Great Celestial Master Chapter 52

It seemed to confirm Siyang’s death announcement. At the moment when his voice fell, a sudden dark wind blew in the room with closed doors and windows, and the people couldn’t help but burst out in their hearts.

Siyang’s eyes swept slightly, and the Yin wind gradually dispersed.

Luo Shuang quickly looked at Yan Jia: “Jiajia, what’s going on? What did you do to provoke dirty things?”

Yan Jia, with a pale face, held Luo Shuang in her arms and cried. She only cried when she asked. Luo Shuang was in a hurry, She grabbed her shoulder and said seriously, “Yan Jia! This is not a joke. You have seen it. The ghost has only frightened you to the point that it can hurt you. Look at the marks on your wrists, be obedient, and tell what you hide. No matter what you did wrong or what mistakes you made, your cousin will help you. Tell it and we will help you find a way together.”

Maybe Luo Shuang’s guarantee gave Yan Jia some comfort and courage. Slowly, Yan Jia told her what she had hidden.

The girl who jumped from a building to commit suicide in their school is Hu Jingjing. They are in the same class with Yan Jia. Everyone rose from the first year of senior high school together. Hu Jingjing is a single parent family. The family environment is very poor. Her father used to be a worker, but he died unexpectedly due to cerebral hemorrhage.

When Hu Jingjing’s father died, he was drinking with his workmates at the gate of the factory, and then suddenly fell to the ground. According to the workmates who witnessed at that time, Hu Jingjing’s father struggled to climb back to the factory at the last breath, saying that even if he died, he would die in the factory, otherwise what would happen to him and how should orphans and widows live.

Finally, Hu Fu failed to rescue him, but before he died, he also spent a sum of money for his wife and children. The funeral expenses given outside the factory were different from those given outside the factory. At that time in the 1990s, tens of thousands of funeral expenses were not less.

Originally, Hu Jingjing and her mother got the money, and their life would not be too bad. In addition, Hu Jingjing’s mother was very diligent and willing to work, so it was OK to support herself and her daughter. But there’s an eccentric old lady at home. Hu Fu is the eldest son. He also has a small house in the city, with one room and one living room of about 50 square meters. His youngest son is in the countryside. Hu Fu gave him the money to start the house that year. After Hu’s father died, the old lady made all kinds of trouble and wanted to give the money to her youngest son.

At that time, because of all kinds of trouble at home, Hu Jingjing was worried about her mother every day. It was because she was a girl that grandma didn’t like her. Even when her father was there, grandma was bad to her. Later, my father was gone, and my grandmother poked her in the head and scolded the dead star.

At last, the old lady asked for more than half of the money. If it hadn’t been for the last forced Hu’s desperate plan to go to the thin court, the old lady would still want to drain her. For fear that the old lady would pester their mother and daughter, Hu mother sold her house and took her daughter to Zhongdu to make a living. At that time, the money was not enough to buy a small single room, so their mother and daughter rented a house all the time.

Hu Jingjing’s childhood experience made her a little introverted. In an environment like Zhongdu, migrant workers like them have always been despised by local children. Over time, Hu Jingjing became more and more timid. However, she knew that it was not easy for her mother to support the family, so even if she was bullied at school, she never said that she had been patient all the time.

Hu Jingjing knows that learning is her only way out, so even if she was bullied in her class since childhood, she has never relaxed her study. It’s actually good in primary school and junior high school. The existence of those who bully will produce some distance for students who study well. Even if they bully, they will be afraid that the teachers will find some convergence, but senior high school is different. All Hu Jingjing’s nightmares began in high school.

When adults look at school, they think it’s an ivory tower. Although we all go out from such an ivory tower, some darkness will slowly become beautiful after time. When we were students, if we failed in the exam, we would feel that it was dark. We were afraid to invite our parents. But when you leave the campus and look back on the past, you will find that there is not much to do. You even often tell them to cherish the present time as people from the past. After experiencing the society, you will know how beautiful the campus life is.

