Great Celestial Master Chapter 53

At the school late at night, Yan Jia knelt on the ground, sobbed and burned the paper money where Hu Jingjing’s body was found. He apologized again and again, pleading for mercy while repenting.

Luo Shuang and Zhou Fang stood and watched, but as Yan Jia burned more paper money, they felt that the temperature around them was getting lower and lower. Luo Shuang subconsciously leaned towards Zhou Fang, mainly because Si Yang’s male air field was too strong and she didn’t dare to approach at all.

“Mr. Zhou, do you think it’s getting colder and colder?”

Zhou Fang has a talisman on his body, so he can only see that when Yan Jia burns paper, a dark wind circles the burned paper pile. It’s like sometimes when he burns paper money on Tomb Sweeping Day, he will see the burned paper money flying in circles to the sky by the wind, but he doesn’t feel cold. Hearing Luo Shuang’s words, I thought and took out a spare symbol from my pocket: “take this and feel whether it’s cold or not.”

If you don’t feel cold with the talisman, it proves that the ghost is coming. If it’s still cold, it’s estimated that you’re wearing less and the temperature is low at night.

Luo Shuang took the rune, and the dark wind wrapped around her disappeared in an instant, but she didn’t breathe a sigh of relief. Instead, she became more and more flustered. She was afraid of frightening her cousin, so she had to whisper to Zhou: “Mr. Zhou, it’s not cold.”

Zhou Fang also cools his heart, and then moves two steps to Siyang. At this time, he still sticks to their home. Yang is the most reliable.

Just then, Luo Shuang suddenly screamed. Yan Jia, who was afraid of trembling, fell to the ground. Zhou Fang almost jumped up and grabbed the talisman he was wearing: “what’s the matter? What’s the matter?!”

Si Yang almost looked up at the teaching building on the slope at the moment when Luo Shuang screamed. Luo Shuang also clutched Zhou Fang’s arm in horror and trembled, pointing to the roof of the teaching building next to him: “up, up, do you see if there is anyone up there?”

Although Zhou Fang was afraid, he subconsciously looked up along Luo Shuang’s words.

Sure enough, on the roof of the teaching building on the slope, a human shadow stood quietly on the edge of the roof. It was dark on the campus late at night. For their eyesight, they could only see a vague shadow at most, but they could not only see the human shape, but even a girl with long hair. The girl was lowering her head and seemed to be standing there quietly staring at their every move.

The girl’s long hair and face are seeping white. Especially in the dark night, the white seems to be suffused with a faint green light. They can even see the girl’s empty eyes, ghost spirit, one look makes people’s hair cool.

Yan Jia threw the ghost paper in her hand and almost rushed to Luo Shuang’s arms: “cousin!”

Luo Shuang herself was very afraid, but she still held her cousin in her arms and comforted her: “it’s okay. I’m not afraid. My cousin is here.”

Although Luo Shuang is not the kind of person without ghosts in the iron tooth world, she lives in a modern society that breaks away from feudal superstition, so what she sees at present has completely reorganized her world outlook. What she saw so intuitively was even more shocking than the black fingerprints she saw on her cousin’s legs.

Last time, although Zhou Fang followed Si Yang to deal with the vaginal fetus, he didn’t see it with his own eyes. This time, he didn’t expect to see the so-called ghost with his own eyes, especially the appearance of the female ghost. If he didn’t have these two girls around him, he could hardly help jumping into Yang Yang’s arms for protection.

But at least at the moment when he was ready to pull out his feet, the man’s face prevailed. He protected the two girls who rushed to him with one hand and held the amulet tightly with the other hand: “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we just came to talk about conditions with her. Don’t worry, Siyang is powerful. It’s okay.”

As soon as Zhou Fang’s voice fell, the pile of burning paper on the ground was brought up by an overcast wind, and slowly turned from the original small vortex into a big vortex. Zhou Fang saw the ghost paper that was almost as tall as people, and was afraid of burning himself, so he subconsciously took Luo Shuang and their sisters back.

Just then, it was blowing like a ghost paper about to go to heaven. Suddenly, it was rushed towards them by a gust of wind. There were sparks in the dark paper. If they threw a big ball on people, the weather would be cold in late autumn and they would wear a little more. You can imagine what the end will be.

The three subconsciously stretched out their hands to pawn, but at the next moment, Si Yang waved his hand, and the large mass of sparking paper was directly scattered. Even the remaining ashes didn’t fly disorderly after burning, and were directly suppressed to the ground without splashing the slightest soot.

The three hurried to Siyang’s back, and then couldn’t help looking up at the roof. As a result, the girl on the roof had disappeared.

Yan Jia couldn’t bear it anymore, and was afraid that the voice was too loud to attract fierce ghosts. She had to cover her mouth and suppress her voice and cry. Luo Shuang also trembled: “just now, is Hu Jingjing driving us? Senior, is this a special trouble?”

Siyang looked at the ground and frowned slightly: “that wasn’t Hu Jingjing just now, and Hu Jingjing shouldn’t have jumped out of a building to commit suicide.”

As soon as he said this, everyone was stunned. Naturally, Yan Jia was the most surprised. She always felt that Hu Jingjing was killed by them, and she had been blamed on her conscience. And because he carries a human life, he is always facing the fear of the future. In addition to the entanglement of ghosts, the weight loss during this period is more natural or psychological pressure.

Zhou Fang hurriedly asked, “so is this school haunted? Hu Jingjing was killed by the female ghost just now? Who is it that bothers the three of them?”

Si Yang looked at the teaching building: “I’ll go in and see if you’re waiting outside or together. If you want to be outside, I’ll draw a circle for you. No matter how powerful the ghost can hurt you.”

