Great Celestial Master Chapter 51


When Luo Shuang appeared in front of Si Yang again, it was several days since the high school student jumped out of a building because of the pressure of the college entrance examination. Because of this, the Education Bureau has been pushed to the forefront again, the domestic educational concept has begun to be questioned, and universities have become the focus of rectification.

The so-called educational institutions that disappeared for a period of time whenever they were concerned by the society and revived after the wind passed began to stop and pack quails. Because of this, all the secondary courses that senior three students were deprived of except the main course were returned to the students again. Zhongdu, which had been depressed for a few minutes in the autumn, was also more depressed by this series of rectification.

Just as Zhou Fang and Si Yang lamented that this year was really an eventful year, Luo Shuang knocked on the door of their bedroom outside. This is the first time a girl has come to their bedroom. Although their school is not very strict with the men’s dormitory, it is not easy for girls to come up. Otherwise, a lot of fans in Siyang would have broken the threshold of their dormitory.

Zhou Fang hasn’t seen Luo Shuang. Now he sees a young girl standing at the door with some lovely girls, so he unconsciously stands upright. His voice is subconsciously serious: “who are you looking for?”

Luo Shuang didn’t dare to look inside casually, and said in a little voice, “excuse me, is senior Siyang there?”

Zhou Fang felt that he heard the voice of heartbreak. Although he knew that the little beauty could not come to him, he still couldn’t stand some small expectations. Wen Yan had to side away: “inside, you come in first. How did you escape from the housekeeper’s aunt?”

Luo Shuang said with a shy smile, “just wait for the hostess to sneak in when she turned around and was busy.” She can’t help it. Last time she was able to contact Siyang, another roommate helped to contact, but the boy’s mobile phone seems to be turned off, and she doesn’t have Siyang’s contact information. It happened suddenly. I couldn’t wait for senior Siyang to block people in class. I just tried to sneak away.

Zhou Fang tutted lightly: “you girls are also brave. For example, we don’t dare to break into the girls’ dormitory. If we are found, I’m afraid we will be killed.”

Luo Shuang couldn’t help smiling. Can it be the same.

Si Yang is fighting with a group of little black people. He has a forum that has been mixed for many years. Although it is not said that the gods are gathered, there are many capable people. Therefore, he often makes an appointment to see who can conquer whose computer first. Some people who don’t take part in the war will go in and watch, and then constantly update the war situation in the forum. Whenever these hackers start to show off their skills, the forum is the most lively time.

This time, Si Yang is just idle and bored. If someone makes an appointment, come on. Seeing Luo Shuang looking for him now, I saw where a group of hackers had hit. I threw a maze directly. First, circle them and let them play inside. The combination of hacker technology and Xuanmen array is enough for these little guys to enjoy.

A group of hackers surrounded by the maze: “…?” Which great God can’t see the sudden end? Don’t play such a trick on people!

Seeing Si Yang looking at himself, before he could speak, Luo Shuang hurriedly said, “I’m sorry to bother the senior. The finished publicity poster about cats hasn’t come out yet. I’m here today because I want to trouble the senior.”

Si Yang smiled: “sit down and talk. What’s the matter?”

Zhou Fang had the foresight to pour a glass of juice for his sister’s paper. Almost all of their dormitories were sweet animals. Although they might not be as addicted as Yang Yang, they drank more juice than boiled water on weekdays. I packed a plate of biscuits for Mei paper. It was made by the imperial chef of Yangyang family. It tastes great. It can be said that the service was very attentive.

Luo Shuang smiled and thanked Zhou Fang. Then he said to Si Yang, “senior, I heard that you are very accurate in divining. I, I have something I want to ask you for help.”

Si Yang knows this, and only people in their small circle know it. In addition to a few roommates, there are two other students who have a good relationship. Not many people know it. So hearing Luo Shuang’s words, Zhou put down his consciousness and said, “where did you hear that?”

Luo Shuang hurriedly said, “Jiang Chao is my roommate’s boyfriend. I have a good relationship with that girl. She just told me. We didn’t talk about it outside.” In fact, her roommate knew that she even took pictures of Si Yang. Although she didn’t take pictures of the whole person, she was exposed at least, so she made fun of her. The girl always had fantasies about particularly excellent and handsome boys. Her roommate gossiped with her about Siyang from her boyfriend.

Jiang Chao was one of the students who had a good relationship. When he was a freshman and sophomore, Jiang Chao lived next to them in his bedroom. Because they were all game fans, he played games with Zhou Fang and Cang Yongfeng almost every day. If there were not only four beds in one bedroom, Jiang Chao would almost apply to move into their bedroom. In his junior year, Jiang Chao met a girlfriend and moved out of school. Falling in love is also a very expensive thing. As a result, Jiang Chao had to work part-time outside, so he didn’t stick together.

