Great Celestial Master Chapter 59

On the day of the agreed departure, Deng Yang came early for fear of leaving a bad impression on people. He even took care of himself. He never played much with his hair and even grabbed a shape. He frowned at LAN Yuzhuo: “what are you doing? It’s for you to work, not on a blind date!”

Seeing LAN Yuzhuo there, Deng Yang smiled and said, “are you going too?”

“No.” Then he pulled Deng Yang aside and whispered, “I tell you, you give me a little insight. My brain needs to be smart, you know!”

Deng Yang looked at her for unknown reasons. LAN Yuzhuo tutted lightly, but some things are hard to say. You know, brother Siyang lives next door to them. Sometimes the Taoist priest can feel his name from a distance. At the door of her home, she dare not talk casually. Seeing that Deng Yang didn’t understand, he reluctantly touched his hair: “just be smart!”

Deng Yang said with a smile, “don’t worry, I understand!” Isn’t it just to protect brother Jin Xiu and try to brush the favor of his predecessors? He still knows this skill of being a man!

LAN Yuzhuo wants to cover her face. What do you know? She hasn’t said anything yet.

LAN Jinxiu came downstairs and was surprised to see Deng Yang: “why don’t you go directly to the airport?”

Deng Yang grinned and said, “come closer here, I just want to rub a car.”

LAN Jin said, “that’s just right. Let’s introduce you first.”

Deng Yang smiled brightly: “good, good!”

So he saw a young man smiling at him early in the morning. Seeing such a dynamic young man with a clean breath, Siyang was also in a good mood and smiled at him, “hello.”

Deng Yang quickly came forward and bowed: “Hello, master!”

The loud voice scared Shen ran, who had just got up and was going downstairs for breakfast, and almost slipped.

LAN Yuzhuo wanted to cover his face and knew that the boy was unreliable. Siyang was even more happy: “just call my name. Have you eaten?”

Deng Yang hurriedly said, “eat, can I call you brother Siyang?”


Seeing that xiaofuzi had only one bag, LAN Jingxiu asked, “do you only take these things? We should spend the night on the mountain.”

LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly said, “brother Siyang, just take the necessities. I have prepared double copies of other things, such as tents, sleeping bags and food. My brother’s bodyguards carry them.”

Si Yang smiled: “it’s hard for your bodyguard. Since I’ve bothered others, I’ll give you an amulet as a thank you.”

Hearing Si Yang’s words from the dream, he turned around without explanation, took the amulet and sent it to the bodyguard waiting at the door, and expressed his gratitude. These ghost servants who came out of the palace didn’t worry about Siyang in the world.

Deng Yang’s eyes lit up when he saw it. Sure enough, as the master said, the more powerful people are, the more low-key they are. Those who drag are almost God and want to be offered are half a bucket of water. When he entered the secret service department, he also dealt with many heavenly masters. Because he was sent by Lushan himself, all the people he met were very polite to him. However, for those idle heavenly masters who have no way to send a halfway monk, his eyes are higher than the top. He is as powerful as Si Yang, but he can think of thanking a bodyguard. Isn’t that what the master said about the noble demeanor!

Even if Si Yang didn’t look, he could feel the burning sight. He couldn’t help thinking about whether he had any intersection with Deng Yang, but he didn’t remember it for a long time, so this should be the first time to meet. So some puzzled looked at LAN Jingxiu.

What’s more amazing is that Lan Jinxiu understood Si Yang’s eyes, so he shook his head helplessly. He didn’t understand very much. Deng Yang is only 23 years old this year. He is almost 29. There is a generation gap at the age of three. They have been separated by several generation gaps.

When the group arrived at the airport, Tian Rong looked silly. LAN Jinxiu said he knew he was coming, but the friend who met last time also came. He was going to save lives, not for an outing. Looking at the bodyguard with a huge backpack behind him, it’s more like an outing.

LAN Jin said, “let’s go. We’re boarding.”

Tian Rong smiled at the crowd and thanked them. After a while, he pulled Lalan Jinxiu and whispered, “what’s going on?”

LAN Jin said, “Si Yang is a supernatural lover. I want to take this opportunity to see it.”

Tian Rong could hardly make complaints about what the young people are doing now. They only hope that they can solve this problem smoothly.

At the foot of Pisces mountain, several donkey friends who are still alive have long been waiting. Tian Rong contacted them when he decided to go to Shuangyu mountain to solve the matter. He also said that although he found a reliable master this time, it is not certain whether the matter can be solved smoothly. But after several other people discussed, they also thought the same as Tian Rong. They didn’t want to wait to die.

Although Tian Rong has long said that the master is very young, he definitely has real skills. However, when they see their people, they can’t help but panic. But now that they have come, they can’t retreat, so they introduced each other and went up the mountain with their own equipment.

