Great Celestial Master Chapter 57

Although LAN Jinxiu didn’t intend to trouble Siyang, he didn’t even think about it too much in the supernatural direction. He just felt whether someone took advantage of Tian Rong’s identity. If the real Tian Rong is really dead, it is not impossible for someone to live with his identity and use the eight characters of the birthday of a dead person.

But unexpectedly, some things are often so coincidental.

There is not a bustling business district near the University of technology, but the price of a huge billboard that can be hung on the roadside is not cheap. After all, this is a university town. Many universities gather here. With more students, a small business district has naturally formed. Of course, the price of advertising is also rising day by day. Although Luo Shuang’s family conditions are good, she has not been extravagant enough to buy her such an advertising space.

Si Yang stood aside and looked up across the road to see the full advertisement. There was a slender white hand holding cat food in the palm of his hand. A group of cats of different colors surrounded him. Some raised their heads. Their glazed eyes showed thirsty eyes in the direction of people. Some cats were sitting on the ground licking their hair, Some cats are eating sweetly with that hand. The blank space of the advertisement is an advertisement language of caring for animals.

The whole advertisement does not have a very complex composition, and even the layout is not related to beauty, but the artistic conception is quite good. The flexibility of the cat and the care of human nature are very simple but also very direct.

Luo Shuang smiled aside and said, “what do you think? Is it good-looking? The advertising language was thought of by our whole volunteer community. You said, the cars come and go here. Can you see the advertisement above?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “it’s so big that you can see it as long as you’re not blind.”

Luo Shuang nodded: “I think it’s good where I choose!”

“Billboards in such a location are not cheap, are they?”

Luo Shuang raised her eyebrows: “the senior is so powerful. Do you want to guess how this advertising space came from?”

Siyang put his hands around his chest and nodded his chin. He seemed to think for a moment. He smiled in Luo Shuang’s expectant eyes: “I can’t guess.”

Luo Shuang thought that Si Yang could know astronomy and geography by pinching his fingers. Seeing that Si Yang obviously teased her, she couldn’t help laughing.

They were talking and laughing. A car stopped next to them. LAN Jinxiu opened the door and got off. He looked at the girl and said to Siyang, “what a coincidence. Have you eaten?”

Luo Shuang quickly said hello: “President LAN, do you know the senior students?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “well, we are friends.”

LAN Jinxiu donated a library and a batch of sports teaching materials to the University of technology. The library was expanded on the original site. This period of time is coming to an end, so LAN Jinxiu came to the University of technology to check it several times. After all, it was donated to the school for students, and the quality must be controlled.

After checking the progress of the library that day, I was stopped on the way by the girl in front of me with a small poster, so I asked him to sponsor in front of the school leader. Although this situation is not unprecedented, most of them only gave their business cards to the students in the past, and the rest naturally came according to the process. They have a department in LAN’s that specializes in helping education. If some school students come to solicit sponsorship, it is also assessed by this department.

However, he saw at a glance that the hand on the poster was Si Yang’s. although it was only one hand, he certainly wouldn’t admit his mistake, so he asked for two sentences and gave her the advertising space here.

Si Yang smiled and said to LAN Jin, “so you sponsored this advertising space?”

LAN Jinxiu looked back at the advertisement: “it’s very nice.” I don’t know whether it’s the hand or the advertisement.

Si Yang looked at Luo Shuang: “it’s time for dinner, too. Let’s go to dinner together.”

Luo Shuang quickly shook her head. After her cousin’s affairs, she felt that she seemed to be a little closer to Siyang. If she was just with the senior of Siyang, she would probably agree. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she has any unrealistic thoughts about Siyang, but it’s also a very lucky thing to have such a friend. But if there is one more LAN Jingxiu, she would rather go back to her bedroom to eat instant noodles. No way, the boss’s aura is too strong, she counsels.

Seeing that Luo Shuang seems to have an appointment with others, Si Yang naturally doesn’t force it, so he followed LAN Jinxiu into the car. He saw that Lan Jinxiu drove by himself. There was no driver and no bodyguard in the car, which is not in line with LAN Jinxiu’s general line-up. He couldn’t help but wonder: “Why are you alone?”

LAN Jinxiu started the car after making sure he fastened his seat belt: “I came to school today and finalized a batch of books. I was thinking about the weekend. I planned to see if you were busy or not. If you were not busy, I asked your roommate. Your roommate said you went to see the billboard with a girl, so I came to have a look.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “why don’t you call me? If you don’t meet me, you’ll miss it.”

LAN Jingxiu slightly hooked the corner of his mouth: “what do you want to eat?”

Si Yang took out his mobile phone, opened the comment network, searched the recommendation of netizens, and chose a Chinese restaurant with a good new opening monument recently. Then it happened that Tian Rong came to dinner with some department heads of the company in that restaurant.

Tian Rong also met LAN Jinxiu. He asked his colleagues to go to the private room first and say hello. When he first saw Si Yang, he was still a relative of LAN Jinxiu’s family. After all, this person looks like a student regardless of his appearance or clothes. He is obviously not a passer-by with LAN Jinxiu. Since he can eat with LAN Jinxiu, he should be a family.

So when he heard that Lan Jinxiu was introduced as a friend, he was surprised and couldn’t help looking more: “Hello, I’m with my old classmate Jinxiu. We’ll have time to play together in the future.”

Siyang smiled and didn’t talk. LAN Jin said, “then you’re busy. Make an appointment when you’re free.”

Tian Rong said with a smile, “OK, call me whenever you want to get together.”

After Tian Rong left, LAN Jinxiu and Siyang entered the private room and ordered dishes. LAN Jinxiu naturally took Siyang’s chopsticks bowl, poured hot water and scalded him.

