Great Celestial Master Chapter 6

Si Yang came to the place LAN Yuzhuo said. Before he got close, he couldn’t help frowning. The breath in this area is too turbid. Anger, death, corpse and evil are mixed together. Once you step into that obviously artificially restrained boundary, the originally clear sky suddenly becomes dark, the air pressure is low, and the rolling clouds churn.

As soon as Si Yang’s spiritual power turned, the Yin and evil Qi intended to stick to him was burned away in an instant. After that, Si Yang didn’t restrain the pure Yang’s refined fire Qi, which made those who were constantly attracted by his rich vitality afraid to approach. Although the breath won’t have any effect on him, it will always make people feel uncomfortable when they are close to him. It feels like water in the air. It’s so stuffy that they can’t even breathe.

When LAN Yuzhuo came to pick up the people, she saw that they all wanted to be covered with talismans to resist the evil spirit. They all avoided Si Yang. Although she couldn’t see any fame on Si Yang, this skill was enough to prove that Si Yang was not simple. When she stabilized her mind, she quickly welcomed him: “senior!”

Si Yang nodded to her and listened to her tell the whole story from the beginning as she followed her forward.

To say this, LAN Yuzhuo went to Si Yang, probably with the attitude of a dead horse being a living horse doctor. After all, she didn’t know anything about the cultivation of the elder and was too young. Although the means of dealing with vaginal fetuses that day was better than them, LAN Yuzhuo didn’t know how to deal with such a big thing now. But when everyone is helpless, if they fail, they will develop in the worst direction as expected. What if there is a way.

This should be regarded as an unprecedented major crisis in the whole metaphysical world.

The so-called metaphysics has five systems: mountain, medicine, life, divination and phase. More than 70 years ago, a young man named he Boyi suddenly became famous in the metaphysical world. He Boyi’s life science is perfect. Even if the difficult fate comes to his hand, there is a way to resolve it. It’s just that it’s not easy to change your fate. A little carelessness is definitely the end of bringing disaster to others and yourself. As long as you are a bit of a Taoist, you won’t touch this piece easily. However, he Boyi’s fame is also due to this, because he always has a way to get away without any cause and effect.

However, if he Boyi has the ability to do this, he will always pay a price and consume some energy. Naturally, it is impossible for him to ask for help. The price he can pay is naturally not low, so he Boyi often contacts some powerful people. So in just a few decades, he Boyi has gone from unknown to a man of honor. He Boyi is extremely popular in the secular world. Money, power and name are not bad, and the established sect is extremely prosperous.

Now that the spirit is thin and practitioners have almost no way to go, it may not be a bad thing for the whole metaphysical world to be able to absorb so many disciples. In particular, he Boyi has profound cultivation and unpredictable ability. He also has the spirit of being rewarded by others after doing good. Naturally, people are more and more willing to make friends with such a capable and kind person.

If he Boyi really said as mentioned above, there would be no such things today. Just over 20 years ago, he Boyi’s accomplishments reached the critical point of breakthrough. In this age of Dharma, it is difficult to practice, let alone cause heaven’s jealousy and thunder.

Siyang looked at LAN Yuzhuo when he heard the speech: “thunder robbery?”

LAN Yuzhuo thought that Siyang didn’t know these, so he explained: “after cultivating to a certain extent, if the strength accumulates to a critical point, it will lead to the thunder of heaven.”

Si Yang said, “how many people in the whole metaphysical world have experienced thunder robbery?”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “if you count he Boyi in those years, there should be three real people who have experienced the thunder robbery by now, but he failed. Therefore, only two real people have successfully experienced the thunder robbery in the whole Xuanmen. One is the leader of Linggu Temple, yiruo real person, and the other is the leader of Lushan sect, Wu Ting real person.”

After hearing this, Siyang didn’t respond, but said faintly, “it’s ability.” It seems that no matter what kind of environment, there are always outstanding people.

LAN Yuzhuo saw that Siyang didn’t ask again, so he went on. Even if he Boyi’s accomplishments have been achieved, he is doomed to be unable to survive the robbery. It would be of great benefit to the whole country if the metaphysical circle could have one more foundation building immortal. So when the public found that he Boyi was about to cross the robbery, they rushed to protect the Dharma for him one by one. However, when the first thunder robbery came down, all the people who split were shocked, especially the two real people who had been building the foundation for many years. They could see that it was definitely not an ordinary thunder robbery.

They thought that maybe he Boyi was different from ordinary people and had something special, so Lei Jie was also different. After all, the more rebellious people are, the more they suffer from thunder. But the first thunder robbery directly broke the illusion maintained by he Boyi.

He Boyi, who was originally full of moral golden light, scattered all the golden light after the first thunder, leaving only the dark spirit shrouded in Yin. The evil spirit is so strong that it almost blocks out the sky and the sun. Up to now, they have never seen a more evil atmosphere than he Boyi. They simply don’t know how many evils they have done to be so sinful.

