Great Celestial Master Chapter 4

Cang Wenli lay in bed, looked uneasily at her brother and his classmates, touched her stomach with one hand, and asked nervously, “can you really keep my child?”

Siyang smiled. His handsome appearance could give people a warm and reassuring feeling: “don’t worry, I’ll sleep later. I’ll be fine when I wake up.”

Cang Yongfeng couldn’t help but said fiercely, “if this matter is solved, you will divorce Lin Jian. This marriage must be divorced!”

Seeing Cang Wenli’s face shrinking, Cang Yongfeng knew what she was thinking. Cang Wen Lisheng is timid. With her growing environment from small to large, she is a submissive character. In rural areas, divorced women are to be criticized. With their divorce, they seem to be more inclined to endure this kind of life.

Seeing that Cang Yongfeng was so irritable that he was about to explode, Si Yang patted him on the shoulder to calm him down, Then he said to Cang Wenli: “Although I can solve the ghost in your belly, you have killed three unborn little lives. Your husband’s family must suffer retribution. Similarly, you can’t escape some things. What kind of cause and effect, but I still suggest you divorce as soon as possible, otherwise the cause and effect will be implicated, and your own family may be harmed because of your husband. There are pros and cons Measure it yourself. ”

Siyang said no more. Seeing that Cang Wenli’s expression seemed to have begun to shake, it proved that she still cared about her family. But divorce is definitely not a decision for a woman with weak character.

Let Cang Yongfeng pour a glass of water over. Siyang turned his hand over. He didn’t know when he had a small pill in his hand. He pinched a small piece with his fingernail and put it into the cup. The brown medicine was dissolved in the water in an instant. This is a fetal pill, but because it is not effective, it can only be used by pregnant women below the foundation period. However, for ordinary people, the drug is too strong, so they can only take it with such a little dilution.

“Feed it to your sister.”

Cang Yongfeng quickly followed suit. After Cang Wenli drank, Si Yang came forward and tapped her forehead. Cang Wenli soon fell asleep.

Seeing this, Cang Yongfeng looked at Siyang: “what am I going to do now?”

Si Yang smiled: “let you come in with me just to avoid suspicion. You don’t have to do anything. Just stand by. No matter how much noise there is later, just be quiet.”

Cang Yongfeng quickly stepped aside and kept quiet looking at Siyang.

Siyang took out a emerald green brush from his back bag. The brush holder was very green and transparent. The pen head didn’t know what hair it was. It was bright red and bloody. It seemed to burn people’s eyes at a glance.

Even a layman like Cang Yongfeng can see that the thing Si Yang took out is definitely not ordinary.

Cang Yongfeng thought that Siyang should hold some ceremony, or read some spells, jump the great God, etc. as a result, he took the pen and hung it directly above his sister.

But strangely, when Siyang didn’t know what to draw out of thin air, a sad scream exploded in Cang Yongfeng’s ear. The cry didn’t know where it came from. It seemed to envelop him in all directions. It was impossible to distinguish the source of the sound. And the room that had closed the doors and windows began to be cloudy and windy, and some items in the room were scattered all over the ground in a mess.

Outside the window, the sky, which was originally clear for thousands of miles, also instantly condensed into pieces of dark clouds. The sky darkened with the naked eye, and the big trees outside were blowing loudly.

The people sitting in the hall waiting for the results saw that the weather suddenly changed, and their faces became more and more ugly. Zhou Fang touched Han Mao’s upright arm and squeezed the amulet given to him by Si Yang in his hand.

LV Zhongting looked at the sky outside and frowned: “it’s good to find such a fierce thing early, otherwise it will be a big trouble.”

LAN Yuzhuo also has a dignified look. This thing is more fierce than she expected. If it was her, I’m afraid she would really die if she was careless. I just don’t know which family the man came from. He has such accomplishments at a young age. His surname is Si, which is a strange surname in Xuanmen.

Jing Yu, who was shut up, stood aside, pale.

In the room, Cang Yongfeng listened to the shrill cry of the baby. Only when his back was close to the door could he stand firm and avoid being blown down by the Yin wind. His roommate, Si Yang, was still motionless, painting in the air with that pen. I don’t know if it was his illusion. At the beginning, I didn’t feel that with the increasingly strong Yin wind around, every stroke seemed to be gilded at the end.

The current situation simply overturned Cang Yongfeng’s understanding of the world over the past 20 years. If his sister was not lying in bed and his classmates were still doing it, he would almost run away with his legs out of control.

From the end of each stroke, bring out the golden gilding, until the gilding lasts longer and longer. Gradually, Cang Yongfeng sees a very complex character that is a bit like a spell drawn by his roommate. Above his sister’s belly, where the spell was suppressed, a mass of black gas condensed more and more, and the Yin wind around was stronger and stronger.

As a monk, Si Yang is good at killing people and seizing treasures. He doesn’t have much experience in subduing demons and catching ghosts. After all, he is only scared in the cultivation world. Even if he becomes a ghost by chance, it is also a ghost cultivation, and there is no possibility of harming ordinary people. However, even if the technical level does not pass, it is possible to solve it by virtue of cultivation.

So at the moment, while taking care of the fetus, Siyang pulled up the Yin spirit with a certain climate attached to the fetus. This is a hundred times more torture than LAN Yuzhuo said.

