Great Celestial Master Chapter 64

In the face of false Tian Rong’s impolite clamor, Si Yang just looked at him and lifted his hand gently. The whole coffin cover was overturned to the ground. There was a bright pearl in the air. Everything in the sarcophagus was at a glance. There was not even a white bone in it except a few bright funeral objects and a set of clothes in human shape.

Ivan followed Tu Xiaobai and bravely looked forward, wondering, “is this a clothes grave?”

LAN Jinxiu stood in the distance silently holding the talisman given to him by Si Yang. He was very honest and obedient. Si Yang said he wouldn’t let him near, so he had to watch from a distance. The bodyguard also came down from the tree at this time, but did not surround him, but dutifully guarded LAN Jingxiu’s side. But the eyes are naturally staring at the other side. It’s inevitable to be curious when you encounter this kind of thing for the first time.

LAN Jin said, “go and have a look. It’s a rare opportunity. This kind of thing may have such a chance to see in a lifetime.”

The bodyguard shook his head and said, “I can see it here.”

As soon as Si Yang grasped the void, a stone mirror was sucked into his hand with his spiritual power. They found that there was something pasted on the lid of the coffin just now, because they were all made of stone. When they blinked, they just thought it was a carved pattern, and they didn’t pay much attention.

Fake Tian Rong’s face changed in an instant.

Si Yang played with the stone mirror and smiled at him: “since there is no body of you here, it’s all destroyed. Anyway, the sarcophagus has no research value, but it’s just the sarcophagus of the head of a small tribe. The funerary goods are so poor.”

Fake Tian Rong was frightened and said, “no! I’m wrong! Master, I’m wrong! I let them go, and I let Tian Rong go. Please spare my life for my sake of not harming people’s lives!”

False Tian Rong’s voice didn’t fall. LAN Jinxiu in the distance shouted, “be careful of Siyang!”

Just when fake Tian Rong was crying for mercy, the real Tian Rong who had been hanging on it suddenly opened his eyes, and a strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. I don’t know when the branches tied to him loosened more than half, and on his exposed body grew one big abscess after another, which wanted to be disgusted for a year. When LAN Jingxiu shouted, the big abscess burst at the same time. And Siyang they just stood under them.

Because of LAN Jingxiu’s reminder, people subconsciously looked up and just saw a pile of black liquid shooting at them. The crowd instinctively screamed and hurriedly wanted to escape. Mo Tao pushed Tu Xiaobai away in front of him and ran out to avoid the black liquid dripping from it. At the same time, fake Tian Rong, who was just begging for mercy, showed a successful smile.

Unfortunately, he froze before he laughed completely. Because the black liquid did not fall on the people, but seemed to be blocked by an invisible barrier, splashed on both sides, and just avoided the seat in the middle of them.

Si Yang looked at him and said, “you can accept those little tricks.”

Deng Yang is still young and has good accomplishments, but he doesn’t have enough knowledge, so he still doesn’t understand the current situation, so he had to ask, “brother Siyang, what is he, and why does he want to lead brother Jin Xiu here?”

Si Yang handed him the stone mirror in his hand: “This is its essence. It should be an instrument used by ancient priests for sacrifice. People’s respect for nature in that era is far from what we can imagine now. This stone mirror gave birth to wisdom by relying on the ideas of many people. It was probably unwilling to be buried in the sarcophagus. It happened that this tree was an imitation of Hibiscus twig, but there were many in it It contains the magical power of Hibiscus, which is why it is created. The Taoist priest at the door has been dead for more than a hundred years. I’m afraid he found something wrong with this place in that year, so he exhausted his cultivation and sealed the cave so that outsiders would not enter by mistake. However, with the development of the mountains becoming more and more serious, many things have been damaged, and the seals of that year naturally have loopholes, but I’m afraid they are not the first people to break in. ”

Si Yang said, pointing to the back of the tree: “look there.”

People subconsciously turned back, and then they were scared and screamed.

Looking at the smile of Siyang’s mouth, LAN Jingxiu shook his head helplessly.

