Great Celestial Master Chapter 42

LAN Jinxiu pushed open the iron door and came in. He sat where Li Hao had just sat. Siyang put the cup Li Hao had drunk aside and waved it. A new cup appeared on the table. Although LAN Jinxiu didn’t know where all the sudden extra things came from, he was not surprised. He picked up the kettle with juice on the table and poured himself a cup.

“I saw several waves of people coming to your house tonight. I was worried about whether something had happened, so I came to have a look.”

Si Yang smiled at him and said, “should I send you a warm-hearted and good neighbor’s banner to show my appreciation?”

LAN Jinxiu looked at him and asked, “do you want to help that classmate?”

Si Yang asked, “do you think I should help you?”

LAN Jingxiu was silent for a while. After drinking the juice, he said, “if it doesn’t have any impact on yourself, it depends on whether you want to help. If it has any impact on you, I don’t want you to help.”

Si Yang looked at LAN Jingxiu and said nothing. LAN Jin said, “although the ability of the Heavenly Master is different from that of ordinary people, but really speaking, the Heavenly Master has paid and sacrificed much more than ordinary people. Once the Heavenly Master has committed five evils and three deficiencies, it will be much more difficult than ordinary people, so you are also good. Jade carving is good. I’d rather you be cold-blooded and selfish and live a good life.”

Si Yang smiled: “but people who are too selfish will have no friends.”

LAN Jingxiu said, “if you need to make sacrifices, you don’t need such friends. I think you don’t lack such friends.”

Siyang smiled and said, “I don’t need my help this time. I just don’t know if it will fall on your sister.”

LAN Jingxiu looked at him puzzled. Siyang said, “you should have heard that many school sites are rebuilt in cemeteries. Because the students are very angry, they can suppress Yin.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded. There is indeed such a saying, but really speaking, there is no special feeling as long as he doesn’t go to the dark and deserted places in the school when his physique has not been suppressed before. So this statement is more likely to be rumors, like the ghost stories fabricated on some forums, most of which are falsely spread.

Si Yang asked him, “do you think the murderer threw his body on major campuses just to create news and provoke the newspaper of the judicial department?”

LAN Jingxiu frowned slightly: “but there was a Heavenly Master who examined the body at that time. It can be determined that it was man-made. There was no special energy on the body.”

Siyang looked at him and smiled without saying anything. LAN Jingxiu himself was not a stupid person. They all pointed out that if he didn’t understand it, it would be impossible to develop Lan’s family to this extent.

“You mean this thing is really man-made, but this man’s purpose is not just to kill. What he does is some kind of ritual, and he wants to achieve his purpose through this ritual?”

Si Yang said, “so some feudal superstitions really need to be broken. Feudal superstitions kill people.”

At the abandoned warehouse, Pang Zheng reported the investigation and took a picture of the spell behind the big iron table. The above person immediately handed over the information to the secret service group. However, the secret service group I had just finished working for the Japanese before, and now they are busy investigating the contract of the Forbidden City. There are not enough people, so this time the matter was directly transferred to the secret service group II.

The captain of secret service group 2 is Shan Hexuan. He is very young and only in his thirties, but his accomplishments are very high. He can be said to be a top-notch presence in the whole secret service department. Unfortunately, he was born in a bad family, neither grass-roots nor aristocratic family.

Shan Hexuan was originally an orphan. It is said that he was born with special abilities. He was born to eat the bowl of rice of the Heavenly Master, just like some people born with Yin and Yang eyes. However, no one seems to know his special ability except himself, but it is also because of his special nature that he naturally committed the solitary life of five evils and three deficiencies.

Solitary life in the five evils and three deficiencies represents the suppression of father and mother. Perhaps it was because of his life style that an accident took the lives of his biological parents when he was two years old. Later, he was adopted, but as long as he adopted his family, there would always be accidents in the end. After tossing and turning again and again, he gradually knew that he was a nemesis. In addition, those ignorant children in the orphanage always ridiculed him, excluded him and isolated him because of these things, which also led to the distortion of his whole childhood.

