Great Celestial Master Chapter 43

I don’t know if it’s because the impact is too big, which leads to too tired. Li Hao and Zhou Fang, who thought they would stay awake all night, fell asleep and slept until dawn.

When Zhou Fang grabbed his hair and yawned vaguely out of the room, he bumped into Shen ran. Almost subconsciously, he said, “brother Shen ran?”

Shen ran smiled at him and replied, “good morning.”

Then Zhou Fang’s expression was fixed directly. A damn expression widened his frightened eyes and retreated. Li Hao, who came out from the next door, didn’t know Shen ran, but he was at Siyang’s home. Thinking that he might be Siyang’s friend, he nodded to him and said hello. Seeing Zhou Fang’s expression, which could be a screenshot of the expression bag, he said silently, “what’s the matter in the morning? Shit.”

Zhou Fang pointed to Shen ran: “Shen… Brother Shen ran? You, are you a human or a ghost!”

A few days ago, there was a noisy crossing event. Finally, the protagonist Shen ran was kidnapped and killed. Li Hao still remembered the name, so he looked at the innocent man in front of him in surprise.

Shen ran shrugged at them: “your classmates are heavenly masters. It’s not unusual to see ghosts in heavenly masters’ homes.”

Before Zhou Fang reacted, Li Hao was stunned: “is it true or false? Are those little sisters in this family really ghosts?”

Shen ran nodded: “of course, ordinary maids can have such temperament. Those maids are all from the palace. By the way, there is a royal chef in this family. Unfortunately, you said last night that you had no appetite, otherwise you can taste the food made by the real Royal chef.”

Even if he was in the room last night, he knew what happened outside. But it was too late last night. There had been an accident at the classmate Siyang’s house. If he appeared again, the whole would be more chaotic. So he had to listen to the corner with Fat Chef and xiaofuzi. However, since Si Yang didn’t tell him not to come out, it proved that it didn’t matter that he appeared in front of people, so he wandered out early in the morning. But this damn expression is really cute.

Zhou Fang swallowed his saliva. He thought Siyang said yesterday that the maid’s little sister was a ghost. He was teasing him. He didn’t take it seriously at all. But it’s terrible to see the dead man appear in front of him again, okay! Even the sudden appearance of relatives can scare people to death, not to mention people who have met several times. Zhou Fang didn’t pee on the spot. He was really brave.

Li Hao doesn’t know Shen ran. At this time, Shen Ran is no different from a big living man. The key is that Shen ran still looks very good. He looks beautiful and gentle, with picturesque eyebrows and eyes. Although he doesn’t look as amazing as Si Yang, he is definitely a handsome man of high quality. Therefore, Li Hao only feels absurd and doesn’t feel terrible when he hears that he is a ghost.

Si Yang stood by the handrail of the stairs and looked at them: “what are you doing there early in the morning? Are you in touch?”

Zhou Fang instinctively rushed to Si Yang’s side, held Si Yang’s arm like a little daughter-in-law, and asked with a pale face, “Yang, Yang, what’s the matter?”

Si Yang smiled at him and said, “that’s what you see. In this family, except the three of us are big living people, the others are not people. But don’t worry, they are no different from people now. Just treat them as people. Well, come down to breakfast and let you see the luxury under the imperial power system.”

The imperial chef who failed to make a snack for his two classmates last night was holding his breath. He began to play drums in the kitchen in the middle of the night, which is bound to open his classmates’ eyes.

The impact of this early morning made Zhou Fang still feel a little nervous. Even in the face of a table of delicious food, he was on pins and needles. Li Hao is very open. What if it’s a ghost? Their brother is a Heavenly Master. What’s strange about raising a few ghosts at home.

However, seeing the dazzling and exquisite breakfast on the table, like shooting TV props, I still can’t help but wonder: “Yangyang, is that what you eat every day? Is it too extravagant? It died early in the morning. We don’t like the monarchy.”

A large area is placed on the table that is not small. Each meal is filled with exquisite small plates. The quantity is small, but it is quite exquisite. Even each small plate is decorated with flowers of various colors and shapes carved with things that do not know what ingredients. Regardless of the taste, it is a great visual enjoyment.

Si Yang calmly sat down: “of course not. It was yesterday that you refused to be the imperial chef who was preparing to make a snack for you, so today you made a big move to let you know how much you lost if you didn’t eat that snack last night.”

