Great Celestial Master Chapter 47

When Cang’s family affairs were settled and Cang Yongfeng returned to school, the weather had entered late autumn. It was only in mid November that the streets began to have Christmas arrangements. The two rows of Wutong leaves fell down everywhere, and rustled under their feet.

In the past, the weather in this month was actually quite good, which was a time of neither cold nor hot, but this year, with a sudden drop in the temperature after a rain, even the jacket without paying attention to the image was put on. This year’s winter comes very early. It is said that there has been a cold proof record on it.

Li Hao is packing, but what he has in his suitcase is not clothes, but a lot of water. After a month’s class, his brokerage company has helped him find a good role, but the theme is from the period of the Republic of China, so he will put forward the forward group for special training after setting up his role. While cleaning up, I sighed: “I have to hide this water. It is said that we need special professional soldiers to train us. I don’t know how hard it will be at that time.”

While eating spicy strips, Zhou Fang asked, “how long do you want to shoot this time? Can you come back for the exam?”

“The special training time is scheduled to be one month. It’s completely militarized management. If the shooting in the later stage is smooth, it will take almost four or five months. If I take the exam, I’ll ask for leave. Anyway, the crew also said hello. I should have no problem in a few days. Who makes me just a little actor without fame? I can only follow the crew. For example, those who have coffee seats, that’s the drama The team will cooperate with their schedule. When they don’t have a schedule, they will shoot other people’s scenes. When they have a schedule, they will focus on shooting only their scenes for a month or two. When can I have such treatment? ”

Zhou Fang directly sneered: “can you see what you shoot in a month or two? What plays do you pick up? I said Haohao. If you want long-term development, don’t pick up those bad plays, otherwise it will become black history in the future.”

Li Hao sighed: “everyone knows the truth, but sometimes the script will be different from what the director presents. There are some good scripts and some poor ones. If you don’t try all the time, where will the opportunity come from later, it will be regarded as honing your acting skills. It’s good for me who is not a professional to have the opportunity. I don’t have to choose.”

After cleaning up, Li Hao Ran to Si Yang: “Yang Yang, calculate a divination for me to see if my shooting is going well.”

Si Yang, who was seriously completing his homework, looked up at him, worked hard, and then frowned slightly. This made Li Hao look at his hair: “Yang Yang, what’s up? Will it be bad?”

Siyang stretched out his hand to him: “two hundred yuan.”

Li Hao hurriedly opened his wallet, took out two brand-new RMB and handed it to Siyang. Si Yang put the money aside and took out two runes from the drawer. He didn’t know if it was Li Hao’s illusion. After he saw Si Yang’s fingers scratch on the rune paper, the ghost runes on the rune paper that he couldn’t understand suddenly became vivid.

Seeing that Si Yang folded the talisman paper a few times, it turned into a five pointed star shape and put it into the blessing bag with the amulet, Li Hao quickly put away the things and asked curiously, “Yang Yang, I saw that they were folded into triangles in those movies. They said that the five pointed star shape represents demons.”

“The five pointed star represents seal and protection. This symbol is the first special symbol in human witchcraft. However, it was used more by foreigners later, but the real origin is actually in China. Unfortunately, there has been a fault in the middle culture, and some things can not be tested. Although there are some principles in the triangles you see, there are only two reasons why they are widely spread Two, one is what you just said. This triangle folding method is used in all kinds of TV dramas and films, so many people have the impression that the symbol paper is a yellow triangle, but in fact, there are all kinds of forms. The second reason is that the triangle is the best folded. Turning it twice with your hand is a triangle, Do you think triangles or pentagons are easy in an emergency? ”

Zhou Fang nodded again and again. “The triangle is easy. It’s coming. You have to work hard to fold a five pointed star. Isn’t that waiting for death, so the symbol of the five pointed star is more powerful than that of the triangle?”

Siyang chuckled: “it’s said that the shape is just an expression of form. The rune paper is so big that it’s always easy to put it away. What’s important is the rune power above, not the appearance.”

Li Hao himself just asked casually and curiously, but he was more concerned about what Si Yang saw in himself: “Yang Yang, will I have an accident this time?”

Si Yang said, “it’s not you who are not going well, but you may be involved. Remember that the hotel lives below the fifth floor. Don’t stay in rooms beyond the fifth floor. Don’t go out after 10 p.m. and don’t open the door.”

