Great Celestial Master Chapter 65

Of course, Si Yang solved the gravel blocking the hole at last. Even if Deng Yang wanted to dispose of such a large stone, it would take some time, not as fast as Si Yang waved his hand.

The bodyguard who followed LAN Jin after self-cultivation looked at his hand and the stone that had just been directly crushed by Siyang’s gentle pat. He once again suspected that people were born. Proud of his skill, after this incident, he felt that he had suffered an unprecedented blow.

When they saw the sunshine again, they found that they had been in the cave all night. Obviously, I didn’t feel the passage of time, but one night passed. Feeling the temperature of the sun, Ivan, they have the feeling of returning to the world again.

Deng Yangchao said to them, “although the stone mirror has been solved, you are still somewhat affected, so you’d better find a master to purify you.”

Ivan hurriedly said, “then why don’t you just deal with it for us? There are so many swindlers in the world, and we can’t trust others.” As for Si Yang, who looked more powerful, they probably saw his power. Instead, they didn’t dare to make a mistake. They even became cautious in speaking.

Deng Yang smiled and stretched out two fingers: “the Dharma of purification is two thousand.” Friendship is friendship, and he can’t get less reward. What’s more, they really don’t have any friendship.

Tu Xiao said, “no problem!”

LAN Jinxiu directly arranged a hotel in the local area. Although the matter was solved, there were still a lot of problems to deal with in the future. There was also the sarcophagus, which was also of great research value, but these things were the matter of Deng Yang’s Secret Service Department.

They were also in a good time. The Orchid Exhibition once every five years in Yishan city was held just these days. LAN Jinxiu casually mentioned it on the way back to the hotel with Siyang. Siyang thought that since they had come and happened to meet, the scale of once every five years should not be small, so go and have a look. Maybe he can meet one or two orchids worth planting in his small garden.

After a day’s rest, Tu Xiaobai and his wife came with two cards that night. Although they didn’t invite Si Yang and Deng Yang, they saved their own lives. It’s impossible to say a word or two of thanks after they were saved. However, they are just ordinary families. They haven’t worked for a few years and don’t have much savings, so one person took out 50000 yuan and gave the two masters a card. Fifty thousand yuan is really not much, but it can also be said that they have all their savings now.

This kind of thing can’t be measured by money. In the face of the sincere gratitude of the two girls, Si Yang didn’t refuse, but he gave them a amulet and turned around to donate the money to charity.

Now the Royal muscle he cooperated with LAN Jinxiu has almost opened the market. At least the reputation of the brand has been made. The price of the product itself is on the high side. Even if it is a domestic product, people subconsciously compare it with a first-line brand. When the inherent concept is formed, the positioning of this product is not low. In addition, the effect is indeed not achievable by science and technology in this era. It is not too much to describe it as a cow forced against the sky.

According to Siyang’s expectation, the market has been in short supply. In the past, most of these products were Chinese people who went to other people’s sites to sweep goods. Since the opening of the Royal muscle market, now all major counters can see foreigners coming to them to sweep goods in China, and all kinds of goods are out of stock.

This has also opened up part of the tourism market in a certain situation. In addition, the construction of China in recent years is indeed very good. It has almost shortened the hundred year distance from those developed countries in ten years, and also broke the image of some yellow people who still stay in long braids and coarse linen clothes. Under all kinds of visible interests, the brand that has already hung the green light on the country has become a key project to support.

In short, in addition to buying land, Siyang’s wallet is now very rich. Therefore, he naturally doesn’t mind returning to society with such “extra money”, so he should be regarded as accumulating blessings for those who really have a good heart.

After Shi Jing, Deng Yang worshipped Si Yang very much, and now he has completely evolved into a fan brother. If there were not some things to deal with in the cave, he must have followed Si Yang to see the Orchid Exhibition.

Without the disturbance of those idle people, LAN Jinxiu only took a part-time bodyguard driver to the orchid show. He had no chance before. Now the bodyguard finally had a chance to speak, but he is a person who can’t speak. If others have kindness to him, he will remember it all his life. As long as he has the opportunity to go through fire and water, he will pay it back. But he always felt that those words of thanks were so hypocritical that he didn’t know what to say.

So while the bodyguard was driving and looking back through the rearview mirror from time to time, Si Yang, who was looking at the scenery outside the window, turned and smiled at him, “what’s up?”

The bodyguard coughed uneasily: “yes, I was in the cave before. Thank you for your help.” If it weren’t for the talisman, he would really explain it there.

Si Yang smiled: “your life is very good. Although you suffered a little in your early years, you live a long life, so you don’t have to thank me. Even without that symbol, you’ll be fine.”

The bodyguard is naturally happy to hear that he has a long life, but what should be thanked is: “if master Si has anything to do in the future, just tell him!”

Si Yang glanced at LAN Jingxiu and said with a smile, “your bodyguard is going to work for me with your high salary. Don’t you say anything?”

LAN Jingxiu’s mouth slightly pursed, seemed to smile and said, “very good.”

The Orchid Exhibition is not in the center of the city. The venue is not too far from Shuangyu mountain, so after they came out of the hotel, they arrived in about 20 minutes by car. Maybe it’s only once every five years, so it’s very grand. There are flower watchers, flower exhibitors and flower sellers. When they arrived, there was a sea of people.

