Great Celestial Master Chapter 55

With the death of Feng Yahui, the colors around her began to fade slowly. The old yellow full of the sense of the times faded a little and turned back to the night again.

Under the suppression of Siyang’s golden spell, Feng Yahui’s ghost Qi dissipated and could only remain visible. And Feng Yahui, who was dispelled by the ghost, has also changed back to the beautiful appearance they saw in the picture just now.

Looking at these people in front of her, Feng Yahui lay on the ground with cold eyes: “you will all have retribution… Ha ha, those demons who bully people will have retribution…”

Zhou Fang had not recovered from his emotions. Hearing Feng Yahui’s words, he was even more angry and said, “if you avenge the people who killed you, they deserve it! But what about the students you killed? Hu Jingjing has no grievances with you. Why did you kill her?”

Feng Yahui looked at Hu Jingjing and said coldly, “why didn’t she resist? Why didn’t she resist when she was bullied! Cowards die! Die!!!”

When Zhou Fang asked, Si Yang stood aside with a handful of runes in his hand. Hu Jingjing, who stood next to Yan Jia, instinctively avoided the runes in his hand. She herself had just died. Even if these runes didn’t work on her, the smell sent out made her afraid.

Luo Shuang saw that Siyang seemed to be picking up the rune paper. Thinking of the female ghost’s experience, she still couldn’t bear to say, “senior, do you want to break her up now?”

Si Yang didn’t lift his head and said, “of course not.”

Luo Shuang: “what’s this, senior?”

Si Yang glanced at her, Smiled: “I have just improved some purification talismans, and now I’ll try to find some that look OK. The Yin in this school is too heavy. Although some students are born with anger suppression, it’s also easy to provoke some wandering souls to come and live. If you encounter one or two light eight characters, it’s easy to hit a ghost. As for this female ghost, although she can be regarded as wronged to death, it’s suicide. If the ghost of suicide itself If it’s not good enough, she can’t enter reincarnation. In addition, she’s probably killed more than one life in recent decades. I think her ghost color is as red as blood. I’m afraid there are at least more than ten. I’ll deal with such fierce ghosts after I accept them. Whether to spend them or break them up depends on her own nature. ”

Hearing that she was going to be taken away, Feng Yahui struggled more and more fiercely: “ah!!! Let go of me! Let go of me!!! They deserve it! They deserve it! I’m not reconciled! I hate, I hate!!!”

Si Yang looked down at her: “how about hate? Those who should ask for life don’t ask for life, but those who shouldn’t ask for life hurt one. Although I’m not a nosy person, if it’s reasonable, how many people you kill has nothing to do with me. Since you met with me, you don’t kill. Even if I don’t accept you today, you won’t come to a good end.”

The female ghost looked up at him with hate: “I will! You let go of me, even if I go to the 18th floor of hell in the future! I want to kill all those who are malicious! I want to kill all those who bully me! Kill all of them!! woo…”

Feng Yahui had too much hatred before her death and hurt one person after another after her death. The resentment and ghost spirit on her body had made her lose her reason. She was full of hatred. Such a ghost can’t be willing to be changed, so her end will only be the death of her soul.

If at other times, even if such a vicious ghost is taken away, they don’t think there is any problem. If the ghost doesn’t take away, do you keep her to continue to harm people. But I witnessed the death of a young girl in bloom. Now even if I know that she has hurt many innocent people, I don’t know what to say when I think of the picture I just saw. The saying that a hateful person must have pity is no deeper than what I feel at this moment.

Looking at Feng Yahui’s deep scratches on the ground, listening to her heart rending cries, Siyang sighed silently. People and ghosts are the biggest demons. He took out a wooden card and made a stroke with both fingers. Under Feng Yahui’s miserable struggle, he sealed her into the wooden card. It’s time to break up or leave it to a professional person.

Feng Yahui’s problem is solved temporarily. Si Yang looks at Hu Jingjing.

