Great Celestial Master Chapter 54

People become ghosts after death. Will they be injured after becoming ghosts? Although Zhou Fang knew they would, there were so many TV dramas of Taoist priest who subdued demons and caught ghosts, and a rune was pasted on them, didn’t those ghosts scream in pain. But before tonight, all cognition is just a concept, whether it is a ghost or whether a ghost has five senses.

But now, they watched the long haired ghost’s short black nails suddenly grow longer, and then squeezed them deeply into the meat holding her arms. A trace of black blood seeped out of those arms. Just listening to the sad ghost cry, you can imagine how painful it was. The pain of the living is the body, and the pain of the dead is the soul.

Although Yan Jia didn’t see whether it was Hu Jingjing who wanted to drag away the fierce ghost, she could still hear her voice after three years together. The current situation made her confused for a moment. She suddenly realized something. Her face was even whiter than seeing a ghost.

Seeing the female ghost who didn’t show up and wanted to drag the long haired ghost away, Yan Jia still didn’t let go even after the scream of pain. Yan Jia really felt the feeling of heartache, regret and suffocation. I don’t know where the courage came from suddenly. I cried and shouted, “Jingjing let go! Let go! Let go! Sorry, woo… Sorry! Jingjing is sorry, you let go… Don’t do this, it’s not worth… It’s not worth…”

Hearing Yan Jia’s cry, Hu Jingjing not only didn’t let go, but caught the female ghost more tightly.

Siyang’s two fingers were together, and his fingertips suddenly burst out an aura. Suddenly, the whole tiger roaring wind was suppressed and stopped, and the flashing light bulb was completely lit up.

The ghost with long hair realized that the man was not simple, and her face became ferocious. The black pupil in her eyes began to expand until it covered the whole eye and stared at them fiercely.

Surprisingly, the spiritual light emitted from Siyang’s fingertips was blocked by a force. The fierce ghost was not hurt at all under the protection of that force, but the excited ghost spirit soared.

Zhou Fang quickly pulled Yan Jia, who was kneeling on the ground, together with Luo Shuang, protected their two girls behind him. Although his scared hand holding the amulet was shaking all the time, he still stood next to Siyang. This is what he wants to follow. Even if Si Yang is really defeated by the female ghost, it is absolutely impossible to leave his brother and run for his life.

After the ghost spirit soared, Hu Jingjing, who had just died, was no longer her opponent. The fierce ghost’s thin five fingers grasped deeply on the clutching arm and pulled the whole ghost of Hu Jingjing out. Then he grabbed Hu Jingjing’s hair and opened his mouth. It seemed that he wanted to swallow Hu Jingjing.

Although Hu Jingjing is now a soul, he may not have much resentment. Except for being pale, he doesn’t look very different from before he died. Shoulder length hair is not very beautiful, but it looks very beautiful. It looks more and more weak when caught by a fierce ghost. But such a weak girl, just now in order to protect them, unexpectedly caught the fierce ghost firmly.

Ordinary people didn’t have a chance to see this terrible scene. Their pupils were so frightened that they couldn’t even make a sound.

Siyang’s eyes were cold, and with a wave of his hand, a fierce palm wind hit him. Even if there is spiritual protection, that spiritual consciousness may not be able to take his palm.

The fierce ghost with long hair, who was about to swallow Hu Jingjing, realized the crisis and suddenly pushed away. With a mouth, it was the ghost cry of pricking eardrum.

Zhou fangluo Shuang and his colleagues could not bear to cover their ears with their hands. The light bulbs in the corridor and the windows of each classroom were constantly trembled by the sharp ghost cry. Human ears can only accept limited audio, but ghost calls obviously exceed the audio limit acceptable to ordinary people.

Si Yang said coldly, “I don’t know how to live or die!”

As soon as the voice fell, the scream of the fierce ghost suddenly stopped, as if he had been strangled by something. Siyang was a little empty, and his hand was drawing out of thin air very quickly. The long haired ghost’s nails grow wildly. In her wide mouth, it’s not ordinary teeth at all. It’s sharp and undulating, just like the tusks of beasts. It looks terrible. The female ghost wanted to rush towards Siyang with open teeth and claws. Hu Jingjing suddenly rushed and Shengsheng hugged the fierce ghost’s legs.