But you know, some darkness is desperate for the present feeling.

Yan Jia and the other two girls went to high school together from junior high school. Because they had some money at home and their parents ignored them, the little girl who didn’t need money early came into contact with things she shouldn’t contact at this age, beautiful clothes, all kinds of cosmetics, smoking, drinking and hair dyeing. Because Yan Jia had an aunt in charge, she somehow didn’t make holes in her body and engage in sexual relations outside. But the other two girls are very presumptuous. They moan without illness and the sadness of youth, as if there is a kind of loneliness that the whole world doesn’t understand. How can they degenerate.

But the task of students is to study. If they are too presumptuous, the school will not sit idly by. It is still necessary to invite parents. Although they were not afraid at all, they also bothered the teachers to force them all day. Therefore, after the beginning of high school, they found out the bottom of most of the students in the class, and Hu Jingjing became their goal.

At that time, they were not interested in bullying a little girl from abroad. They liked playing better than bullying people. But there are too many schoolwork in high school. Don’t do it. The teachers bother you every day. They don’t want to really annoy their parents and cut off the economic lifeline, so they set their goal on Hu Jingjing.

At first, they asked Hu Jingjing to help them with their homework and gave her some money every month as hard work expenses. Hu Jingjing is introverted. Her classmates don’t bully her. They just help her with her homework and make money. It’s better than before.

Unfortunately, Hu Jingjing’s high school life, which was good for her, was broken by a boy. She didn’t provoke the boy herself, but there was a football match in the school at that time. Compared with other schools, Hu Jingjing was a member of the student union, so she would be responsible for doing some pictorial support and so on.

After the competition, the boy bought a bottle of water and ran to thank Hu Jingjing, saying that she painted herself very handsome, and the pictorial was worth keeping as a souvenir. As a result, Hu Jingjing had a crush on the boy.

The boy is very popular in school. He is handsome, can play ball and hip-hop dance. There are many girls who secretly love him. But the bad thing was that the boy took the initiative to buy water for Hu Jingjing, which became a thorn in some people’s eyes.

Yan Jia shrunk in Luo Shuang’s arms and said in a nasal voice, “at the beginning, we didn’t bully her. At that time, we all played outside and didn’t participate in the group in the school at all. Moreover, the senior was a senior three graduate and left soon. We didn’t contact the senior, let alone like it. But after that, some senior fans began to bully Hu Jingjing.”

“But their bullying is to lose her books and homework, create some rumors, sometimes force her to the toilet to pick up her clothes, throw her underwear on the playground tree, and then encourage the people in our class to isolate her, saying that if they see anyone playing with her, they will wait and see.”

“Originally, we didn’t have much activity in the school. We just asked Hu Jingjing to help us with our homework. That day, when Hu Jingjing gave us her homework, she was seen by the elder sister who liked the senior, and then blocked us after school, and then we fought with those sisters.”

Although there are only three of them, they have been playing outside since junior high school. They haven’t seen any scenes and are not good girls who haven’t had a fight with others. Therefore, even if a group of people come to the school sister, they are not afraid of making trouble. They rush up as soon as they lose their schoolbags.

Hu Jingjing was also brought over by the group of students. Seeing this scene, she didn’t know where she had the courage, so she rushed over. This matter has not been upgraded to the level of inviting parents. Although there are some injuries on the body, it can’t be seen from the cover. However, after this incident, the group of schoolgirls also knew that they were not easy to mess with, and some behaviors restrained a little. I just don’t know what Hu Jingjing thinks. Since then, I don’t charge money for helping them with their homework. I always follow them in school, which seems to have some worship.

They didn’t know what they thought at that time, so they accepted her as a little attendant. In particular, Hu Jingjing is still a learning bully. Apart from anything else, her schoolwork is really convenient. When she is too lazy to move, she asks her to help buy something and runs very hard.

