Great Celestial Master Chapter 66

When LAN Jinxiu and Si Yang came out of the meeting, the young man was still trying to break in. The security captain was a little old and didn’t know if he was a father, so he felt very tolerant of the young man, but stopped the young man from entering again, Also painstakingly advised: “while the boss inside is still busy and hasn’t been investigated, you go quickly. Don’t make trouble here. Be careful that you really get into the bureau!”

The boy seemed very unwilling. He grabbed the security captain’s hand and said, “believe me! That man surnamed Zhu is really a murderer!”

The security captain said helplessly, “if you have evidence to prove that he is a murderer, go to the police station and call the police. You can’t make a result like this, okay?!”

The young man let go of his hand. He knew, how could he not know, but there was no evidence. If there was evidence, he would have called the police.

Seeing Si Yang staring at the boy, LAN Jinxiu glanced at the boy and didn’t see anything special. Then he asked, “do you want to help him?”

After watching it for a while, Siyang said something that was still unfinished: “look at fate.”

LAN Jinxiu frowned slightly when he heard the speech. He couldn’t help looking back at the dejected young man sitting on the stairs. He always felt that Si Yang’s fate had another deep meaning, but this deep meaning. He didn’t know whether it was the deep meaning he didn’t want to see.

Originally, they planned to go back to Zhongdu after watching the Orchid Exhibition. There are still classes in Siyang school. LAN Jinxiu has many things. It is very rare to be free these days. But after this, Si Yang said he would stay for another three days. LAN Jingxiu naturally stayed with him. The big things are not as important as the things in front of him. Si Yang, who doesn’t mind his own business, said to look at fate, but now he took the initiative to stay and wait for fate. It’s really abnormal!

Deng Yang was naturally happy about Si Yang’s stay. Originally, he thought he was just dealing with a supernatural event, but unexpectedly, after sealing the stone mirror, the real trouble was still behind. As one of the parties, he himself eats the national meal, so naturally he should stay and participate in the early excavation.

The trouble with this matter is that if it is really decided, there will be substantive evidence about whether the Xia Dynasty exists. The reason why Huaxia is called Huaxia is that in the stone age, various tribes were scattered, led by the heads of their respective tribes. The most famous legend still circulating today is that Dayu controlled the flood. It is also that Yu broke the concession system of the original tribe and passed the throne to his son, which launched the imperial hereditary system.

Records about the Xia Dynasty can be found in many ancient books and documents. There is no doubt about the existence of the Xia Dynasty, but evidence is needed to make the world recognize it. For example, the most famous city of Troy, even if there are countless documents before it is really found and excavated, this period of history can only be classified as legend. Until the discovery of the ancient city, this period is really recorded in history and recognized by the world.

With regard to the Xia Dynasty, an ancient tomb, called Erlitou tomb, was discovered in the early stage, which can prove that it was the product of the Xia Dynasty. However, the things excavated in it deviate from the period recorded in the historical documents. So far, except China itself, the world does not recognize the existence of the Xia Dynasty, because there is no convincing evidence.

In Pisces mountain, after the white bones piled up in the cave were picked up and removed, the sheltered mountain wall was also exposed. The hieroglyphs on the wall and the pictures and texts depicted on them overlapped with some words excavated from Erlitou ancient tomb. Most importantly, those words were well preserved. This discovery can be said to be quite amazing. It may even rewrite world history and make the world recognize the existence of the Xia Dynasty. How many ancient historians spent their whole lives trying to test this argument. It can be imagined how important this discovery is.

But there is a problem. Without sealing, such a cave can not withstand the corrosion of air for four or five thousand years. You can’t say that we have special sealing skills in China when it is announced to the public. That’s too untenable. However, although Deng Yang doesn’t need to worry about these things, he still needs to stay here temporarily in case of any accidents.

At this point, Deng Yang make complaints about the discovery and progress in the cave. “Didn’t you see that group of old men Si Yang who felt that they needed help to walk? For the interpretation of an image, they almost didn’t fight in the hole. Especially on the first day, when one of the old professors saw us, they threw the sarcophagus aside at random, so angry that their beards almost didn’t turn up. They scolded fiercely all the way. The young people who were excited to follow him were there It’s like a quail behind. Fortunately, I’m not a student of the professor. Otherwise, I already have a teacher with a bad temper. Another teacher with a hot temper can’t live. ”

Siyang said with a smile, “what’s your major?”

