Great Celestial Master Chapter 63

They were stunned. Although they already knew that Tian Rong was false, they never thought that the real Tian Rong was still alive. But in front of him, they were afraid they could only help him collect his body.

“Tian Rong” thought they would have some scruples to save people, but after he finished his words, Si Yang kept walking up the tree. The steep and horizontal roots were like walking on the ground under his feet, and even jumped onto the first branch.

‘tian Rong ‘looked more and more ugly: “now this man’s life is in my hand!”

Siyang sneered: “I never accept any threat. What’s more, I don’t know him. His life and death have nothing to do with me.”

As soon as Si Yang finished speaking, his fingertips touched the tree. A big hole was visible in the trunk of the tree, and the big hole was still expanding outward. The two girls and the bodyguard looked at the things in their hands and suddenly felt that the world had become more mysterious.

Seeing the big tree broken open, Tian Rong was about to crack his eyes. Suddenly, the whole person went crazy. The momentum of his whole body rose wildly, and he rushed over recklessly. The drooping branches of the whole tree seemed to be controlled by him. It seemed that he had been ordered and attacked Siyang Qi Qi.

So many branches, like the tentacles of monsters, rushed frantically in their own direction. The two girls screamed with fear, and the bodyguard immediately made a posture of resistance.

Just at the critical moment, the tip of those branches suddenly stopped just a few centimeters away from the three of them.

As soon as Siyang’s five fingers were closed, those branches lost their vitality and fell to the ground like dust.

“If this is a real hibiscus tree, it may have the power of a war. Unfortunately, it is just something spawned by a hibiscus branch. It can’t even be called piracy. Do you still want to turn the sky with this?”

Deng Yang knew very well that while you were ill and wanted your life, he immediately sealed Tian Rong when he was beaten by Si Yang. But just as he was moving, “Tian Rong” suddenly looked up at him. In an instant, Deng Yang was in a trance, and then the scene in front of him changed in an instant, back to the cave passage when they came.

Tu Xiaobai also asked him, “master, are those copper coins very powerful just now? I saw people set up stalls in many second-hand markets and a lot of them were picked by people on the ground. What’s different from those?”

Deng Yang looked at the skeleton in the corner, and the voice of Siyang eating peaches sounded in his ear. LAN Jinxiu was talking to him while peeling sugar paper next to Siyang. Tian Rong was comforting Mo Tao, saying that as long as the matter was solved, he would be fine.

Deng Yang looked at Tian Rong. He knew that this guy was not the real Tian Rong at all. When he was just ready to fight him, he realized that this was a fantasy. They had entered the cave, saw the strange tree and the real Tian Rong. At that moment, Deng Yang directly sat down and began to close his eyes and read the Taoist Scriptures. The master said that in case of any uncertain situation, we must be calm and respond to changes. Otherwise, if he starts recklessly, who knows whether it is the enemy or his own people.

When he read the Taoist Scriptures for a while, the voices floating in his ears seemed to sink slowly, and there was a feeling of returning to reality from vanity. Before Deng Yang opened his eyes, he suddenly stretched out his hand and blocked the hand that was directly grabbed at his heart. He suddenly made a force, urged his spiritual power to the other hand and slapped it out without reservation.

A scream suddenly rang through the cave. Deng Yang opened his eyes and saw that he had just wanted to sneak into his “Tian Rong” Shengsheng. He unloaded one hand. Although the hand he knocked off did not shed blood like a human, there were bursts of black smoke at the place where the arm was broken, and the smoke was mixed with a little golden light. That palm was his master’s unique skill, Yang palm. Unfortunately, he hasn’t practiced it yet. He had seen his master shoot a very powerful ghost with one palm before.

However, seeing that ‘Tian Rong’ didn’t recover after he broke his hand, he sneered: “that’s all you can do. Continue to recover and regenerate your broken arm!”

At this time, Tian Rong did not care about him or his broken arm. He struggled to jump at the tree, but it was obviously too late. The tree had been broken by Si Yang, and a huge sarcophagus was exposed from the heart of the tree.

Seeing what was revealed from the heart of the tree, everyone subconsciously exclaimed. According to Tu Xiaobai’s memory, although they saw something under the tree when they came in, it was a big stone like an altar, and then it was cut in half by the growing tree from the middle. When they came in again this time, they only saw the tree and didn’t see the so-called altar. They just thought what they saw last time was all an illusion. I just didn’t expect that there was something under the tree, or a coffin.

People in their age didn’t even have a chance to see the real coffin. When they suddenly saw such a sarcophagus that they didn’t know how many years it had been stored here, they were frightened and inevitably raised a trace of curiosity.

