Great Celestial Master Chapter 56

Last time Shen ran reminded him that there was a strange black hole behind his friend, LAN Jinxiu began to pay special attention. The man’s name is Tian Rong. He is his college classmate. Because of his own reasons, he is difficult to get close to ordinary people, and his feelings need to be maintained. Unless the other party has great enthusiasm and doesn’t care about his cold, it’s difficult to make one or two sincere friends. Although Tian Rong may not have a heart to heart relationship with him, he can also be regarded as one of his few friends.

This time Tian Rong was dispatched to Zhongdu because of the scheduling of the company. After graduating from University, Tian Rong returned to his hometown Yunchang province and entered a good foreign enterprise. It can also be said that he has made little achievements in recent years. This time, because of the company’s scheduling, he came to Zhongdu as the head of the branch, which can be said to be a high promotion. Thinking of another friend in Zhongdu, Tian Rong went to LAN Jinxiu’s company that time and made an appointment with him for a meal to get together.

Looking at the students who looked more mature in front of him and in college, LAN Jingxiu poured himself a cup of tea. He didn’t drink tea before. He prefers coffee to tea. However, since Siyang sent him a can of tea, his coffee machine was gradually replaced by various tea sets. But maybe Siyang’s special tea is so good that even when he drinks the special tea now, he feels that the taste is slightly unsatisfactory.

Tian Rong ordered many dishes in a row, then smiled at LAN Jingxiu and asked, “if I remember correctly, these were your favorite foods in the past. How are they? Do you like any changes? If not, I’ll place an order.”

LAN Jin said, “add two spicy ones.”

Tian Rong took a look at him and said lightly, “people, it’s really not the same. You didn’t eat spicy before. I remember you’re from Jincheng. The taste of the dishes in Jincheng is sweet. No matter what dishes you cook, you should put some sugar. I didn’t expect you to be happy without spicy now.”

Tian Rong added a few hot dishes. Seeing that Lan Jinxiu had no objection, he placed an order. Let’s say that Lan Jingxiu is really handsome. He is very calm no matter what he does. When he used to study, almost 90% of the girls in the whole school were his fans. But this man is also very independent. He doesn’t live in his bedroom. He comes and goes alone. He looks cold and refuses people thousands of miles away all day. If he hadn’t been contacted several times and found that he was really cold, but he was good and didn’t get along well, I’m afraid he couldn’t maintain this friendship even if he took the initiative.

Tian Rong sighed with a teacup: “we have had two classmate gatherings after graduation. Every time I come all the way from Yunchang to Zhongdu, but you who are in Zhongdu never participate. But you don’t participate, but our topic has never been less than you. What’s your name? Is my brother in the Jianghu? There is still a legend of my brother in the Jianghu?”

LAN Jinxiu glanced at him and cut off the topic: “how have you been these years?”

Tian Rong smiled: “it’s not bad. Although the work pressure is a little high, I have made some achievements, but it’s a pity that my girlfriend who has been dating for two years is not willing to come to Zhongdu with me, so now I’m back in the ranks of single dogs.”

Tian Rong said to LAN Jingxiu, “what about you? With such a big career, there must be a lot of excellent women around you?”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “have you met anything recently?”

Tian Rongwei had an invisible meal, and then seemed a little puzzled: “what’s the matter? Why do you ask?”

LAN Jingxiu put the teacup on the table without making any noise. Looking at him, he said casually, “look, you look a little bad.”

Tian Rong was directly happy when he heard the speech: “I said, Jinxiu, you have changed a lot over the years. If you were not such a sweet person before, you would care whether others look good or not.” He said with an exaggerated sigh: “isn’t this just Zhongdu? A lot of things have to be handed over, and the place to live has just been settled. If it’s not arranged properly, I’ll ask you out for dinner. It’s enough, brother.”

