Great Celestial Master Chapter 46

After the case was handed over to the secret service department, it was stolen and the murderer was caught when the body was dumped for the third time. Although Shan Hexuan always felt suspicious about the case, the evidence was conclusive. Even the arrested Liu can admitted that he wanted to make Yin Dan. He also said that the three unlucky ghosts were quite suitable for his birthday. It was their honor to be selected by him.

Shan Hexuan stood outside the interrogation room. Although his expression was as indifferent as ever, people familiar with him knew that he didn’t feel relaxed because he caught the murderer at this time. The monk knows that his boss is very serious. If something is suspicious, he will die at the tip of a bull’s horn until he finds evidence that can convince him not to be suspicious. However, the boss’s direct thief is accurate. Every time he feels suspicious, there will be a reversal in the end.

Looking at the interrogation room, Liu can is silent for a while, abandoning himself like a broken jar and frantically admitting everything, The monk couldn’t help explaining to Shan Hexuan: “boss, Liu can himself admitted and used the torture symbol. You know, with Liu can’s cultivation, how can he resist the torture of the torture symbol? Maybe it’s because the arrest was too smooth this time, so you don’t feel confident about it.”

Shan Hexuan stared at Liu can and asked the monk, “do you think his expression reaction is normal?”

The monk said helplessly, “boss, if he wants to be normal, he won’t do such crazy things. Look at him. He’s calm and unreasonable for a while, crazy and noisy for a while. He has a mental problem.”

Shan Hexuan looked at Liu can’s eyebrows that were somewhat similar to the murderer he had seen in Cang Yongfeng’s mind before. His eyebrows were more and more tight, similar, just similar. After pondering for a moment, Shan Hexuan and Shang said, “go and invite Yi Wei.”

Yi Wei, a member of the Yi family in Southwest China, is good at all kinds of poisonous insects. It was originally under the hand of the leader of the three groups, Tu ó Pengcheng. As a result, the leader of the three groups disappeared. The vice leader was hit by the ghost faced insect of which kind of insect. The three groups without leaders were dispersed into one or two groups.

However, there is a gap between their first and second groups. Those who can’t choose can only listen to the above assignment. Naturally, all those who can choose go to one group. Yi Wei is a member of an aristocratic family. He still has the right to choose, so he went to a group with several friends. The first group and the second group are not in the same office, so if you want to find Yiwei, you can only ask someone to invite you.

Yi Wei was easy to talk. He soon followed the monk and learned that the captain of group two asked him to ask Gu. Although he was confused, he took out his Gu king.

Yi Wei’s Gu king is a transparent little flying insect. This insect is mutated from thousands of kinds of Gu insects. It is only as big as a child’s thumb, but its lethality is definitely not proportional to its body. This Gu king is still small, but he is already full of poison. As long as Yi Wei has an idea, he can quietly harm people. Although the Gu King hasn’t grown up yet, he can devour some Yin and evil things of yin and evil spirits, and can sense all dark spirits. There is also a unique secret method of the Yi family. Ask Gu through the Gu king.

Three bodies, in addition to the second male victim Wu Junyan, the other two victims were taken away by their families after the murderer was caught, so now only Wu Junyan’s body can be borrowed.

Shan Hexuan wants to ask Yi Wei to help Gu to see if Liu can is the murderer or if there is another person behind him who controls the overall situation. Yi Wei manipulated the Gu king to climb into Wu Junyan’s body. After wandering around the body, the Gu king was brought into the interrogation room by Yi Wei. Liu can had been stunned in advance and was lying in bed at the moment. As soon as Yi Wei let go, the insect flew in directly from Liu can’s mouth. After a while, it flew out and stopped in Yi Wei’s palm.

After a while, Yi Wei opened his eyes, looked at Shan Hexuan and shook his head.

Shan Hexuan frowned. The monk couldn’t help asking, “what do you mean? What did the Gu King say?”

Yi Wei said, “what the Gu king gave me back is that there is a black barrier blocking it, so I can’t find anything, but it’s certain that the breath in the dead body is the same as the black barrier in this person’s body.”

Shan Hexuan said to him, “I know. It’s hard for you.”

Yi Wei took away the Gu king and shook his head: “it’s only my fault that the Gu king is too small and not strong enough.”

The monk sent Yi Wei out of the door. When he came back, he saw that the boss was still staring at Liu can, so he had to come forward and say, “boss, you can’t see anything like that.”

“He’s not the killer.”

