to thank my classmates for their kindness of not killing.”

Si Yang knocked on the table: “you’d better pay attention to some things. Don’t talk nonsense. You know that misfortune comes from the mouth.”

Zhou Fang quickly compared a sealed gesture on his mouth: “I know, I know, it’s not because you’re in the bedroom. I’m sure I won’t talk outside.”

Cang Yongfeng wiped his mouth and went to change his clothes as soon as he collected his food: “I don’t have class today. I’m expected to come back later. If you want to have a snack, send me a wechat.”

Si Yang still ate his noodles slowly. Seeing that Cang Yongfeng went out of the door, he took back his eyes. Li Hao sighed: “I don’t have class today, but I’m going to the company to read the script. It’s estimated that I’ll come back without anything in the afternoon. Do you have any plans in the afternoon? If not, let’s have dinner together?”

Zhou Fang: “why don’t you pack it when you come back? It’s safer in the bedroom.”

Li Hao turned his eyes directly: “what are we three big boys afraid of? How dare you look like a little girl?”

Zhou Fang threw his slippers directly at him: “get out!”

Everything that should go is gone. Zhou Fang starts to indulge in his game again. Si Yang leisurely leans against the window and watches the people coming and going downstairs. The sweetness of lollipops in his mouth dispels the trace of autumn dryness.

The weather in early autumn is the most comfortable. I have just experienced the hot summer. Such coolness can make people relax unconsciously. Unfortunately, there are always some things that make people less relaxed, such as the campus corpse case.

Pang Zheng is the person in charge of this case and the captain of Zhongdu criminal police detachment. The adverse social impact of this case is too great. Even if they block it again and again, the news still leaked out uncontrollably.

The school was not the first crime scene, and the girl killed was not even a student in the school. The deceased, named Wei Ran, was a 19-year-old student of a health school half an hour away from the University of technology. Wei Ran has nothing to do with the University of technology. He has no intersection, and he hasn’t even been to the area where the University of technology is located.

Pang Zheng investigated Wei Ran’s social relations before his death, which was a little complicated, because Wei Ran was pretty, and there were many suitors around him. In addition, the health school was all girls, so it was inevitable to compare with each other. The conditions of Wei Ran’s family can only be regarded as general, not very good, but not bad. The monthly living expenses are enough for her to eat and drink, but it is impossible to buy something a little more luxurious.

According to Wei Ran’s parents, their monthly living expenses for Wei Ran are only 2000 yuan. At the beginning of school, they bought Wei ran an 8000 yuan notebook. Their home environment is not bad, but they can’t afford more things. But what Pang argues in Wei Ran’s bedroom is that there are at least twenty thousand apple notebooks on the desktop of Wei Ran. There are at least twenty bottles of perfume at a price of not less than one thousand. In addition, all skin care cosmetics are big brands. The luxury clothes of the wardrobe brand clothes are seen on the bottle of ten thousand of the lotion. At that time, the policewoman who searched the card was surprised. This is not the burden that a common family girl can afford.

However, they also found that Wei Ran had a few rich boyfriends. Because Wei Ran was good-looking, and she would dress up and have trouble, she had a lot of face to take out, so her boyfriends she had always been with either had a good environment or were willing to spend money on her. But Wei Ran’s EQ is really good. Every boyfriend broke up peacefully and never had an emotional dispute. Her current boyfriend has only been dating for about a week. It’s a time of good feelings, and she can’t find any motive for killing.

As for the students around her, the relationship is more general. Although there has been no conflict, Wei Ran often plays outside. Although she often brings some delicious food, or the samples she buys from high-end products will be transferred to the girls in her bedroom, she doesn’t spend much time together, so the relationship between them is still very weak, and there is no motive to kill.

All the networks of Wei Ran’s life were smoothed out. Pang Zheng had no clue at all.

The head of the deceased Wei Ran has not been found yet. Her body was divided into more than 1000 pieces. After being soaked in a special solution, it was boiled with boiling hot water to clean all the clues that can be investigated on the surface of the body.

The murderer’s technique of cutting the body is quite sophisticated. The dissection of bones and flesh and the distinction of internal organs are obviously a person who knows a lot about the human body. Looking at the pieced up body, we can fully imagine how calm the murderer was decomposing the body. The technique was fast and stable, and the key strength was not small, because the section of Wei Ran’s neck was quite neat, and the whole head was cut off by a knife.

There is also the act of the murderer’s mortuary, which obviously doesn’t want to be found. Maybe the murderer is to be found, and once found, it is the kind of big news.

Pang Zheng has a hunch that there is probably no direct relationship between the murderer and Wei Ran, and Wei Ran may not be the only victim. The murderer will continue to commit crimes and continue to use such a crazy method.

Such a track can’t be found. Any passer-by may become the target of the murderer. Just thinking about it makes people feel cold.

As a veteran criminal policeman, sometimes his instinctive intuition is really accurate, and Pang Zheng’s hunch has come true. After half a month, the murderer committed another crime again. It is still a thousand broken bodies, but this time, instead of secretly throwing the bodies, he openly scattered them on the playground of another famous University.

Such a bad act is really unprecedented. The whole society was shocked, and the place where the incident occurred was also in a panic.


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