Great Celestial Master Chapter 60

The wind sometimes sounds like people’s crying, especially in that extremely frightening environment. People’s imagination will magnify this fear infinitely. A little movement can frighten people to death. Not to mention that they had experienced such strange things and the shadow of their companions’ death. They returned to the place where they had nightmares again and again, and became more and more frightened.

Tian Rong, they want to convince themselves that they are careless. It’s just a natural rumor. But there was no wind. When the cry sounded, it was quiet all around, and not even a leaf was blown. Only one after another, more and more clear cries rang through my ears.

Except for the fire they surrounded, it was dark all around. Even if there was a moon in the sky, it was covered by heavy tree shadows, and the brightness of the moonlight could not shine at all. Tian Rong looked at LAN Jingxiu’s tent. There was still light in it. He wanted to go in now. Although he might deceive himself and others. If a ghost wanted to catch people, it was useless to hide anywhere, but he always felt that it would be safer to have a tent.

The girl in the other tent leaned out her head carefully and was relieved to see everyone there. As long as there are many people, it will inevitably be more confident.

The ghost’s cry still didn’t stop. In the dark forest, the cautious man’s heart was hairy.

Tu Xiaobai almost trembled and said, “master, master…”

Deng Yang looked in a certain direction of the forest for a while. Then he turned to the people: “sleep. Those with earplugs can wear earplugs. Nothing can happen.” A cloud of Yin Qi is just a demon there. There is not even a ghost. Sure enough, as brother Siyang said, there may be some noise, but it can’t hurt people. The cow man who killed he Boyi is really a cow man. There is a big difference in strength.

Tu Xiaobai is speechless. It’s not a matter of not having an accident. OK, they are really worried about an accident, but who can sleep in such a ghost cry? It’s really a big heart. Tu Xiaobai looked at the crowd and couldn’t help but say, “why don’t you come and sleep in the tent? It’s so big that everyone can squeeze.” In this special case, the scruples of men and women are nothing. If there are many people, they also feel safer psychologically.

Deng Yang smiled: “sometimes it’s not safe to have many people. Who knows if the one sleeping next to you is a person, or if it’s a person now, it’s not a person the next second.”

Ivan, hiding next to Tu Xiaobai, was scared to cry. If he didn’t frighten people like this, especially when there was a constant ghost cry in his ear, he would really scare people to death.

However, Deng Yang probably hasn’t developed the tendon of pity for fragrance and jade. He is not moved by the two little girls who are afraid of crying: “you sleep in your tent. Don’t worry. There are people outside, which can absolutely ensure that you can see the sun tomorrow safely.”

Tian Rong thought for a moment. He climbed out of his sleeping bag and wanted to ask LAN Jingxiu whether he would mind having more people. If he wanted to talk about the relationship of friends, he felt that he was closer to LAN Jingxiu. At least he was a classmate of four years in college. They didn’t sleep together. They were still bunks during military training.

But as soon as he moved, Deng Yang looked at him: “what are you doing?”

Tian Rong said, “I want to squeeze with Jinxiu.”

Deng Yang said, “no, they are already asleep. Don’t disturb them. Moreover, if anything happens to you in the tent, I can’t see it. For your safety, you’d better sleep under my eyes.”

Joke, how can he let people disturb brother Siyang’s rest? What if brother Siyang is dissatisfied and has a little opinion of him!

Tian Rong thought it was the same. The two people in the tent were not involved in this matter. It would be bad if they were implicated by themselves, so it’s better to stay away, so he quietly retracted into his sleeping bag.

LAN Jinxiu, who had been lying side by side with Si Yang in the tent, slightly hooked his mouth. Those meals were not for the boy.

He looked slightly sideways and saw Si Yang lying next to him reading comics. It was inexplicable that he had a little more breath of life. It turned out that Si Yang was not as devoted to cultivation as he thought. In addition to eating delicious food, he also liked to watch such pastime things. In addition to his cultivation, he was actually no different from today’s college students. On such a thought, I can’t help getting closer.

The ghost crying in the middle of the night was too noisy to disturb the people. Deng Yang actually thought it didn’t matter. Let alone a mass of Yin Qi as a demon, he had slept in the ghost cave, but just because of Tian Rong, he remembered that brother Siyang was also sleeping, so he took a purification talisman generously, hit it with several spiritual powers, drew his fingers together, and the Yellow talisman flew into the fire, Soon the ghost’s cry disappeared.

You know, he is not good at drawing runes at all. Although this rune is cheaper than Dan medicine, it is still very expensive. The Heavenly Master who lives in poverty should also save money.

Tian Rong and Mo Tao, who slept outside and had been paying attention to the movements around, noticed when Deng Yang moved. They saw that the rune paper burned and was silent. All of a sudden, their eyes were bright. In fact, they are really afraid that Deng Yang is a mouthful. Now they have seen it with their own eyes, and their hearts are naturally more secure. Only then can they sleep at ease.

