Great Celestial Master Chapter 45

In a very ordinary restaurant box, a man in Khaki trench coat pushed the door and entered. When he saw that the person appointed in the box was already waiting for him, he hurried forward respectfully: “master Xiong, sorry, there is a traffic jam on the road.”

Xiong Xiaohua casually said to him, “it’s all right. I’ve just arrived.”

Liu can poured himself a cup of tea and drank two mouthfuls. Just now, his cool body blew in the autumn wind, which warmed up a little. Seeing that Xiong Xiaohua drank tea quietly without opening his mouth, he couldn’t help asking, “master Xiong, what’s the matter with you asking me to come today?”

Xiong Xiaohua looked up at him and made Liu can fidgety. Then he said, “you are stared at by the Heavenly Master.”

Liu can was surprised, and then he thought about what to understand. Suddenly, he realized: “I said he was terminally ill. How could he be like nothing happened overnight? I thought the replacement failed, but I didn’t expect to be broken.”

Liu can said with some incomprehension: “but there’s nothing moving over Yang Ping. Jiang Meng still takes his new girlfriend to play everywhere. It doesn’t look like they’ve been found. Are they deliberately acting to lead me to catch me again?”

Liu can is 25 years old. The environment at home can only be said to be ordinary. He doesn’t worry about food and clothing, but he is not very rich. Originally, such conditions, as long as they are not greedy people, are better than many people. But Liu can’s grandfather is a little Taoist. Although he is not very orthodox, he must have more skills than ordinary people.

Since childhood, Liu can has grown up with his grandfather. He sees more about some things and naturally has more ideas. Maybe their ancestors came from this origin and brought some blood talent. With their own exploration, they have also explored some ways.

However, Liu can’s grandfather knows what is enough. The most important thing is to look at Feng Shui and move a ancestral grave for others. Even if he doesn’t have to look at it, he won’t easily look at it for others. Part of the money he earns will be given back to the society. Although his destiny is determined by nature, he has accumulated some blessings over the years, so he walked peacefully.

Once Liu can’s grandfather left, his parents were just ordinary workers and couldn’t control Liu can at all. Without his grandfather’s constraints, he couldn’t stand the temptation of the prosperous world. In addition, he felt that he had real skills, and Liu can acted more and more indulgently.

However, he still knows that these are feudal superstitions. Even if he does have some skills, which are different from those swindlers under the overpass, he is afraid that someone will check the water meter. He doesn’t dare to be too arrogant. He only dares to mix in that small circle. He has made a little famous in recent years.

However, with the improvement of material needs, he became more and more dissatisfied. When these dissatisfaction was ignited by Yang Ping in the small circle, Liu can gradually moved his mind.

Supernatural enthusiasts have their own small circle. Most of these small circles are ordinary people, but because they like supernatural, they will study it. Even some techniques or the source theory of Maoshan art are clearer than some genuine heavenly masters.

Yang Ping has been mixing in the supernatural circle for many years because she especially likes these supernatural gods and monsters, and slowly has her own small circle in it. Even across a network, but because they have the same hobbies, they chat in the group almost every day.

Sometimes I share some supernatural news, or where I heard the supernatural events. Sometimes I talk about things in life, because I have known each other for many years, and I have no scruples when talking. Like Yang Ping, she often sends pictures of delicious food in the group because Jiang Meng’s environment is good. Since she contacted Jiang Meng, Yang Ping has been taken by him to eat almost all kinds of high-end dishes and luxury restaurants in Zhongdu.

Every once in a while, I will take her to travel, buy her clothes, bags and all kinds of cosmetics. Although the purchases are not limited, they are thousands of cheap and tens of thousands of expensive. Especially on her birthday, Yang Ping will send hundreds of thousands of jewelry to the group to share with you.

Everyone in the group knows that Yang Ping’s boyfriend is a small boss, has a family business, is handsome, and is envious of Yang Ping. However, Liu can is not only envious of Yang Ping, but also looks at Yang Ping’s disguised show off. He can’t help but pay attention to Yang Ping’s boyfriend.

Liu can knows that he is not a rich and noble life. Even if he collects money by xuanshu, he will always double those money from other places. If you do it hard, there will even be a disaster of blood.

If life is regarded as a container, some people are born with a large container and can hold a lot of things. Those without that life can hold more than the container. If the container can’t bear it, it will naturally burst. So Liu can slowly began to move his mind and wanted to change his small container with someone else’s big container.

