Great Celestial Master Chapter 39

The second deceased was a man, 27 years old, named Wu Junyan, who graduated from vocational high school. When he was in school, he accidentally took an opportunity to draw illustrations for people and made some money, so he slowly began to draw illustrations for people on the Internet to make a living.

When Wu Junyan graduated from vocational high school, his career of making money from painting and illustration gradually stabilized. Therefore, Wu Junyan directly chose to paint full-time and never went out to work. He is a kind of otaku who can not go out for a year as long as he has food, drink and Internet. Compared with the first dead, his life is simply like a piece of white paper.

Wu Junyan is still a little famous on the Internet. After mixing for so many years, he has more or less reached the level of illustrators. Of course, he can’t compare with those illustrators who earn tens of thousands of yuan. It’s still no problem to earn more than 100 yuan. On average, he can take seven or eight jobs a month, sometimes more than ten a month, Life is more than enough for a man like him who doesn’t go out and doesn’t socialize.

Wu Junyan’s parents divorced from childhood and lived with his grandmother. Before he graduated from vocational high school, both parents will give part of the living expenses every month. At first, his parents occasionally came back to see him, but with their parents forming a new family, the only connection that remained was to transfer money to him every month. When he has the ability to stand on his own, the only connection will be broken.

Three years ago, when Wu Junyan was 24 years old, his grandmother also left and left him an old house. No one managed it. There was a house to live in. There was not much life pressure, which made Wu Junyan more and more divorced from real life and buried himself in making a living and making friends in the virtual world. Occasionally I go out to have my hair cut and buy some daily necessities. In addition, I live on takeout every day.

If the police hadn’t extracted the information from the body and verified his identity, Wu Junyan’s neighbors wouldn’t even know that he had an accident.

But combined with all the information, the investigation has reached an impasse again. There is nothing in common between the two dead. Even the information on the Internet has been checked a little. There is no intersection. The only thing in common is that there is only the body cut into pieces without a head.

Half a month later, the two corpses were also dumped on the university campus. One is the University of technology and the other is the University of science and technology, all of which are famous universities in China. Now the whole country is talking about and paying attention to this matter, and experts from all aspects have been sent to try to find out the murderer’s killing track.

The two unrelated dead people are confused at all, but according to the body information of the two dead people, it can be reluctantly inferred that the murderer is a male with high IQ, is engaged in medicine and has a good understanding of the human body. He is at least 1.75 meters tall and should be between 30 and 50 years old.

Ferocious modus operandi, contempt and even provocation of the law, which is undoubtedly an extreme newspaper way. The whole was shrouded in a haze because of this matter. In the evening, if it’s not in groups, you don’t dare to go out alone. Even some companies have cancelled overtime recently. In some schools, parents have to pick up self-study classes before they dare to let people go. The number of police patrolling the streets is increasing day by day, and the crime rate of petty theft has decreased significantly for a time.

The situation outside has been like this. Two related schools, University of technology and University of science and technology, which have been visited by murderous murderers late at night, almost adopt military management directly. They must wear school badges in and out, and all social personnel are not allowed to enter the school at will. The guard of each gate of the school has been strengthened several times, patrolling day and night. If there are minor students in the Department, the student must not leave the school without the approval of the counselor.

If it were not for the great impact of school closure, the school would like to be closed for the time being and liberated after the incident subsided and the murderer was caught. However, each university has offered self-defense courses almost at the same time, and every student must participate in them, which makes some students who are used to being lazy in junior and senior years complain incessantly. It was not easy to complete the credits of physical education, and there was another compulsory self-defense course, which is a pit for them.

Since the body shredding case, LAN Jinxiu has “stopped by” their school every week when Siyang came home, and then picked him up. Si Yang knew that there was such a murderer in Zhongdu, which would really make people panic. LAN Jinxiu came to pick him up. I’m afraid he was worried about his safety, but he didn’t think it would be him who should worry about his own safety if he met that murderer.

“In fact, you don’t have to be so troublesome every week. You should know my strength. When you meet that murderer, who should you be afraid of?”

Every time LAN Jinxiu came to pick up Siyang, he drove by himself. If there were only two of them in the car, sometimes he didn’t have to worry about talking. He thinks he is very contradictory. He has never liked anyone. He doesn’t know if he likes everyone. When he was with Siyang, he felt very relaxed and comfortable, but he could not control the tension. This contradictory emotion was pleasant and subtle.

