Great Celestial Master Chapter 61

As they said before, after entering the cave, the whole cave opens slowly. The more you go inside, the more space there is. Deng Yang naturally took the lead, Tian Rong and Mo Tao were behind him, the girl followed in the middle, and then Si Yang and LAN Jinxiu. The bodyguard brought by LAN Jinxiu naturally walked behind and broke the back.

After walking in, the whole space becomes more and more open, from the sound of water that can only be heard ticking to the sound of water flowing gradually, and from a pile of rubble to the extent that shallow water flows over the soles of your feet. But Ivan, who was walking in the middle, suddenly whispered to Tu Xiaobai: “is it so long? Why do I think I’ve been walking for a long time? I feel like I’ve been at the bottom of the cave last time.”

Tu Xiaobai was not sure: “it may be a perceptual illusion.”

Deng Yang raised his hand and looked at his watch. “It’s been 20 minutes since we came in.”

Mo Tao looked at each other in a panic, shook his voice and said, “last time, it didn’t seem so long. It took ten minutes to go to the end.”

Although it seems that it’s only ten minutes, it’s not long, but the distance of ten minutes is not close, especially for such a cave.

After walking in for a while, I don’t know whether it was the falling stone on the stone wall or someone kicked a stone out when walking carelessly. The sound of stone impact suddenly sounded in the empty cave. Ivan, who was a little timid, was frightened and screamed.

Everyone was frightened by her sudden cry and stopped. They looked around with flashlights. They were relieved after they were sure there was no problem.

Mo Tao, who was sentenced to death, didn’t look very good and said, “Xiao Fan, don’t be surprised. I’m already at the limit of my psychological endurance. Please don’t scare me again.”

Ivan blushed and looked at him with a little grievance: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

A big man is not easy to argue with a girl. Mo Tao slowly breathed out and went on with a flashlight.

However, the cave seems to have been unable to go to the end. The space has not become larger, but the shallow beach under their feet has become deeper and deeper. They can’t wet their shoes and trousers until they go to the higher places on both sides. In this cave that seems to be unable to get to the end, the hearts of the people are getting more and more angry.

Siyang’s divine sense had extended to the bottom of the cave as early as the moment he stepped into the cave. He saw some things, some unexpected and some expected. He just didn’t expect that there was such a thing in the world. But it’s a pity that it has been contaminated with human blood. Otherwise, it would be a good tool to take it and refine it.

LAN Jingxiu walked quietly beside Siyang. Seeing that Siyang showed a pity look, he asked, “what’s the matter?”

The people in front immediately stopped and looked back at them. In the current environment, any movement can really make people’s heart jump to their throat.

Si Yang shook his head: “it’s all right.”

LAN Jinxiu suddenly pulled out a transparent plastic box from his bag like a trick. Inside the box was a big pink peach. He always saw that Siyang’s lollipop tasted peach and thought he liked it, so he searched the world for the best peaches and airlifted them back by direct plane. He only brought two when he went out this time. He ate them for Siyang last night. Now he’s been walking for so long. Even if he’s not thirsty, he’s probably a little hungry. He just ate one to replenish his strength.

Si Yang said with a smile, “how much did you bring?”

“Two. It’s not fresh when you bring more.”

Siyang took his peach with a smile and generously gave LAN Jinxiu a lollipop. They ate at the end of the team as if there were no one else.

It was already more than 4:00 p.m. when they arrived at the cave. Now they have been walking for so long, and they have a lot of physical exertion all the way. Now they hear the sound of Siyang eating peaches and the smell of peaches. They are even more hungry.

So while walking, they took something out of their backpacks to eat. Who knows what will happen next. Only when they are full can they have the energy to deal with it.


At this time, Ivan suddenly screamed again. This cry was no longer the short subconscious cry of the last time, but seemed to see some picture of extreme fear and screamed with fear.

Everyone was shocked by her cry, and all subconsciously retreated. Mo Tao accidentally stepped on a big stone, tripped and fell, and directly fell to the ground. Tian Rong, who walked side by side with him, subconsciously stretched out his hand to pull him, but he also pulled him and fell.

Siyang licked the peach juice at the corner of his mouth, looked at a group of people who suddenly fell into panic, looked at the things in the corner, and slowly stepped back two steps for fear that they might hit him.

Tian Rong and Mo Tao got up one after another. Mo Tao couldn’t help yelling at Ivan: “what’s the matter with you?”

Ivan cried and stepped back, pointing to the corner and said, “there’s something over there, look!” God knows that when the light of her flashlight suddenly flashed past, she saw something like a human shadow in the corner. How much that picture challenged the endurance limit of the human heart. She was just scared to cry. It was good before she fainted!

