Great Celestial Master Chapter 41

Seeing the people who came in, Li Hao quickly stood up: “officer Pang, Hello, I’m Li Hao. If I just talked to you on the phone, please come so late.”

Pang Zheng said directly, “you said you had clues to the murderer. What clues do you have?”

Jingrou brings three cups of tea and quietly retreats to one side. The two policemen who followed Pang Zhenglai couldn’t help glancing at her. It was not like a maid, which made their sense of disobedience stronger and stronger.

Cang Yongfeng handed Pang Zheng what he had drawn with his memory: “this is what I saw.”

Pang Zheng took the pieces of paper and listened to Cang Yongfeng say it from beginning to end. He was also on the scene when the leader invited the special department to investigate, and he has been a criminal policeman for so many years. Now he sits as the captain of the Zhongdu criminal police detachment. He will always touch something that ordinary people can’t touch. He also knows the existence of the Heavenly Master group.

Hearing Cang Yongfeng’s words, Pang Zhengchao looked at Si Yang: “is Mr. si a Heavenly Master?”

Si Yang smiled at him without saying anything, but Pang Zheng thought it was acquiescence, so he couldn’t help wondering, “as far as I know, the Heavenly Master basically doesn’t intervene in our cases in the secular world.”

Now the whole country is concerned about the corpse shredding case, which has a considerable impact, but they don’t have a clue. They would have invited the Heavenly Master if they could, but they also know that the Heavenly Master won’t intervene in such things. I don’t know how many unsolved files there are in the police station. If the Heavenly Master can intervene, there will be no sadness of helplessness after the appeal period has expired.

Siyang smiled: “but I didn’t help you. I just took money to find missing relatives for others. As for what I found, it’s beyond my control.”

You should know that his doing these things is not affected by the Heavenly Master’s so-called five evils and three lack of life, just as his merits and virtues will not fall on him and his bad deeds will not be punished. This kind of life style of people outside the world is originally a legend. I don’t know whether it is lucky or unfortunate. He has become such an existence.

The reason why he will make some actions that seem to eliminate cause and effect is not his own, but others. Since he came to this world, it’s better to follow the rules of this world. For a long time, he may also have a sense of belonging to this world.

The most terrible thing is not that he has nothing to rely on, but that he has no root in his heart. When hengtianzong is gone, he even has no obsession to go back. This is the most terrible thing.

Hearing what Si Yang said, Pang Zheng had nothing to say. He picked up several pictures painted by Cang Yongfeng. Probably because he was not a professional, the paintings were very abstract. Looking at them, he concluded: “it was your sister who ambushed your sister near your house. How tall are you wearing a Hoodie, a hat and a black mask?”

Cang Yongfeng said, “my sister’s height is 165. When the man rushed out, he was a head taller than my sister, and there was surplus.”

A small policeman from Pang Zhenglai said: “according to what experts speculated before, the murderer is male, with a strong and thin physique and a height of about 175 to 18 meters.”

Pang Zheng asked, “can you draw the man’s eyes accurately?”

Cang Yongfeng looked at the pictures that Pang Zheng still had in his hand. On them, there was the appearance of the murderer he had painted. However, his paintings were probably too soul and might not be easy to identify.

Pang Zheng was also helpless: “wait a minute, please go back to the police station with us to see if you can piece together the shape of the murderer through the local identification card.”

Cang Yongfeng naturally wouldn’t refuse. Pang Zheng drew another picture: “is this the scene outside the warehouse you painted?”

Cang Yongfeng nodded: “because it was a flash picture, I didn’t see it very clearly, but there seemed to be a lot of weeds outside the warehouse, and there was something that looked like a chimney, but it was very dark at that time, so I didn’t see it very clearly.”

Pang Zheng was silent for a moment and said to Siyang, “can you show me that picture?” If he can also see the picture of the third victim being killed, he will certainly be able to find out more clues.

Si Yang shook his head: “the effect of soul talisman has passed, and the anger on the body has dissipated, so there is no way.”

One of the policemen with a computer said, “chimneys are not allowed in the city center. I found that all the places with chimneys in the central city are in operation and abandoned. There are abandoned warehouses next to them. There are 12 qualified ones.”

