Great Celestial Master Chapter 48

A Chinese Heavenly Master was killed by Yin and Yang masters without special approval for no reason. There are many articles to do here. This incident itself is a mistake for Japan. Now the envoys of their two shrines are still detained in China. Although the condition agreed at the beginning was that the two envoys exchanged three Chinese heavenly masters captured by them, the premise of this matter was that the two envoys did not commit crimes in their Chinese territory.

Therefore, although the two Japanese were taken away for a period of time, there was no result in the quarrel. However, this does not prevent us from giving the “unlucky Heavenly Master” a green light in some small places. After all, people have suffered a reckless disaster and handed over people who can suppress the hatred of life and death. Now people have put forward a demand. If they don’t agree to that little thing, it’s really chilling. In particular, if this matter is operated well, it is also a good thing to improve the economy and benefit the country and the people.

Therefore, almost all the formalities were completed at an unprecedented speed accompanied by a specially assigned person. In only a few months, a high-end product with low price was listed.

The research and development of a product can be as long as several years or more. The integration of various components of the product, the effect it can bring, stability, various clinical trials, etc. This series of procedures are quite time-consuming. Therefore, a really good thing needs to pass the test of time. However, the world is so big that there are always those who open and hang up.

For example, it seems to be quietly listed overnight. It’s a brand that’s so strange that I haven’t heard of before, Royal muscle. The name looks very common and the packaging is quite simple. The pink white porcelain bottle has a very exquisite same color printing on the bottle body, and the word “Royal muscle” seems to be printed on the bottle body with the same process. The whole is very exquisite and brings a bit of classical beauty.

This product does not have a separate counter, but is directly placed on the cabinet rack of the domestic brand taiqingtang. Generally speaking, if there is a new product, it must be vigorously promoted, but this one takes an unusual road. Although it is placed on the cabinet rack, if no one asks, the cabinet sister will not recommend it to customers. Of course, if someone asks, she will be scared away by the price.

A brand that didn’t splash any water after listing was known overnight. There is no other reason, just because the first lady of China said that this product will become the light of domestic products.

This is a high evaluation. There are few domestic brands known as the light of domestic products, but those are self styled. Never has one been stamped by the official.

Those skin care enthusiasts can’t help but ask what products are so good if they can get such an evaluation from their first lady of China. Some people who are not bad for money have entered a set of water tests even in the face of the expensive price. Of course, the result is that once they enter the Royal muscle, it is as deep as the sea. Since then, the foreign brand is a passer-by.

Although Siyang wanted to set a high price for things at the beginning, LAN Jinxiu, who is familiar with the market routine, suggested to launch two sets, one of which is a low-cost version, but it is not cheap. One set of basic skin care will be 5000 less, but it is much cheaper than the price of tens of thousands of ladies’ version.

However, the brand became popular all over the country overnight because of the first lady’s golden words, which also broke many people’s inherent concept of domestic production. In the area of skin care products, the first reaction to the word “domestic” should be cheap. Although some are not cheap, the people who use them are too small. At the same price, we would rather buy Japanese and Korean goods. So as soon as I saw the price of this newly listed brand, many people questioned it. Of course, there are also those curious white mice who don’t need money.

Not to mention those who follow the trend and test the water, as long as there are new products on the market, the major beauty bloggers will first buy and try. Naturally, they will not miss such a heat. Even if a set is not cheap, it is also within the scope they can afford. Almost after the declaration of the light of domestic goods, they immediately went to the major counters to buy a set. Before long, on the largest beauty platform in China, various evaluations rose from the ground.

Grass chicken: the baby will grow grass for you, buy one word, buy two words and buy it! Baby pull a box of facial mask, it is not cheap, mask five pieces 1288, but this money is really worth it! If you apply it, you will find that all those big mask that used to have been used are all rubbish. Sincerely, I assure you that you will feel the same way with me! Actually changed a skin! For the first lady’s baby brand, the baby is still trusting, and after a week’s discontinuation of the mask, the effect is almost stable. No problem has erupted. Although it has not been identified, it is believed that the light of the national product will not contain hormones, otherwise it will be too much! Although it’s expensive, the effect is really worth it. There is a comparison chart below. You can have a look for yourself. The baby is going to lose a set of meat. If you want to become beautiful, don’t love your wallet!]

[Benming hot pot sauce: I lost a set of water emulsion just for the light of domestic goods. Everyone knows which department my brother-in-law is from, so I sent it to test it decisively before using it. I can tell you responsibly that it does not contain hormones! The face on the water feels super good. Remember to wipe my neck and arms after shooting with a cotton pad. It feels like a waste. It hurts. Really There is the feeling of satiety of the skin in drinking water, the lotion is also very refreshing, and the absorption of my large oil skin is completely unburdened. The main point is that after the water emulsion, I used to stop for a while and wait for the skin to absorb and frost again, but this process is completely not oil nor dry. The feeling of freshness and lubrication is really an unprecedented feeling. In order to maintain this feeling, I didn’t use other things all night. The next day, my skin was so good that it glowed, and my pores were small with the naked eye. Looking at the things I bought before that I felt easy to use all my life, I suddenly felt that it was because I didn’t use anything better!]

