Great Celestial Master Chapter 40

Si Yang’s words were undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Cang Yongfeng. Even Zhou Fang and Li Hao who followed him were stunned. They proposed to come to Si Yang for divination. They really just wanted to see whether it was smooth to find Cang Yongfeng’s sister this time. Unexpectedly, this divination directly informed him of his death. Don’t say Cang Yongfeng can’t accept it, even they feel incredible.

Zhou Fang looked at Cang Yongfeng, who was bloodless, and said cautiously, “Yang Yang…” he wanted to ask Si Yang if this was true, accurate or not. He didn’t want to re calculate it and confirm it again? But he couldn’t say that. After three years together, they knew what kind of person Siyang was. He wouldn’t say anything without absolute results.

Li Hao put his hand on Cang Yongfeng’s shoulder and comforted: “don’t worry, Yongfeng, calm down first. Now the most important thing is to find your sister as soon as possible. First, we have to find someone.”

Even if Cang Yongfeng had a hunch that the situation of his missing sister might not be very good, and he even had the worst psychological preparation in his heart, but when someone told him the worst possibility, he suddenly had how to accept it.

Just half a month ago, he went home. His little nephew, who had been fed, was a little fatter, and his sister, who was slowly recuperating. At that time, their family were well. How could it be like this.

Cang Yongfeng trembled uncontrollably and was cold all over: “Yangyang… My sister, she, she really…”

Si Yang nodded: “if your sister is still alive, the white smoke will not change color.”

Li Hao interrupted, “why does this color look so scary?”

Si Yang looked at him: “what this soul symbol is pulling is no longer a living person. Of course, the color reflected after burning is frightening.”

Cang Yongfeng suddenly stood up: “impossible, I don’t believe it! My sister is just missing. I’ll go home right away. Maybe I can find it when I go home!”

Zhou Fang grabbed Cang Yongfeng, who was unwilling to accept the reality: “Yongfeng!” If it was someone else, they might not believe it, but this was said by Si Yang. If Si Yang didn’t tell them that he was not allowed to divine for them in recent years, the last time Si Yang handled the vaginal fetus for Cang Yongfeng’s sister was enough to prove that Si Yang was really capable. So instead of letting Cang Yongfeng escape from reality, it’s better to ask if there is any way to find people, whether life or death.

Zhou Fang didn’t understand what Cang Yongfeng meant, but it was because he knew Si Yang’s ability that he was more reluctant to accept the reality.

Cang Yongfeng suddenly grabbed Si Yang’s arm: “Yang Yang, can you find my sister’s soul? I want to know where she is and who killed her!”

Siyang shook his head and said: “I can’t find it, because the soul charm’s ability is to attract the soul. If the person looking for is still alive, the soul charm can feel it. I will know where she is. If the person looking for is not alive, she will pull the soul over. But now the soul charm has been burned, but your sister’s soul has not been pulled over. There are only two possibilities. One is controlled by what force It’s frightening to stop or be killed by someone in a vicious way. ”

Cang Yongfeng couldn’t buy the channel: “how is this possible! My sister never offends people. She always talks quietly with people. Is it Lin Jian? Who would be so vicious except Lin Jian!”

Siyang sighed: “close your eyes.”

Cang Yongfeng hurriedly did so. Si Yang put a little in the center of his eyebrows and introduced the picture he saw when he just burned the soul symbol into his brain. Because Cang Yongfeng is just an ordinary person with limited bearing capacity, and Siyang controls his strength, the pictures introduced into his brain are also somewhat fragmented.

In the picture, Cang Wenli walks on a path that Cang Yongfeng is very familiar with. That’s the way home. Cang Yongfeng will never admit his mistake when he walks from childhood to the big road. Suddenly, a man in black jumped out of the bushes, covered cangwenli’s mouth and dragged her into the bushes when cangwenli had no time to struggle.

At that time, it was a little dark. Originally, there were not many people in his area. Few people were seen on the road during the day, let alone after sunset. So even if Cang Wenli is struggling hard, a woman’s strength itself can’t beat a man, not to mention Cang Wenli’s confinement.

As soon as the picture turns, a very shabby room looks like an abandoned warehouse, but there is a big tin table and a bathtub in the room. Cang Yongfeng saw his sister Cang Wenli put in a bathtub full of water by the man in black clothes, black mask and black hat.

Cang Wenli was very weak lying in the bathtub. Her face was pale and her expression seemed to be in some pain. She tried to struggle out of the bathtub several times, but she didn’t even have the strength to raise her hand.

The man in black was brushing something on the big iron table. He looked very serious. He didn’t even give a glimmer of light to cangwenli in the bathtub. The old incandescent lamp emits a dim light overhead, a group of mosquitoes constantly fly around the bulb, and the man’s expression is like an ancient ceremony, incomparably pious.

When the whole table was painted with something like grease, the man went to the bathtub and looked at the Cang Wenli with her mouth open and closed silently begging for mercy in the bathtub. He didn’t even have a look wave.

Even wearing a mask, Cang Yongfeng could still feel the man’s numbness and indifference. He watched the man in black hold Cang Wenli out of the bathtub. Cang Wenli didn’t know whether she was fed medicine or what she did. She didn’t even have any strength. The frightened voice of begging for mercy seemed to be scraped out of her throat, almost shouting out, But it was like being pinched by someone’s throat. I could only see the shape of my mouth, but I couldn’t spit out half a word.

In Cang Wenli’s frightened eyes, the man slowly picked up a small silver scalpel, and the tip of the knife directly pierced into the skin of the heart.

The picture was interrupted here. Cang Yongfeng suddenly opened his eyes, turned his head and spit directly holding the garbage can on one side. This is a symptom that people will produce when they are passionate. It is also a physiological reaction that the body cannot bear after bearing the power of Siyang’s shadow into the brain.