Just then, Siyang stopped and a spell appeared out of thin air. The golden light flashed and hit her directly before the long haired fierce ghost was frightened and wanted to escape.


Because of the fierce ghost with long hair, Hu Jingjing’s soul was also shot by the residual light of the spell, screamed and rolled on the ground in pain.

Si Yang casually took out a piece of Rune paper and threw it at Hu Jingjing. Originally, he felt that Hu Jingjing, who was in the fire, was suddenly refreshed by the cool Buddha. Even the burning pain in his arm disappeared immediately after being scratched by a long hair ghost.

Hu Jingjing sat on the ground in shock, watching the ghost spirit suppressed by the golden light spell dissipate a little bit, shaking with fear.

As the black gas on the fierce ghost dissipated a little, the surrounding picture suddenly changed. The new teaching building, which had just been newly installed, became dilapidated, the night suddenly turned into day, and the playground outside also changed greatly. Even the fonts on the wall showed a sense of age.

Zhou Fang hurriedly took Luo Shuang and them to Si Yang: “Yang Yang, what’s going on? Are we trapped by the fierce ghost? The fierce ghost is so difficult to deal with?”

Yan Jia held Luo Shuang’s hand tightly, but her eyes looked at the girl on the ground.

Hu Jingjing also looked at Yan Jia and seemed to want to smile at her, but in the end, she bowed her head sadly.

Yan Jia bit her lips and asked in a trembling voice, “Wen Wen… You didn’t kill it, did you?”

Jingjing raised her head. Her eyes seemed sad. She looked at Yan Jia and shook her head.

Yan Jia knelt directly on the ground, lowered her headache and cried, “I’m sorry… Jingjing, I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Hu Jingjing got up from the ground and shook her head: “… Jiajia…”

Luo Shuang on one side saw this and protected his cousin behind him. He asked Si Yang, “senior, what’s the matter? If Hu Jingjing didn’t commit suicide but was killed, why were the three of them killed by fierce ghosts?”

Si Yang said, “maybe what they did to Hu Jingjing triggered the hatred of the female ghost before she died, and the biggest emotional obsession of Hu Jingjing before she died was to the three of them, so the female ghost can kill according to Hu Jingjing’s obsession.”

As soon as Siyang’s voice fell, a group of boys dressed like school uniforms of the 1990s ran through the corridor and directly penetrated their bodies. Zhou Fang and Luo Shuang looked at themselves in shock. They seemed to doubt whether they were dead, too.

Si Yang said, “this is the seam of the wronged soul. The female ghost is the earth bound spirit here. The first attack just now was blocked because of the protection of the Earth Spirit. Now the ghost Qi on her body dissipates and will bring time back to her life and experience her death again.”

Although Zhou Fang has heard of the earth bound spirit, he also knows that the earth bound spirit is bound in the place of death. Every once in a while, he will repeat what happened before his death. It is said that the worst of all ghosts is the earth bound spirit. He is trapped after death and has to die again and again. However, he had never heard that the earth bound spirit would be protected by the Earth Spirit.

“What is this spirit?”

“The spirit of heaven and earth, she died here and became the earth bound spirit here. Over time, her breath gradually integrated with this land. Therefore, compared with those wandering ghosts and wild ghosts who are lonely and helpless, the earth bound spirit is a ghost protected by one land. The earth bound spirit is the bondage of the land to the soul body. The earth bound spirit comes from this.”

Looking at the scene that seemed to be old and yellow in front of her, Luo Shuang asked, “so what we see now is the era when the female ghost lived just now?”

Si Yang nodded: “when her ghost spirit dissipates, the boundary will be broken naturally, so you don’t have to worry.”

Zhou Fang looked around and said, “which female ghost is that?”

Si Yang pointed to a girl in the classroom: “she.”

They hurried to see that a elegant and beautiful girl with a simple ponytail was looking at the book with her head down. The sunshine outside the window shrouded the girl in a soft halo. The girl’s white skin seemed transparent, and a few strands of broken hair hung down naturally. Looking at the girl in front of the window, people’s hearts crossed the years and were quiet.