Later, perhaps it was fate that he was met by an idle Taoist. The Taoist had a little eyesight and saw his destiny, so he took him into the Xuanmen. Since you are born with this kind of life, you might as well take this bowl of rice and eat it. The future fortune depends on your own.

Shan Hexuan followed the Taoist priest until he was ten years old. As a result, he Boyi liked him at that time, and then he got into the door. As a result, he Boyi was faked to death by a natural disaster shortly after he started. At that time, he himself was just starting and was not old. He Boyi’s life was spared when Xuanmen cleaned up his minions.

Later, Shan Hexuan returned to the old Taoist priest. He had thought that he would live so peacefully in his life. Although he entered the Xuanmen, it was not very important for him to cultivate or not. He would be satisfied as long as he no longer killed the people around him.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. In the year of his adulthood, the old Taoist also died, but his death was very strange. The whole internal power was sucked dry, and the body was made into a puppet. But the puppet was so clever that he didn’t even know that the old Taoist was dead until the puppet said that he was an adult and it was time to teach him the skill of pressing the bottom of the box, so he took him to the deep mountain.

As a result, Shan Hexuan noticed the abnormality on the way. When he wanted to run, Shengsheng was caught by the puppet. At that time, an old Heavenly Master of the secret service department passed by from a distance. When he noticed the fluctuation of spiritual power, he turned to have a look. Only then did he save him and found the trace of he Boyi.

The old Taoist was killed by he Boyi. Shan Hexuan naturally hated him. He wanted to avenge the old Taoist. Naturally, he was more diligent in cultivation, but he had no way to buy pills, so he applied to the secret service department and climbed all the way to the position of captain.

The reason why he came from a bad background is that he entered he Boyi’s door and had a criminal record in the secret service department. He almost failed the political trial in that year, thanks to the old Heavenly Master who saved him in that year. Even now he is the captain of the second group, but some resources still prefer the first group. Many people who join the secret service team will also consider one group first.

So at the moment, the thing that the group can’t do is naturally that he will take over, but Shan Hexuan is not dissatisfied. On the contrary, his group members have some small opinions.

“Benefits are enjoyed by others, and hard work is done by us. The old saying goes that parents are the eldest in their hearts, and the youngest is the treasure in their hearts. It’s true that they can’t fall at both ends.”

Shan Hexuan looked at the man who was complaining without expression. The man immediately made a sealed posture. Seeing the boss get out of the car, he quickly picked up his tools and followed him.

The whole abandoned warehouse has been blocked. Shan Hexuan only brought two people. One is persimmon. Because it is soft, it is a group pet in the group, but it is also a group bully, so it is nicknamed persimmon. In addition, the one who complained just now was called a monk. Of course, he was not a real monk, but when he just joined the group, he was burned by a fierce ghost during the examination, and then he simply shaved his head, which gave him the nickname. Of course, he also has an individual nickname called ghost fire, but such a shameful nickname was not called under his firm resistance.

Shan Hexuan went to the door of the warehouse, showed his work permit to the blocked personnel, and then walked in. Before approaching them, they had smelled a strong smell of blood, but although it was gloomy nearby, the Yin Qi was within a reasonable range. The compass pointer in Persimmon’s hand didn’t fly. The monk looked at the compass in his hand: “no problem.”

When Pang Zheng saw the visitor and got to know each other, he told Shan Hexuan some clues he found. Of course, the key point was the spell under the iron table.

Shan Hexuan frowned imperceptibly as soon as he entered the warehouse. Pang Zheng took him to the iron table: “I’m not sure that the murderer drew this spell just to suppress evil. He wanted to comfort his heart after killing, or there were other purposes. For the sake of safety, I can only invite you to see it.”

“This is a plain grain ghost Sutra, not to suppress evil.” Shan Hexuan’s cold voice made the dark abandoned warehouse seem bright. Several police officers who were still seriously searching for evidence unconsciously turned back and looked at the visitor, but it was a pity that the man just looked down and observed the spell seriously, but the big long legs made people greedy.

Pang Zheng frowned: “plain ghost Sutra? Can you talk about it in detail?”