Siyang in the tent put down his mobile phone, looked at LAN Jingxiu and smiled: “aren’t you afraid of the ghost cry just now? Even the breath hasn’t changed.”

LAN Jingxiu wanted to say more to make himself look less boring, but his words were: “well, I’m not afraid.”

I’m struggling whether to find another topic to talk about or let Siyang rest early. After all, people will always be tired after going out early in the morning and climbing the mountain for nearly a day. Suddenly, there was a wooden box in Siyang’s hand.

Si Yang opened the box and put it in front of the two people’s heads. A faint faint fragrance immediately spread out: “this is a sleep aid incense. I specially made it. It can also prevent insects. Go to sleep. I won’t let the ghost take you away in the middle of the night.”

LAN Jingxiu smiled and said, “good night.”

Si Yang gave a sound, adjusted a comfortable posture and closed his eyes: “good night.”

With that faint fragrance, even if there was one more person around him, LAN Jingxiu slept better than ever. He himself was a very shallow sleeper. If he was outside, he had never slept. This was the first time he could wake up naturally in the wild. I don’t know whether it was Xiang’s work or because there was a Siyang around him.

Si Yang saw LAN Jingxiu staring at Xiang in a daze early in the morning and said with a smile, “how about it? The effect is good. If you like it, here you are.” Then he put the incense box into LAN Jingxiu’s hand.

LAN Jinxiu seemed to have a helpless smile and said, “I found that since I met you, I have accepted your gifts more than I have paid.”

“It’s just a handy gadget. It’s not a gift. It’s not a valuable thing. If you want to compare it like this, you’ll bring a lot of ingredients every time you come to my house. It’s more often than the gadgets I give you. Don’t your friends always give back like this.”

Hearing the sound, Deng Yang squatted in front of their tent with the cooked breakfast and whispered, “brother Siyang, have you got up? I made breakfast.”

When Siyang opened the tent, he saw the brilliant smiling face and said with a smile, “good morning.”

Deng Yanglian hurriedly said, “early on, I cooked some porridge. I stole this rice from my master. Brother Siyang, try it.”

Si Yang came out of the tent and moved his muscles and bones: “OK, I’ll come after I wash.”

Deng Yang, who painted his favor early in the morning, happily went to prepare breakfast for Siyang.

LAN Jingxiu came out of the tent dressed neatly, sat on the stump with an expressionless face, and looked at Deng Yang, who was as busy as a little bee. His eyes were a little cold.

The party simply had some breakfast, sorted out their things and went on. Although it was a little strange last night, now that a big sun was shining, I felt that the cool air was much less. Ivan asked Deng Yang curiously as he walked: “master, was there really a ghost last night? Was it because of the cave? Or was there a ghost in the woods?”

“Without ghosts, there are so many ghosts in the world. Don’t be feudal and superstitious.”

People couldn’t help but twitch at the corners of their mouths. They also wanted to believe in science, okay? But the reality gave them a blow in the head.

Looking at the road he had walked before, Tian Rong said, “if it goes well, we can almost get near the cave in the afternoon, so shall we go in today or wait for tomorrow morning?”

Deng Yang said: “naturally, it’s early to solve the problem. Don’t you find that some of you are wrong?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was subconsciously surprised, and then looked at each other in panic. Tu Xiaobai, with sharp eyes, saw some traces on Mo Tao’s neck and hurriedly said, “what’s the matter with you, Mo Tao?”

Mo Tao subconsciously touched his neck with his hand. Because of Tu Xiaobai’s words, they quickly turned to look at him. Ivan was even more afraid and took Tu Xiaobai’s hand and stepped back two steps.

Tian Rong stepped forward with an arrow, pulled Mo Tao’s hand over his collar, pulled down his clothes and saw that irregular dark brown spots were scattered on his body. Tian Rong exclaimed, “what’s going on?!”

In fact, Mo Tao doesn’t know what’s going on. When he gets up in the morning, he feels some pain, just like being beaten, especially in his neck and chest. So when Deng Yang said something was wrong, he subconsciously touched himself. But he didn’t know what he was like now. Hearing Tian Rong’s words, he looked white and panicked: “what’s the matter? What’s the matter with me?”

Tu Xiaobai took a mirror out of his bag and handed it to Tian Rong. Tian Rong took it to Mo Tao. Mo Tao saw his appearance. The whole frightened pupils shrank and looked at Deng Yang in panic: “master, what’s the matter with me? Is it because of the ghost last night? Didn’t you say it would be all right?!”

Deng Yang said, “that’s the corpse spot. You should be the next one, so if you solve it quickly, you can save your life. If you delay it again, I’m not sure if you can see the sun tomorrow.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s face changed. Tu Xiaobai didn’t understand: “Why are there body spots? The three friends we had died by accident.”

“Because he should have died last night.”

In the sunny day, everyone felt a cold chill. Mo Tao was pale and sweating. If it weren’t for Tian Rong’s help, I’m afraid he would kneel down with soft legs. I’m afraid anyone who hears such words can’t accept it all at once.