[confused little girl: I lost a suit, my wallet shrank instantly, and I opened the box carefully and painfully. The bottle looked simple and generous, and my liking increased a lot. After opening the bottle, the light but very unique fragrance captured me at once. Moreover, I found that the cleansed face and water emulsion of Royal muscle are all fragrant. According to the cabinet sister, fragrance is the anti-counterfeiting sign of Royal muscle , he also boasted that the world’s top perfumers can’t make this taste, and they can recognize the authentic product by recognizing the taste. This remains to be seen. The effect after use is not much to say. Let’s look at the picture. High definition has no repair and no beauty. We never know that our face can be clean and greasy to this extent. I’m satisfied with the light of domestic goods.]

Some big v people of beauty make-up went into the water one after another, not to mention those who followed the coax. Those who were famous and critical were also full of praise, which made some itchy people contribute their wallets. Of course, the final result naturally did not disappoint people. Some even said that just one set was enough to make people throw away the whole dressing table.

In addition, this is the first domestic product that has publicly stated that it will never export. In the past, people with painful and distressed faces who were shown all kinds of news about purchase restrictions and high cold, whether you like to buy or not, or even unwilling to sell to Chinese people, all of a sudden want to straighten their waist. They also have good things in China, but they don’t export them. Now it’s our turn to limit your purchase!

Although it doesn’t take much time from the R & D to the listing of this product, it still takes some time to ferment if you want to become a top high-end domestic product, but everyone can afford to wait.

LAN Shang, who was specially assigned by Si Yang to be responsible for the brand of Royal muscle, has also slowly found the direction, not to mention her own ability before her death. Now she has hundreds of years of cultivation, but to create a brand. As long as she finds out the rules of today’s society, there is a strong LAN behind her. She can play with absolute ease.

LAN Shang, who came back to report with her first month’s sales results, has evolved from a housekeeper to a capable woman. Si Yang is quite satisfied with her performance: “well done.”

In the face of Siyang’s affirmation, Lanshang was naturally happy, and took out another document and handed it to Siyang: “this is several suitable places I investigated according to your instructions, but the land price in Zhongdu is rising too fast. Every inch of land and gold is not cheap even in the outer suburbs.”

Shen ran subconsciously stretched out his head and glanced at it. He was surprised and said, “you want to buy land?”

Si Yang looked at the information and ignored him. He turned over the pieces of paper in his hand. He really didn’t know what to say. The whole area of Zhongdu was not as big as one tenth of that of hengtianzong. He felt flustered when he wanted to develop.

Shen ran saw that Siyang ignored him, But unwilling to be lonely: “if you want to buy land, why do you have to toss about by yourself? Aren’t we the neighbors of a real estate tycoon? It is said that when it was only developed within the Fifth Ring Road, Lan Shi had smashed a lot of land in the outer suburbs, and the mountain is the whole bag. It’s uncertain that half of the places you like in this book are in Lan Shi’s hands.”

Si Yang looked back at him and said, “if you’re busy, I don’t mind sending you out to start a real estate company for me.”

Shen ran immediately shrunk his paws. He thought it was good to keep a small online shop at home. He had to send a lot of orders every day. Yes, it was so unpromising.

Si Yang was just saying it casually, but he thought the proposal was good, so he put the data collected by Lanshang into his hand: “xiaofuzi can handle the order problem independently now, so don’t waste living at home. Go out and make money for me and plant land at the top of the mountain.”

Looking at a few thin sheets of paper in his hand, Shen ran looked up at Si Yang: “are you serious?”

Si Yang picked his eyebrow and smiled, “what do you say?” Then he patted Shen ran on the shoulder: “whether we have spiritual vegetables, fruits and rice in the future depends on you.”

Shen ran pursed his lips and looked at the little garden illuminated by the sun. Is it that he has been shrinking for too long and is finally going to be driven out.

However, Shen ran did not dare to listen to Siyang’s orders, so he had to pitifully start a strategy towards real estate. However, the distance between the lines is like a mountain, but fortunately, they have a powerful neighbor. The ready-made real estate tycoon is nearby. It’s enough for him to take many detours if he can teach him in person.

Although LAN Jinxiu regretted that Si Yang didn’t run errands with him directly, especially in his strengths, now that Shen Ran is Si Yang’s man, it’s also for Si Yang to help him cultivate some elites. Therefore, LAN Jingxiu not only didn’t refuse Shen Ran’s advice, but also didn’t mind letting him study with LAN for a period of time.

You should know that the real estate industry is very deep, and money is not enough. If the complex national policies are not handled well, they will lose their wives and soldiers, not to mention other twists and turns.

LAN Jinxiu thought Si Yang was going to let Shen ran set up a real estate company, and Shen ran also thought Si Yang was going to let him set up a company. Therefore, when LAN Jinxiu arranged him to study in LAN’s enterprise, Shen ran readily agreed. After all, learning more is not bad for him.

As everyone knows, Siyang just wants to buy a mountain, arrange a spiritual array and order to eat at home. Only now Yuji has just been listed. Although there is not much investment in the early stage, it is almost equal to profit from the beginning of listing, but it is far from enough to contract a mountain, so it just sent Shen ran out to find something to fool around.

However, Shen ran felt that he shouldn’t go out. He managed to tidy up himself. He followed LAN Jinxiu and recognized the way. After getting to know the special assistant who would take him for a while, he thought about the greedy little blessing on the way home, so he made a detour to buy some snacks at the snack shop he liked most. As a result, he happened to meet Zhuang Chen when he stepped out of Siyang’s house on the first day.

In addition to Zhuang Chen, there is Jin Wenxi who follows Zhuang Chen.


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