The whole venue is divided into two areas. One is a free area, which is completely open to all citizens. Some orchids are also sold, but the price will not be too high. The cheap ones are hundreds of thousands, and the expensive ones are tens of thousands. It can let many citizens know orchids without threshold.

The other exhibition area is not open to the outside world, and only the invitation letter is OK. Although those who can get the invitation letter are not rich or expensive, a small orchid exhibition has not risen to that level, but they must have some wealth to be invited. After all, what is displayed there is not cheap, the lowest price is tens of thousands, and even more expensive tens of millions. So we set a threshold, otherwise we would be knocked over by ordinary citizens, and we really can’t afford to pay.

Although they decided to come to the exhibition temporarily, several invitations were not a problem for LAN Jinxiu at all, because there were too many people outside and there were few things worth seeing, so after entering the Orchid Exhibition Hall, LAN Jinxiu took Si Yang directly to the inner hall.

Orchids are expensive because they are rare. In the eyes of those who don’t understand, it is just a few flowers of different colors and shapes in a few long green leaves. But in the eyes of those obsessed with orchids, there is no flower in the world comparable to orchids.

Obviously, Si Yang belongs to the former. He just heard a lot about the fame of orchids. Just this time, he came to see what is rare about the world-famous orchids. But unfortunately, there was no one worth seeing.

Si Yang often fiddles with his small garden orchid. Jingxiu knows that in the past, the orchids in the exhibition hall are also worth giving him a high look, because there are really many rare varieties. Among other things, it is the king of this orchid exhibition, a colorful heart orchid that has been cultivated for nearly ten years. I may not feel it at first glance, but compared with other orchids, the momentum of the emperor in the flowers appears. For this point, it can afford the price of millions.

But now he sees many rare and different grasses in Siyang small garden, and these orchids feel ordinary.

With their eyesight, naturally, they don’t need to squeeze in front of them like others. After standing aside for a while, LAN Jin said, “this one is the best in today’s exhibition.”

Si Yang looked at the grass covered in the glass for fear of being hurt. Two security guards stood on both sides and shook his head: “let’s go. There’s nothing to look at.” It’s really a grass. I’m afraid it’s not as good as the weeds that he has to tidy up and pull out regularly in his small garden. Real good things have aura. This aura does not refer to the aura they need for cultivation, but a kind of fresh vitality.

The orchid covered with glass is dead and completely empty. It has lost the most original thing belonging to the plant. It is the product that human beings have cultivated to meet their various fantasy preferences. He really can’t see where this grass is worth pursuing.

Perhaps this is the generation gap across a star domain. The world is different and the world outlook is naturally different.

LAN Jinxiu saw that Siyang was a little depressed and said, “let’s go. There’s a very authentic fried rice nearby. Although it’s only fried rice and it’s not an inheritance after a chef, it’s said that the taste is unique in Yishan City, and the bitterness of his family is also very good. Do you want to try it?”

Siyang naturally nodded. When they were ready to turn around and leave, there was a sudden commotion at the orchid surrounded by the orchid. A teenager who looked only 15 or 16 years old suddenly rushed out of the crowd and seemed to want to take the orchids away, but was stopped by a trained security guard.

The owner of the orchid looked at the baby who was almost poisoned and said angrily, “where are you from, kid? Is there anyone else in charge? How do you do things in this meeting? Why do everyone put it in? If you break my flower, can you afford to pay!”

The young man who was stopped by the security guard to be taken away is still shouting: “let go of me! Zhu! You murderer! You will have retribution! Won’t your conscience be disturbed! Aren’t you afraid of being killed by a fierce ghost in the middle of the night! You murderer! If you don’t choose means in order to make money, you will die hard!”

The boss surnamed Zhu’s face sank in an instant, and the person in charge of the exhibition said, “don’t you audit the people who come in such a large exhibition, and you let such a madman in?”

The person in charge quickly bowed his head and apologized, while greeting a group of security guards to drive the kid out.

The boy wanted to open his mouth and say something, but the security guard covered his mouth and dragged it out. A teenager, who was in his teens, was carried out like a chicken.

The boss surnamed Zhu changed his gloomy face a little better after the person in charge of the exhibition repeatedly apologized. Some of the people around him were whispering, as if they were talking about whether the young man’s words were credible. Some of the people who originally wanted to buy by bidding were also upset, were swept away, and naturally had no idea of bidding. Some people who are obsessed with orchids rarely see such a rare and beautiful variety. Where can they control the nonsense of others.

Si Yang, who was going to leave, also stopped his steps and looked back. His eyes surged with spiritual power for a moment, and then he slightly picked his eyebrows. He doesn’t like to see too many things on weekdays. In the past, everyone in the immortal world was a monk, but he didn’t have any trouble in this regard. But now most of the mortals in the world can see people clearly with a little look at his cultivation. Sometimes he doesn’t feel very good, or even as interesting as a mortal. Therefore, if there is no need, he seals his eyes.

LAN Jingxiu was curious and said, “what’s the matter?”

Si Yang smiled: “what’s the name of this orchid?”

“It’s called blood core orchid. It’s named because the orchid petals seem to soak blood.”

Si Yang said, “I think it’s more appropriate to call it Xuelan. I said how it looks dead. Where can things irrigated with blood live?”


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