Great Celestial Master Chapter 58

Finally, Tian Rong was probably forced by LAN Jingxiu. He had no choice but to tell what he had hidden.

He himself is a person who likes to travel everywhere, but because of his work, he can only go out on annual leave at most once a year, so he sometimes takes advantage of weekends to walk around on weekdays and slowly get to know a group of donkey friends.

They are not just climbing in groups. Sometimes they will make an appointment for a self driving outing or a one-day farm trip. Because we are all Yunchang people and live not far apart, a small private circle has been formed over time.

In addition to his relatives and friends, this group of donkey friends also made an appointment to practice for Tian Rong this time. Therefore, during Tian Rong’s vacation, we planned to have a three-day and two night trip.

Since there is plenty of time, the place we chose is far away. We directly chose a very famous mountain across provinces.

Pisces mountain is famous because the two huge peaks look like two kissing fish. The locals call it fish kissing mountain. It is a famous tourist attraction.

A cable car and cableway have been developed on one side of the mountain, and a Buddhist temple has been established on the hillside. With some local legends and beautiful scenery, the incense is very prosperous. The reason why this Buddhist temple was built in the middle of the mountain is that according to the myth of the local people, there was no Pisces mountain in Yishan city before, but there was an evil Taoist who directly took the whole Yishan city as the array eye and took the people of the whole Yishan city as a living sacrifice to refine the elixir of immortality.

As a result, the evil array was seen through by a passing eminent monk. However, although the array eye was broken and the evil Taoist priest was killed, the altar has survived from the death altar, with the strong resentment of countless people killed by the Taoist priest. The great monk had no choice but to chant scriptures and chant Buddha day by day to surpass those wronged souls who died in vain. Finally, his sincerity moved heaven, so he raised a mountain and sealed the evil altar in the mountain.

The reason why the mountain summit is in the shape of two fish is that fish live by water, while water flows live. Living water can take away those grievances. So where the two peaks meet, there is a very turbulent stream. Later, the great monk saw that although God had suppressed the evil altar to the town, he was still afraid that the altar would be used by interested people, so he simply built a Buddhist temple in the middle of the mountain, hoping to clean the evil things on the altar through Buddhist incense.

However, another more scientific statement is that because the altitude of the top of the mountain is somewhat high, it will be difficult for people who do not adapt to the high altitude to live on it. In addition, they are also open Buddhist temples, so they choose to build it on the hillside, so even tourists can accept this altitude.

The other side of Pisces mountain is very steep. Although I once thought of developing a plank road, considering the risk factor is too large, I tried again and again. Finally, it was shelved for various reasons. However, such mountains are also a challenge for mountaineers, so professional and non professional climbers often climb them.

Like Tian Rong, except that one of them is a professional mountaineer, the others are amateur. It’s almost the same to climb a hill at ordinary times. It’s also their first attempt to climb a little challenging like Pisces mountain. This is also a memorable practice ceremony. After all, when Tian Rong left, they don’t know when to get together next time.

Seven of them, four men and three women, walked together. In the first two days, we followed the general route of climbing. Because people often climb, we also set up signs for later climbers along the way. The party arrived at the top of the mountain before dark the next day, and then watched a sunrise. We took a picture on the top of the mountain before going down. But on the way, they saw a fork, one of which was the way down the mountain, and the way they came up. The other is to go around and pass the stream where the two peaks are connected.

So they discussed. Anyway, there are still a few days left for the holiday. Since it’s here, it’s better to go and have a look.

Speaking of which, Tian Rong looks at LAN Jingxiu: “If we went down the mountain directly at that time, there might not be so many things. We walked into the fork road, where there was only one way to go. Then we came to the stream smoothly, but it was dark at that time. It was dangerous to go back or continue to go around the stream and go down the mountain, so we directly found a place to set up a tent for the night 。”

“One of the girls used to run in the morning. When she ran back and forth around the stream, she accidentally found a cave. The girl hurried back to call us. When we came to the entrance of the cave, we didn’t know what we thought, but we wanted to go in and have a look. Our group of young people, the oldest one is only thirty-one or twelve years old. Many people are brave and brave, so we entered Gone. ”

“After we went in, we found that there was a unique cave in the cave. The more we went in, the larger the space in it, and there was still flowing water on the ground. We thought that since water could flow out of it, it proved that it should not be completely closed. We just groped inside with lights one by one.”