Hearing what Si Yang said, LAN Jingxiu just said, “I know you’re very powerful, but aren’t we friends? The first time I shredded and dumped my body was at the University of technology. It’s inevitable to worry. Although I don’t know how to catch ghosts, I can deal with people, because I’ve been kept by Yuzhuo pills. My physical fitness is much stronger than ordinary people. I don’t have any problem fighting with ordinary people.”

Si Yang smiled and said, “are you sure that murderer is an ordinary person?”

LAN Jingxiu said to him, “the case was really cruel, and the second crime was to throw the body all over the playground without being found. It was really weird, so the criminal police team invited Yuzhuo. Their department checked the body. It was man-made murder and did not use any special means.”

Although they are all subordinate to national departments, under normal circumstances, man-made crimes will not let special departments intervene. Some of the things involved are complex. As far as the country is concerned, only a small number of people have special abilities. If everything is solved with special abilities, it will break the feudal superstition for more than half a century and all their work will be in vain.

In the end, ordinary people account for the majority of the world. Without these heavenly masters, the stability and public security of the whole society will completely collapse. So some heads can’t be opened easily. Once opened, it will be completely disordered.

In addition, the Heavenly Master pays attention to cause and effect. Fierce ghosts and demons are harmful to the world. The Heavenly Master is accumulating merit and virtue when he catches them, which is also beneficial to his own cultivation. This itself is a kind of cause and effect. But catching this man-made murderer is the cause and effect of infecting others. If it is more contaminated, it is the life of three evils and five deficiencies, which should be paid back.

In fact, this situation simply means that they belong to two worlds, each of which has its own rules. Once the rules are broken across the border, they will bear the consequences. Few heavenly masters are willing to such consequences, so they will never easily intervene in the gratitude and resentment between ordinary people.

LAN Jinxiu said, He also said: “A special team has been set up for this corpse shredding case. The specific situation is still in the confidential stage. Only the internal staff of the team know the extent of the investigation. However, according to Yuzhuo, there are two kinds of speculation. One is that the murderer is a social person who is engaged in medical related undertakings, either a doctor or a forensic doctor. He has a certain social status and has been under too much social pressure Big leads to psychological distortion. There is also a possibility that students majoring in medical science in school kill and vent their psychological distortion because of something happening in school, such as some punishment, or the problem of getting along with alumni. So the school may not be safe. You should pay more attention. ”

LAN Jinxiu knew that such advice was completely superfluous for Siyang, but he couldn’t help worrying when he thought that the murderer had abandoned his body on campus and was so close to Siyang. This worry has nothing to do with whether others need it or not. It’s completely out of his control.

Unfortunately, he can only care about two more words of advice. More importantly, he has no position to do it.

Send Siyang to the door. Although Siyang invited him, LAN Jinxiu didn’t have the cheek to go in and rub a cup of tea. Although he wanted to, he knew that a proper distance could make them get along more comfortably.

On the small terrace on the second floor, xiaofuzi asked the Fat Chef in a low voice: “it seems that brother Jinxiu sent the master back for three weeks. In the final analysis, brother Jinxiu was afraid of going home alone, so he asked our master to protect him, or was he afraid of going home alone, so he picked him up like this?”

The Fat Chef gave a meaningful Tut and looked at xiaofuzi: “you’re still young and don’t understand.” Then he floated away.

Xiao Fuzi’s mouth was curled. He was nearly 400 years old before and after his birth. Where was he small.

Although Siyang went home at the weekend, he couldn’t have a happy weekend. Three roommates in his bedroom found him in the middle of the night. This time is mainly for Cang Yongfeng, because his sister is missing.

Cang Wenli wanted to find a job soon after production. Without her husband’s family, a married and divorced woman, probably due to the environment, she always felt that she had no confidence. As for Cang Wenli, who is cowardly and can work hard for her children to become independent, in fact, the Cang family supports her, but they don’t want Cang Wenli to go out to work so soon. At least it’s not too late to go out to work until the child is one year old and can no longer drink breast milk.

