Great Celestial Master Chapter 50

Shan Hexuan looked at Zhuang Chen on the ground and the fainting people on one side with an expressionless face, and said coldly, “have you ever passed the permission of the Heavenly Master?” No matter whether Shen Ran is a ghost or not, since he has now been included in the name of senior Si, his behavior and work should be limited according to the rules of ghost servants.

Shen ran coughed softly, “I didn’t kill anyone.”

Although Zhuang Chen didn’t understand the current situation, he quickly got up and stood in front of Shen ran. He said coldly, “this is our private affair. It has nothing to do with others. Please don’t mind your own business.”

Shan Hexuan didn’t even look at him, but stared at Shen ran. Shen ran looked at Jin Wenxi who fell to the ground and narrowed his eyes slightly. It seems that he can only find another time to catch this man for interrogation. Seeing Shan Hexuan staring at himself, he sighed helplessly: “it’s getting late, I should go back.”

Shan Hexuan said: “together, I also want to reflect to Heavenly Master Si about today.”

Zhuang Chen grabbed Shen Ran’s hand. It was nervous. His hand even trembled slightly. Even when Shen ran said he would take him away, Zhuang Chen didn’t react so much. This kind of appearance, see of Shen ran Mou son a dark.

But no matter what, in front of Shan Hexuan, he couldn’t say anything. He had to say, “I have the way I want to go, and you also have the life you want to live in the future. I just said that taking you away is funny to you. In addition, don’t investigate about me. Some things are far more complex than you can imagine. Live your life well.”

Zhuang Chen looked at him and even looked ferocious: “I can’t! What do you mean you have your way and I have my life? Yes, it’s all my fault. I wasted so many years of time in vain. I regret it, Xiaoran. I really regret how you let me live without you. I want to go with you. No matter where you go, you are a person, I accompany you, you are a ghost, and I follow you as a ghost!”

However, as soon as Zhuang Chen finished his words, he suddenly fell down. Shen ran looked at Shan Hexuan. Shan Hexuan put down his hand and looked at him coldly: “people and ghosts are different.”

Shen ran couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of his mouth. Looking at the Zhuang minister on the ground, he seemed to have some helplessness: “will he forget today?”

“It is a tort to arbitrarily deprive ordinary people of their memory.”

Shen ran sighed, bent down and directly helped Zhuang Chen up and put him into the car. Looking at the man who seemed to be thinner, he was afraid that there was a Shan Hexuan staring at him. He paused with his hand in the air and took it back.

When it was Jin Wenxi’s turn, Shen ran hesitated for a while and said to Shan Hexuan, “help this man. He may have something to do with the car accident or the Japanese who killed me. I don’t want to touch him.”

Shan Hexuan looked at him and raised his hand. The door of the back seat of the car automatically opened. Jin Wenxi, who fell to the ground, was lifted up by an invisible force and put into the back seat of the car.

Shen ran looked at his hand. It was probably that human had been a demon for too long. He forgot that he was a demon.

So Shen ran, who made trouble on his first day out, was picked up by Shan Hexuan and sneaked back, And he solemnly said to Siyang, “ghost servants are a group that exists for the convenience of heavenly masters in the secular world. Within the private sphere of heavenly masters, the use of magic by ghost servants is not limited. However, in public, if they use magic without authorization for no special reason, it is a violation of the regulations. Please restrain them more, so as not to cause chaos in the secular world.”

Si Yang looked at it, shrunk his head and pretended to teach xiaofuzi how to maintain the website. In fact, he was listening with his ears open. He smiled and said, “thank you, Captain Shan today.”

Shan Hexuan said, “if only you didn’t blame me for my trouble.”

The teacup that Si Yang drank up for him poured seven points full: “how can it be? Now this peaceful world depends on you to maintain, but I have a Lanshang outside to help me deal with my affairs, including Shen ran. In the future, Captain laodan will take care of it.”

“Don’t worry, sir. I will try my best to give you convenience within my ability.”