Too rich, he asked himself that he didn’t have the ability to move. Those who can have a rich life must have merit. If such a person doesn’t do well, he will be eaten back, and he can’t contact those who are really rich and powerful. Jiang Meng’s condition is just right, and within the scope he can reach, it has naturally become his first choice.

However, Liu can only read this kind of replacement in the letter left by his grandfather. I don’t know which ancestor of his family handed it down. It’s difficult to understand. He studied it for a long time and only found out a little way.

This kind of replacement naturally belongs to the category of heresy. Some things that will be used are certainly not good things. It is certainly not possible to buy it openly, because it can’t be bought at all, so we can only quietly inquire about the channels.

When Liu can was looking for the materials mentioned in the letter, he accidentally met Xiong Xiaohua. Xiong Xiaohua is also a fellow believer. He knows even more than Liu can. Liu can only asked some of the more eccentric things, but Xiong Xiaohua revealed what he wanted to do.

At the beginning, of course, Liu can resisted. What he was most afraid of doing such a harmful thing was being discovered. However, Xiong Xiaohua told him that the Heavenly Master stresses that everything follows his heart. Since he is born with such ability, it is understandable to live a better life with his own ability. Those ordinary people who occupy a good life are just wasted. It’s not a big deal to change.

Later, after Xiong Xiaohua’s guidance, the obscure things in the letter were gradually untied. Even the special body oil for making ghost incense was obtained by Xiong Xiaohua for him.

Originally, everything went very smoothly. According to the records in the letter, according to a natural supernatural blockade array that Xiong Xiaohua helped him find, Jiang Meng’s birthday was suppressed under the Yinhe river. After the camping, Yang Ping said in the group that she didn’t know if her boyfriend was contaminated with something dirty. After returning, she began to get sick, with a high fever and a low fever.

At that time, Jiang Meng was only suppressed by him. Liu can saw a great change in his whole fortune. The contacts left by his grandfather introduced him to two big orders, which were to help people move their graves. The two families made their homes abroad, so they came back to change their ancestors’ graves to a better place. He did both things very smoothly and the two families were very generous, This allowed him to live a more luxurious life for some time.

But the good times didn’t last long. It didn’t take long. Jiang Meng was fine. He also had an accident because of the car he just bought. He almost lost all the money he made during that time, so he didn’t get into a lawsuit,

When Jiang menggang was well, he did worry, but he saw that Yang Ping’s appearance in the group was just an ordinary boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up, and did not involve other things. Jiang Meng’s updated dynamic was also playing around, just like an ordinary patient who was ill. Slowly he was relieved. He was thinking about which link went wrong and planned to find a chance to start again.

At this moment, hearing Xiong Xiaohua say so, Liu can still couldn’t help worrying: “master Xiong, you know, I’ve done it very covertly without leaving any tail. Is it right? If I don’t get caught, there won’t be anything?”

Xiong Xiaohua smiled at him. Although he was not so handsome and outstanding, his facial features were soft and gave people a particularly harmless and comfortable feeling. Such a smile always made people feel very kind. However, what he said made Liu can less friendly: “it is the police who need to pay attention to the evidence. Transposition thinking. You are the Heavenly Master. What would you do if you found a suspicious target?”

Liu can thought that since he felt suspicious, he would be arrested for interrogation. If he knew the truth, he would give a lesson. If he didn’t know the truth, he would give a profound lesson. He really didn’t need any evidence. On this thought, he was even more flustered: “master Xiong, what’s the ability of the Heavenly Master staring at me?”

“Family background, very strong.”

Liu can is even more flustered. The method of the Heavenly Master is beyond the imagination of ordinary people. In the past, he used to use this little skill to teach those who offended him. Although it was the evil taste of making small mischief, it also scared people sick for months. Now he has done something that almost kills people. It’s not a small fuss. If those heavenly masters really want to be serious, he may die. No one knows how he died.

However, since Xiong Xiaohua could ask him out to remind him that there might be a way to save him, he repeatedly begged: “master Xiong, please help me. What can I do to hide? I, if you have any assignment in the future, I will go through fire and water!”

Xiong Xiaohua didn’t beat around the bush with him, He said bluntly: “now Xuanmen heavenly masters are divided into two extremes. One is that those aristocratic families are born with higher eyes than the top, and the other is that we are born on our own. Those aristocratic families have always looked down on us. If we can watch and help each other, how can I not save you? It’s a pity that the man’s Taoism is profound. Even I am not an opponent. Now there is only one way.”

Liu can quickly asks, “what can I do?”

Xiong Xiaohua looked at him and said, “there is an unwritten rule for the Heavenly Master of aristocratic family, that is, he won’t touch ordinary people. He’s not sure whether you did it now, so he’s still observing secretly. If he determines that you’re just an ordinary person, it’s no problem.”