In addition to Tian Rong, there were still two girls left in the original seven people, a 25-year-old Ivan and a 26-year-old Tu Xiaobai. Among the boys, Mo Tao, a professional mountaineer, was also the oldest.

Although he wanted to believe that Tian Rong had found a reliable person, Mo Tao couldn’t help asking questions about himself and the cave. He didn’t understand. He just went into a cave, didn’t do anything, and didn’t see anything strange. How could he get into such trouble.

Deng Yang repeated what he had said to Tian Rong: “what you think you didn’t do is just something in your own memory. How do you know what you did in the memory you lost.”

Tu Xiaobai also said, “master, have you heard of the legend of Shuangyu mountain? Did we see the demon sacrificial platform suppressed in the legend that day?”

Hearing this, Si Yang, who had not done any homework before coming and didn’t know the place, said curiously, “what legend?”

LAN Jinxiu followed Si Yang. When he heard Si Yang’s inquiry, he just opened his mouth slightly and planned to tell Si Yang about the legend of Shuangyu mountain. Deng Yang poured it out like pouring beans.

LAN Jingxiu silently closed his mouth and looked at Deng Yang. Suddenly, he felt that he was not very pleasing to the eye.

After hearing this, Si Yang said with a smile, “isn’t this ghost?”

Deng Yang quickly echoed: “yes, it’s bullshit! Yugong’s removal of the mountain is more reliable than this. God dropped a mountain to suppress it at once. It’s so troublesome. Why don’t you slap the altar directly to break it?”

Tian Rong said in a aside: “I don’t know what the Heavenly Master thinks about Feng Shui here? I’ve only heard about Feng Shui before, but I’ve never been in touch with it personally, so I’m still very curious.”

Deng Yangdao: “Although I’m not proficient in Feng Shui, I still know a little bit. It’s too complex for you to understand. I’ll just say something simple and easy to understand. People have spirit and earth has power. When you look from a distance, you think this mountain is like two kissing fish, and this mountain is named for it. But don’t you think it’s more like two kissing fish than kissing fish Put the umbrella with the peak opposite. ”

Being pointed out by Deng Yang, they are still at the foot of the mountain. When they look up, they are really so similar.

Deng Yang continued: “This kind of mountain range can also be called a hedging Bureau. The mountain itself is the South Mountain and the north water. This pattern belongs to a reverse Bureau. In a certain form, this reverse Bureau will vent the good momentum in the mountain range to the end. However, because the mountain itself is a hedging Bureau, a delicate balance has been achieved between each other, and a stream naturally derived from the terrain environment between the two mountains, accounting for The secret of the mountain is to look at the Qi at the end. The water vapor generated by the stream just keeps the vitality of the mountain, but it just keeps it. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that good mountains and good water will support people. Unfortunately, the mountain situation of this mountain is not good. Those living at the foot of the mountain will bring wealth because of the mountain situation, but unfortunately, their homes will be restless. ”

Feng Shui has been quite mysterious since ancient times. Deng Yang commented on Feng Shui in the mountain. Tian Rong just listened to it. After all, he could not verify these words. But Mo Tao and the three of them looked at each other. When they were waiting for Tian Rong to come, they just heard that the clerk of the coffee shop was gossiping about the divorce of the boss, saying that they had torn their faces for the division of property. With such an association, they believed Deng Yang more inexplicably.

I think the young master may really have some skills. Ivan, another girl, also let go: “master, can you tell fortune? Can you help us see the picture?”

Deng Yang smiled: “others can see it, but you can’t see it. Your faces are almost the same now. Life and death are uncertain.”

The originally slightly relaxed atmosphere became heavy again. It was really an uncertain journey.

Si Yang, who was walking aside, slowed down and followed the crowd leisurely. He also took out a lollipop from his pocket and ate it. But his eyes swept over everyone and finally stayed on Tian Rong.

LAN Jinxiu saw this move in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything. He just didn’t know what he thought, and his eyes sank.

Mountaineering is a technical job. It’s not just good physical strength. Generally, if you don’t master mountaineering skills, you’ll just consume your physical strength. No matter how good your physical strength is, you can’t persist for half a day. Originally, Mo Tao thought that these people were not professionals and could not even be called amateurs. It was estimated that the foot journey would be very slow. But most of the time, their physical strength has obviously decreased, and they can feel sweat on their bodies. Look at those people, their steps are relaxed, they don’t even breathe disorderly, their faces are dry and dry, and there is no sign of sweating.

They understand that the master can do this. Master, there must be something outstanding. But even Tian Rong’s big boss friend and college students who obviously came for an outing also walked so easily. Are they really old and can’t keep up with the physical quality of young people now.