When Shan Hexuan finished, he seemed to hesitate. Siyang smiled: “Captain Shan has something to say, but it doesn’t hurt.”

Shan Hexuan took out a small wooden box from his pocket and handed it to Siyang: “I didn’t want to bother you, but many heavenly masters in the bureau have checked it and compared it with many ancient books. I really can’t find the source, so I have to bother you to help me.”

Siyang took the box and opened it. There was a mass of ordinary black powder in it, but it was strangely resistant to spiritual power.

Shan Hexuan said in a side way: “this is something extracted from the victim’s head. In the head of the victim, it is also extracted from the spell with plain grain ghost Sutra.”

One side of Shen ran couldn’t help but insert a mouth: “plain grain ghost Sutra?”

The things investigated by special departments like them will certainly not be casually told to the families of the victims. They must find a reason acceptable to ordinary people to erase them, and Si Yang has never told anyone about it, so that Shen ran doesn’t know the inside story.

Shan Hexuan didn’t know how much Siyang knew about it, so after Shen ran asked, he simply picked up the key points and said it again.

Shen ran was speechless and said, “this is a proper feudal superstition. Just like those emperors who used to refine pills, they are obsessed.”

Si Yang doesn’t know much about Chinese talismans. Compared with those aristocratic families with their own inheritance, all the mysterious knowledge he came into contact with about the world comes from the Internet and books that can be bought in major bookstores. If Shan Hexuan hadn’t said such unpopular runes, he wouldn’t even know.

But now what Shan Hexuan brought, Siyang twisted some and rubbed it twice at his fingertips: “if I’m not mistaken, this should be black jade paste.”

Shen ran subconsciously said, “black jade intermittent cream?”

Shan Hexuan thought for a moment, but he didn’t think of anything that could fit his seat. The main reason was that the name was too common.

Siyang said, “the jade paste is made of Danmu. The flowers bloom in five colors and turn to the sun of Zhongshan. The essence of jade is turbid and bright. The five colors attack to be soft and hard.”

After reading these paragraphs as if he had read them from the book, Si Yang looked at Shan Hexuan: “heaven and earth ghosts and gods are food and feast. A gentleman takes them to guard against bad luck.”

As soon as Siyang’s voice fell, Shan Hexuan’s breath was cold. Although his expression had not changed, he could see that it was not very good. Shen ran looked at him suspiciously. How could he hear Si Yang read a few ancient texts and react so much.

Shan Hexuan frowned and said, “it’s wrong. It’s the wrong direction from the beginning.” Then he stood up and bowed to Siyang: “thank you for your advice.”

After Shan Hexuan left, Shen ran was still in the clouds: “what do you mean?”

Si Yang smiled and looked at him: “you used to study, isn’t liberal arts inferior to science?”

Shen ran coughed uneasily. In fact, both liberal arts and science are not very good, that is, he has a little talent in language and has a better memory.

Siyang Road: “They were all confused by the rune. When they saw the rune, they naturally thought that the murderer killed and refined the soul, and then discarded the body in various colleges in order to absorb Yang Qi and accumulate resentment. The ultimate goal was to complete the spell and refine it into Yin pill to change themselves. In fact, they just refined food for ghosts and gods through all this, taking the head as the container, With the power of the essence of black jade paste, the essence of jade is generated by the combination of Yin Yang and Yang Qi.

Shen ran said, “then feed the ghosts and gods? Kill people with such a cruel means just to refine the food for the ghosts and gods?”

Si Yang nodded and Shen ran asked, “what does he mean by the wrong direction of investigation he just said?”

Si Yang smiled unkindly and said, “do you want to know? Ask him.”

Shen ran suddenly turned cold and hated the person who didn’t give a happy ending to this kind of story.

Shen ran left a will and donated all his property to charity. Zhuang Chen was reluctant to give up the house he almost bought and decorated with Shen ran, so he simply paid for it.