When he said this, Tian Rong stopped for a moment, picked up the teacup in front of him and took a sip. It seemed that after slowing down his mood, Then he continued: “All the way to the innermost part, the whole cave seemed to be opened at once. We saw a stone platform inside. A big tree grew out of the middle of the stone platform. Shengsheng cut the stone platform in two. There was no light in the cave. The water meandered down from the huge roots of the big tree. We were curious. In such a dark cave, the tree went to How did the bottom grow so big. But we don’t remember what happened later. ”

LAN Jingxiu frowned slightly: “don’t you remember?”

Tian Rong nodded: “I only remember that we seemed to want to get close to see what kind of tree it was, but when we woke up, we actually slept in our tents. At that time, I thought it was just a dream, so I sighed with them. After the dream, I found that we had the same experience, even after we said what we did after entering the cave Everything can be right, and one of the men accidentally bumped a small wound on the stone wall, and the wound was still there. ”

“At that time, we were all flustered. It was really weird. In this deep mountain and old forest, several girls were even scared to cry. We didn’t dare to stay where we were. We quickly packed up our things and went back on the way. Fortunately, we didn’t encounter any strange things all the way. We walked to the fork road down the mountain again smoothly, and then went back to each other I went home safely. ”

LAN Jin said, “since then, do you have any special feelings?”

Tian Rong said, “not at first. Later, there was always a feeling of being spied on. It was OK when there were many people outside, but when I was alone, the feeling was particularly strong. At first, I thought I was distracted, but when Lu Haisheng had an accident, this feeling was obviously stronger.”

Lu Haisheng is the youngest of their group of donkey friends. He is only 23 years old. He is also very brave and likes to play at ordinary times. Therefore, after his car accident, they didn’t think too much, at least they didn’t think about the last mountaineering.

But later, when Wang Dandan went down the stairs, he slipped and fell down and knocked his head. He lost too much blood and failed to rescue him. In a few days, two of the seven people died. If they still regard it as a coincidence accident, they don’t know how they died.

So the remaining people quickly contacted each other, but it must be impossible for them to go back to the cave to find out the truth of the matter. The situation on that day was really strange. Now I think of it with a creepy feeling. So they discussed whether they could find a master to see. At least we should find out what happened to them so that we can find a solution.

But before they found a reliable master, kunjie died of a sudden myocardial infarction. They knew it was definitely not an accident, but they were helpless. No one knew whether they were the next. The three people couldn’t find any law of death, and they couldn’t even speculate when the next one would die.

Tian Rong grabbed a handful of hair, The whole person looks very tired: “I really regret that if I had insisted on going down the mountain according to the original plan, these things would not have happened now. Jin Xiu, I don’t want to involve you in this matter. When I first arrived in Zhongdu, everyone was fine. I didn’t expect that I would have gone three times in a row in less than half a month. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t go to you. Don’t worry about it Anyway, I don’t want to hurt one more person. I’ve made a will. What I should do is my life. I can’t escape. ”

LAN Jingxiu thought for a moment: “I’ll find someone to help you first.”

Tian Rong seems a little surprised, but it’s amazing to think of LAN Jingxiu’s own situation. In the past, he was too indifferent because of his own particularity. Maybe he really knew a lot about these strange things. He had prepared for the worst and heard LAN Jingxiu’s words, Still can’t help but raise a glimmer of hope: “anyway, I still want to thank you. Maybe the greatest luck in my life is to make a friend like you.”

In the secret service department, there are several people with natural yin-yang eyes. In addition to two who have already sat in the management position, there is a young man named Deng Yang. Because of natural yin-yang eyes, you can always see some terrible pictures when you are very young, so you will instinctively avoid the crowd and fear to contact people. When he was a child, his parents thought Deng Yang had autism. After trying various treatments without success, they had already given up. When Deng Yang understood what the terrible things he saw were, his parents no longer listened to him or paid attention to him.