Deng Yang shone the light on Ivan’s gesture. It was a skeleton sitting cross legged. He saw it, and so did others. Growing up under the red flag, it can be said that in addition to dead relatives, people who have not even seen the body, or in such an environment, they suddenly see a skeleton. The picture is really terrible. So almost at the same time, Mo Tao and Tu Xiaobai almost blew up the cave.

Si Yang was slightly frowned by the cry, and then saw that Lan Jinxiu was also frowning and staring at the skeleton. He smiled and said, “good psychological quality.”

LAN Jingxiu said strangely, “since we came in, there have been no obstacles along the way, so there should be no trapped. Looking at this person’s posture, it doesn’t feel like ordinary people. Ordinary people don’t meditate before they die.”

Deng Yang also came forward with a flashlight, squatted down slightly, took out a peach wood sword with almost a human arm length from the bag, picked out the clothes on the skeleton with the sword tip, and saw a weathered rag behind the skeleton. It could be seen that it was probably a cloth bag. Under the rag was covered with a dagger that was also like peach wood carving, and a string of five emperors’ money was tied to the end of the dagger. Deng Yang took a careful picture with a flashlight. It turned out to be a string of big five emperors’ money.

Deng Yang picked out the dagger with a peach wood sword and looked through it carefully: “it should be a person who knows a little about Taoism, but look at the corrosion degree of the peach wood sword in the water. At least the body has been here for more than 50 years.”

Tian Rong and others were frightened and didn’t dare to approach. Tu Xiaobai shivered and said, “I didn’t see this last time, really!”

Deng Yang smiled: “if you had seen this, would you still go inside? It would have run away long ago. In order to let you in, you have to use some tricks. It is even possible that you have been in the illusion of that thing inside since you were at the entrance of the cave.”

Tu Xiaobai was a little calmer than Ivan, and smelled the speech: “so this time we were not confused because we all brought amulets?”

Ivan kept crying with Tu Xiaobai in her arms. Tian Rong looked at everyone: “well, what should we do now? Should we quit or continue?”

With a click, a particularly clear voice sounded very untimely.

When they heard the sound, they turned around and saw that Siyang was still eating peaches. Inexplicably, the frightening atmosphere dissipated a lot. Tu Xiaobai was even more helpless and said, “aren’t you afraid?”

Si Yang smiled: “I’m not afraid of living people. I’m also afraid of a skeleton that will fall apart when I touch it?”

People: “…” shouldn’t skeletons be more terrible than living people?

Deng Yang took the string of big five emperors’ money from the useless peach wood sword, washed it with water twice, put it aside, and searched next to the skeleton. After confirming that there were no other objects, Then he knelt before the bones: “It’s my chance to see you today. Although I don’t know the cause of your death, if you know it under the spring, I hope you can get your guidance to avenge your life and death. The big five emperors’ money is a rare thing to eliminate demons and ward off evil spirits. I can’t bear to bury it here. However, it must be the thing I loved before my death. Now please divinate. If you agree, I’ll take the five emperors’ money away. If you don’t agree, After we have dealt with the evil things in the middle cave, we will bury our elders with them when they are buried in the earth. ”

Deng Yang then took out two pieces of wood that looked like cashew nuts from his bag. This thing is called divine whip. The convex surface is Yang and the plane is Yin. It is the most common and direct way of divination. Deng Yang put the God’s whip in the palm of his hand, recited what he had just said in front of the skeleton, and then threw it gently into the air. After landing, the God’s whip happened to be one Yin and one Yang. Such a divinatory symbol is a promise.

Deng Yang kowtowed in front of the skeleton again. No matter who he was and whether he was a member of the Taoist sect, since he took other people’s things today, of course, he should express his gratitude. After coming out of the cave, he helped to bury the bones, which was the end of this fate.

Deng Yang collected the money from the five emperors and looked back at several people whose emotions were more or less stable. Then he said, “let’s go.”

Those people hurriedly followed, but when they passed the skeleton, they subconsciously folded their hands and worshipped, hoping to get some blessing.

Although Tu Xiaobai was shocked just now, he couldn’t help but ask, “master, are those copper coins very powerful? I saw someone set up a stall in many second-hand markets and a lot of people on the ground picked them. What’s the difference between this and those?”

Deng Yang said: “of course it’s different. Even if these ancient coins are all true, they are more spiritual than those bought from the antique market. The former can directly eliminate the evil spirits of ghosts, while the latter can slightly prevent themselves and ward off evil spirits. That’s great luck.”

The simplest and most straightforward statement is that even if it is also ancient money, one is living money and the other is dead money. If he wants to revitalize the dead money, he can’t do it without some hard strength. Now he has calculated that the cultivation of his peers is good. If he wants to revitalize an ancient money, he is almost a kung fu. Therefore, the five emperors’ money is not small in the market, but there is absolutely not much living money that can really bring results.