Seeing this, Yan Jia opened her cousin’s hand, took a few steps forward and stood between them: “my fault, I bear it myself, Jingjing. It’s us who really killed you. No matter how we repent to you, our fault is ultimately wrong, and the lost life will never come back, so no matter how good you want to be to us, that’s what we deserve.”

In the end, it was her cousin, or the child she brought up alone. Luo Shuang knew rationally that she should pay back her mistakes, but all her senses were floating clouds in front of her family. Seeing that Yan Jia was so at Hu Jingjing’s disposal, Luo Shuang couldn’t help coming forward to say something.

Zhou Fang grabbed her and shook her head. If Hu Jingjing really wanted the three girls to die because of hatred, she wouldn’t do those protective actions later. So Hu Jingjing’s forgiveness or Yan Jia’s confession is their own business. No matter how outsiders interfere, they can’t resist the feelings of the parties themselves.

Sure enough, hearing Yan Jia’s words, Hu Jingjing shook her head: “I don’t hate. I hate myself if I want to hate. I’m too paranoid. Your fault and mine are even.”

Yan Jia lowered her head and shed tears. She didn’t even dare to see Hu Jingjing. It’s too late. Now, even if she regrets, it’s too late.

Zhou Fang looked at them silent and crying. Seeing that it was almost dawn, he had to ask, “Yang Yang, the fierce ghost that really hurt people has been taken away. What should she do? Chaodu?”

Si Yang looked at Hu Jingjing: “not everyone can become a ghost after death. With the final anger dissipated, the soul will naturally go where it should go. If there is no special obsession, you can’t maintain the ghost state. Your obsession is not strong when you die, but it suddenly gives birth to obsession after death, so that the fierce ghost can’t swallow you for a moment.”

Hu Jingjing knew that the man in front of him was very powerful. Even such a terrible ghost was suppressed by him. Therefore, when he saw him talking to himself, he just looked at him timidly, as if he would obey the arrangement no matter what he wanted.

Seeing this, Siyang couldn’t help smiling: “you didn’t hurt anyone before and after your death. It’s your own chance to become a ghost. Now whether you want to complete your last wish, go where you should go, or continue to stay here depends on your own ideas.”

Yan Jia looked at her: “what is your wish?”

Hu Jingjing smiled: “protect you, and mom.”

“She said she wanted to eat you. You have her mark on you. I reminded Wenwen, but Wenwen’s family didn’t believe it. Wenwen was killed by her. She wanted to eat you. I left a seal on you. If you believe it, you’ll come.”

“So, so you were actually scaring me those days?”

Hu Jingjing nodded.

Yan Jia suddenly smiled and cried, “do you know I’m really scared to death by you.”

Hu Jingjing has become a ghost, and her perception of the five senses will become weaker and weaker. Now she won’t cry, so looking at such Yan Jia, she wants to reach out and wipe away the tears on her face. Unfortunately, she has left the ghost’s fantasy, and her hand has penetrated Yan Jia’s body.

Looking at such Hu Jingjing, Yan Jia only felt heartache: “why, we are so bad to you, drive you away and close you. If we hadn’t closed you, you wouldn’t have been killed by a fierce ghost. You should hate us.”

“But you take me to play and fight for me. I’m very happy and want to play with you.”

Those days were the best period of her life. She had partners and friends, played together, wore beautiful clothes, was no longer alone, and no one bullied her. It was really good. It’s just a pity that time flies too fast and beauty is too short. They gradually didn’t want to play with her.

Hu Jingjing knew that she was not good enough and that she was not gregarious, but she was reluctant to give up, even if she just followed them silently.

Looking at Hu Jingjing, Yan Jia turned to Siyang and said, “brother Siyang, I want to hug her, can I?”

Si Yang nodded, and a piece of Rune paper flew out of his hand and directly pasted it on Hu Jingjing’s soul. Yan Jia tentatively stretched out her hand and really touched the body without temperature.

“Sorry, sorry, we are so bad, so bad… Sorry, really sorry…”

Hu Jingjing patted Yan Jia’s head gently: “it doesn’t matter. I don’t blame you.”