Shan Hexuan didn’t speak again, The persimmon with a compass on one side said: “The plain grain ghost Sutra talisman is not only a spell to expel ghosts and steal, but also a very murderous evil talisman. It’s too complex for you to understand. I’ll put it simply. It’s said that once this spell is formed, it can produce a Yin pill. This Yin pill is derived from the combination of extreme resentment and vitality through the medium of the ghost in the place where the Yin gathers.”

Pang Zheng didn’t understand: “what’s the benefit of this Yin pill to people?”

The monk standing next to Shan Hexuan smiled at the speech: “There are so many advantages. Why is there so few heavenly masters? In addition to the current environmental reasons, there are also conditions for whether they can cultivate. If they can have special abilities, who wants to be an ordinary person? Apart from others, cultivating and prolonging life is enough to attract many people. However, this threshold is set by God. It is all life, but if there is a fight If you have the ability to break this kind of life, you will not be able to resist temptation. This Yin pill is enough to change your destiny. ”

The monk himself is a little talkative. When he sees Pang Zheng, he listens carefully, So I said more: “You should have heard of the inner elixir and demon elixir in the novel. This Yin elixir is similar to those similar things. As long as you eat this Yin elixir, the person’s body is equivalent to more containers containing Yin Qi. If Yin Qi enters the body, it is not far from death, but the person who makes Yin elixir is different. Since he can refine Yin elixir, it proves that He has integrated with this spell, so slowly the person’s body will be transformed into a half Yin and half Yang body. At that time, it will not only be able to practice, but also be more powerful than many heavenly masters who have been practicing hard for decades.

And it is said that this half Yin and half Yang body can live as long as it can continuously absorb Yin and Yang Qi. This Yin Qi is easy to say. Isn’t this Yang Qi absorbing the vitality of living people? When the murderer really gets the Yin pill, I don’t know how many people will be killed at that time. ”

Hearing this, someone couldn’t help whispering, “if there were such a way, wouldn’t the world have been chaotic long ago? Who doesn’t want to live longer if they have money and power.”

The monk narrowed his eyes and smiled at the little policeman, “isn’t it, so smart people won’t do such stupid things, and only those with brain problems will believe this superstition.”

Pang Zhengchao asked Shan Hexuan, “should this be the jurisdiction of your secret service department or the murder of ordinary people?”

Strictly speaking, this is still within the scope of ordinary people’s murder. After all, someone made that kind of crazy murder case through feudal superstition, but the murderer can know this kind of magic, and there may be special things to help him complete this kind of magic, which is beyond the scope of ordinary people.

Shan Hexuan pondered for a moment before opening his mouth: “we took the case. You arranged for someone to hand over the information.”

Pang Zheng nodded. It’s not that he wanted to shirk the burden on him. It’s just that the lunatic murderer could catch one less victim one day earlier. It’s better to transfer it to a special department than ordinary people to find the murderer.

However, Pang Zheng said: “We were able to find this place today thanks to a Heavenly Master of your Xuanmen. However, Heavenly Master Si helped his classmates find his missing sister, but he didn’t expect to see the warehouse through the picture sensed by the soul symbol. Now we can probably determine that the third victim is Cang Wenli, and his brother Cang Yongfeng is taking a statement in our bureau, far from the murderer In terms of the law of discarding the body twice, three days later, it is likely to be the time for the murderer to abandon the body. ”

Shan Hexuan’s eyes fluctuated obviously when he heard the three words of Heavenly Master Si: “Heavenly Master Si, is it Mr. Si Yang?”

Pang Zheng nodded and said, “yes, a very young Heavenly Master.”

Shan Hexuan nodded to him, indicating that he knew. Originally, Shan Hexuan was still thinking about when he would have the opportunity to meet the mysterious elder. He Boyi was able to solve it completely because of the mysterious Heavenly Master. At that time, he was on duty outside and couldn’t come back. Fortunately, he was told that he Boyi’s matter had been solved when he came back.

If he were in Zhongdu at that time, he would rather die with he Boyi. So even if the matter has passed, he still wants to have the opportunity to express his gratitude face to face. Unexpectedly, he took a task and the opportunity was sent to the door.


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