Unfortunately, the spirit could not express anything except the sharp scream, so it was very cruel at the moment. The people in the hall shivered and trembled, so fierce!

Until the Yin Qi adsorbed on the fetus was forcibly extracted by Si Yang, as soon as Si Yang’s jade pen was closed, the formed golden Rune hit the Yin Qi on the ground. Siyang’s hand was pinched. He didn’t know when there was a small wooden card in his hand. His fingers were close together. The dark Yin was sealed into the wooden card along Siyang’s traction.

At the moment when the dark air was sealed, the black clouds in the sky dispersed, the wind stopped, and the scorching sun shone down again.

Cang Yongfeng covered his chest and looked at Si Yang, who was still calm: “Yang Yang, have you solved it?”

Si Yang nodded: “it’s done, but this thing needs to be handled.”

Cang Yongfeng looked at his sister who was sleeping peacefully. His originally pale face became ruddy. The previous slightly uncoordinated strangeness also returned to normal at this time, and he was relieved. After so much trouble for a long time, he seemed to collapse.

As soon as the door opened, he saw his parents waiting anxiously at the door. Cang Yongfeng comforted: “it’s all right. It’s solved. My sister is asleep. Go in and see her.”

The two old men said thank you to Siyang, and then hurried into the room to check their daughter’s situation.

Unexpectedly, the young man really saved the fetus and drove away the Yin spirit. LV Zhongting and LAN Yuzhuo were impressed and wanted to talk for two words. It’s best to leave a contact information. There are few people who can cultivate such skills these days. Leaving a contact information is a way to do anything in the future.

When LAN Yuzhuo was ready to speak, Si Yang handed her the small wooden card: “the Yin Ling has been sealed in. You can deal with the follow-up problems.”

LAN Yuzhuo took the wooden card unexpectedly, but he thought that maybe this person thought that Duhua was trivial and troublesome, so he threw it to them. He couldn’t help feeling a little funny, but they came here mainly to deal with it. The source of the trouble was solved, and they should finish it.

LAN Yuzhuo put away the wooden card and said with a smile, “exchange your contact information. The elder has advanced cultivation. If you encounter any trouble that can’t be solved in the future, you may have to rely on the elder to save your life.”

LAN Yuzhuo’s face is slightly round, his eyes are large, and his facial features are very delicate. He is tall. When he doesn’t laugh, he looks cute, but he also has a cold of refusing people thousands of miles away. When he smiles like this, the whole person is sweet like a girl next door, which is easy to make people feel good.

Si Yang had a good impression of the girl in front of him, so he exchanged a contact information according to her meaning.

Cang Yongfeng gasped a little, took an ice cold drink from Zhou Fang, and then asked LAN Yuzhuo, “how do you solve this ghost? Although my sister is weak and obedient to the man, she also has a certain responsibility to have an abortion, but it can’t be that my sister has suffered such a crime, but the man has nothing at all?”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “that man will be lonely and destitute all his life.”

Cang Yongfeng was unwilling: “is it over?”

LAN Yuzhuo gave him a faint look: “the retribution in this life is like this. It’s hard to say in the next life, but don’t think the retribution is light. Husband and wife are one. Your sister can’t escape some things.”

Cang Yongfeng was surprised and turned to look at Siyang. Si Yang nodded at him: “do more good deeds in the future, and it will be regarded as accumulating blessings for the next life.”

Cang Yongfeng opened his mouth to say something, but he didn’t say it at last. He nodded silently.

Originally, I was going to entertain these people to stay for dinner. Although these people were not welcome when they came, they were at least out of goodwill, and they were not ignorant. However, LAN Yuzhuo didn’t stay, but was ready to leave.

Seeing that they seemed to come with a purpose, Cang Yongfeng asked curiously.

LAN Yuzhuo smiled and didn’t speak, Zhao an, who was young and seemed to be coming to make soy sauce, said: “Even if it is such an unscientific thing, we should keep pace with the times. The state has special machines to stare at the mountains and rivers everywhere. Where the Yin is more than a certain degree enough to cause large-scale harm, we will be arranged to check the situation. If we can solve it, we will solve it on the spot. If we can’t solve it, we will report the situation and invite more powerful people.”

Hearing this, Cang Yongfeng and Zhou Fangzhi were shocked. It is said that the country does have such a department, but it is only a legend. After all, this feudal superstition has been the object of key elimination since the founding of the people’s Republic of China. I feel that with a different roommate, the whole world has become completely different.

After LAN Yuzhuo and others left with the sealed spirit, Si Yang came alone to the messy wasteland he had visited before. Go to a random pile of stones, stick one hand to the ground, shake slightly with spiritual power, and a bone nail buried deep in the ground burst out of the ground. At the moment when the bone nail broke through the earth, the village with a dead breath seemed to have come back to life.

As soon as Si Yang stretched out his hand, he nailed the bone in his hand. With a wipe of his fingers, he sealed the strong and almost substantive Yin Qi. If it is not buried here, it is estimated that there will be no Yin Qi change in this area. The Cang family sister will not happen to cause such a Yin fetus because of the passing of the eight characters of her birthday. Looking at the bone nail in his hand, Si Yang frowned slightly. I don’t know which wicked ghost was buried here.


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