Last night, Deng Yang actually saw Mo Tao’s dead face. He calculated that Mo Tao might not survive last night, so he didn’t sleep and waited to see how the things in the cave killed people. However, unexpectedly, after a burst of strange fragrance came from brother Siyang’s tent, Mo Tao’s death spirit faded a lot. Obviously, brother Siyang helped Mo Tao live one more night. But if we don’t find out what’s in the cave as soon as possible, Mo Tao won’t survive tonight.

At this time, Si Yang was standing in the shade of the tree and looking at the people with different looks, just like a college student who was really just curious and supernatural to watch. LAN Jinxiu and his bodyguard naturally stood beside him, which also meant to watch.

Deng Yang looked at time: “do you want to waste time like this? Now you are really wasting your life.”

When they heard the speech, they had to pack up their mood and move on again, because here is walking around the hillside, not climbing up, so it’s much easier than yesterday. But it was obviously heavier than yesterday, and there was no better feeling of death approaching than now.

The entrance of the cave was like the door of hell open to them. Tian Rong looked at the cave in front of them and had no more profound regret than now. Why did they wonder to go in at the beginning. If they didn’t have that curiosity at the beginning, they still live a step-by-step life, rather than worrying about the unknown tomorrow like now.

Deng Yang also looked up for a moment. In his eyes of yin and Yang, there was a strong black gas around the cave. The black gas was not pure Yin gas or evil gas, but there seemed to be a barrier around to lock the gas. If you didn’t get close to here, you wouldn’t notice the difference here.

This scene was also the first time Deng Yang saw it. Just in case, he put a string of ghost beads on his hand. The ghost beads can be evil. They were ground into nine beads with Millennium ebony. They were engraved with the nine word truth of Taoism. After the worship of Taoist incense, although they were a bit short of magic tools, they were very good.

In addition to ghost beads, he took out a small bag of cinnabar from his bag and tied it directly to his waist. He took out a gossip mirror and put it on the other side of his waist. After thinking about it, he took out a stack of runes and put them in his pocket for safety. Everything was ready. He was about to invite everyone in. When he looked up, he saw that everyone was looking at him. Even Siyang looked at himself with a smile. Deng Yang was a little embarrassed.

Ivan looked as if he was ready and said with a little flattery, “master, can you give me one of that rune paper? Can I pay for it and transfer it to you with my mobile phone?”

Other people also reacted and hurried forward to buy it from Deng Yang, especially the few people who saw that he had no ghost cry after burning the rune paper last night. The rune paper is definitely useful, which must be much better than those random ghost paintings outside.

It’s natural to have a business, Deng Yang took out a few more talismans from his bag: “this is a talisman to ward off evil spirits and protect you from the Yin of dirty things. However, if something attacks you, this talisman paper will give a warning, but it can’t resist, because you don’t know what’s in it. The peace talisman is useless to you. You may be able to use it. Five hundred and one.”

Ivan hurriedly said, “yes! I’ll buy ten!” It’s worth spending more money to buy peace of mind.

Then he took out his mobile phone to scan the code and transfer money, and others surrounded him one after another.

Si Yang stood by and looked at it. He whispered to LAN Jingxiu and asked, “isn’t Fu very expensive? Or do I have a misunderstanding about the price of Fu?”

In view of his previous error in his understanding of the charges in the line of Heavenly Master, it’s better to ask if Deng Yang is selling so cheaply. See if he is wrong again, the price is still pure that Deng Yang’s heart is selling so cheaply.

LAN Jingxiu smiled at the thought of Siyang’s talisman online store, Also whispered in his ear: “General talismans are not very expensive. It’s reasonable for such a real Taoist master to draw hundreds of pieces. Some idle heavenly masters sell them in familiar temples. They start at about 20 and sell up to a hundred pieces. However, those effects only make people feel relieved. The price is enough. Your talismans really have spiritual power on them and play a great role. So what’s more It’s not expensive at your price. ”

Dozens of talismans are the most common in the line of heavenly masters. Those with hundreds of genuine materials should also have a familiar way. Otherwise, ordinary people don’t believe it. They can really sell tens of millions, that is, the paintings of four elders who don’t come out of the mountain easily have this value. However, Siyang’s own strength is absolutely not inferior to theirs, so the price is too cheap to calculate.

Tian Rong came to LAN Jingxiu with three talismans just bought from Deng Yang: “you can take them too. You can protect them more or less.”

LAN Jinxiu glanced at him, nodded and handed one to Si Yang and the bodyguard. He didn’t say much else. It was estimated that he was used to silence at ordinary times. Tian Rong didn’t think there was any problem. Seeing that they put away the rune paper, he followed everyone to find a place to put down his backpack. It’s too heavy for them to go in with their luggage. Except for some survival necessities, other things can be lightened naturally.

When everyone was ready, they finally walked into the strange cave before dark.


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