Pang Zheng put several pieces of drawing paper into the file bag: “Xiao Lin, you take Mr. Cang back to the bureau to take notes. Sheng an, you send me the points of the twelve chimneys. I’ll contact the team to dispatch people and try to check all the twelve places before dawn.”

Cang Yongfeng hurriedly said, “can I go with you?”

Pang Zheng looked at him and said, “there are many professional professors in the Bureau. You need to go back with Kobayashi to take notes and see if you can recall more clues. We will assign many teams to investigate all points as soon as possible, so it’s useless for you to follow us.”

Pang Zheng said to Si Yang on the sofa, “anyway, thank God si more this time. Compared with our headless flies, this discovery is very important to us. We will try to solve the case as soon as possible and bring the murderer to justice!”

Pang Zheng said that he took people away directly. Li Hao and Zhou Fang originally wanted to accompany Cang Yongfeng to the police station for fear that something would happen if he was too emotional, but Cang Yongfeng refused because they didn’t sleep all night. Since the matter has happened, it’s better to cheer up and find their sister and murderer earlier than blindly indulging in pain and suffering and unwilling to accept the reality.

After everyone left, the living room fell into silence for a moment. The accident happened too suddenly. Originally, an irrelevant social focus happened around him, and his good friend’s sister was still the victim. Even now, the body may have been divided into thousands by the murderer. If the murderer is not found early, in a few days, his good friend’s sister’s body will be dumped on a university campus. This is terrible. Let alone Cang Yongfeng, even they can’t accept it.

Seeing them sitting, Si Yang asked, “are you hungry? Do you want to eat?”

Zhou Fang and Li Hao shook their heads at the same time. Who can eat at this time.

“Then go and have a rest. Yongfeng won’t come back tonight. The room is ready. Jingrou, take them to the guest room.”

Jingrou, who was on one side, said in a low voice, “yes.”

Zhou Fang was stunned when he looked at it with a gentle attitude. He couldn’t help coming up to Siyang’s ear and whispered, “where did you find this person? Don’t use your face to abduct an ignorant girl who has not been deeply involved in the world?” That temperament is not like being a maid. It looks more beautiful than many big stars.

Siyang slightly raised his eyebrow: “do you want to know?”

Zhou Fang nodded again and again. Si Yang also came to his ear and whispered, “this is the ghost servant I received. It’s an old ghost for hundreds of years.”

Zhou Fang instantly shocked his face!

Li Hao’s guest room can just see the small garden. Originally, he planned to sleep. When he saw Si Yang still sitting in the small garden, he didn’t know whether to enjoy flowers or watch stars. After thinking about it, he couldn’t help going downstairs.

Si Yang smiled when he saw him and poured a glass of juice into the empty cup next to him: “don’t drink tea at night. Don’t worry about drinking it. This juice won’t get fat and can improve beauty.”

Li Hao sat opposite Siyang, took a sip of fruit juice, smashed his mouth, which was inconsistent with the fruit flavor he knew, and he didn’t know what fruit juice it was. But now is not the time to talk about this. Seeing that Si Yang has prepared a cup for him, I’m not sure that he will come down, but he doesn’t know how to speak about some things.

People’s feelings are very tough. Sometimes they can twist into a rope when they encounter great difficulties. But sometimes the feelings are really fragile. Maybe a casual word can produce cracks. He was afraid that his improper question would destroy the relationship.

He didn’t know how to speak. Si Yang said first, “I want to ask about sister Cang Yongfeng?”

Li Hao nodded: “a year ago, I didn’t sign a contract with a brokerage company. I was trying to make a living by myself. I didn’t go home for a long time. You suddenly told me to let me go home that day, otherwise I would regret it all my life. I listened to your words and sent my grandmother away for the last trip. I didn’t have any regrets. Therefore, before the accident of Yongfeng’s sister, did you… Count it?”

Siyang shook his head. When Li Hao subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief, he listened to Siyang again: “because I saw it, I didn’t count.”

Li Hao was stunned: “what do you mean?”

“When we went to the hospital that day, I saw the death of Cang Wenli.”

Li Hao immediately didn’t know what to say. The king of hell let people die in the third watch and won’t leave people until the fifth watch. Therefore, even Si Yang can’t save a person destined to die.