When Cang Yongfeng finally calmed down, Jingrou hurried forward to clean up and poured Cang Yongfeng a cup of warm tea again. Cang Yongfeng still couldn’t recover from seeing his sister’s death with his own eyes. Li Hao and Zhou Fang didn’t know what Cang Yongfeng had just seen. It was only a few seconds from Si Yang ordering Cang Yongfeng’s eyebrows to he turned around and vomited. Naturally, they couldn’t imagine that Cang Yongfeng had seen the death of his relatives. At the moment, seeing the beautiful lady, she helped their classmates clean up the dirt. She quickly got up and wanted to help.

When Jingrou was dealing with the dirt, she came to the living room from the backyard of her dream, nodded politely to the host’s guests, and lit a incense in the living room. The smell was very light, but it smelled very good. Li Hao and Zhou Fang were more or less sleepy at night. After smelling the fragrance, they seemed to be refreshing and their spirit was better. Cang Yongfeng’s mood slowly eased down, but his eyes were red. Obviously, the picture he had just seen had a great impact on him.

Afraid that he was still uncomfortable, Zhou Fang patted him on the back: “how’s it going? Is it better? Why did you suddenly throw up?”

Cang Yongfeng closed his eyes and said hoarsely, “I see, my sister.”

Zhou Fang and Li Hao were surprised and said, “see? Where’s your sister? How did you see it? It was Yang Yang who just poked you?”

Cang Yongfeng covered his face and said in great pain, “it’s a man in black. He killed my sister. It’s very possible that the man is a corpse murderer who has made people panic recently.”

Li Hao and Zhou Fang looked at each other: “murderer? You said your sister was killed by the murderer in the campus corpse shredding case? Did you see the man’s appearance and the surrounding environment?”

Li Hao said: “my family has acquaintances in the police station. Yongfeng, think about it. I’ll help your contact to find out immediately.”

Cang Yongfeng wiped his tearful face and said hoarsely to Siyang, “do you have a pen and paper?”

Siyang glances at Jingrou. Jingrou quickly takes a pen and paper aside and hands it to him.

When Cang Yongfeng drew down what he saw with a deep memory, Zhou Fang asked Si Yang, “Yang Yang, how did you let Yongfeng see that? Can you really see what happened before your sister died?”

Siyang Road: “This soul charm has the ability to attract souls. Through the eight characters of the birth date and the blood power of relatives, even if the soul is gone, as long as the body is still there, it is still a little attractive. Even if this traction can’t attract the soul, you can feel the things in the last memory of the dead. However, this can only be done within seven days of the death. After seven days, the anger dissipates It won’t work. ”

Zhou Fang couldn’t help but say, “can I have a look too? Yongfeng is worried about his sister. The pictures he sees must be around his sister. I might be able to observe what Yongfeng didn’t notice.”

Si Yang glanced at him, Let Jingrou clean up all the things on the table: “you have no blood relationship with the dead, and you don’t have any Taoist skills. You didn’t see Yongfeng spit it out for a few seconds. You have nothing to do. You want to see is to spy on other people’s privacy. Being eaten back is not as simple as spitting out. You may directly become a fool. You want to see?”

Zhou Fang quickly shook his head. Li Hao called them and said, “through my father’s relationship, I got the phone number of the person in charge of the body shredding case. It seems that it’s Pang Zheng and Yang Yang, the captain of the criminal police detachment. Can I send him the address here, or we can just book a hotel nearby. It’s estimated that this matter is not so easy to solve.”

Si Yang didn’t care and said, “send it. Don’t go back to school. Just stay with me for the time being.”

Even though the above has set up a special case solving team and dispatched some experts to help study and solve the case, the case still has no progress after the death of two people, which makes Pang’s pressure not generally great. National attention, the above constant pressure, and according to the murderer’s current known crime habits, maybe a third person has been killed. In a few days, the body may be found again in a university. If this happened a third time, he could hardly imagine how bad it would be.

Pang Zheng just hung up his wife’s phone and looked at the time. It was more than one o’clock in the morning. He rubbed his eyebrows tired. He planned to make a cup of coffee and continue to study the case information that can be recited with his eyes closed. He heard the phone ring again after two steps. Seeing the strange call, Pang Zheng frowned slightly and pressed connect.

After hanging up, Pang Zheng quickly called two team members to fly to the rich area. No matter whether the call is true or false, as long as there is a little clue, we can’t let go!

According to the address mentioned on the phone, Pang Zheng and others came to the door of the community. The security guard may have been notified, checked their certificates and names, and let them in. Looking for the house number all the way to the place mentioned on the phone, a woman with classical and beautiful appearance stood at the door. When she saw them, she opened the door and led them in without saying anything.

Along the way, Pang Zheng and his two team members observed the environment habitually. Even if a person walked, he could see a lot of things, but there was a sense of disobedience in the walking pace of the woman’s back shape in front of him, but they couldn’t tell where this sense of disobedience came from.

And from the moment you step into the door, the two worlds inside and outside the door feel quite obvious. It is not the change brought by temperature, but a change of breath, just like ordinary people can feel the simplicity and gloom left by that time when they enter an ancient house for hundreds of years. Obviously, it is a house with bright and clean windows and a full sense of modernity, but it makes them feel that they can’t see through everywhere.

Pang Zheng and his two team members unconsciously became vigilant. As soon as they entered the room, Pang Zheng instinctively observed and analyzed the people in the room. Four men and two women, one woman just led them in, and another woman stood aside like a maid. The four boys looked young and looked obviously like a group of students, With his sharp vision of handling cases for many years, he can also see the people in the house. The only thing that makes him unable to see through or even instinctively afraid is the young man with the most exquisite eyebrows sitting in the middle of the sofa.


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