Chinese people’s feelings are eaten out. Even if they were very strange before, they became familiar after having lunch together. LAN Jinxiu and the bodyguard behind him are not ordinary people. Even if this person is Tian Rong’s friend, Mo Tao and they dare to tell him that this person’s aura is too strong.

However, his friend, the college student named Si Yang, got along well. No matter what he said to him, he always smiled. The most important thing is that he is really handsome. He is the kind of good-looking person who makes people move their eyes more and more. Therefore, after finding that this person is easy to talk, the two girls began to chatter around him.

“Why can’t you think of following them? Haven’t you heard what happened to us?”

“Yes, you know, we were all scared to death that morning. The cave was so strange, and three of our friends had an accident in just a few days.”

“You like supernatural so much. Did you join any supernatural societies in school?”

“Have you ever encountered anything strange before?”

“You look so handsome. Do you have a girlfriend?”

No matter what the two girls asked, Si Yang responded with a good temper. Such a talkative super warm man is not the favorite dish of these young ladies and sisters. There was still some dull atmosphere in the morning. After the two girls teased the college student’s little brother, it became more and more vivid.

Several boys shook their heads helplessly, this face watching world.

Si Yang, the younger brother of a college student, said with a smile that women are really a magical creature. They all know that a great disaster is coming, and they are in the mood to laugh. It’s also very magical.

When it was getting dark, everyone had just entered the fork road, but it was about half a day away from the cave by the stream. It was early in the current season, especially in the mountains. For safety reasons, they did not continue to move forward, but set up tents on site.

As a bodyguard with full field survival skills, he set up the tent in two or three times. However, LAN Yuzhuo sorted out the luggage and gave it to him, so he didn’t see the sleeping bag after setting up the tent, so he hurried to report to LAN Jingxiu.

LAN Jingxiu asked, “only tents?”

The bodyguard said, “there is also an air cushion and two light fluffy quilts.”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Siyang when he heard the speech. Siyang, who was binding branches and planning to make a temporary pot rack, said, “if you don’t have a sleeping bag, sleep like this. Just have a tent.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded. At this time, Deng Yang ran over: “brother Siyang, sleep in my sleeping bag. I’ll watch the night tonight and don’t use my sleeping bag.”

LAN Jinxiu’s head suddenly burst out with well shaped green tendons. What a revenge.

Siyang smiled: “no, there’s a tent. You don’t have to watch tonight. Although there may be some noise, it won’t hurt anyone.”

Deng Yang thought about it and ran to say hello to the group. He just had a good sleep at night and didn’t care what he heard.

Not to mention that it was ok, people began to feel a little uneasy. Mainly, they already have a psychological shadow here. They panic when they are a little flustered.

They sat around the fire eating and drinking, but the closer they were to the cave, the more uneasy they felt. They were not in the mood for chatting. After finishing themselves a little, they went back to their tents.

The tent LAN Yuzhuo prepared for him was very large, and the two boys would not feel crowded inside. Si Yang suspected that the light hanging on the tent was a little dim, so he directly changed to a bright pearl. LAN Jinxiu was the first time to see such beads that could simply shine the night into the day. What’s more, even if he stared, he didn’t glare: “this should also be a magic weapon?”

Si Yang said, “not really. This is a marine pearl with its own luminous body. It has no other purpose except to illuminate.”

LAN Jin said, “I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ve only seen the night pearl, but it’s not so bright.”

“The night pearl should be regarded as a stone with rare elements, but the marine pearl is not a stone. If you put it into the water, it will spit bubbles. If you really want to classify it, it should belong to biology, but picking should be very difficult for ordinary people. This kind of thing grows in the sea about 30000 meters deep, one by one, so it is not rare.”

LAN Jinxiu looked at Si Yang and stopped talking for a while before opening his mouth: “according to what humans have detected at present, only about 11000 kilometers of the seabed has been detected.”

Si Yang smiled at the speech: “it’s because your accomplishments are not good. The most terrible thing is not the land, but the sea. The depth of the sea is far deeper than ordinary people think.”

30000 meters is probably only a shallow water area for the friars in the golden elixir period. The real good things are not in the so-called secret realm, but in the deep sea. It is completely another world. Even the marine demons dare not go. He thought that when his cultivation reaches a certain level, he must really go to the sea. However, this idea may never be realized. The whole earth is only so big. How deep can the sea on the earth be.

He was sighing. I didn’t know when the wind began to rise outside the tent. Several boys with only sleeping bags around the fire suddenly calmed down and involuntarily approached Deng Yang, who also had only sleeping bags.

The two girls in another tent were still whispering, but they suddenly quieted down. The crowd seemed to hold their breath for a moment, and the wind stopped slowly again.

When the wind stopped, everyone was relieved. They thought they were too careless. But not long after I was relieved, there was a strange ghost cry in the woods.


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