LAN Jinxiu himself is a person who doesn’t talk much. Tian Rong basically talks about a meal, about some things he has experienced in recent years, some interesting past events, and plans for the future. If nothing happens, Tian Rong should settle down after he came to Zhongdu this time. Otherwise, too frequent changes in the upper level will also make the lower employees unstable. It was a little late to eat, drink and chat, so I ended up and went home.

LAN Jinxiu saw Tian Rong driving away and sat in the car for a while. A moment later, LAN Yuzhuo also got on the car: “I can’t see anything. I don’t see any black holes. There’s no special smell on my body. The compass doesn’t respond. I just pasted a rune on the chair behind him quietly. The rune hasn’t changed at all. Elder brother, is it Shen ran teasing you? Are you sure you’re right?”

LAN Jingxiu glanced at her: “since you say it’s OK, forget it. Next time I’ll buy a talisman with Si Yang to protect him.”

LAN Yuzhuo grabbed his brother’s arm and said, “your sister, I’m a professional talisman!”

LAN carefully repaired coolly and said, “can your talisman be better than Siyang’s painting?”

LAN Yuzhuo suddenly became silent and said after a while, “don’t you have to draw more to make progress?”

On the way home, LAN Yuzhuo still couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t think Shen ran would be a joker. He said he saw it. He must have seen it. And Shen Ran is now a ghost servant. She can see much more than her heavenly eyes opened by external forces. So he turned to LAN Jingxiu and asked, “do you know the eight characters of the man’s birthday?”

LAN Jingxiu looked at his sister.

LAN Yuzhuo said, “I’ll find someone to help calculate it. If this person hits and has a big disaster, he should be able to calculate it.”

“I only know his birthday in the Gregorian calendar.”

“No problem. It’s just a little troublesome. Give it to me. I’ll send it to the Heavenly Master who is proficient in measurement and ask them to help.”

When the car drove all the way into the community, LAN Yuzhuo’s mobile phone shook twice. She picked up her mobile phone and looked at it. Suddenly her face became a little bad.

LAN Jinxiu asked, “what’s the matter? It’s a big problem?”

LAN Yuzhuo didn’t know whether to shake his head or nod: “it’s not a big problem, but the result calculated according to the Gregorian birthday you gave is that this is the eight characters of the birthday of a dead person. This is the result calculated by the combination of name, native place and birthday. It should not be wrong.”

LAN Jinxiu suddenly stopped the car and turned to look at LAN Yuzhuo: “is it just that the Gregorian calendar is not accurate? Isn’t the birth eight characters wrong? Is it very different in a minute?”

LAN Yuzhuo thought, “can you ask for more details? I’ll ask my friend to help calculate it again.”

LAN Jinxiu restarted the car. When he got home, he turned on the computer and turned out the phone of the former trainer. After all kinds of twists and turns, he asked Tian Rong’s home phone. In the past, he had a good relationship with Tian Rong. Although he hadn’t seen his parents, they all knew each other’s existence. Therefore, although LAN Jinxiu’s call was abrupt in the past, he thought that his son was transferred to Zhongdu development now. It’s also good to have the help of an old classmate there, so Tian Rong’s parents didn’t think much.

So after a little greeting for a while, LAN Jingxiu explained the purpose of the call.

Although Tian Rong’s parents have some doubts, they are going to introduce Tian Rong’s girlfriend, but the woman’s family pays great attention to eight character matching, so they don’t want to tell LAN Jinxiu. LAN Jinxiu also specially told his parents not to tell Tian Rong first. If it’s done, let Tian Rong personally tell them the good news.

Of course, the most worrying thing for the elders after the child is old is that he has a big life. Hearing LAN Jingxiu’s words, although they are also a little worried, their son is almost thirty and hasn’t a letter, they don’t want to put too much pressure on the child, so they agreed.

LAN Yuzhuo looked at his brother who lied without blinking. It was like knowing him the first day. She even unconsciously recalled whether she had been cheated by her brother when she was a child. This was serious. She almost believed it.