In Shen Ran’s former home, Zhuang Chen sat on the bay window of the living room. Here was covered with soft blankets and many pillows piled up. Shen ran used to like sitting here reading and basking in the sun. Looking at the busy traffic outside, Zhuang Chen took a group photo of him and Shen Ran’s graduation from university. The whole person became extremely decadent without any exquisite elegance.

Everything that had been disguised for so long was completely shattered and disintegrated after meeting Shen ran that day.

At first, he suspected Jin Wenxi, just because of his attitude towards Jin Wenxi. As long as Jin Wenxi appeared, he couldn’t see others. Even if he couldn’t see Jin Wenxi, he would always unconsciously think of him. As a person who has never been superstitious, how can he think of head lowering magic. Until Shen ran disappeared, and then came the news of his death. He seemed to wake up from the dream surrounded by people. However, the reality in front of him tore his heart and lungs.

He found some friends who knew something about this and invited a master. The master said that he was sent down for love. It is a common head lowering in Southeast Asia. It is not complicated to solve it, so it is easy to solve it for him. When his head was removed, when he looked at Jin Wenxi again, he felt that he had suddenly changed from the aestheticism of all kinds of halo atomization to the high-definition with makeup removed, and the front and back were like two people.

Hate Jin Wenxi, of course, but he hates himself even more. He will hate himself until now. Why did he hold Jin Wenxi that day? If he held it and protected Shen ran, would Shen ran not have an accident. He also hates why he should be timid and cowardly. Obviously, he is not without feelings. Why not be brave.

After four years of college with Shen ran, even his friends can see Shen Ran’s feelings for him. How can he not know. But he didn’t dare. He was not sure whether he could bear the social pressure and family pressure he would face after coming out. He was afraid that his impulse would destroy himself and his calm life.

Later, he started a business with Shen ran and gave Shen ran the best treatment. On the one hand, he found reasons to convince himself that if he couldn’t give Shen ran the feelings he wanted, he would give him the best material life he could give. But subconsciously, he dared not take that step, but he was reluctant to let go. He selfishly surrounded Shen ran. This circle was Shen Ran’s life.

In the face of his selfishness and retreat, Shen ran tolerated again and again, and his tolerance made him more greedy. When all this becomes broken that can’t go back, it’s too late to regret.

After learning the news of Shen Ran’s death, supporting him is to find the murderer for Shen ran, but let him accidentally find that the car accident was related to Jin Wenxi. Car accident, kidnapping, death, and a Jin Wenxi who bowed his head to him, which is full of strangeness. He left Jin Wenxi just to find out everything behind this. His debt to Shen ran was a debt between him and Shen ran, but before that, he would not let go of any of the people who had harmed Shen ran!

But a person who has passed away suddenly appeared in front of him. At that moment, he really wanted to go with Shen ran, whether to heaven or hell.

But the calm at that time made him feel so strange that he could not restrain his fear. It was the first time he had known Shen ran for more than ten years. He clearly felt that he and Shen ran seemed to have really become two worlds. He didn’t know the people Shen ran knew. He couldn’t understand what they said. It was a new world he had never touched.

When the door bell rang, Zhuang Chen’s first reaction was that Shen ran came back and hurriedly ran to open the door, but he saw Jin Wenxi at the door. For a moment, Zhuang Chen’s eyes changed.

Jin Wenxi’s face was a little pale and his eyes dodged. He was obviously afraid of this place, but at this time, he came boldly and looked around without trace, At the same time, he said to Zhuang Chen with a disgusting gesture: “brother Zhuang Chen, you haven’t been to the company for two days. Everyone is very worried about you. After meeting the ghost of brother Shen ran that day, you have become different. Brother Zhuang, this is the talisman I asked you for. Wear it on your body.”

Jin Wenxi didn’t know what purpose he came with. His whole mind didn’t seem to be on Zhuang Chen, so that he didn’t find how cold Zhuang Chen looked at him.

Zhuang minister blocked the door and didn’t let Jin Wenxi into the house. He looked at the things in his hand and sneered: “Fu? What’s your means of harming others? Do you want to harm me or Shen ran? Is this Fu used to keep me safe or to deal with Shen ran?”