The monk looked at Shan Hexuan, and Shan Hexuan only said this and went back to his office. This time, the monk stares at Liu can. He has seen many ghosts manipulated, but the manipulated people are still manipulated under the eyes of their heavenly masters. Is it possible that they are not so bad at learning. Unfortunately, after the plaingrain ghost sutra was portrayed on the dead’s celestial cover, all the souls of the dead were refined. Otherwise, it would take so much trouble to recruit the dead. Who is the murderer.

Although Shan Hexuan can confirm that Liu can is not the murderer, all the evidence points to him. Even Liu can admits it. Therefore, after finding the heads of three victims at Liu can’s home, the relevant departments have held a press conference and announced that the murderer has been arrested. Of course, the reason given for the murder is naturally mental pressure.

The lunatic murderer was caught, and the tense Zhongdu also relaxed a lot. This major lunatic case of national concern has also completely ended in the eyes of the masses. So Shan Hexuan’s boss looked at the report in his hand and was very tangled. Finally, he had to say, “the case of broken body has been closed. All the evidence on the surface points to Liu can. I believe your intuition, but your intuition can’t be used as evidence to overturn this case.”

Shan Hexuan didn’t say a word, and his boss knew the subordinate very well. The conversation changed: “but if you can determine that there is another person responsible for the body shredding case, I approve you to conduct a secret investigation. I’ll help you stay with Liu can, but you can’t be less responsible.”

Shan Hexuan nodded: “I’ll make arrangements.”

Some people here are still worried about the real murderer, and the Cang family who took back Cang Wenli’s body has completely fallen into mourning. The Cang family’s parents are old, and their body foundation has been worn out because they have lived under the influence of the bone nail Yin Qi for many years. Now one is too sad, and the Cang mother cries twice until she faints.

Although Cang Wenli took the body back in Zhongdu, she still had to go home to deal with the funeral. However, the Cang family will not let Cang Wenli go to the ground, but some relatives in the village directly went to the town police station.

Before Cang Wenli disappeared, cangfu and others went to the town to call the police. They also said whether they might have been abducted by a corpse smasher. I hope the police can strengthen their search. But the police in the town didn’t take the case seriously at all. They went through the process casually. It was not easy for them to find them without monitoring in the countryside. They sent them away when they came home. If the police stepped up their search at that time, would they be able to save people from the corpse Shredder.

Although this does not necessarily mean that the police can find people back by stepping up their search, parents who have lost their daughter always have to find an excuse to vent, even if this excuse is unreasonable in the eyes of some rational people.

The final result is naturally nothing. What can they do when they go to the police station? From the Cang family to report the case to their series of actions and measures, they all follow the normal process, and there is no neglect of duty.

Cang Yongfeng was reasonable and advised his parents to accept the reality and take good care of his sister’s future affairs. However, Cang father stubbornly believed that their daughter’s death was the dereliction of duty of the police, and the whole Cang family was in a riot for a time. Finally, Cang Yongfeng didn’t care and concentrated on taking his little nephew. Fortunately, there are women in the village who have not been in production for a long time. My little nephew can drink some milk from others, but I don’t know what will happen if I lose my mother at such a young age.

When they came to the Cang family, the body of Cang Wenli was still in the freezer and placed in the hall of the Cang family. Cang Yongfeng saw them coming and smiled helplessly at them. After only ten days, Cang Yongfeng didn’t say how haggard he was. He even seemed to feel a lot of vicissitudes. He no longer had the vitality and freshness of his students. It seemed that an invisible burden was on his shoulder, and there was a shadow of his old father in his expression.

Li Hao sighed: “don’t be bored about some things. Is the money enough? Your sister’s grave has not been arranged. If you need our help, just say it.”

Cang Yongfeng sat on the threshold of the back door of his home and shook his head when he heard the speech: “there is no money for tombs in rural areas. Just find a seat in the back mountain and bury a monument. It’s my parents. They don’t want my sister to settle down. I know that they know it’s useless to make such a noise. They just don’t want to give up.”

Zhou Fang also sat down next to him and looked at the face that felt several years old. For a time, he didn’t even know how to say comforting words, so he just sat quietly with him.

After the people in the hall dispersed, the three of them came to the hall to offer incense to the dead. Seeing his son’s classmates coming, Cang father and Cang mother also came out to say hello. When they offered incense, Cang mother couldn’t help sobbing.

The father became more silent than they had seen last time, and sat next to him, smoking cut tobacco one after another. Siyang inserted the incense into the censer, looked at the silent father and said faintly, “go to the earth. The dead are dead, and the living still have to live. Yongfeng has a year to graduate.” If things go on like this, Cang Yongfeng will only become a laughing stock from the families of the victims. People’s words are terrible, and language is often more terrible than knives.

The father’s action of smoking silk suddenly stopped, and his turbid eyes were moistened a little. His daughter was gone.


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