Later, Deng Yang was accepted by the Taoists of Lushan sect, which led him to the Xuanmen. Yin Yang eyes are born to eat the bowl of rice of the Heavenly Master. Because of his childhood experience, Deng Yang cherishes the love given by the master’s elders. Therefore, even though he had some unpleasant memories when he was young, he also tried to get himself out of the shadow and gradually developed an optimistic temperament. Although such a temperament may seem unreliable, its strength is already the best of its peers. Later, he was successfully admitted to the secret service department. He was one of the capable generals under Zhou Qin.

This time, LAN Yuzhuo reported Tian Rong’s affairs to the captain, not to mention whether the lives of the climbers can be saved. There are strange things in a tourist resort like Pisces mountain, so the people of the secret service department can’t sit idly by. Therefore, before going to Shuangyu mountain, Deng Yang first found a time to meet Tian Rong. Generally, if he touched any taboos or was cursed, there will be marks on his body.

However, after seeing Tian Rong, Deng Yang was silent for a long time.

Although the man LAN Jinxiu found was not the kind of immortal and old master he imagined, he believed that since LAN Jinxiu could bring this man to help him, he must have the ability. Therefore, seeing that Deng Yang stopped talking at the moment, I couldn’t help being more nervous: “master, is my situation really serious?”

LAN Jinxiu was silent and waited for the following.

Deng Yang thought in silence for a while, Shaking his head: “You still have to go to that cave. What you have on your body can’t be regarded as a general mark. It’s a nihilistic black hole, like connecting to another space, but I’m sure that what you have on your body is not a curse. Maybe you touched something in the cave that day, and then inspired some ancient sacrificial ceremony, but you haven’t finished Into all the rituals, this will encounter a catastrophe. ”

Tian Rong was stunned and asked uncertainly, “will it be all right if we finish the ceremony? Isn’t it very popular for live sacrifice in the feudal society in ancient times, or have we become sacrifices because we broke in by mistake?”

Deng Yang slightly raised his eyebrow: “I don’t rule out this possibility. I didn’t see the cave you said. I don’t know what’s going on inside, so I can’t guarantee you that I can save your life. There are certain chances of life and death. It all depends on how you choose.”

Finally, Tian Rong clenched his teeth and said, “I’ll go. Anyway, if I go, I may live. If I don’t go, I’ll really wait to die.”

At this time, LAN Jinxiu, who finished communicating with Siyang, also put down his mobile phone: “I’ll go too.”

Deng Yang also knows about LAN Jinxiu. He and LAN Yuzhuo are colleagues. They didn’t come to LAN’s house to eat less before. Everyone is very familiar. When LAN Jinxiu said this, Deng Yang’s first reaction was not to agree.

Tian Rong blurted out: “don’t go! I didn’t intend to involve you. If I went and the matter wasn’t solved, I would have died. Don’t wade into this muddy water again!”

LAN Jin said, “don’t worry, even if your matter hasn’t been solved, I won’t be involved.”

Finally, Tian Rong advised LAN Jingxiu for a while. Seeing that Lan Jingxiu was determined to go and seemed to have some life-saving baby, he knew that Lan Jingxiu would not change easily if he made up his mind, so he had to give up persuasion.

After Tian Rong left first, LAN Jinxiu said to Deng Yang, “in addition to me, Siyang will also go.”

Deng Yang’s eyes lit up for a moment. When he Boyi was trapped on the top of the mountain, he was sent back to Lvshan to rescue, so he missed it. At this moment, hearing that he had the opportunity to contact this mysterious expert, he was naturally very happy. However, he asked cautiously, “is that elder easy to get along with?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “Si Yang is very nice.”

When LAN Jinxiu said this, Deng Yang looked forward to it more and more. He smiled at him and said, “no wonder brother Jinxiu is going with him this time. It must be no problem to leave without solving it.”

Thinking of getting along with Siyang day and night for several days, LAN Jinxiu couldn’t help smiling: “but Siyang said, he just wanted to see what the black hole is. Just treat him as an ordinary person.”

Deng Yang said, “OK, OK, I see!”


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