Great Celestial Master Chapter 62

“Tian Rong” got up from the ground with a sneer. Although his hands were still burnt, they were slowly healing. His eyes swept over and saw Ivan motao’s face retreating in horror, and his smile was even worse, Then he looked at LAN Jingxiu coldly: “so you humans have a saying that curiosity kills the cat. If you don’t follow me, I’m afraid I can’t do anything to you outside, but since you’re here, don’t go out.”

Ivan held Tu Xiaobai’s arm tightly and cried, “why, we have no enemies with you. Why do you harm us like this?! woo…”

Mo Tao said, “are you Tian Rong or not?”

‘tian Rong ‘slightly raised the corner of his mouth: “guess?”

Deng Yang rushed up with an arrow: “guess your mother!” Holding the peach wood sword in his hand, he cleaved at him.

Seeing that Deng Yang was fighting with Tian Rong, Mo Tao took Tu Xiaobai and Ivan and ran to the place where they came in. But the whole cave trembled at this time, and several people who had just run two steps fell to the ground. With the vibration of the cave, large blocks of stones fell from the height.

LAN Jingxiu held Si Yang in his arms, and the bodyguard dutifully protected the boss and retreated to a safe place. Mo Tao saw that the big stone only fell at the entrance. They knew that it was the evil man who wanted to trap them here, but it was death to stay. If they ran out and were hit by a stone, they were also dead, When they hesitated a little whether to rush or retreat conservatively, the whole hole was sealed.

Before they got up from the ground, the vibration of the cave stopped, and the huge hole was blocked by a pile of rubble.


Mo Tao’s cry was heartbreaking. As soon as he got up from the ground, he went over and wanted to remove the pile of rubble. However, in addition to the gravel, there were huge stones that could not be removed by manpower, let alone by machines. Such huge boulders that could not be seen from the top when he looked up. I’m afraid it would take explosives to open them. In front of such a force that could not be shaken by manpower alone, he never felt so small.

Ivan cried, “it’s over. We can’t get out. We’ll all be trapped here.”

Tu Xiaobai holds Ivan and turns to see Tian Rong. Deng Yang is playing the same game as Tian Rong. Tian Rong, who has just been able to get good from the bodyguard, seems to be quite afraid of the peach wood sword in Deng Yang’s hand, so his action is somewhat limited. So he quickly patted Ivan and wiped the tears on his face: “don’t be afraid, we still have the master. The master must have a way!”

This “Tian Rong” didn’t know what it was. Hitting him was like hitting a stone wall. The most deadly thing was that the general talisman had no effect on him. He avoided the attack of “Tian Rong”. Deng Yang sandwiched two fingers and a piece of golden talisman appeared in his hand.

Looking at the ‘Tian Rong’ rushing towards him, Deng Yang said very quickly: “Sanqing is on the top, the gods worship and serve the thunder. The ghost demon is frightened and strange. There is thunderbolt inside. The thunder god is anonymous and urgent as a law!”

As soon as the spell was read, the talisman in Deng Yang’s hand flew out of his hand, and then it suddenly turned into several thunder and lightning, roared and hit ‘Tian Rong’ hard.

“Tian Rong” stubbornly resisted the attack of those thunder and lightning. Although his body was charred, the offensive still didn’t stop for a moment.

Seeing this, Deng Yang almost blurted out. This thunder talisman can be said to be a life-saving means he can’t use easily. You know, the talisman that can transform the power of lightning can’t be drawn by ordinary heavenly masters.

This kind of talisman is generally divided into two types. One is a lightning guiding talisman, which directly leads the real lightning to strike. Lightning kills all evil and conquers all evil. All dark things in the world will be destroyed into slag under lightning. However, the five fingers of the Heavenly Master who can draw such a thunder guiding charm can be counted, and it takes a lot of energy. It’s easy not to draw it.

There is also the thunder talisman he just used, which can be regarded as an imitation of the thunder talisman. It only excites the spiritual power in the talisman into the form of lightning, but it is not the real lightning power in essence, so the effect is natural day by day. But it’s definitely more than enough to deal with ordinary ghosts, and it’s also difficult to find a match, so he used one but didn’t achieve the expected effect, which still made him very painful.

Deng Yang turned around and threw a dagger at Mo Tao’s side: “cut down the tree! The thing in the heart of the tree is his noumenon!”

Mo Tao hesitated and didn’t dare to get the dagger. Who knows what the hell is in it? He really didn’t dare to come forward.

Seeing Mo Tao’s advice, Tu Xiaobai opened Ivan’s hand and grabbed her: “go to Siyang and hide. They have bodyguards!” Then he grabbed the dagger on the ground, avoided the two people who were fighting, and climbed up the tree hand and foot.

But the big tree didn’t know what kind of tree it was. She felt that the dagger Deng Yang gave her was very sharp, but when she cut the big tree, she felt that only a few pieces of bark would be cut off. If it went on like this, she felt that she might not be able to cut the heart of the tree for a year.