Yan Jia hugged Hu Jingjing tightly and cried again in her arms.

Finally, Hu Jingjing chose to leave. It was too hard to be trapped in a place, but before she left, she wanted to see her mother again.

Since he had been involved in this matter, Si Yang simply sent the ghost to the West and took Hu Jingjing’s soul to her home.

Hu Jingjing’s home is still a rented house, with a small room and a living room. The house is stacked in a mess and looks very dilapidated. In the middle of the living room, there is also a black-and-white photo of a young girl. The picture was taken when Yan Jia and Hu Jingjing were playing. The girl in the photo smiled brightly, as beautiful as a flower, but she lost her bright color.

In the living room sat a gray haired woman, very old, who could not see that she was just in her early forties.

Looking at her mother’s numb look and looking at her last photo, Hu Jingjing, who followed Si Yang, burst into tears.

The woman in the room seemed to feel something. She suddenly looked in the direction of the balcony, then suddenly got up, stood up, pushed open the balcony door and said anxiously, “is Jingjing you? Are you back? Jingjing, have you come back to see your mother? Jingjing… Are you back, ah?”

Hu Jingjing looked at Si Yang and said, “can I see my mother?”

Siyang looked at her for a moment: “people and ghosts are different.”

Although he doesn’t mind, it doesn’t affect him if he really let their mother and daughter meet, he still has to have some rules.

Hu Jingjing looked at her mother on the balcony. Although she was facing her own direction, her eyes had no focus and didn’t see herself at all. Looking at the old mother, Hu Jingjing’s tears flowed more and more fiercely, and the whole community also began to be cloudy and windy.

Watching, Hu Jingjing suddenly knelt down towards Si Yang: “master, I don’t want to go. I want to stay with my mother. What should she do alone in the future? Without me, what will she do in the future…”

“Living people are affected by too much Yin Qi.”

Hu Jingjing turned to see her mother and burst into tears. I can’t go back. I really can’t go back completely.

Hu Jingjing went where she should go. Although Yan Jia didn’t know where it was, the black fingerprints on her feet disappeared after dawn. One night, she felt inexplicably that she had experienced a lot of things.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she pulled her dyed hair and a pile of exaggerated ornaments all over the table. Yan Jia put all these things in a box and sealed them.

She washed her hair back to black, put on the simplest clothes without holes, and had no exaggerated dress on her clean face. Looking at the strange look in the mirror, Yan Jia smiled. It was time for her to grow up.

There are three little sisters, one Yan Jia, one Wen Wen who has died, and one Hao Meng. Now only Yan Jia and Hao Meng are left. Hao Meng also blamed herself for Hu Jingjing’s death and felt guilty for some time. The young girl suddenly carried a human life. How can she come out so easily? One of her little friends also died suddenly, and she became more and more afraid.

Later, her family simply sent her out of the country. Away from this environment, Hao Meng slowly forgot everything that had ever happened. The girl who had been entangled behind them and the sundries closed by them were deliberately forgotten in her memory. Soon Hao Meng began her new life and continued to think that she was cool and still degenerate.

Yan Jia began to take classes seriously. Like an ordinary high school student, she was surrounded by all kinds of exercises all day. But sometimes I can’t help staring at the position where Hu Jingjing once sat. She told Hao Meng everything about that night, but Hao Meng didn’t believe it and finally left. Now she’s the only one left.

Many years later, Yan Jia became a lawyer and set up his own law firm, which helped many people, especially focusing on campus bullying. She also has a godmother. Even if things are busy, she will go to see her godmother every week and the little sister who will always keep her youthful appearance. Some mistakes really take a lifetime to repay.

When she met Hao Meng again, she was a strong woman in the workplace, and her former friend, wearing thick makeup and exposed clothes, accompanied a big boss. Yan Jia just saw it from a distance and didn’t come forward to say hello. Things are right and people are wrong, but so is it.

Si Yang sealed Feng Yahui into the wooden card. Although the ghost killed several people and her anger was heavy, even if she was scared, she deserved it. But the pity is still hateful. It’s really not so easy to judge, so what should this fierce ghost do in the future? Let’s hand it over to the relevant departments to deal with it, which will save him the trouble.