Zhou Fang looks at Luo Shuang. If the two girls want to stay outside, as the only two boys, they must stay to strengthen their courage.

After a moment of meditation, Luo Shuang held her cousin’s hand and said, “we go in with our elders.”

Although it might be more terrible, she could see that the senior students had real skills just now. Although it is said that fierce ghosts can’t hurt them outside, they never need to hurt people directly. They can scare people by sight and hearing.

The three trembling people holding together timidly followed Si Yang to the teaching building. Si Yang asked Yan Jia, “where is the sundry room where you close Hu Jingjing?”

Yan Jia trembled and said, “it’s on the fourth floor. The fourth floor is near the side of the women’s toilet.”

When he went up the stairs, Si Yang asked, “is there any legend about ghost stories in your school?”

Zhou Fang swallowed his mouth: “Yang Yang, we’re here to eliminate ghosts, not to explore. Don’t you think it’s too appropriate to listen to ghost stories at this time?”

Si Yang glanced at him: “I’m afraid you’ll follow.”

Zhou Fang tutted lightly: “you don’t understand. This is my life experience in the future. Compared with other people’s dull life, these experiences can be said to be ups and downs. When I get old, I will have a theme to sit in the rocking chair and tell stories to my grandson.”

Although the current environment is too tight, Luo Shuang couldn’t help laughing when she heard Zhou Fang’s words. Without waiting for Yan Jia to speak, Luo Shuang said: “Every school has similar horror legends. There are more stairs. A female corpse was built in the basement wall with cement. There used to be a West teaching building. The teaching building has an independent toilet outside. It was said that when you look out from the West teaching building on rainy days, you can see a girl in white clothes in the toilet opposite Standing at the door, I heard that many people have seen it with their own eyes. ”

Yan Jia couldn’t help looking at her cousin when she heard this. Her eyes were a little confused. Zhou Fang said, “did you graduate from this school?”

Luo Shuang nodded: “Yes, but the legend about the West teaching building was told to me by a senior three sister the year I first entered school. However, at that time, the West teaching building had been divided. Isn’t there a police station next to the school? The West teaching building and the toilet have now become part of the police station, so this high school has become much smaller than before.”

Si Yang said, “is there anything else?”

Luo Shuang thought: “Another one is that our school has an indoor gymnasium, but if it’s rainy, the teacher would rather let the students move freely in the classroom than choose to go to the gymnasium for class. Even if you go to class, there will only be PE classes of several classes bumping together and everyone will go together. It is said that it’s because there was one more roll call when you went to class once, but It’s normal when it’s their turn to call names. This seems to have happened more than once, but every time there is one more roll call in the gymnasium, one of the students in that class will have an accident, either killed by a car or suddenly seriously ill. The most strange thing is that there was a schoolsister who ordered more than one roll call on the night of the roll call, He drowned in his own bathtub, although it was proved that his foot slipped and his head hit the bathtub and fainted. But later, everyone still kept away from the gym. Even if they had to go to class, the teacher would never call the roll again. ”

Luo Shuang said that the four people had come to the door of the utility room on the fourth floor. Yan Jia trembled with Luo Shuang in her arms. That day they locked Hu Jingjing here. She regretted almost all the time. If they just ignored the entangled Hu Jingjing and didn’t lock her up that day, there wouldn’t be so many things now. No matter how annoying her entanglement, there will be only half a semester left to go their separate ways. Why did they do that at that time.

Siyang pushed the door and opened it. The school didn’t know that Hu Jingjing was locked here that night. She just thought she jumped from a building under too much pressure, so the utility room was not locked. Si Yang looked inside and there were abandoned desks that seemed to have been trampled and climbed under the air window: “did you lock the door that day?”

Yan Jiabai nodded: “I, we thought that Hu Jingjing’s mother would come to the school if she didn’t go back. Therefore, we didn’t think so much. We closed the door and left.”

Just then, a giggle came from the other end of the corridor.

Luo Shuang and Yan Jia were so frightened that they screamed. Zhou Fang’s whole hair stood up, instinctively turned around and pasted it on the wall, and then turned around to look at it.

At the end of the corridor, there stood the girl with long hair on the roof. In the dark corridor, the wind began to blow outside, and the leaves were rustling. The girl stood on the other side of the stairs and giggled at them.

As her laughter became more and more shrill, the wind outside grew stronger and stronger. Even Zhou Fang was almost suffocated by the sight in front of him, not to mention the two girls. Yan Jia knelt down with soft legs. She trembled and couldn’t even cry.

The female ghost smiled and slowly approached them.

Da, Da, Da

With the rustling wind, every step is like challenging their nerves.

Si Yang stood unmoved and let Zhou Fang hide behind him. When he just raised his hand to pinch his hand, he stretched out a pair of ghost white hands from the side fork corridor. His fingers were thin and his nails were black and white. He directly grabbed the female ghost coming towards them.

Si Yang stopped the hand he was pinching. The female ghost’s original smiling expression suddenly became fierce, and a pair of dark and empty eyes looked hard in the direction of extending her arm. At this time, the wind blew harder on the playground outside, and the classrooms with closed doors and windows began to tremble. In the corridor without lights on, the bulbs also began to flash.

The owner of the ghost’s white arm seemed to be less Taoist than the female ghost. The female ghost’s dark nails were deeply caught in the flesh of the arms, and then a shrill scream sounded. However, even if the hands holding the female ghost were scratched, they never loosened for half a minute, as if they wanted to drag the female ghost away.

Yan Jia, whose legs were too soft to climb up, heard the cry and said in horror, “Jingjing! It’s Jingjing’s voice!”


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