Other people couldn’t help being greedy. If they had such a good thing to protect themselves, they wouldn’t have been caught last time.

After walking for about ten minutes, when everyone was more and more flustered, after a turn, the already large space became larger again, and then a huge tree appeared in front of everyone.

Tian Rong obviously had a psychological shadow about the tree. Seeing that the tree almost instinctively retreated, he took LAN Jinxiu and retreated a few steps: “stay away from the tree. If there’s anything wrong, you must run quickly.”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t speak, just nodded, and then took the lamp in his hand to observe the huge thing in front of him.

Deng Yang looked back at them and said, “stay here.”

Deng Yang doesn’t have to say this. They dare not move even if they are asked to move. Courage has never existed in front of all unknown forces.

I don’t know how many years the tree has been growing. The roots on the ground are intertwined. One root wants to be held by two people, not to mention the whole tree. It’s completely like another space. The ancient wooden giant tree looks up and looks dark. The light in his hand can only illuminate the branches on the first floor. If he goes up, he can’t see anything, nor can he see how tall the tree is.

Deng Yang stepped on the tree root and climbed up. He put his hand on the tree and felt it a little. There was no dark smell in the whole tree, but there was a cold air from the center of the tree.

While Deng Yang was checking, there was a sudden commotion below. The screams of the two girls were accompanied by the sound of fighting. Deng Yang raised his flashlight and just saw LAN Jinxiu’s bodyguard kick Tian Rong. But Tian Rong dodged very quickly and even planned to fight back.

Ivan moto, they are so close that they don’t know why they fight, but they quickly hide when they see that the situation is wrong. In this case, they can only protect themselves and don’t even dare to pull a quarrel. But even if they want to fight, I’m afraid they will only be beaten if they rush up according to their fighting posture. People’s bodyguards are from a professional background, but Tian Rong can resist with ease, even better. It’s strange. You know, without long-term training and professional training, ordinary people can’t have such skills.

When Deng Yang jumped down from the tree, LAN Jingxiu’s bodyguard was already inferior. Tian Rong raised a sneer, changed his eyes, and took it out directly from the bodyguard’s heart.

As LAN Jingxiu watched, his eyes changed and he flashed quickly. But his speed was not as fast as Tian Rong. When he moved, Tian Rong’s hand had already touched the bodyguard.

Just when they thought that the bodyguard was afraid to die in Tian Rong’s hands, Tian Rong suddenly screamed, as if he had suffered great pain. The whole man fell to the ground, covered his hands and rolled and shouted.

In the dim light of the flashlight, everyone’s sight was blocked by the environment. They couldn’t see clearly, but they could smell the burning smell of meat.

Seeing Tian Rong crying and falling to the ground, the bodyguard quickly stepped back, picked up the dagger just knocked off by Tian Rong, and repaired LAN Jin behind him with great dedication. He touched his chest, which had just been nearly pulled out by Tian Rong, and found that it had been burned, leaving only half of the talisman. The Fu was given to him by Mr. Si’s servant yesterday morning, saying that he thanked him for helping with his luggage. The bodyguard is terrified and wears the remaining half of the amulet. This is a life-saving thing.

He was always on guard against the ghosts that might suddenly appear in the cave, but he didn’t guard against the people in front too much. Just now, when Tian Rong suddenly stretched out his hand to pull the boss, if the boss wasn’t alert, he would have done it directly. I’m afraid that when he reacted, the boss would have fallen into Tian Rong’s hands.

The bodyguard took LAN Jinxiu and wanted to exit the cave: “this man has a big problem. When I fought with him just now, every move was like hitting an iron wall. It’s not human touch at all.”

LAN Jingxiu said coldly, “I know he’s not human.”

Si Yang, who had planned to wait until Tian Rong completely showed his prototype, said, “when did you find it?”

Monk LAN Jin: “When he first came into contact with me, it was obviously the feeling of approaching me with a purpose, which made me doubt him. Later, some things happened, not so much that he had to be found by me and involved me in these things, but rather that he led me to find it from the beginning. The ultimate purpose was to lead me here when he came to Shuangyu mountain , he used fear to cover up his joy. Last night, he was afraid he wanted to do something to me, but Deng Yang stopped him. Later, he looked for opportunities to get close to me all the way, and I avoided them. Maybe he was afraid to show his horse’s feet. Until now, he may think we can’t run away if we want to run, That’s why I started directly without any disguise. ”

LAN Jinxiu said, looking coldly at Tian Rong, who was slowly getting up from the ground, “so, what are you?”


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