On the other side of the tree, a lot of white bones are piled up there. It’s really hard to describe it as a mountain. At first, when they came in, they were blocked because of the huge of the tree. Even if the hole was as bright as day, they couldn’t see behind. Now it’s because Si Yang broke a hole in dashusheng and took away the sarcophagus. At first, everyone focused on the sarcophagus and Yoshida. At this time, if Si Yang didn’t remind them, they might not see the back.

Si Yang said, Deng Yang understood: “So the first person they killed was Tian Rong after they came in by mistake last time. When they killed Tian Rong, he also got Tian Rong’s memory, so he knew the existence of brother Jinxiu. Brother Jinxiu, a natural evil spirit, was probably a great tonic to him, so he disguised himself as Tian Rong, eliminated their memories and took them away from the cave, Want to find a reasonable excuse to lead brother Jin Xiu to follow him here, and then there are these things now? ”

Si Yang said, “it’s basically right, but there’s something wrong. Sincere repair is not a tonic for it.”

“What’s that?”

Siyang looked at LAN and said, “it should be a necessity for transformation.”

LAN Jingxiu’s expression hasn’t changed. It seems that he has long thought about this possibility.

Deng Yang was surprised and said, “change the shape? Brother Siyang, do you mean that this stone mirror has reached the level of changing the shape?” He also asked the master about whether there are demons who have become refined in the world. The master said that although he had not seen them, he could not deny their existence. That’s why he was so surprised to hear that this thing almost turned into a human being.

Ivan didn’t understand, “but he can go out disguised as Tian Rong. Hasn’t he become a man?”

Si Yang said: “its body is a stone mirror, which reproduces Tian Rong, but it is only a replica. It can be refined directly. How can a mere replica satisfy him?”

After Si Yang said that, he took the stone mirror from Deng Yang’s hand and wrote a spell with spiritual power on the back of the stone mirror. As the spell hit the stone mirror, false Tianrong struggled more and more fiercely, and the whole tree began to vibrate violently with false Tianrong’s struggle. The pirated Hibiscus has long been integrated with the breath of the stone mirror, so the stone mirror has no fear. After all, there is a lack of Taoism these days, which is not comparable to the priests of their time, and few can subdue this section of Hibiscus branch. So what if you find its ontology, you can’t do anything about it at all.

But it didn’t expect that such a young Heavenly Master, whose cultivation was so thick, even felt the fear of the priest in Siyang’s body. At that time, it was just a small spiritual realm that had just generated intelligence. After thousands of years, it absorbed the essence of many living people and cultivated to this extent. Unexpectedly, it ended up like this.

As the stone mirror was sealed, Tian Rong, who was hung on it, gradually turned into a pile of white bones. Si Yang threw the sealed stone mirror to Deng Yang: “take it back and hand it over.”

Deng Yang hesitated: “this thing is not an ordinary thing. Brother Siyang, why don’t you stay by yourself and see if it’s refining or something. It may be useful.”

Si Yang said, “no need. It’s very dirty after eating so many people.” Then Chao LAN Jin said, “you can also come here. The evil Qi on your body can’t make any impact here.”

LAN Jinxiu walked over after hearing the speech. He looked at Tian Rong’s bones on the ground and sighed silently. He still couldn’t save him.

Si Yang looked at LAN Jingxiu and suddenly said, “it was still saved.”

Everyone was stunned. Just now, can Tian Rong be saved? That’s the last breath left.

LAN Jinxiu was silent for a while before he said, “is he the one who made the noise last night?”

Si Yang nodded: “well, Shi Jing copied him, so he knew what Shi Jing did before he died. He knew you were here, so he tried to remind you. He even thought that as long as he died, Shi Jing’s identity could be exposed.”

Ivan whispered, “so brother Tian Rong, is it suicide?”

However, no one answered her this question. Whether it was suicide or really couldn’t last until the last minute, only Tian Rong knew. After all, it was unimaginable that she didn’t experience the feeling of being sucked dry.

Originally thought the matter was finally settled, but Mo Tao shouted in horror.

Tu Xiaobai looked back at them and immediately retreated disgustingly. Mo Tao’s body suddenly grew countless abscesses. Each abscess can even see something flowing inside.

