Great Celestial Master Chapter 49

A street away, looking at the people who appeared in front of him, before the mood of missing rose, a complete cold came up. Even though Zhuang Chen couldn’t accept his feelings other than his brothers, he knew his feelings. He didn’t even expect Zhuang Chen to be sad for himself for too long, but it was only a few months. Everything in front of him seemed to deny his existence for more than ten years. That person hasn’t changed much, but he’s missing himself.

Shen ran also knew in his heart that people always have to start a new life. No matter how sad they are, they always have to live. However, when what he saw with his own eyes is far from what he expected in his heart, how can he calmly accept it as a party.

Let go, he and he are doomed to have no results. Shen ran keeps persuading himself with this sentence in his heart, but even if he is a demon, his heart is long. When he recovered from the unwilling magic barrier, he had followed the two people and threw out the ghost talisman obtained from Siyang, trapping them in the parking lot.

You can see the parking lot at a glance. When Johnson saw that he was about to walk to his car, the whole picture changed strangely, and they came to the entrance of the parking lot again.

In the face of such a situation, Zhuang Chen did not panic, or there are few things that can disturb his mood now, even if he is suspected of hitting a ghost.

However, looking at the situation in front of him, Zhuang Chen turned to Jin Wenxi beside him. In his dark brown eyes, there was a deep and sinister that was not easy to be noticed, but he covered up very well and asked, “Wenxi, the situation seems to be wrong.”

This strange situation also made Jin Wenxi angry. People are instinctively afraid of unknown things, especially those who clearly know that there are ghosts and gods in the world. He almost subconsciously snuggled up to Zhuang Chen: “brother Zhuang, we seem to have met ghosts and hit the wall?”

Zhuang Chen took out his mobile phone and looked at it: “there’s no signal, Wenxi. Do you have anything to protect yourself? Maybe we accidentally disturbed our good brothers here.”

Compared with the calmer Zhuang minister, Jin Wenxi was very afraid, and his face even turned pale. It had entered the late autumn season, and a cold sweat sprang up on his forehead for fear of suddenly jumping out of his back. Hearing Zhuang Chen’s words, he seemed to subconsciously want to grab something on his chest, but after grabbing it empty, he quietly turned to hold Zhuang Chen’s hand, like holding a life-saving straw: “why don’t we go back and have a look?”

All these actions were seen by Zhuang Chen. He lowered his eyes slightly, collected the emotion in his eyes, and turned around according to Jin Wenxi’s meaning. When they were about to try to go back, they heard a very familiar voice: “where are you going?”

Zhuang Chen suddenly turned back, Shen ran!

The figure thinking day and night, just like before, always seems to be waiting for him with a faint smile in front of him, as if he had never left. The man who took almost all the colors of his life suddenly appeared in front of him.

Zhuang Chen looked at the person in front of him greedily. His heart beat more violently than ever. There was no fear, no fear, only full of joy. Even if the person in front of him was a ghost, he was eager to get close, look at him again and hug him.

Probably did not wait for their answer, standing in the distance, Shen ran seemed to ask again with a faint smile: “where are you going?”

Zhuang Chen was full of Shen ran. He even held his hand tightly. When he saw Shen ran, Jin Wenxi retreated in panic. He threw off Jin Wenxi’s pull and walked straight towards Shen ran.

Looking at the person in front of him, Zhuang Chen’s eyes were red, his voice choked and hoarse shouted, “Xiao ran.”

Shen Ran is like he has never disappeared. He looks ruddy and naturally approaches Zhuang Chen who is coming towards him. But what is different from before is that Shen ran will keep a certain distance. No matter how focused his eyes are, he always keeps the last line in physical contact and will not easily cross the line.

But now, he naturally took up Zhuang Chen’s arm and stuck his whole body on Zhuang Chen’s body. His attitude was very intimate. He almost vomited in his ear and asked, “where are you going? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. How can I come now?”

Zhuang Chen firmly held the hand sent to his palm, warm and soft, as if he had held the lost treasure again, for fear that it would disappear if it was loosened for half a minute. He doesn’t care at all. Shen Ran’s behavior is completely different from that of the past. Even if he is a fierce ghost who comes back to claim his life, he will be willing to follow.

Looking at the people around him, Zhuang Chen unconsciously stroked his face, with violent emotions in his eyes, but he seemed afraid to frighten the people in front of him, tried to restrain and be careful: “Xiaoran, is it you? Are you back?”

Shen Ran’s smile was slightly restrained. He probably didn’t expect that Zhuang Chen would react like this. He was even prepared for Zhuang Chen to be scared when he saw him. Especially the feelings in those eyes hurt him.

If you don’t cherish it before you die, why be affectionate after you die.