In order to divide her subjects with them, Hu Jingjing was still in the same class and randomly passed the examination from the top to the last few. At that time, they had no fun, so they turned out all the clothes they didn’t want to give to Hu Jingjing and made her up like an adult toy.

But this kind of game is boring after playing for a long time. It’s not a passer-by. Several times they skip classes. Hu Jingjing wants to keep up, but she hesitates to see that they are upset. That timid dog leg flattery all day also looks very eye-catching. Slowly, they are not willing to take her to play. In addition, in the third year of senior high school, teachers will only catch those who hope to enter the University. Like them, they don’t take school seriously at all. As long as they don’t affect the students in the class, the teachers don’t care, so they play more unscrupulous.

But Hu Jingjing always followed them. They were tired of scolding her or pushing her. They couldn’t drive away.

Yan Jia cried, “we didn’t expect it. Just after playing with her for a while, she stuck up and couldn’t tear it off.”

There are other things Yan Jia dare not say, that is, they told Hu Jingjing that they don’t play with good girls. If they want to play with them, they should degenerate. The most direct way to degenerate is to help. They really just say it casually. Unexpectedly, Hu Jingjing actually did it.

At that time, they only thought that Hu Jingjing was really terrible and just like a psycho. They couldn’t stand it. When Hu Jingjing got entangled again, they tied her up and threw her into the school’s utility room.

Yan Jia said, holding her cousin and crying bitterly: “we didn’t know she would jump from a building. We just wanted her to stop pestering us. Sobbing… We really didn’t know it would happen. Cousin, we really didn’t want to kill her, really… Sobbing…”

Zhou Fang listened to the whole narration and subconsciously turned to see Yangyang. He didn’t understand. Should this belong to the category of campus bullying. To say bullying, there are bullying. But more is the entanglement of the little girl named Hu Jingjing. Although this is only one side of Yan Jia’s words, I’m afraid it’s the same.

After hearing Yan Jia’s narration, Luo Shuang asked, “what else? Do you have anything to hide from us?”

Yan Jia quickly shook her head: “we really just locked her in the utility room, and even the rope didn’t kill her. We just want to teach her a lesson and let her know that she’s afraid and won’t haunt us anymore. We really didn’t want to kill her!”

Luo Shuang didn’t expect that the suicide case of jumping from a building that was so noisy a few days ago was related to her cousin, and it may also be the direct fuse. This sudden spread of human life also made her panic. She was just a student who had not left school. In the face of this kind of thing, she would naturally feel afraid.

Zhou Fang pulled La Siyang’s clothes and said, “how can this matter be solved? Can the female ghost cross over for a while, and then let the little girl turn herself in. She will be punished as much as she should be punished.” This is the best solution for him. We can’t let Yangyang surpass the female ghost. These young and ignorant children won’t be punished for their mistakes.

Hearing that she was going to turn herself in, Yan Jia grabbed her cousin’s arm in a panic. She was afraid. She was really afraid. Whether it was the ghost of Hu Jingjing or the things she might face in the future, she always felt that even if the sky fell, it was not a big deal. However, when things really happened to her, she found that she was so small.

Si Yang was silent for a moment before he said, “go to school tonight to find the ghost of the girl who jumped from the building, ask her demands, talk first, and it’s best for both sides to reach an agreement to solve it.”

Luo Shuang couldn’t help asking, “well, if the classmate is not satisfied, we must take revenge?”

Si Yang said, “then I will transfer this matter to the person specially responsible for dealing with such things.”

He said that whether it was pitiful or hateful, it was all his own sin. If we could negotiate good conditions for the female ghost to give up hatred, everyone would be happy. If the female ghost insisted on revenge, it was also the sin of these girls, and the consequences would naturally be borne by themselves.

However, the rules of revenge are not popular in this world. At least, there is a set of so-called laws to restrict everything. Although this conflicts with his ideas, it does not prevent him from respecting the rules of the world. So if the female ghost is not happy at that time, he has to contact the secret service department to solve it according to their own process.


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