Hearing this, Liu can’s eyes lit up immediately, and then he said with some distress: “but what should I do?” Although his ability is not strong, he is different from ordinary people when he enters the door. As long as a little Taoist can see it, how to hide it.

Xiong Xiaohua smiled: “relax. I’ll seal your accomplishments for the time being and untie them for you after this period of time.”

Liu can nodded after hearing this. Xiong Xiaohua is better than him and helped him a lot. Maybe he can avoid it by listening to his words. So he quickly closed his eyes and asked Xiong Xiaohua to help him seal his accomplishments. It’s better to be an ordinary person during this time than to get into trouble with a real Heavenly Master.

Liu can, who closes his eyes, naturally can’t see. The black gas released from Xiong Xiaohua’s fingertips is integrating into his body through the center of his eyebrows.

Late at night, LV Jingming woke up from meditation and was about to take a bath and rest. He sensed that the red line he put beside Liu can was moving. This red line is their LV family’s secret method, which can be invisibly wrapped around people. As long as the person moved the technique, the red line sensed the fluctuation of spiritual power, and he can respond to this perception to him.

After looking at the time, it was so late that Liu can used his technique. If something went wrong, there must be a demon. LV Jingming took it and directly tracked down the sensed direction. All the way to the door of the University of Finance and economics, it was strange that a powerful spiritual power came.

LV Jingming looked back. Unexpectedly, he saw the captain of the second secret service group. He suddenly said strangely: “single team, Qiao, do you perform official duties?” Otherwise, it would be a waste to use the speed symbol in the middle of the night.

Shan Hexuan nodded at him without expression, and then ran to the school. Although LV Jingming was strange, he also chased him in the direction he sensed.

On the empty playground, a dark shadow fell quietly. Before a black cloth bag in his hand could be put on the podium, he seemed to be aware of the danger. He didn’t care about what he had in his hand and wanted to run directly.

Unfortunately, as soon as the shadow moved, a sharp sword Qi came. Seeing that LV Jingming also came, Shan Hexuan immediately said, “set up a border!”

LV Jingming reacted very quickly. He took out a handful of talismans and threw them in all directions. Soon a layer of power enveloped the whole playground. As long as no one entered the barrier, even if they destroyed the whole playground inside, there would be no movement outside.

The dark shadow was split by Shan Hexuan’s sword and fell directly to the ground from mid air. Then the dark shadow dispersed and the pale Liu can immediately appeared. Liu can seems to be in a bad situation, and he doesn’t intend to arrest him. As soon as he grabs it directly, he catches the cloth bag on the podium. Without looking, he threw the cloth bag at the two people who were chasing him.

Shan Hexuan knew what was in the bag. He immediately took back his sword and picked it up with his bare hands.

Shan Hexuan was blocked for a moment, but LV Jingming on one side reacted very quickly. Although he didn’t know what the situation was at present, he could also see that Liu can must have done something bad, so he flew forward directly and blocked Liu can’s way.

Liu can estimated that he didn’t have much ability. He was blocked and couldn’t run away. However, he was soon suppressed by LV Jingming.

Liu can was pressed to the ground. LV Jingming looked at Shan Hexuan who came with a cloth bag: “single team, what’s the situation?”

What they didn’t see was that a dark shadow in Liu can’s eyes, which was pressed on the ground by LV Jingming, flashed away.

Shan Hexuan said, “I caught a trace of the smell of the murderer of the broken body case. I noticed the change of the smell tonight, so I came after him.” Then he opened the cloth bag, and sure enough, it was the treated corpse. It could be said that it was stolen and captured.

LV Jingming didn’t expect that he just wanted to catch the man who killed his friend. Unexpectedly, this man was the murderer of the corpse case. However, he soon raised a doubt: “I left a red line on Liu can for at least more than a month. Only tonight did I notice the change of the red line. If he was the murderer of the mutilation case, why didn’t the red line change the previous two times?”

Shan Hexuan frowned slightly, squatted down and put his hand on Liu can, who had been stunned by LV Jingming, just like the breath he felt in the broken picture. Although he also felt some doubts and always felt that things seemed to be going well and strange, anyway, it was true that Liu can was caught on the spot. For others, it was just to investigate again.

The result of the investigation is that in Liu can’s rental house, three heads with plain grain ghost Sutra characters were found, which are the heads of the three victims today. The house Liu can rented is in the green neighborhood where Shan Hexuan sensed the smell before.


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