So Zhou Qin, the captain of the secret service group who left a phone call in Siyang, was summoned again, hurried to the place, and took the compensation given by the state with him.

“The two Japanese have been taken away. In addition to the three heavenly masters in China, they also asked for six xuanyang lotus seeds from the Japanese shrine. These are the lotus seeds of xuanyang lotus. Xuanyang lotus has only nine seeds for a hundred years. One son understands the Tao. We asked for six directly this time, which is enough for their flesh pain. These two are compensation for Mr. Shen.”

As a demon from the countryside, Shen ran didn’t have any demon elder demon partners to give advice. It can be said that he hasn’t seen the world, so he hasn’t heard of xuanyang lotus at all. But there are only nine seeds in a hundred years, which is probably very precious. This gave them two, needless to say, one for him and one for Siyang. I guess they all have meat pain.

Seeing that Siyang had no opinion, he smiled and accepted: “thanks for the trouble of team Zhou.”

Zhou Qin put the wooden plate sealed with the fierce ghost into a special box: “we will deal with the fierce ghost properly. It’s hard to be the heavenly master this time. The pill Bureau of our logistics department has just developed and completed a kind of soul raising pill, which is modified and improved from the old soul raising pill. The heavenly masters who raise ghost servants in the bureau have good feedback. I’ll have a batch sent over in two days.”

Si Yang smiled: “thank you, team Zhou.”

Zhou Qin hurriedly said, “master Si, you’re welcome. If there’s nothing else, I won’t disturb you.”

Si Yang nodded and came from Meng to lead the way.

There were no outsiders in the room. A group of ghosts and Demons all fell over and looked at the two snow-white lotus seeds in the box. Shen ran said curiously: “this lotus seed is different from the lotus seeds I’ve seen. Is it eaten directly or skinned?”

The Fat Chef said, “only two. I don’t know if I can taste it when I eat medicine.”

Si Yang didn’t know much about the natural materials and earth treasures in the world, but he felt the breath of xuanyang lotus seed, which was somewhat similar to the Seven Star lotus in their fairy world, but it was more like the low matching version of the Seven Star lotus.

Seven Star lotus has been blooming for five hundred years, and the flowers bloom and bear seeds, and lotus seeds are the medicinal materials for refining golden elixir. If it is not used as medicine, it can also increase the Yang fire in the body and remove the turbid Qi of erysipelas. Although this is a low configuration version, Siyang still feels a trace of Yang fire from lotus seeds. So he called Jing Rou and handed her two lotus seeds and a bottle of spirit liquid taken from the soul house: “take it to the backyard and plant it. Pour the water into the pool.”

Jingrou: “yes.”

Shen ran didn’t stop him, but sighed: “then I want to eat, don’t I have to wait a hundred years? Can I grow it?”

Si Yang glanced at him. Before he spoke, Shen ran suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “I almost forgot! Si Yang, I met a man in LAN Jinxiu’s company. It seems to be his friend. You know, I saw a bottomless black hole in his friend!”

“Black hole?”

Shen ran nodded repeatedly: “Yes, it’s a black hole! It’s a magical sight. The man’s Yin Qi is very heavy. I’m wondering why LAN Jingxiu has such a heavy friend, so I looked more curiously. As a result, I saw a black vortex on the man’s back, like a deep hole. I’ve lived for so many years and have seen many ghosts, but I haven’t seen a black hole with my own black hole. ”

Holding the computer, he worked hard and regarded the talisman shop as a little blessing for his lifelong career. Finally, he looked up from his communication with customers and said curiously, “hole? Did you tell brother Jin Xiu?”

Shen ran bounced on his forehead: “of course, you have to worry about it.”

Si Yang said, “since you reminded him, he will naturally be measured. Just learn how to develop the land.” He seemed to sigh: “I don’t know when I can eat my own dishes.”

Shen ran said, “I’m trying.”


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