Great Celestial Master Chapter 5

After solving the problem of Cang’s sister, Siyang and Zhou Fang went back to school first. The vaginal pregnancy has been solved, but I’m afraid the housework of the Cang family has just begun. Fortunately, this semester is drawing to a close. Two months of summer vacation should be enough for Cang Yongfeng to solve the housework.

When Zhou Fang and Si Yang returned to school, it was almost evening. Although the sun was not as hot as during the day, the residual temperature was like a steamer, and the sticky people couldn’t stand it. Students in twos and threes walk by from time to time, some with books, some with lunch boxes or takeout. That is, at present, the school looks a little more crowded. If it’s hot, it’s really a ghost.

The natural weather change had no effect on Siyang’s cultivation. However, even so, he obviously felt that the climate in the past two years was becoming more and more abnormal.

Regardless of the image, Zhou Fang fans with a mini cute electric fan, lowers his head and pokes his mobile phone with one hand: “I asked Chen Yong to bring us food. He said it has arrived. You go back to the bedroom and turn on the air conditioner. I’ll go to their bedroom to get it.”

Zhou Fang turned around and saw Si Yang peeling lollipops, so he was not polite: “I want it too.”

Siyang handed Zhou Fang the one that had been stripped of sugar coating, and he took another one. Zhou Fang sucked hard: “why don’t you open a dessert shop in the future? What you make is much better than what you sell outside.”

Siyang was fond of sweetness. When he was in the sect, he restrained his appetite because he was the chief disciple of the sect leader and wanted to set an example. Now there are many things on earth that don’t need to be cared about. It’s much more natural and casual. Although there are many kinds of desserts on earth, the relationship between the materials and the taste are not even as delicious as the candied fruit he made casually.

However, although he likes sweets, he has never thought of opening a shop. After all, if he opened a dessert shop, the ingredients used are not affordable to ordinary people.

The sweet taste spread in his mouth. Looking at his roommate who was sweating and shouting hot, he smiled unkindly.

Not far away, a tall man was surrounded by several school leaders. While talking and laughing, they pointed at some buildings in the school. The man is tall, and he is definitely more than one meter eight or even taller by visual inspection. Against the background, the school leaders around him are more like short white gourd.

Zhou Fang, who was walking in front, saw those people and turned to wink at Siyang. After all, the combined picture of the people in front was really funny. In particular, one of them is the famous director of Yama face training. At the moment, his flattering smile is very hot in his eyes.

Siyang also looked over there, paused the lollipop in his mouth, and then walked away as if nothing had happened. This is the first time he has seen a living man with such a strong evil spirit. It’s strange that although the man is filled with evil spirit, his breath is gentle, which proves that the man should have done some merit and virtue. A good man with evil spirit? That’s strange.

LAN Jingxiu subconsciously looked in the direction of Siyang. He saw two young boys, one with regular facial features, a strong figure and looks very sunny. The other was very handsome, with delicate eyebrows and eyes. He didn’t look like a mortal. He didn’t know what the boy in front of him said. The handsome young man smiled. His beautiful appearance was even more dazzling than the blazing sun in midsummer.

LAN carefully practiced a little and took back his eyes, but he couldn’t get rid of the amazing in his heart.

As soon as he returned to his bedroom, Siyang directly pinched his hand. The stuffy air in the room suddenly became cool. As soon as the air conditioner was turned on, he sat in front of his computer. To say what makes Siyang most satisfied with the earth, it must be this magical network.

For example, the convenience brought by electrical appliances is sometimes not even as useful as their spells, but no matter how powerful the spells are, it is not impossible, but it is not easy to gather everyone in a virtual world. But it’s amazing that this can be done so easily on earth.

Just after logging into his social account, Zhou Fang came in with big bags and small bags. As soon as I entered the bedroom, I breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief: “it’s so cool. It’s really hot outside. I’m going to take a shower first. You eat first.”

With enough food and drink, Zhou Fang has fallen into bed and slept. After running around all day, he has witnessed such mysterious events. It is indeed a little overloaded for ordinary people. With a wave of his hand, a small silver incense burner appeared in front of him. The incense burner is hollow, and the carved patterns on it are extremely exquisite. If you stare closely, you can even see the floating of flowers, birds, fish and insects on it, as if it were alive.

Siyang put a snow-white pill into the censer. A faint blue spark jumped out of thin air at his fingertips, and his fingers inched. The spark fell into the censer and wrapped the snow-white pill. Siyang covered the incense burner. A moment later, the whole bedroom was filled with a very cold fragrance, but it was strangely blocked in the whole bedroom without leaking out half a minute.