The accurate birth eight character calculation is simpler and more direct. After LAN Yuzhuo sent the information, he waited for a long time to receive a reply, and then looked up at her brother: “this eight character can be determined that it is the eight character of a dead person.”

LAN Jingxiu was silent for a while before he said, “what’s the difference between him and Shen ran?”

In the past, LAN Jinxiu would not associate this kind of thing with a ghost servant. He also saw a ghost servant in the ancestral house of the LAN family. The ghost servant is completely in the form of a ghost. Although he has an entity with the help of external forces, he will never be mistaken for a living person. However, seeing the ghost servants of the Siyang family, LAN Jingxiu felt that he could not distinguish between the living and the dead.

LAN Yuzhuo said, “that’s not a ghost servant. I can be sure of that. Although the ghost servants in brother Siyang’s family are almost the same as living people, they all have the breath of a Heavenly Master. This is the inevitable condition for becoming a ghost servant. Moreover, after opening the eyes of heaven, the biggest difference between a ghost servant and a living person is anger. I think the anger of your friend is very normal. That’s an ordinary person.”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “why don’t we ask brother Siyang for help?”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t even think about it and refused directly, And warned LAN Yuzhuo: “It’s your duty to deal with such things. You’re affiliated with the State Department to maintain peace between people and ghosts. To a certain extent, luck is related to the national movement. Even if it’s not deeply contaminated, it’s helpful for your cultivation. Since you’ve taken this road, some things can’t be avoided, so your active intervention in many things doesn’t have much impact on you, But Si Yang is not. He is just an idle Heavenly Master. Many things should pay attention to cause and effect. You have bothered Si Yang twice at a time. ”

LAN Yuzhuo’s eyes turned red when LAN Jinxiu said it. It seemed that he was wronged, but he pursed his lips, but didn’t say anything.

LAN Jingxiu sighed helplessly: “I don’t want to talk about you, but some habits can’t be formed. When you encounter problems, you habitually ask for help. What should you do when you are alone in the future?”

LAN Yuzhuo looked at LAN Jingxiu, then lowered his head and shouted, “who am I for? Who let you sharpen haw? I’m not trying to find you a chance.”

LAN Jin’s spirit was stiff, and he seemed to be going to face coldly.

LAN Yuzhuo turned his eyes directly: “You like brother Siyang, who can’t see the same. It’s clear that brother Siyang lives next door and is close to the water, but you don’t dare to stick it. If you want brother Siyang to become my sister-in-law, you really have to wait until monkey years and months. You don’t dare. Then I have to find a reason for you. If you don’t stick it, I promise I won’t disturb your two world.”

LAN Jingxiu slapped her on the back of her head: “nonsense!”

LAN Yuzhuo covered the back of his head and stared: “be angry!”

LAN Jingxiu said coldly, “don’t talk nonsense in the future!”

Seeing that the elder brother turned and was ready to go, LAN Yuzhuo grabbed him: “elder brother, you should know that if you miss something, you will regret it all your life. Although your conditions are really poor and a little high, you don’t have a chance. How can you know if you don’t try? You can’t be thin skinned if you pursue the people you like!”

LAN Jingxiu pressed her back with a finger: “just mind your own business. Don’t get involved in my business.”

LAN Yuzhuo let out a wail and fell down on the sofa with his strength. Looking at his back, he angrily bah: “coward!”

Returning to the room, LAN Jinxiu took his clothes into the bathroom and looked at the half mirror. LAN Jinxiu took off his clothes, touched his chest with his fingers, and slowly drew a circle along the size he had seen. Here is something Si Yang gave him. Looking in the mirror for a while, LAN Jinxiu’s pupil color changed slightly, and then the rune array on his chest showed its shape. It was a very beautiful yin-yang totem. In a trance, he seemed to see Si Yang draw runes for him so close to him. After painting, he smiled at him.

When the gold light of the chest Rune array flashed slightly, LAN Jingxiu also involuntarily reminded the corners of his mouth.


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