Seeing that Siyang was ready to move chopsticks, Li Hao shouted, “wait a minute!”

Si Yang understood what he meant, put down his chopsticks and leaned out. Li Hao picked up his mobile phone, took a picture of the delicious food on the table from various angles, and took a lot of photos himself. Then he was satisfied and said, “OK, let’s eat.”

Si Yang shook his head reluctantly. He really didn’t understand. What did the ceremony of taking pictures before dinner start from? He could understand that he took some pictures that he hadn’t eaten. But in the same store, his classmates could take pictures every time. It’s the same thing. What’s the meaning.

Zhou Fang saw that Li Hao was completely OK. He was surrounded by his familiar friends. In addition, the male ghosts and female ghosts in this room were not terrible. They were even very pleasing to the eye. Slowly, he seemed to accept it and took out his mobile phone to start shooting.

Li Haopu sniffed and said to him, “you’re a typical one. There’s no big thing that can’t be solved. Why, you’re not afraid. It’s surrounded by ghosts.”

Zhou Fang turned his eyes: “Grandpa Yuchu was unhappy that he didn’t eat last night. If I don’t eat today, I’m afraid grandpa Yuchu will be even more unhappy!” Then he took a piece of chopsticks and put it into his mouth. After biting twice, he immediately widened his eyes: “delicious!!”

Maybe it’s to slow down. Maybe it’s to see that Shen ran doesn’t look like a ghost even if he becomes a ghost. It’s no different from Shen ran I saw in the company before. So after Zhou Fang accepted that his former boss became a ghost, he said to Shen ran with great curiosity: “brother Shen ran, what happened to you? Have you found the murderer who killed you?”

Shen ran smiled at him and said, “don’t worry about it. The situation inside is a little complicated. It’s not what the surface news sees.”

Zhou Fang gave a sound and ate a few mouthfuls. Seeing that Shen ran was eating like them, he asked: “brother Shen ran, do you eat incense candles? Why don’t I buy you some Yuanbao incense candles later?”

Shen ran burst out laughing. The boy is so cute.

Cang Yongfeng was busy with the identification of the police station. It was already dawn. He finally waited until Pang Zheng came back. After asking, he knew that the case had been handed over because of the particularity of the case.

“Originally, we wouldn’t tell the family too much about this kind of thing, but since your friend is a Heavenly Master, I think he may also be very familiar with this department, because the murderer may have mastered some mysterious means to harm people, so the case has been transferred to the secret service department. I don’t know the specific situation very well. If you want to know, you can go back and ask your Heavenly Master friend. No Don’t worry, there are many powerful heavenly masters in the secret service department. They will find the murderer and your sister as soon as possible. ”

Cang Yongfeng can’t help it. He can’t get the result quickly in such a hurry, so he has to go back to Siyang’s home and ask if Siyang knows the people of the secret service department. When he returned to Siyang, a table full of food had been eaten up. Originally, the plate was very small, and the amount of chopsticks in one plate was gone. In addition, each dish was delicious and good-looking. Unconsciously, Li Hao and Zhou Fang stopped eating for two rounds and were reluctant to put down their chopsticks to fight again.

Seeing him back, Li Hao waved to him and said, “come and have something to eat. If you have something to eat first, you will have the strength to solve it when you are full.”

Cang Yongfeng shook his head: “I’m not hungry. I really don’t want to eat.”

Si Yang said, “if you don’t want to eat, don’t eat. Have some soup.”

Cang Yongfeng went to the sofa to sit down and grabbed his hair. Overnight, the whole person was haggard and couldn’t see, and the beard residue came out.

Li Hao patted Cang Yongfeng on the shoulder: “you have to hold on. Your parents are old. If you encounter such a thing now, what if you get stimulated.”

Cang Yongfeng took a deep breath: “I don’t know what to do. How can I tell my parents about this kind of thing? They are still waiting for me to go back. I, I don’t even dare to call.”

Zhou Fang looked at him and said, “why don’t you pick up your parents first? If something really happens, we are all here.” The man is old. He must be more prepared for such a thing. The medical conditions in Zhongdu are relatively good, and the first aid is fast in case of anything.