Who could have thought that before she died, such a gloomy and fierce female ghost was such a soft and quiet girl.

A few girls, who were obviously more foreign than their old school uniforms, entered the classroom. One of them went straight to the podium, picked up chalk and wrote on the blackboard. The other walked straight towards the girl, one kicked on the girl’s desk, one took away the girl’s book and tore it page by page in front of the girl.

“Feng Yahui, you didn’t understand what I warned you last time, did you? Why are you so cheap? Will you die if you don’t seduce a man?”

The leading girl said to the girl named Feng Yahui very insidiously. Feng Yahui watched them tear up their books, but she didn’t dare to resist.

But it’s probably that she looks too good. I still feel pity for her. Several girls are more angry. One of them grabbed Feng Yahui’s collar, held her face in one hand and said, “what kind of poor look is your poor face. All the boys seduced around you, dress, dress again!”

“I didn’t… I really didn’t…” Feng Yahui pleaded and cried.

Seeing Feng Yahui’s tears falling, the leading girl kicked Feng Yahui in the stomach. Feng Yahui was kicked and knocked over several desks. She covered her stomach for a long time and couldn’t get up.

Maybe these girls are used to bullying people. The students around are just watching the excitement, and no one dares to come forward to persuade them.

When the class bell rang, several bullying girls pinched Feng Yahui’s face and warned fiercely, “little bitch, be careful!” Then he walked away.

After the girls left, no one in the class came forward to help them, but they set their desks and sat down. Feng Yahui sat on the ground with her stomach covered and white face for a long time before slowly gritting her teeth and getting up. At this time, the teacher came in and saw the words on the blackboard. He immediately frowned: “who wrote this!”

It says on the blackboard that Feng Yahui is a big bitch who seduces men.

The teacher’s question was naturally silent. The teacher gave Feng Yahui a cold look, turned and wiped the blackboard, and then said, “flies don’t bite seamless eggs. If some people don’t love themselves, don’t sit here and waste learning resources!”

Many people subconsciously look at Feng Yahui. Feng Yahui’s head can’t be lower with a white face, and her eyes are red.

Zhou Fang couldn’t help but lie in the trough and said, “this teacher is indiscriminate. Is he a human?!”

The picture turned again. It was the girls who beat people and took away Feng Yahui who had just left the classroom. Zhou Fang watched the girls laugh and pick up Feng Yahui’s clothes. They even took a fairly old-fashioned camera and took pictures of her.

Feng Yahui struggled, reached out to block the camera, and even wanted to take the camera, but in the end, she was kicked down by several girls. After taking enough photos, the girls didn’t let her go. They rode on her and beat and pinched her.

Si Yang and Zhou Fang are boys. This scene naturally avoids their eyes, but they can hear Feng Yahui’s cry and struggle. The other two people, a ghost and three girls even rushed up several times, but they passed through them every time, which couldn’t help at all.

Those photos soon spread in the school. They were so naked that the rumors of Feng Yahui’s prostitution outside also intensified in the school. No matter how Feng Yahui explained, the surrounding students either looked at her contemptuously or avoided her as if they had touched something disgusting.

Abusive accusations of isolation filled a teenage girl with despair. The last straw to overwhelm the camel was that the mother didn’t listen to her explanation, severely beat her in front of the whole school teachers and students, said she was shameless, said how could she give birth to such a cheap thing, and said she would rather not have such a daughter.

All this is just because Feng Yahui secretly fell in love with a boy. The boy she likes is also one of the cold spectators.

In countless abuse, Feng Yahui saw the boy’s indifferent expression and gave up even the last struggle.

The girl who makes people feel quiet and good, under all kinds of bullying, jumped out of a building and committed suicide. Along with her suicide, there are countless pieces written in red pen: you will have retribution, the curse of these words.

A girl of the same age lay bloody in front of the teaching building when the whole school was still in class. Pieces of cursed paper scattered from the sky, and those who fell on Feng Yahui’s side were soaked with blood.


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