Such people will not be allowed to exist in the way of heaven. Originally, practice is against heaven. When dealing with good people, the way of heaven will pass with one eye closed. When dealing with bad people, it must be splitting to death.

He Boyi himself knew that the illusion he maintained could not deviate from the way of heaven. As long as thunder came, all the truth would be exposed. And he didn’t seem to have planned to successfully survive the thunder robbery. His real purpose is to disintegrate the whole metaphysical world.

“According to my master, if the two real people had not joined hands, I’m afraid the whole metaphysical world would really be disintegrated. The way of heaven is not allowed to be provoked and disobeyed. When others cross the robbery, those who have nothing to do with it must stay away, otherwise they will be regarded as provocation and reduce double the thunder robbery. At that time, he Boyi saw that the matter was exposed. He didn’t care about the thunder robbery at all and directly came to replace him The Dharma guardians were all pulled into the scope of thunder robbery. The higher the cultivation is, the more ruthless the thunder is. In those years, many young talents died because of this. Finally, fortunately, two real people worked hard to protect a group of people. He Boyi was also cut into slag by the way of heaven in full view of the public. ”

Siyang chuckled: “it seems that he Boyi’s double method is powerful enough to deceive heaven.” I’m afraid he Boyi knew that once the thunder robbery came, all his illusions would be exposed and would certainly become the target of public criticism. So I thought of a way out early and refined a double. If all the existence that would threaten him were destroyed by thunder robbery, no one in the whole metaphysical world could compete with him in the future.

LAN Yuzhuo was stunned, Then he nodded: “Everyone thought he Boyi was dead, and the sect he Boyi founded was destroyed by everyone. Those who haven’t cultivated were sent away directly, and those who have already cultivated were all abandoned. As for the confidants of he Boyi, without he Boyi’s cover, they were all angry, and all these evils were solved. Everyone thought that this was it It’s over. Under such a heavy blow, some predecessors have closed their doors one after another, especially the two real people. They have lost their cultivation and haven’t been closed yet. ”

LAN Yuzhuo shaved her eyebrows and frowned slightly, It seems a bit gnashing of teeth: “But I didn’t expect that he Boyi was just pretending to be dead, and his trace was exposed more than ten years ago. Then we know that they were all cheated. In order not to let him continue to do evil, people must catch him, and he also abducted many talented young talents in metaphysics. If he continues to do so, the situation will only be worse in the future. But he is too cruel He is cunning, cruel and crafty. We don’t know how many people have been damaged by him these years. Just last month, we finally got hold of his trace and directly pursued him together, forcing him to this mountain. ”

Looking at the approaching mountain, Lan Yu glanced at Si Yang with hope: “Although he failed to survive the robbery, I don’t know how he cultivated himself these years. His strength is definitely at the foundation level. The two real people are still closed. We can only win with more people. The only way to completely destroy him is to die with him. Now there are 11 respected predecessors in metaphysics. Although they haven’t built a foundation, they are also very good A real person has planned to fight with he Boyi to death. Now they are trapped by he Boyi and depict the big array to prevent the leakage of the evil spirit all over the sky and the possibility of he Boyi escaping by pretending to die. ”

Si Yang said, “are those two still closed?”

LAN Yuzhuo nodded: “Even if the real person leaves the customs, we’d rather die together with he Boyi than let the two real people fight. Once the real person has any mistakes, it will be a great crisis for China. There are also many capable people and different people in different countries except China. It is precisely because there are two real people sitting in the town that those foreigners dare not attack easily. Once the real person has an accident, you should be able to think of it, elder At that time, what will be the situation in China. ”

After almost all the past things were understood, Siyang came to the top of the mountain. Eleven uncles were sitting around the edge of a large array. In the center of the array, a man who was too dark to see was tied and suppressed by heavy chains. The iron chain is still full of dragon Qi. It seems to be a good magic weapon.

There were not many people on the top of the mountain. It seemed that they were all the descendants of the eleven monks. Many people cried red eyes. Well, the feeling of life and death was very strong.

Seeing LAN Yuzhuo’s return, a handsome young man hurried over. He wanted to say something to LAN Yuzhuo. When he saw Si Yang around her, he shut his mouth and looked at him subconsciously: “who is this, please?”

LAN Yuzhuo hurriedly said, “this is what I said before, master Si. Master, this is my master brother Xia Lingtian.”

Xia Lingtian’s eyes narrowed slightly and then said with a smile: “I heard from my younger martial sister about the Yin fetus last time. Thank you for your help at that time.”

LAN Yuzhuo interrupted Xia Lingtian’s temptation, looked at Si Yang and asked eagerly, “senior, do you have a way?”

Si Yang’s eyes scanned the scene, smiled and said, “yes.”

LAN Yuzhuo’s heart tightened and was pleasantly surprised. But Siyang then said, “there is a way, but before that, let’s talk about the conditions for saving people.”


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