This is a very common elixir in the immortal world. Monks are mostly used to refresh themselves. It’s easier for the leader to practice in Qingming. However, although this qinglingdan is an entry-level pill for friars, it is too powerful for ordinary people who haven’t even built a Lingtai. It’s better to burn incense to dispel the Yin Qi Zhou Fang has been contaminated with and make him sleep more steadily.

Although it doesn’t matter if you don’t use qinglingdan, the most Yin Qi is that it makes Zhou Fang have nightmares for a few days. However, the qinglingdan has more than Yang. It doesn’t hurt to use it as incense every day.

Seeing that Zhou Fang was completely asleep, Si Yang leaned back on his chair for a while and ate a candy again. On the computer page, he opened an online shop. Naturally, the shop sells some talismans, but they are all simple peace talismans, good luck talismans, amulets and peach blossom talismans. The slightly more complex one is the surprise talismans.

One of the best sellers is the peach blossom talisman, which is also the cheapest talisman in the store, two thousand yuan a piece. However, this peach blossom charm can not really attract peach blossoms. It will only make the heterosexual edge a little better and look like a vigorous peach blossom. Of course, if the real peach blossom luck comes, the effect will naturally be better through the blessing of talismans.

Secondly, there are sales of amulets and peace amulets. The sales of these two amulets are supported by another roommate in their bedroom. The rich second-generation roommate who hasn’t appeared so far is Li Hao. He is a third-line actor. Now he doesn’t know which mountain pimple he is filming in. This talisman is not cheap for ordinary people. In addition to the peach blossom talisman, the cheapest two in case and the most expensive surprise talisman are 100000, but the sales volume is zero so far.

For Siyang, these talismans are just a matter of hand. They don’t even cost much spiritual power. They are completely flow like operations. Naturally, things drawn by Si Yang’s cultivation can’t be of this degree. However, before Si Yang decided to make money by selling talismans, he once saw a so-called expert, more than one million amulets sold. There is only a faint trace of spiritual power in them. The effect is natural, but it’s just like that. This can sell for one million, which made Si Yang, who had only four digits in his card, seriously think for three minutes, and finally decided to make a fortune in the mortal world by relying on runes.

However, the result was not as good as people wanted. Except for a few talismans taken by Li HaoYou’s support for his family, which made him have some sales, others have been zero all the time. But I think so. Some people may think it doesn’t matter for one or two thousand and buy a comfort in their hearts. But if tens of thousands of people buy a piece of ghost paper, there may be few such wrongs.

Looking at the bleak records on the page, Si Yang sighed helplessly, a group of people who didn’t know the goods, and then closed the page silently. He looked at the house he liked and calculated his balance. He probably couldn’t afford a floor brick of the house.

The lollipop turned around in his mouth, and Siyang gave up the idea of making money through extraordinary ways. It’s more than enough to take out one of the things in his private library and change several quadrangles here, but it’s a little boring. HMM… it’s a big deal. When you’re at the end of your rope, go out and set up a stall to tell your fortune. He’s so handsome that there will always be guests coming.

After nearly three years of living together, several roommates know something about Si Yang’s family. Therefore, seeing that the last few courses have been completed, and everyone is going to have a holiday for the summer vacation, Zhou Fang said to Siyang: “my parents travel to my sister in the summer vacation. It’s just me at home. You go to my home for the summer vacation. We can play games together!”

Cang Yongfeng, who has arranged everything at home for the time being, sighed to Siyang: “I also want to say that you can go home with me in the summer vacation and have a good experience of the natural scenery in the landscape countryside. However, the things in my family haven’t been sorted out yet. It’s estimated that there will be some trouble. When the trouble at home is solved, I’ll take you to my house for a few days.”

Si Yang looked at his two roommates and said with a smile, “how can I say that I seem to be homeless? Don’t worry about me. I’ll probably stay in China this summer vacation.”

Zhou Fang’s eyes brightened: “live in my house?”

Si Yang shook his head and said with a mysterious face: “I pinched my fingers a few days ago. Recently, I have partial financial luck. If I grasp it, I may be able to win the house in my heart.”

Zhou Fang and Cang Yongfeng looked at each other with suspicion. Their family has a big appetite. Even the rich second generation Li Hao family may not be able to afford the house they like. Can they earn a luxury house in a prime location in Zhongdu in a summer vacation? I’m afraid robbing banks is not enough.

Just as he was talking, Siyang’s mobile phone rang. Siyang glanced at it and smiled: “look, fortune is coming.”


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