Cang Yongfeng took the soup from a dream. He didn’t really feel hungry. He smelled the soup and had more appetite. After thanking him, he drank it one mouthful at a time. Maybe it was hot soup. His original fatigue seemed better. He thought of what Pang Zheng said to him from the police station, Cang Yongfeng couldn’t help but ask Si Yang, “Yang Yang, officer Pang said that the matter was handed over to the secret service department. Can you help me find out? I don’t know where the secret service department is. I don’t know who to ask if I want to ask about the progress.”

Si Yang nodded: “OK, let me ask for you.”

Cang Yongfeng pulled the corners of his mouth and seemed to want to smile at him, but he couldn’t laugh, so he had to say dryly, “thank you.”

At this time, Shen ran came down from upstairs with a computer in his arms. Si Yang handed over the small shop selling talismans to him. Even if it was just a small online shop, he did it very seriously. It was estimated that Siyang made it casually. The shop looked quite simple. All kinds of talismans were just dry text introductions. It didn’t seem that people wanted to buy. So he plans to reorganize the whole online store, stop by and open another channel to sell snacks.

The Fat Chef in the family always likes to make all kinds of things when he is idle. Although he is a demon and others are ghosts, he can eat any amount of things, even if Siyang has Jinshan and Yinshan, he can’t stand to eat like this. It’s better to sell imperial food. Maybe he can earn more than talisman.

Seeing a stranger in Siyang’s house, Cang Yongfeng was still a little stunned. He thought this man was Siyang’s friend. Just when he thought of saying hello, Zhou Fang pulled a pile of gossip about balabalabala. Several ghost servants in the family, who had been passed through before, were stunned.

But he didn’t like Zhou Fang. When he first contacted, his first reaction was fear. Instead, he asked Si Yang with bright eyes, “Yang Yang, you can accept ghost servants. Can you also accept my sister?”

Si Yang shook his head: “the conditions of the ghost servant are very harsh. Not all ghosts can accept it. First of all, she has to have cultivation. Even if she becomes a ghost, it won’t dissipate so easily. Your sister is just an ordinary person. If she is forced to become a ghost servant, she will only be scared.”

Hearing this, Cang Yongfeng’s expression suddenly withered.

Shen ran kindly walked to Cang Yongfeng, patted him on the shoulder and comforted him: “you know, sometimes reincarnation is also a kind of happiness. It’s not good to force the dead relatives to stay in the sun.”

As soon as Shen Ran’s voice fell, Si Yang said to him, “since you are so free to be a bosom brother, go to the door and wait. Someone will come later.”

Shen ran glanced around. Xiaofuzi and congmeng were cleaning up the table. Jing Rou made tea. The imperial chef would not leave the kitchen if he had nothing to do. Now it seems that he is the most leisure, so he obediently went to the door to welcome the guests.

Shen ran just stood at the door for less than a minute, and a car came slowly. Siyang has set up a boundary in this house. If there is no guide sign, then only the people in the house can come out to guide the way. Otherwise, if you want to find Siyang’s house, you have to beat the wall.

Shan Hexuan has actually turned around the house twice. When the car is still far away, he can see a house here, but when the car comes over, there is only one brick wall. If he didn’t know that this might be the boundary set by Heavenly Master Si, he would think it was a ghost beating the wall.

But he wanted to try to break the barrier, but when he felt it close, he gave up the idea. Strength is not a level at all. It’s flattering to say that you hit a stone with an egg. In order not to lose this person, he’d better ask Heavenly Master Si when he is willing to see him and open the border for him.

But fortunately, when I turned to the second lap, I saw that the border was opened.

Shan Hexuan got off and walked towards the gate. His eyes subconsciously swept around the man. There was some strange smell. He was not an ordinary person, but he was not a ghost.

Shen ran didn’t expect that the visitor saw that he was not a ghost. Seeing that he was handsome, he first showed a smiling face: “did you come to visit Heavenly Master Si?”

Shan Hexuan nodded and said, “yes, I just came abruptly. Please forgive me for not being able to send a prayer post.”

Shen Ran’s ears are uncontrollably itchy and want to shake. The voice is really nice. It’s clear and cold. There’s a smell of melting snow. However, with this face, it’s really a thousand miles away. He sighed in his heart, handsome iceberg, and said with a smile: “please come in.”

Shan Hexuan said, “thank you.”

When the three of Shan Hexuan stepped into the gate, a strong aura came to their faces. The three unconsciously took a deep breath and became more and more curious about the mysterious elder they had not seen.


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