Hearing Luo Shuang’s words, Zhou Fang said, “so did you come to Si Yang for divination?”

Luo Shuang shook his head: “no, I think if the senior students know some of this mysterious things, do they also know some people who really have ability.” Luo Shuang said with a worried frown: “I have a cousin who is in senior three this year. It is the school that jumped from a building to commit suicide because of too much pressure in the news. My cousin and the girl who jumped from a building are classmates. After the girl died, my cousin became a little abnormal.”

This is obviously the rhythm of the ghost story. Zhou Fang subconsciously touched the amulet he had been wearing on his chest. Now he didn’t dare to interrupt.

Si Yang said, “why is it abnormal?”

Luo Shuangdao: “My home is very close to my cousin’s home, so I always took her to play when I was a child. We have a good relationship. Because her mother left early and she can’t get along with her father, she lived in my home most of the time. Although I went to college and went back once a week, she still sticks to me very much. Just a few days ago, she suddenly called me crying and said she was a ghost.”

Luo Shuang looked at Si Yang and Zhou Fang and saw that they didn’t show any surprise or disbelief, Then he continued: “At first, I thought she was stressed and something like that happened at school, so I went home and wanted to enlighten her. At first, it was normal for two days. She also said she didn’t see ghosts again after sleeping with me, but on the third day, she suddenly screamed when she took a bath in the bathroom. She said she saw ghosts smiling at her in the mirror, but I didn’t look at anything In the evening, she always woke up with a sudden nightmare, and then cried with me, saying that a ghost was sticking to her and touching her. Then she became more and more surprised. She ate well, suddenly threw the bowl and ran away to hide in the corner trembling. Sometimes when she was doing her homework, she suddenly began to pull her hair wildly and said that a ghost was pulling at her. In just a few days, her weight loss was very abnormal, It’s like being sucked dry by something. The family felt that she was under too much pressure, so they took some time off to let her have a good rest, but things became more and more serious. Sometimes as long as we didn’t watch her, she almost jumped directly from the balcony several times. ”

If Zhou Fang hadn’t seen this kind of supernatural thing with his own eyes and heard Luo Shuang say so, he would probably only think about stress. Originally, the third year of senior high school was the turning point of future life. It was really not easy in those days, not to mention their own pressure, school teachers and parents at home. Now there’s another girl who jumped from a building to commit suicide in that girl’s class. Isn’t this worse.

After hearing this, Si Yang asked, “what have you done at home besides looking at her?”

Luo Shuangdao: “My cousin said that hell, we couldn’t help it when we saw her like that. We took her to the temple to ask for an amulet and took her to the aisle to show it to the master. But I felt that those were liars. I burned my cousin’s head with a piece of amulet paper and read a few spells as if it was over, but my cousin’s situation was still no improvement. Later, my family took her to the hospital. The diagnosis result was naturally spiritual The illusion of self avoidance caused by stress. ”

Si Yang knew that there must be something following about this matter. Otherwise, if it was determined that it was spiritual, Luo Shuang would not come to him to ask a reliable master.

Sure enough, Luo Shuang said, “I thought so. As a result, last night, my cousin woke up in the middle of the night and said that there was a ghost to catch her to hell. I had to turn on the light and tell her that there was no ghost. Everything was just her own fantasy, but I found a black fingerprint on my cousin’s ankle.”

Luo Shuang took out her mobile phone and handed some photos to Si Yang: “I think what my cousin said may be true. She was really haunted by ghosts, but we all went to the temple and Taoist temple, and the masters there didn’t see it. Senior Si Yang, do you know anyone in this field? If my cousin goes on like this, I’m really afraid something will happen.”

Zhou Fang stretched out his head to look at the mobile phone. Sure enough, the five fingerprints on the white ankle were quite obvious, and they were black. They looked very penetrating.

At this time, Luo Shuang’s cell phone suddenly rang, and the caller ID was her mother. Siyang handed back her mobile phone, and Luo Shuang quickly connected the phone. What came from the other end of the phone was not her mother’s voice, but the sad cry of her cousin. She kept crying for her cousin to save me and Wenwen died. The whole seemed to be panicked to a incoherent degree.

The other end of the phone was almost shouting. Even Zhou Fang heard it, let alone Siyang. Luo Shuang quickly comforted her cousin and said that she would go back immediately before hanging up. She was worried that if something really happened at home, her mother couldn’t get a cousin by herself, and turned to Siyang for help. She didn’t know whether senior Siyang knew talented people in this field and could help her.

Seeing her anxious appearance, Siyang stood up and said, “let’s go. I’ll have a look with you.”

Zhou Fang hurriedly said that he would go too. Although it sounds terrible, there are few opportunities for ordinary people to have such experience. And he believed in his brother’s strength.