The bodyguard looked at LAN Jinxiu and said, “boss.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded. The bodyguard handed LAN Jingxiu a knife, took out a knife from his boots, climbed up the tree and cut it with Tu Xiaobai. Seeing that the bodyguard could cut into the tree at once, Tu Xiaobai quickly handed him the dagger given by Deng Yang: “try this.”

The bodyguard took the dagger and tried it. It was much sharper than his weapon. Then he changed with Tu Xiaobai.

Si Yang looked at the crowd. Although Deng Yang couldn’t suppress Tian Rong, it could be said that he fought equally. The main reason was that after Tian Rong returned to the cave, his strength seemed to have returned, and his wounds healed quickly. Even the power of thunder could only hurt him superficially, not fundamentally, so it was really difficult for Deng Yang for a while.

As for Mo Tao, who is still struggling to pick stones, it’s really not worth looking at. The man who obviously looks stable is not even as good as a woman at the critical time. Even Ivan, who can only cry, is better than him. Seeing Tu Xiaobai climbing up the tree, Ivan also took out the military knife from his backpack to help. Although it’s a little small, it’s not easy to bring such a knife in China with arms control.

Si Yang handed a talisman to LAN Jingxiu: “you stand here. You have a heavy evil spirit. Don’t go near that tree. I’ll have a look.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “be careful.”

Tu Xiaobai thought that Siyang had also come to help. As soon as they looked up at him, they saw that Tian Rong, who had been slapped by Deng Yang, fell not far away‘ Tian Rong jumped up from the ground at once. Instead of continuing to attack Deng Yang, he changed his direction. That direction was the direction Si Yang came in. It was obvious that he wanted to take hostages.

Tu Xiaobai and Ivan couldn’t help blurting out: “Siyang, be careful!!!”

“The boy with the most Yang is the best. Boy, I’ll let you die happily!”

LAN Jingxiu’s eyes changed and his hands moved instinctively.

Deng Yang’s eyes lit up. He liked watching death plays best.

However, before LAN Jingxiu could move, Siyang slightly tilted his head and looked at the flying ‘Tian Rong’: “looking for death.”

Before the voice fell, the white slender hand gently grabbed in the void, and the ‘Tian Rong’ who flew towards him was lifted up. Then he was thrown out by an extremely powerful force, hit the mountain wall heavily, and even the whole cave was obviously shaking.

This would change the fate of ordinary people, but Tian Rong just threw up a few black blood after falling to the ground and couldn’t get up for a while.

LAN Jinxiu breathed a sigh of relief, put down his hand that had not yet had time to make a decision, and continued to stand aside as if nothing had happened. Deng Yang jumped to Tian Rong with a smile and poked him with a peach wood sword: “I’ve seen people looking for death, but I’ve never seen you looking for death like this.” It’s just something equal to him. I dare to provoke Siyang.

At that moment, everyone was stunned, especially Ivan and Tu Xiaobai, who had interacted with Si Yang for so long yesterday. The little warm man who always answered questions and smiled, was so secretive that he was the real master!

Siyang lightly glanced at Tian Rong and took out the shining pearl and threw it into the air. For a moment, the whole cave was as bright as day. Then they saw the whole tree.

They had never seen the shape of the tree before. Except for the basis of crisscross, the whole tree body was so thick that what they saw in the dark was just the tip of the iceberg of the giant tree. The shape of the tree is even more strange. The thick branches extend old and long, hanging down like unable to support and rise. What is strange is that the whole tree has no leaves, just dry branches. It is not so much a big tree as an old black mountain demon with many strange hands.

The two girls were startled to see that they were cutting such things.

Tian Rong, who fell to the ground, didn’t know where he was. This was the real master. If you really want to say it, he really didn’t pay attention to Deng Yang. Although he had no ability after leaving the cave, as a spirit, it was an instinct to feel power. Deng Yang is really good. It can be said that he is very strong compared with the half hanging people Mo Tao found before, but it is not enough to make him afraid. So before, those talismans of Deng Yang were not affected at all. It is also clear that Deng Yang has absolutely no strength to deal with himself, so these people have long become the nourishment in his eyes.

But now, as soon as Si Yang shot, he knew that he really kicked the iron plate this time. Seeing that Siyang seemed to be going to Shuxin, ‘Tian Rong’ immediately shouted, “if you move again, I’ll kill him!”

As soon as he said that, the drooping branches of the big tree began to vibrate and slowly dropped one from above. There was something like a cicada pupa hanging at the bottom of the branch. With the winding branches moving away slowly, a dead white head appeared. The man was Tian Rong.

It may have been a long time since I saw the light. Although Tian Rong was very weak, he still moaned slightly. He seemed to struggle to open his eyes, but he didn’t even have the strength to open his eyes. He was so weak that he was hung on the head.


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