Si Yang suddenly said, “you are a little interesting.”

LAN Jingxiu looked at him and said, “because of the black hole?”

Si Yang did not answer directly, but asked curiously, “do you have a general relationship with him?”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “the relationship is very good. He is one of the few friends in college.” Then he said, “you are strange. I know he has a strange black hole, but I let it go?”

Si Yang held his chin and looked at LAN Jingxiu. He thought that Lan Jingxiu might come to him in two or three days at most. After all, the most likely case of carrying this black hole is that he was cursed. The curse is not because he was secretly murdered. It is likely that he touched some ancient taboos or touched some ancient sacrificial utensils.

If this is the case, I’m afraid the heavenly masters contacted by Si Yang have not been able to solve it. It’s not that their ability is poor, but those heavenly masters may have a set of skills to deal with fierce ghosts and demons, but they are not enough to compete with the power of nature.

Monk LAN Jin: “I’ve sent someone to investigate. Yuzhuo asked someone to help calculate his eight characters. According to the calculation results, it’s the eight characters of a dead man. I suspect that the real Tian Rong may be gone, and this man has used some way to disguise himself, but he seems to be quite clear about Tian Rong’s past, even some old things when we were studying Palm, so it doesn’t rule out the handwriting of Taoist and Warlock behind it. If there are traces of Xuanmen people, the matter should be handled by the secret service department in the end. ”

“Eight character? When is his eight character?”

LAN Jinxiu took out his mobile phone and called out a picture of Tian Rong’s birthday. Si Yang looked at it for a while and said, “it’s really a dead man’s eight characters, but it’s a dominant eight characters.”

LAN Jingxiu looked at him puzzled: “what is the dominant eight characters?”

Si Yang smiled: “There are two kinds of human genes, dominant and recessive. Naturally, the life style will not be invariable. You know, sometimes when a person makes a decision at a certain moment, there may be a big change in the life style. However, the birth of a person is doomed, so we can deduce the general life track of the person from the eight characters of the birth date, but we can pass it The fate of going is seen as explicit, because it has been experienced and time will not go back, so it can not be changed naturally, but there are all kinds of possibilities in the future, so it can generally be regarded as implicit. ”

LAN Jinxiu probably understood Si Yang’s meaning: “so this eight character has another result?”

Si Yang nodded and said, “if you look at it from the surface, this person is dead, but if you consider it from the hidden hidden, this person should still be alive, but it is not far from death, because the life of death has completely covered his vitality.”

LAN Jingxiu was silent for a moment: “what curse is it?”

LAN Yuzhuo once told him something similar. It was a group of grave robbers. They had bad luck and stole an ancient tomb with a bit of Taoism. They touched something they shouldn’t touch inside. When they were selling funerary goods in qianporcelain street, they were met by a Taoist. Those tomb robbers look like living people, but they are full of dead spirit. In the eyes of Taoists, those people are a group of living dead people.

At that time, the Taoist stopped those people, probably for fear of being seen as grave robbers. Before the Taoist said more, he shouted to drive them away. In a few days, the grave robbers died in a small hotel.

But the strange thing is that those people have just died, but the body shows that they have been dead for at least more than a month. This situation was obviously beyond the scope of ordinary death, so it was transferred to the secret service for investigation.

The result of the final investigation was that the tomb raiders touched the curse in the tomb. They had already taken the curse of the ancient tomb from the moment they stepped out of the tomb. Although it looks like ordinary people, with normal complexion and can eat and drink, it has already become a dead person. Once the curse is issued, the body naturally shows a normal time of death.

So at this moment, Si Yangyi said that it was the fate of death that covered his original vitality, and he subconsciously thought of it. It seems more reasonable to think so.

Si Yang smiled: “so I just said that your friend is a little interesting, because I can’t see anything from him. This is the first time I met someone who can’t even see anything.”

Upon hearing this, LAN Jingxiu’s heart sank, but he didn’t intend to trouble Siyang about it. Now he can get this information from Siyang, which has provided great help for his investigation, so he doesn’t intend to ask any more questions. But it seems that Si Yang is very interested in this man.

“From the face-to-face meeting just now, your friend seems to have changed a little more since he came into contact with you, so maybe the turnaround is in you, but unfortunately I can’t calculate it. So if there’s anything moving, remember to gossip with me. I’m quite curious about the black hole on that person and the strange fate.”

Si Yang said that the turnaround was on him. LAN Jinxiu was still thinking about what kind of turnaround opportunity was on himself. Until a few days later, Tian Rong came to him again. LAN Jinxiu knew that this was probably the so-called turning point.

Tian Rong, who came to him this time, was no longer a face of cordial nostalgia with him. Instead, he asked with some blame: “you investigate me?”

LAN Jinxiu leaned against the sofa: “I just want to find out what happened to you. I think you should know your own situation.”

Tian Rong’s face changed slightly, but he soon covered it up and said, “don’t worry about some things.”

LAN Jinxiu took out an envelope from the drawer, took out the photos inside and said, “more than 20 days ago, you took advantage of the scheduling holiday to climb Shuangyu mountain with six other donkey friends in Yishan city. You stayed in the mountain for four days and three nights before you came back.”

LAN Jinxiu spread the photo on the table: “three of the seven people, including you, have died now. A car accident, an accident fell off the stairs and hit his head to death, and a sudden myocardial infarction. Do you think the deaths of these three people are really accidents?”

Looking at Tian Rong who didn’t speak, LAN Jin said, “Tian Rong, I don’t want to attend my good friend’s funeral.”


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