Mo Tao wanted to break these things, but he didn’t dare. He hurriedly asked them for help and said, “master, help me! Help me! I don’t want to die! Master!”

Two girls hid behind Siyang: “what’s that? Will he die?”

Deng Yang explained: “It’s corpse water. It’s highly toxic. People who get it will become like him. This corpse water should be the nourishment needed by this big tree. See Tian Rong’s white bones? How can ordinary people turn into white bones so soon after death? This is because the big tree takes Tian Rong as the nourishment. Everything on Tian Rong’s body turns into corpse water. The corpse water breaks and flows out of his body, nourishing the roots of the big tree , the whole person is sucked dry and naturally becomes white bone. ”

Tu Xiaobai was a little impatient and said, “is it still saved?”

Although Deng Yang didn’t look at Siyang, he still paid attention to him. Seeing that Siyang didn’t respond, he knew he didn’t intend to intervene, so he shook his head: “there’s no way. Such an abscess has grown. It’s useless for any purification.”

Hearing this, Mo Tao, who was already crazy, rushed over like crazy: “how possible! You said it would be fine! You said you could save me in the cave! Liar!” Then he jumped at Si Yang and knelt on the ground and kowtowed to him: “master, please help me. You can save Tian Rong. I must be saved. Please help me. I don’t want to die. I really don’t want to die!”

Seeing that Siyang didn’t want to pay attention to Mo Tao, LAN Jinxiu went over and protected Siyang behind him.

This gesture of rejection was undoubtedly a death sentence. Mo Tao’s whole eyes turned red and directly scratched an abscess on his arm, and the black liquid flowed down. Mo Tao’s hands were covered with those corpse water, and then frantically rushed towards them: “if you don’t save me, die together! Die together!”

Deng Yang took out a piece of talisman without delay. After reading two spells, he beat out the talisman. As soon as the rune paper was pasted on Mo Tao, Mo Tao was wrapped by the golden red flame. In a moment, the whole person burned into a fireball and rolled painfully on the ground.

Although Mo Tao was burning, Ivan and they didn’t feel the temperature of the fire, but the picture was so tragic that they couldn’t even look at it with their mouths covered, but the sad cry was constantly filled with their eardrums. Their former companions died miserably in front of them. Where could they be better. Nothing can be done except holding each other and crying.

Before Mo Tao died, he seemed to see the hand extended by his former mountaineering teammate towards him, but he didn’t extend his hand. He was afraid, flinched, and then watched his good brother fall into the abyss.

Now there are only Ivan and Tu Xiaobai, the seven good friends in the past. The two girls snuggle up to each other, squatting in the corner and crying in a low voice. Deng Yang looked at the two of them: “you two should have relatives engaged in police in your family?”

Ivan and Tu Xiaobai looked at each other and nodded at him. Ivan said, “my uncle is a policeman.”

Tu Xiaobai said, “my grandfather is a soldier and has just retired.”

Deng Yang said, “that’s right, so there’s cause and effect.”

Just as they were talking, the big tree trembled again. Everyone was in danger. I just thought I wouldn’t come back? The whole tree withered visible to the naked eye, and then broke into powder like burned dry firewood. Then an altar emerged from the ash peeling roots. There was a groove in the middle of the altar, in which there was just a piece of fresh green branches.

As soon as Si Yang waved, the branch fell into his hands: “this should be the Fusang branch.”

Deng Yang hurried over and looked: “so does the fabled Hibiscus really exist?”

Si Yang said, “didn’t you see it with your own eyes now?”

Deng Yang said, “what can this branch do?”

LAN Jinxiu said in a side way, “since you can plant xuanyang lotus seeds, why don’t you take it back and plant it?”

Si Yang felt it and said, “although there is not much left, there is still some magic power. Then plant it in my small garden as nourishment. Maybe the lotus seed can bear faster.”

Deng Yang has no problem with this. If Si Yang didn’t want it, he would like to offer the stone mirror with both hands. Things that are about to become refined can certainly rise directly to the level of magic tools, even spiritual tools. The harvest has been quite huge for him.


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