Great Celestial Master Chapter 44

Although I have never seen it, even the Pang struggle of ordinary people can see who is the most unfathomable in this room, let alone Shan Hexuan. So Shan Hexuan just instinctively swept all the people in the house, and then walked straight towards Si Yang: “senior secretary, I’m Shan Hexuan, the leader of secret service group 2. These two people are my team members. They didn’t send the worship post in advance, so they took the liberty to come. If there is any disrespect, please forgive me.”

Cang Yongfeng, who originally saw that there seemed to be a visitor from Siyang and was going back to his room, immediately stopped and turned to see Shan Hexuan, but he didn’t rush up to visit Siyang. He just sat down again when he was going to leave.

The three men in Siyang Dynasty said, “sit down and say what you want.”

Three cups of tea were poured from the dream. The Heavenly Master accepted five old ghosts in the palace as ghost servants. It was no longer news in their secret service department. Shan Hexuan was very calm. He didn’t look more and didn’t seem very curious.

The monk and persimmon looked curiously. Without ghost spirit, they can even feel the body temperature and heartbeat. They have seen many ghost servants of the Heavenly Master, but they are all ghost spirit and retain some ghost characteristics. Only the ghost servants with higher cultivation can be more like people, but they are no longer like people. There can be no heartbeat and body temperature. I don’t know how this heavenly master did it. There are five, oh no, it seems to be six.

After he retired from his dream, Shan Hexuan said to Siyang, “because the case is special, this case has been handed over to our special service team 2. It is said that the family member of one of the victims is your classmate, and it is also thanks to the elder who can find the first crime scene this time. If the elder wants to know the progress of handling the case, please contact me.”

Then Shan Hexuan handed a business card with both hands. Si Yang took it and looked at it. There was only one name and one mobile phone number on it. It seems that it should be a private business card. Si Yang put his business card aside and asked, “is that why you came today?”

Shan Hexuan said, “I’ve always wanted to find an opportunity to visit my predecessors before, but I’m worried that I’ll disturb my senior’s Qingxiu. Now I just take this opportunity to come here, mainly to express my gratitude to my predecessors from my personal position on he Boyi.”

Shan Hexuan said, took out a small brocade box and put it on the table: “he Boyi and I have the Revenge of killing my father. Over the years, I have been looking for him to revenge. Although I failed to blade the enemy myself, it has eliminated my obsession, so please accept this carefully.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “you also said that he Boyi has committed many evils. If those who have been killed by him come to me to express their gratitude and give them a little care, I will be busy. If I really want to thank you, find the murderer of this incident as soon as possible, and the gift will not be used.”

Shen ran moved his nose in the side hall. It was delicious. Although he didn’t know what was in the box, he felt it was like a perfect tonic pill. It must be delicious. It’s a pity that the boss of his family is rich and doesn’t look up to him. It’s useless to pity him, a country monster.

Seeing Siyang’s refusal, Shan Hexuan didn’t insist anymore. Although this was the first time they met, Shan Hexuan intuitively believed that Si Yang was a person who said nothing at all. He would not refuse anything he was willing to accept, but he would certainly not accept anything he pushed. Talking too much might annoy people, so Shan Hexuan had to give it up. This kindness is not much for Si Yang, but he will always find a chance to repay it.

But when it comes to the case, Shan Hexuan’s eyes look at the three people sitting in the restaurant eating small snacks but obviously paying attention to their movements. He says to the eager young man with a look: “this is the family member of the third victim.”

Si Yang nodded: “Yongfeng, come here. This single captain is the person in charge of your sister’s case. Let’s meet you.”

Cang Yongfeng hurriedly came over: “single team, I don’t know if there is any progress on my sister’s case?”

Shan Hexuan himself is a person who doesn’t talk much, but when facing Siyang, he can’t let his men speak for him, which also seems too disrespectful, but when facing outsiders, it seems colder. At this time, the monk is also very used to being his spokesman.

“We have just been to the abandoned warehouse. We can be sure that the perpetrator was an ordinary person, but we may have obtained some secret methods from some channels. Although the first two victims have found the body, the body has been specially treated. We can find little useful information from the above. Now your sister is suspected to be the third victim, so the investigation may need more time I want your help. ”

Cang Yongfeng nodded again and again: “no problem. Just say what you need me to do.”

Shan Hexuan said to Siyang, “I wonder if I can borrow your place.”

Si Yang nodded: “yes.”

Hearing this, Shan Hexuan got up and walked towards Cang Yongfeng: “close your eyes and relax. Don’t resist. I want to see the picture you’ve seen before.”