Siyang looked at him: “I’m blaming me for not telling Yongfeng?”

Li Hao took a sip of juice and shook his head: “how can it be? If you can save it, you won’t keep silent. Just don’t let Yongfeng know about it. It’s your own relatives. There will always be a pimple in your heart.”

Si Yang said, “his sister was destined to die.”

Li Hao looked at him: “because of the previous vaginal fetus? Didn’t you solve it?”

“Do you know what another saying is about abortion?”

Li Hao shook his head. He didn’t know about this, and he never knew about it. How can a little virgin who has been single for more than 20 years span directly from a woman to a child at once.

“There is also a saying that the baby is clamped. It is aborted after one to two months of pregnancy. Because the fetus has not been fully formed, it is OK to rely on the outflow of drugs. However, the child of four or five months has been formed. Even if he is killed by drugs in his stomach, it is not so easy to be discharged from the body. At this time, he has to rely on manpower to crush the child a little bit and then flow out of the body.”

Siyang said and looked at Li Hao: “the children beaten by Cang Wenli have been more than five months each.”

Li Hao took a breath of air-conditioning. He really didn’t know that abortion was such a cruel thing. Even though he had never known about it, he also saw a lot of advertisements. He went with what he did and painless flow of people.

After a long silence, Li Haocai lost his voice and asked, “but these days, many abortions and abortions are caused by various reasons. Will they also have retribution?”

Si Yang smiled: “Isn’t there a saying that everyone has his own life? People’s life style is different. Even if it’s retribution, it’s not life-related retribution. Losing money, falling down and getting entangled in trivial things for a period of time are not retribution. But Cang Wenli’s own life style is not good. If she is kind to others and keeps accumulating blessings, she will be lucky in her life, but I’m sorry she’s not blessed. ”

What’s more, I don’t know how long the evil bone nail has been buried on the top of the mountain. Those who are tough will be affected, let alone cangwenli. At the beginning of school, when he first saw Cang Yongfeng, he felt a little strange. Cang Yongfeng’s life style was not bad, and his mind was not bad. He was not a very rich life, but on the whole, he was successful.

But every once in a while, something always happens at home, or something happens to him, which is not quite consistent with his destiny. He didn’t understand until he saw the bone nail that time. Unfortunately, some things have been affected too deeply.

Li Hao took a deep breath and drank up the juice: “Yang Yang, if you can, can you help Yongfeng?” People are dead. It would be cruel for Yongfeng’s family if they were abandoned in that way. It may be selfish to think so, but people are inevitably close and distant. They will also feel sorry for the other two victims, but they are strangers who have no intersection with themselves. But now, this is their good brother’s family.

Li Hao said, “I’ll just say that. I don’t know much about this. What’s the metaphysics of cause and effect? If this matter will have an impact on yourself, then treat it as if I didn’t say it. I’ll go up first and you’ll have a rest early.”

After Li Hao entered the house, Si Yang looked at LAN Jinxiu, who had been standing outside their iron door for a while, and smiled: “do you want to come in and have a glass of juice?”

On the other hand, things went unexpectedly well, but it can also be said that they did not go well. Pang Zheng assigned three teams to look for places with chimneys and abandoned warehouses in line with Cang Yongfeng’s words. When Pang Zheng’s team found the second warehouse, another team said they found the warehouse suspected of the first crime scene.

Pang Zheng and others rushed to the warehouse. The chimney outside the warehouse, the abandoned warehouse, the bathtub, and a big tin table were almost the same as Cang Yongfeng’s description. But there was no one in the warehouse, only the strong smell of blood and decay.

The four walls of the warehouse are all dark red, and the ground is also sticky and dirty. Some blood stains are dark red and black, which proves that it has been a long time, and some blood stains seem to be short of talent. It should be these days. In a corner, there is a huge iron pot.

When the personnel removed the cover on the iron pot, the unspeakable smell filled the whole. The people who had seen the scene of corpse fragmentation were really overwhelmed by the smell. They took out the plastic bag and squatted outside and vomited.

Although the murderer was not found, the place where the suspected first crime scene was found was of great help to their investigation. And they also made a quite amazing discovery that a bright red spell was drawn under the iron table. This time, the case becomes more complicated.


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