If it hadn’t been for his life, he didn’t know what kind of tragedy he would fall into. Now, looking back on the situation of that day, he couldn’t help but be afraid for a while. What he was afraid of was not death, but life was worse than death after being caught by the Japanese. Although he didn’t know what the Japanese wanted him for, it was impossible for him to be their ancestor. Those abnormal guys couldn’t guess with normal people’s thinking.

If it wasn’t Si Yang, how could he still have the chance to frighten them with ghosts here. So this late feeling made Shen Ran’s mood complicated, and even the interest in revenge and teasing was gone.

It’s not that he didn’t think about the dog blood drama of deep love after death. After all these years, how could he really let go at once. But when he really got his imaginary response, the first picture flashed in his mind was the scene of him turning around to hold Jin Wenxi on the day of the car accident. There was no joy in his imagination, nor even the appearance of his regret. Instead, he felt tired, an unspeakable tiredness.

Just when he was silent, Jin Wenxi, who was scared and fell to the ground, suddenly screamed, then got up and ran in the opposite direction they stood. However, how can an ordinary person run out of Siyang’s Rune array.

Speaking of this ghost hitting the wall talisman, he said casually when he saw Si Yang studying the complete collection of talismans. If the Japanese who chased him that day could be controlled like ghosts hitting the wall, they would be more likely to run away. So Siyang gave him some experimental symbols of ghosts beating the wall. Every ghost in the family has it, just in case in the future. I can’t beat it. I have to be able to run well in case of situations.

I didn’t expect it was just a game. It came in handy today.

Shen ran just watched Jin Wenxi run and return to the original place. He knelt down with tears in his face and begged for mercy. Where is there any elegance and nobility once as a little prince of the piano.

“Please, please let me go. It’s not me. I didn’t hurt you. Wuwuwuwu… Please, it’s none of my business. It’s really none of my business…”

Originally, Shen ran didn’t take Jin Wenxi seriously. He hasn’t lost his reason to hate a person who attracted the eyes of Zhuang Chen. If he wants to be attracted, even if it’s not Jin Wenxi, it may be Liu Wenxi and Li Wenxi. But when he heard Jin Wenxi crying and begging and saying to find them, it was none of his business. He immediately keenly realized that it was wrong, so he stretched out his hand and directly lifted Jin Wenxi’s life from the ground with his spiritual power. Anyway, he is also a ghost in their eyes now. He has a special ability, which is more in line with his ghost identity.

Jin Wenxi was obviously frightened. His face turned white and the whole person couldn’t stop shaking. When he was raised by Shen ran, his eyes turned white and fainted. Just about to ask him who he said they were, Shen ran suddenly froze. Did he go too far, or was Jin Wenxi so easily stunned because of his guilty conscience?

Shen ran looked at Zhuang Chen, but he saw that Zhuang Chen was still staring at him, as if he couldn’t see enough. He didn’t seem to care about the strange situation that he mentioned Jin Wenxi just now. He didn’t even look at Jin Wenxi who was stunned by him.

Shen ran doesn’t understand it at all. If Zhuang Chen understands his feelings because of his death, why should he be with Jin Wenxi. Is that car accident related to Jin Wenxi? But such a strong impact, if he had not protected them, Jin Wenxi would have died. What would he want?

While he was thinking, Zhuang Chen held his other hand, red eyes and whispered, “Xiao ran, I miss you so much, really miss you so much. I have a lot to say to you, but you have never come to my dream. Do you hate me? Hate or at least hate can make you come back to me again.”

Shen ran looked at him and kept silent for a while, then suddenly hooked his lips and smiled: “since you miss me so much, will you go with me?”

It’s obvious that a ghost told a living man to go with him, But without hesitation, Zhuang Chen directly held Shen ran in his arms: “OK! Take me away. Take me with you. It was all my fault before. I regret wasting so many years. Xiao ran, I really regret that I didn’t protect you. Xiao ran, it’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, you…”

Before Zhuang Chen finished his words, a strong sword Qi came over. Shen ran reacted very quickly and pushed Zhuang Chen away. He retreated again and again to avoid.

Zhuang Chen was suddenly pushed by Shen ran and fell directly to the ground. The next second, the place just like an independent space seemed to be broken, the parking lot returned to normal, and a man in a black windbreaker suddenly appeared in front of them with a long sword in his hand.

When Shen ran saw someone coming, he almost couldn’t help but want to scratch his face and smile. Should it be so coincidence that he can meet the boss of secret service group 2.

Shan Hexuan was surprised to see that it was Shen ran. When he passed by, he noticed some spiritual changes. He came to check. He found that this place was surrounded by a special spiritual magnetic field. It was not easy to break the boundary. He saw a man fainting to the ground and two people holding together, although he didn’t see the situation in front of him, But the instinct is to separate them, just in case one of them has evil thoughts and wants to harm others. But unexpectedly, one of them was Shen ran.

Looking at the visitor, Shen ran adjusted his expression: “Captain Shan, what a coincidence.”


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