Although Luo Shuang doesn’t know Si Yang’s ability, she also has some blind worship for this senior. From the first day she entered the University, she heard many legends about the senior. She felt that there was nothing that the senior couldn’t do. So realizing that her cousin was really entangled with dirty things, her first reaction was to ask the senior for help, not to find the so-called masters outside. Compared with those liars outside, she obviously believes in her elders more.

The girl who was haunted by the ghost was Yan Jia. Her mother died early. When she was in her teens, her father married another woman and gave birth to a son. In that family, Yan Jia felt that she was an outsider. She couldn’t get along with her stepmother since childhood, because she lived close to her aunt’s house. When she was a child, she always lived in her aunt’s house and didn’t want to go home.

Later, Yan Jia’s father made money and bought a slightly larger house. It happened that his son and daughter set up a house alone. With a big house, Yan Jia’s father wanted to rent out the old house, but Yan Jia was unwilling to follow them and had to stay. The final result of the discussion was that the house would not be rented and left to Yan Jia to live alone when she grew up. However, before she was an adult, she could only live with her aunt.

Yan Jia’s father works abroad, which doesn’t mean he can come back when he comes back, so now it’s Luo Shuang’s mother who takes care of Yan Jia. After several almost jumping off a building, her mother dare not relax for 24 hours. Fortunately, her daughter can help her.

That afternoon, Yan Jia had slept well, but suddenly cried again. She shrank in the corner of the wall and didn’t let anyone near. She even hit the wall with her head. When Luo Shuang came back, she saw Yan Jia tied with cloth and her mother, whose eyes were red and swollen, who had just cried.


Luo’s mother saw that her daughter had brought two boys back. She quickly wiped her tears and cheered up: “Shuangshuang, who are these two?”

Luo Shuang said, “they are my senior students. Mom, go and have a rest first. I’ll look at Jiajia.”

Luo’s mother sighed: “you watch first. I’ll get something to eat. Jiajia hasn’t eaten a mouthful until now. The two students are in a mess at home and the reception is not good. You can sit down and I’ll pour you tea.”

Zhou Fanglian hurriedly said: “no, aunt, we just come to see where we can help. You’ve been tired for so long. We’ll help Luo Shuang look at her cousin. Go and have a rest first.”

Luo Mu sighed and went to the kitchen.

Luo Shuang saw Yan Jia shrink in the corner of the bed and tremble. She was afraid to stimulate her again, so she slowly approached: “Jia Jia, I’m my cousin. I’m back. I’m not afraid. There’s a cousin. There’s no ghost.”

However, as soon as she got closer, Yan Jia screamed wildly: “go away!!! Don’t kill me, Wuwuwuwu, don’t kill me… Sorry, sorry, wuwuwu… Sorry, don’t kill me, I don’t want to go with you, wuwuwu…”

Luo Shuang didn’t expect that Yan Jia’s reaction would be so great. She quickly retreated. At least she could recognize people yesterday. Now it seems that everyone is the ghost who wants to hurt her. Seeing this, Luo Shuang couldn’t help looking at Siyang: “senior…”

Si Yang didn’t get close to Yan Jia either. He just took a rune and said, “find a bowl.”

Luo Shuang hurriedly went to find the bowl and wondered when the senior took the talisman. Just now it was clear that she went directly with her.

Luo Shuang handed the bowl to Siyang. Siyang shook the Fu. The Fu burned itself. Si Yang threw the burning Rune paper into the bowl and put it aside. Yan Jia, who was still struggling with the cloth, calmed down slowly. Then, like suddenly waking up, he looked at the bound himself and Luo Shuang standing by the bed. He was wronged and scared and cried: “cousin!”

Luo Shuang hurriedly stepped forward to loosen the cloth strip and comforted Yan Jia: “it’s all right. It’s all right. My cousin is here. I’m not afraid.”

Yan Jia grabbed Luo Shuang’s clothes and was still sobbing: “cousin, there are ghosts. There are ghosts. I’m not mentally ill. I really saw it.”

Luo Shuang patted her on the back: “I know, I know, there are ghosts, so I invited a great master to come. You see, after the master came, is there no ghosts in the room?”

Yan Jia looked at two strange boys in the room and the burning Rune paper on the table. She was still afraid to hold Luo Shuang tightly for fear that she would be caught by a ghost if she loosened a little.

Luo Shuang coaxed Yan Jia to calm down and looked at Siyang: “senior, is there really something dirty?”

Si Yang nodded: “yes.”

Hearing Siyang’s words, Yan Jia was relieved because someone really believed her words. But Luo Shuang was subconsciously cold all over: “that senior, what should we do? Do we do a Dharma super crossing, or does the ghost have any wish to need our help? Why is it pestering my cousin?”

Si Yang looked at Yan Jia: “this should ask your cousin. If I’m not wrong, I’m afraid a person died yesterday, and yesterday was the first seven of the ghost, and your cousin is probably the next, that is to say, no accident, your cousin can’t live two or seven.”


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