Cang Yongfeng obediently closed his eyes. When Shan Hexuan’s cold fingertips touched his eyebrows, he immediately felt that something in his head had been pulled out. However, he still remembered Shan Hexuan’s words, constantly relaxed himself and tried not to resist.

About a minute later, when Shan Hexuan moved away, Cang Yongfeng immediately felt dizzy and wanted to explode. The persimmon, who had been prepared, hurriedly held him down. Li Hao and Zhou Fang hurried over. Persimmon said to them, “don’t worry. Just sleep. Help him to have a rest.”

Shan Hexuan closed his eyes. When he opened them again, there seemed to be a black undercurrent surging in his eyes for a moment, and then he returned to normal. Although the picture is somewhat fragmented, there is still some useful information.

Shan Hexuan directly took out a piece of Rune paper. The monk quickly opened the toolkit and handed him the vermilion and pen. It happened that there was a strong aura here. Shan Hexuan focused on locking the smell of the murderer into the talisman.

In a mid-range community, Xiong Xiaohua walked to his building with some lettuce and cooked vegetables in his hand. There were a group of old people or young mothers playing with their children in the greening downstairs. In some low floors, he could hear the sound of frying oil pots and the smell of food constantly jumping into the tip of his nose.

Xiong Xiaohua came all the way. Some neighbors he knew also greeted him friendly. Xiong Xiaohua responded one by one. A group of enthusiastic aunts also reminded him that he was not safe in recent days and that he had to go home early at night. Xiong Xiaohua smiled and nodded. He finally broke away from his aunt’s encirclement. The mask of a shy young man was slowly removed. When he returned to his house, he looked completely cold.

Xiong Xiaohua lives alone. The house is small, one room and one living room. In Zhongdu, it can be said that it is quite good to be able to struggle for such a real estate for himself at the age of 30. After all, not everyone can win at the starting point.

However, this alone will not satisfy Xiong Xiaohua. He felt that this should not be the case. He should not rush about in life all day, doing nothing for three meals a day all his life.

When he was young, he could tolerate it a little, but when this depression became more and more serious, and his inner rage that had no place to vent became more and more intense, he really had the feeling that the world bound him.

He lives in this society, but he always feels free from the world. He felt that he seemed to be divided into two himself. One himself put on a delicate mask and labeled as a young talent and a young and promising man. He lived an ordinary life like an ordinary person. He was busy with work and communication. In the end, he didn’t know what he had gained, but a full life could not satisfy his empty heart.

Another looked at him indifferently and laughed at vulgar people, vulgar things and vulgar everything. But he was trapped and locked, unable to escape, but unwilling to compromise.

All these contradictions, when he accidentally got a black box, he finally found a breakthrough. His heart is very big, but he is bound by this mediocre body. If he wants to liberate, he can only transform all this.

Xiong Xiaohua came to the bedroom and opened the wardrobe. A cold black iron box was quietly placed there. When Xiong Xiaohua’s fingertips touched the box, the fine patterns carved on the iron box seemed to move. Plumes of black smoke merged into his body along his fingertips. Xiong Xiaohua closed his eyes as if he had inhaled poison powder and indulged in that unparalleled pleasure.

For a while, when the feeling gradually faded, Xiong Xiaohua opened his eyes and looked at the black box. His eyes were hot and almost crazy. He whispered: “wait, there will be new food soon. Wait, my baby.”

Shan Hexuan took people to the green neighborhood and looked at the tall buildings with a slight frown. The monk on one side pulled a little long hair and looked up with the boss: “is the murderer here? Is this a great hiding in the city?”

Shan Hexuan said, “I can be sure it’s in this area, but I can’t locate it.”

The monk and the persimmon with their heads sticking out of the car stared in surprise. As long as they mastered the breath, there would be no soul that their boss could not find, let alone an ordinary person.

Persimmon hurriedly took out the compass. Unfortunately, it was just like in the abandoned warehouse. It was very normal. There was no abnormal smell.

Shan Hexuan opened the door and got on the bus: “back to the Bureau, the murderer must have a special magic weapon. We need to plan again.”

The monk and persimmon had to nod their heads, so it’s easier to deal with ghosts than people. It’s so easy to catch ghosts. Human beings really have many minds.

When the car left, Xiong Xiaohua, who was sitting in front of the computer and brushing the forum, glanced at the Chaoyang platform and immediately aroused a sneer. This feeling of playing with everyone in applause is really great. What about the Heavenly Master? They are not all waste. They wasted their great talents in vain.


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