Jin Wenxi probably didn’t expect Zhuang Chen’s reaction, and his expression was shocked. But he quickly tried to hide the past, but the next moment, his white and slender neck was pinched by a big hand.

Jin Wenxi instinctively wants to push away Zhuang Chen’s hand pinching his neck, but how can a person who almost never exercises rival a person who has to go to the gym at least three or four times a week. He widened his eyes and looked at Zhuang Chen in horror. All his thoughts were whether Zhuang Chen was possessed by a calm ghost. He struggled to look at the rune paper that fell to the ground, but the rune paper didn’t respond at all, which proved that there was no calm ghost here.

Seeing Jin Wenxi’s eyes, Zhuang Chen directly crushed the rune paper on the ground.

Jin Wenxi held Zhuang Chen’s hand tightly and begged, “Zhuang… Brother Zhuang Chen, i… I am… Wen Xi, Zhuang Chen… Brother, help me, let go, let go…”

Zhuang Chen turned around and pressed Jin Wenxi against the wall. He pinched his neck and didn’t loosen half a minute. Looking at the dying Jin Wenxi almost desperate, when he was about to suffocate, his hand loosened a little, so that he could breathe again.

Seeing Jin Wenxi’s almost collapsed appearance, Zhuang Chen approached him and smiled coldly: “don’t worry, how can I let you die? I will only make you live worse than die!”

Jin Wenxi, who narrowly escaped from death, couldn’t help looking at Zhuang Chen with trembling. He didn’t understand why he hadn’t seen him for two days. Things would turn out like this. Isn’t this Zhuang Chen under his control all the time.

With a frightened and puzzled look, Zhuang Chen was cruel again. He pinched Jin Wenxi’s neck and said with a bit of strength: “love is falling. Do you think I don’t know, buying the driver? Keeping you is just to catch the big fish behind you, but now I find it unnecessary, because keeping you will only make me feel more disgusted day by day!”


In a school utility room, a high school girl in a school uniform struggled to free herself from the rope in her hand, even if her hand was rubbed with a piece of blood red by the coarse hemp rope. While sobbing, he tore the tape on his mouth and wiped his tears with his sleeve. He was probably bound for a long time. When he got up, his legs didn’t listen to him and fell soft for several times. He finally felt his way to the door in the dark, but found that the door was locked.

The girl was frightened and scared, crying for someone to let her out, but in the late night campus, the students and teachers had already gone home, and the security office was far away from the teaching building, so she might not be able to hear the sound in the sundry room.

When the girl saw the small air window on the wall, she quickly pushed some abandoned tables stacked in the corner, stepped on the table carefully and scared, scratched on the air window and wanted to climb out from there. In the empty campus at night, the darkness is like a devil’s mouth that can devour everything. Even the school that the girl is very familiar with, she still feels incomparable fear.

Although the air window is not big, it can still accommodate a thin little girl. The girl looked at the ground some distance away from the air window, gritted her teeth and jumped down from it.

Out of the trapped and locked her utility room, the girl’s wronged tears came up again and wiped them off her face with her hands. The girl slowly stood up and limped to the wall and walked carefully to the stairs.

Suddenly, the sound of Da, Da, Da came from behind her. The girl stared in horror. The whole person trembled with fear, but she didn’t dare to turn back. She screamed and cried and rushed to the school gate without looking back.

At dawn, the people of the school security office should inspect the campus before opening the school according to the work flow. However, when he inspected the teaching building, there seemed to be a man lying on the ground. It has entered the late autumn season, and the sky is getting brighter and later. The security guard can’t see clearly. He slowly approached with a flashlight and fell to the ground in an instant.

In front of the door of the teaching building, a girl lay there in blood, like jumping from the roof. Her whole limbs fell and twisted. The whole person lay in a blood red, but her head was facing the direction of the security guard. Her eyes were wide and she died in peace.


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