Just saw that Siyang easily beat fake Tian Rong to the ground, which made Ivan more confident in their strength. No matter whether they can go out or not, at least they shouldn’t die in the hands of fake Tian Rong, so they are a little more relaxed than just now.

Seeing this kind of coffin only found in various TV dramas and novels, I was in the mood to take a closer look with Si Yang: “is this a coffin made of stone? I don’t know how many years it will take for such a big tree to grow. The sarcophagus is in the heart of the tree. It will grow together. I’m afraid it has been hundreds of thousands of years.”

Tu Xiaobai said, “is this guy the one buried in the sarcophagus? That’s why he’s so confident. Look at the sarcophagus growing in the tree. Even if ordinary people know it, they’re afraid they can’t open it at all. I’m afraid it’s useless for grave robbers to come in such a grave way.”

Mo Tao, who has been pulling stones over there to escape, sees that Si Yang is so hidden and knows that it is safer to follow him. At the moment, he also touches a tree, but he is more concerned about his own safety than this sarcophagus. Before Deng Yang announced his death, he didn’t forget, and there were more and more spots on his body. He didn’t know when he would die. Thinking that the sarcophagus might have something to do with the fake Tian Rong, he quickly asked, “is his body in the sarcophagus? Will we not die as long as we destroy his body?”

Mo Tao said and rushed up to push the sarcophagus away. But I don’t know where he can push away the sarcophagus that has been sealed for many years. Let him take out the strength to eat milk, but the sarcophagus pattern silk did not move.

Somehow, Tu Xiaobai and Ivan felt sad when they saw Mo Tao. Among them, Mo Tao is the oldest and the most calm at ordinary times. In particular, he was born as a mountaineer. When they go out together, Mo Tao takes care of them the most, so Mo Tao has always been a big brother in their hearts. But only after real experience can we see a person’s real temperament.

On the other side, Deng Yang saw that fake Tian Rong rushed to the sarcophagus like crazy and directly wiped the ghost bead on his wrist with his spiritual power. Then the nine character truth engraved on the ghost bead burst into a burst of golden light. Deng Yang took down the ghost bead and threw it at fake Tian Rong. Even if the thunder talisman just now doesn’t work for this guy, the nine character truth on the ghost bead was carved by his grandfather himself. Each knife uses strong spiritual power. I don’t believe it can’t deal with this guy at once.

Masata Rongsheng, who was hit by the ghost bead, was suppressed to the ground. The nine character truth depicted on the ghost bead seemed to live. It revolved around masata Rongsheng. Every time it turned, masata Rongsheng’s body became transparent.

Deng Yang snorted: “I really think I can’t do anything with you? I’ll follow you up the mountain without anything to look after the house?” Then he took out the gossip mirror hanging around his waist and wiped it on the mirror with a magic charm: “let me see what the hell you are!”

However, after the eight trigrams mirror was illuminated, Deng Yang was surprised. After looking at the eight trigrams mirror, he only showed a string of rotating ghost beads, but there was nothing else in it.

At this time, Si Yang kicked the sarcophagus that had completely grown up with the big tree. The huge sarcophagus crashed into the mountain wall with a roar. After it fell to the ground, it shook violently. Everyone was shocked. He was afraid that the sarcophagus would be kicked to pieces by him.

LAN Jingxiu subconsciously stepped back two steps and made a new assessment of Siyang’s strength.

Deng Yang couldn’t see fake Tian Rong’s body from the gossip mirror, but fake Tian Rong was restrained by his ghost bead and couldn’t move for the time being. He saw Si Yang kicking the sarcophagus, Hurriedly came forward and checked it: “sarcophagus burial is a common burial method among the ancient Southwest Yi people. It can be traced back to the Neolithic age. Later, with the development of civilization, those rare wood materials were gradually respected, which led to a variety of coffin styles. Looking at the delicacy of the sarcophagus, I’m afraid the owner of the sarcophagus was in a prominent position.”

Deng Yang then carefully observed the things carved outside the sarcophagus, but perhaps it was the problem of painters at that time. The carving was too simple. He himself was not an archaeologist. He couldn’t see anything at all. Only a few more special pictographs could see that it was an individual and seemed to be sacrificing something.

Unable to judge the origin of the sarcophagus, Deng Yang was no longer reluctant, so he put his hand on the sarcophagus and gave it a hard shock with his spiritual power. After hearing the sound of the rupture of the coffin sealing nail, with a little force, the whole coffin cover was easily pushed open.

Mo Tao hurriedly ran over and took a look at it. He was surprised and said, “no, nothing? It’s empty!”

Siyang also jumped down from the tree and walked towards the sarcophagus. The two girls quickly followed.

Yoshida smiled strangely: “do you think there is my noumenon here? It’s naive!”


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