However, after confinement, Cang Wenli could do nothing but take care of her children and do cleaning and hygiene at home. Cang Wenli still felt a lot of pressure, so she received some manual work from outside, so she could take care of her children at home. If she was diligent, she could earn tens of dollars a day, which was good for Cang Wenli. Cang’s parents saw that she insisted and did some manual work at home. In addition to taking some trouble, it was not physical work, so she went.

As a result, just two days ago, Cang Wenli went out to deliver the sewn handmade goods and never came back. Cang’s parents and some neighbors in the village helped to look around. As a result, the place where the goods were received said that Cang Wenli returned after she paid the goods and took the salary. At that time, the second case of corpse shredding just happened. It was a time of panic, and the Cang family’s parents immediately reported to the police.

But the police just filed a case, and then went through the general procedure to investigate. If they didn’t find the trace of Cang Wenli, they asked Cang’s parents to go back and wait for news, or think about if there was anything else Cang Wenli might go to, and even speculated that Cang Wenli’s ex husband abducted her.

Unfortunately, Cang Wenli’s ex husband had already gone to other provinces and cities and had never come back. It was impossible to abduct people.

Cang’s parents ran to the police station in their town and cried, saying whether it was the murderer who took their daughter away. However, people are missing and lost every day. Since the body shredding case, all adults and children have been lost. The family members who came to report said whether it would be the body shredding murderer. Cang Wenli’s disappearance is only one of thousands of missing cases, which is not enough to attract much attention.

Cang’s parents, who had been looking for two days at home, couldn’t find their daughter. In despair, they had to call their son who went to school in Zhongdu.

At that time, Cang Yongfeng just came back from working outside. Before sitting in his bedroom for a while, he received a call from his parents. He was so anxious that he wanted to run back immediately. Li Hao said whether to ask Si Yang to make a divination before he went back to see if it was good or bad. Siyang’s divination is very accurate. Sometimes when they encounter something, they ask Siyang to help with divination, even if it is a comfort in their hearts.

So in the middle of the night, Li Hao and Zhou Fang accompanied Cang Yongfeng to Siyang’s residence. Originally, they said that when the school was loose for some time, they went to Siyang’s house to play. But I didn’t expect that I came for the first time to find Cang Yongfeng’s missing sister.

Cang Yongfeng was concerned about his sister’s safety. As soon as they entered the house, they went straight to Siyang. Li Hao and Zhou Fang saw that Cang Yongfeng was so anxious that they couldn’t be careless. They came to visit the same place. Although they were very curious about Siyang’s family, they still sat in the living room obediently.

Siyang sat in front of them in his home pajamas. Jingrou also skillfully offered tea and stood quietly not far away to listen to orders. Li Hao and Zhou Fang, who didn’t know that Jing Rou was a female ghost, couldn’t help looking at her more. It’s normal for such a beautiful and comfortable little sister to attract the eyes of teenagers.

Only Cang Yongfeng couldn’t care. Jing Rou, who poured him tea, thanked him and asked Si Yang, “Yang Yang, can you help me calculate my sister’s good and bad luck?”

Zhou Fang said, “Yang Yang, can divination also give a general direction? Can you find people through divination?”

Si Yang said, “let’s measure good and bad luck first, but this time it’s a sacrifice and a purposeful calculation, so you have to give me 200. It’s a deal with the divination God.”

Cang Yongfeng nodded quickly, took out 200 yuan and handed it to Siyang.

Si Yang took the money, put it under the rune paper, asked Cang Wenli’s eight characters of her birthday, and wrote it on the rune paper with a brush stained with vermilion. He also cut a pinch of hair from Cang Yongfeng’s head, wrapped the talisman paper around his hair and put it into the censer. Soon, a burst of white smoke came out of the censer. After a few breaths, the white smoke turned into a beautiful faint green of hair.

Siyang looked up at Cang Yongfeng. Cang Yongfeng hurriedly said, “how about Yangyang? What’s it?”

Li Hao and Zhou Fang also saw Si Yang’s calculation for the first time. In the past, they glanced at them without even pinching their fingers. This solemn appearance also made them unconsciously raise their hearts.

Si Yang looked at Cang Yongfeng and said nothing. Cang Yongfeng’s heart sank suddenly, and his face turned white in an instant: “Yangyang, you, tell me, I’m prepared.”

Siyang was silent for a moment before he said, “your sister has been killed.”


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