Zhou put it aside and said, “yang’er, did Haohao commit a peach blossom disaster this time? Otherwise, it would be too self-cultivation to close the door and go to bed at 10 o’clock. Where is it to film? It’s more self-discipline than living in school.”

Li Hao suddenly widened his eyes: “peach blossom robbery?”

Si Yang smiled: “it’s someone else’s peach blossom robbery, but this peach blossom is a little cruel. If you live close, you will inevitably get a little breath. Although it has little impact, it’s not good to avoid it as much as possible because it’s the rising period of your career.”

Li Hao nodded and rushed directly to Siyang: “there is a Yang in the home, such as a big treasure!”

Si Yang slapped him away.

When Li Hao went out with his luggage, Cang Yongfeng came back from working outside and handed him a box full of sweet smell: “fortunately, you can make it in time. Take it on the road and eat it now.”

Li Hao smiled and carried the dessert in his hand. The gold foil Rose Crisp is a unique specialty among them. Although there are many branches, the head office near their school is the most authentic. It can only be sold for two hours a day, and sometimes it can be sold out in less than two hours, so there will always be a long queue as soon as the door is opened.

Carrying the box with hot air in his hand, Li Hao put down his luggage and hugged Cang Yongfeng: “I’m leaving. If you have something to contact me, please invite you to have a big meal when I come back!”

Seeing Li Hao leaving with his luggage, Cang Yongfeng entered the bedroom and handed another box of Rose Crisp to Siyang. Before he spoke, Zhou Fang first impolitely stretched out his claws, took one and took a big bite. He couldn’t speak clearly and said, “Fengfeng, why are you so lucky today and bought two boxes.”

Cang Yongfeng looked at him and said coolly, “I bought it for Li Hao just now.”

Zhou Fang pointed to the box on Siyang’s table: “what about this?”

Cang Yongfeng picked his eyebrows and smiled: “it was sent by a primary school sister, and it was also pointed out that it was for Yang Yang.”

Zhou Fang seemed to have heard some shocking news: “who is so brave to chase the first school grass of our university of technology? It must be a beautiful sister paper to have that courage.”

Siyang smiled and reached for one: “you can make an appointment with her for me. I’ll take the reward.”

Zhou Fang’s face is full of crumbs. I don’t know why.

Cang Yongfeng said lightly, “divine calculation is really worthy of divine calculation. I haven’t said it yet.”

Zhou Fang regained consciousness and looked at the Rose Crisp left in his hand, He said angrily: “why don’t you say it first! Yongfeng, this is your fault. If someone asks for Shangyang, you should ask Yangyang first. You have collected other people’s things in disorder. In case things are very troublesome, Yangyang can’t deal with them! I have another bite. Which sister is it? I’ll queue up to buy one box and return it to her tomorrow! No, buy two boxes!”

Cang Yongfeng directly turned his eyes: “what are you doing? It’s not like you followed Yangyang to my house to deal with a vaginal fetus. You think there’s a ghost in everything?”

Speaking of Yin fetus, Cang Yongfeng looked slightly dark, Then he said as if nothing had happened: “The girl said that Yangyang had promised her to help her before, but Yangyang didn’t have time at that time, and the schoolgirl didn’t bring equipment. It looked like winter was coming. She wanted to make a pictorial before winter. She was going to ask Yangyang if she was free these two days. It happened that she met me when she lined up with the girls in their bedroom to buy Rose Crisp. Knowing that I was in the same bedroom with Yangyang, I asked me to help her Busy handing it over, she said that Yang Yang had promised her, so I helped her to be a delivery takeout. ”

After talking for a long time, Zhou Fang took another piece from the box and stuffed it into his mouth: “so what’s the matter?”

Cang Yongfeng didn’t know: “the younger sister didn’t say, just told Yangyang her name was Luo Shuang, and Yangyang naturally knew.”


In a grove behind the dormitory building, the warm sun scattered a mottled patch through the gap between the leaves. It is rare that the sun is refreshing in a windless afternoon. On the stone pier sat a very beautiful young man. Around the young man were a group of cats of different colors. One meow meow, some pulled the young man’s legs and wanted to climb up. Some were addicted to the food at the young man’s feet and didn’t lift their heads.

With a click, a sister paper of SLR hung not far away and photographed the picture from the most beautiful angle. It’s just a pity that a senior student full of immortality can’t enter the country. He can only take a pat on the slender white to tear man’s hand to relieve his greed.

After taking pictures from all angles, looking back at the photos that seemed to be picturesque and didn’t need to be revised later, Luo Shuang was sure that she didn’t take the senior’s face in. Luo Shuang came over carefully with the camera in her arms for fear of startling the kittens.

Siyang looked at her and asked with a smile, “is it finished?”

Luo Shuang swallowed her saliva subconsciously. Without such a smile, her heart could not be controlled and burst again and again. She nodded like a chicken pecking rice and said, “thank you, senior students! This time, I’ll send it to senior students when the finished product is ready!”

She also found by chance that senior Siyang has a lot of animal affinity, and may often come to feed these stray kittens in the school, so his proximity will not make the kittens repel and avoid, but surround them one by one.

She also tried to lure these kittens with food, but they seemed very alert to humans. As long as someone was there, they didn’t dare to get close, and after they left, they took the food away and hid to eat. Luo Shuang tried many ways, but she still couldn’t get the picture she wanted, so seeing that Si Yang was so close to the cats, she couldn’t help asking for the door.

However, the legendary senior student was really super good. Even if he was suddenly stopped, he would patiently listen to her request. However, it was really unlucky that day. After feeding the cat, the senior student seemed to have something to do, and she didn’t bring a camera, but fortunately, the senior student promised to take pictures for her when he was free.

Looking at the sweet cats, Luo Shuang sighed: “it’s winter again. This winter comes early and seems to be colder than in previous years. I don’t know how many poor cats and dogs will die in this season of each year.”

Si Yang looked at the girl who couldn’t help but red eyes. She was very sentimental and said with a smile, “aren’t you doing something to help them now? Maybe one person’s strength is limited, but if everyone is willing to take out this limited strength, the situation will change one day.”

Luo Shuang suction nose: “Well, I have to make a lot of pictorials and send them to the Internet so that more people can see that even such a small act of honking before driving may save many innocent lives. It’s so cold in winter, they just want to keep warm. If everyone is more tolerant, these little cute people won’t survive so hard.”

Looking at the whole body of several eating animals, Si Yang smiled, “you did a good job.”

Luo Shuang wanted to cover her face and was praised by the male god. The whole person was going to melt!

Hearing the rustling footsteps stepping on the fallen leaves, Luo Shuang looked sideways. One leg was so long that it made people blush and heartbeat. The cool handsome guy who was handsome like the flower of kaolin was coming towards them.

It was obvious that the man was coming towards the senior. He couldn’t stand the double handsome murder. Luo Shuang quickly stood up before he lost face and died: “thank you for your help today. I’ll show it to the senior when the finished product is ready. Then I’ll go first.” Then he ran away with a red face. These days, handsome boys’ friends are also handsome boys. Ordinary mortals such as himself can only look up to them.

Si Yang looked at the man coming towards him and gently stroked a little cat that finally climbed onto his leg: “what’s up?”

The person who came was Shan Hexuan. He didn’t come to find Si Yang. He just happened to meet him and naturally wanted to come and say hello: “senior, let me see if there is any missing evidence. He just came around from the girls’ dormitory building.”

Si Yang nodded: “did you find anything?”

Shan Hexuan shook his head and said, “No.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “it’s really hard for you to serve the people.”

I probably didn’t expect Si Yang to say such a thing, and I couldn’t help smiling in my eyes. Although he didn’t find any useful information for the corpse shredding case, after the accident met Si Yang, he can be sure that Si Yang should know something. At least, he must know that Liu can is not the real murderer. Therefore, he was not surprised that he came to the school to investigate a closed case. I don’t know when he can cultivate such accomplishments as Siyang. He can see through everything at a glance.

Seeing that he focused on feeding the cat, Shan Hexuan no longer bothered: “you are busy, sir, I won’t bother.”

Then he planned to leave, but now he was a little curious, so he said, “don’t you want to ask anything?”

Shan Hexuan stopped and turned back, Nor does it deny that: “Naturally, but I know more clearly that everyone has his own responsibility. My responsibility is to maintain the peace of the Xuanmen and the secular world. Although I don’t have a clue about this matter at present, the people behind it are not strong enough for me to deal with. This matter is not a kind of experience for me. If I turn to the strong for anything that can’t be solved for a while, I will always only Will stay where you are. ”

After Shan Hexuan left, Siyang looked at a group of kittens who had enough to eat and drink and sighed: “are young people so high in consciousness these days?”

A wandering orange cat still couldn’t control his size. He looked up at him: “meow ~ ~”


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