Deng Yang smiled: “Broadcasting host, the teacher said that I had a good image and a cheerful person, which was very suitable for this occupation. Unfortunately, I didn’t become a host after graduation, but I had a national meal, but now it’s OK. Although the salary is not high and it’s not easy to earn extra money, my school is big and my master has money. He bought me a house in Zhongdu. Now just take care of his own rations.”

Si Yang felt that after getting along with these Xuanmen people for a long time, he gradually adapted to the current situation that their heavenly masters still have to run around for life. Although it is strange, it is not incomprehensible. Once people’s ability is too prominent and uncontrolled, the state can’t tolerate it. After all, the world is still the world of ordinary people.

Deng Yang said, taking out his cell phone, Enlarged several close-up photos on the sarcophagus and handed them to Si Yang: “Brother Siyang, according to some data and the carved totem on the sarcophagus, those experts said that it was a sarcophagus called heita tribe. The time can even be inferred that the people in the sarcophagus should be the head of the tribe in the period of Xia Yu, but the sarcophagus was not for burying the dead, but a kind of living burial that closed the sense of five senses when people were alive After going in and burying in a special way, the people in the coffin can reach the realm of the unity of heaven and man and directly become immortal. ”

“Brother Si Yang, look at this totem. Does it look like the black hole you saw behind false Tian Rong? Although Ivan had black holes on them before, what I saw through the Yin and Yang eyes was just a shallow vortex without the endless deep feeling, but the black hole on false Tian Rong made people feel like they were in touch with another space, i Before, I thought that the mirror has the function of channeling since ancient times, and there is a saying among the people that the mirror can be connected to the underworld at some time. Therefore, after knowing the noumenon of false Tian Rong, I have no association with this black hole. I just think it is a stone mirror that reproduces the vision that can not be covered up after people, but this totem seems to deny this statement. ”

“The sarcophagus should not have been opened before I opened it. Where did the body go? We thought it was a clothes grave before, but according to the pictures and pictures on the stone wall and the calligraphy and paintings carved on the sarcophagus, it can be determined that someone was buried in the sarcophagus at that time. Brother Siyang, do you think the people inside went to another world through that special ceremony World, is that black hole really a channel connecting another world? ”

Every world has something he can’t find out. Even on this planet, due to the rarity of aura and the decline of Taoism, people gradually return to ordinary, and opened up a scientific road from the natural laws of heaven, earth and man, but we can’t deny the wisdom and vision of the ancients.

Si Yang agrees with a scientific point of view of the world, that is, the human brain has not been developed yet. The existence of human itself is a miracle. Whether it is demon or spirit, the last struggle is to form towards the appearance of human beings, because human beings are actually the closest and close to the natural existence of all things. In fact, cultivation is also a kind of brain development in a sense.

Therefore, it is not impossible for those ancient people to really rely on their own strength to open up a channel connected with another world. But all this is speculation and there is no substantive evidence, so it is difficult for Siyang to judge. At that time, the stone mirror only had its own intelligence, but Si Yang had seen it when he sealed it, and there was no information about the totem at all.

So he could only say, “if you feel curious, you can study it yourself. There are still many places for people to learn from the wisdom of the ancients. Sometimes discovery and exploration will be more interesting than getting the answer directly.”

As they were talking, LAN Jinxiu knocked on the door and came in. He was not surprised to see Deng Yang in Siyang’s room. These two days, Deng Yang would come to report the current situation in the cave with Siyang if he had nothing to do. Although he was here, he could not stick to Siyang all day. The business that should be handled still had to be handled, so he let Deng Yang come to relieve Siyang’s boredom.

Seeing the people who came in, Deng Yang quickly raised a big smiling face: “brother Jin Xiu, are you finished?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded to him, then said to Siyang, “maybe the fate you said before is coming.”

Si Yang raised his eyebrows slightly.

Monk LAN Jin: “Zhu Guohao, the owner of the orchid we saw that day, died violently at home the night before yesterday. The young man we saw was arrested on suspicion of murder. Now everything about Zhu Guohao is handled by his son. Although there is no evidence of direct murder, his son still killed the young man because he made trouble several times and threatened that he would not die easily Sue. ”

Although I don’t quite understand what it is, Deng Yang’s special department also has to deal with the police often. I still understand some relevant laws and regulations. Wen Yan said: “if there is no direct evidence, this lawsuit is not tenable.”

Si Yang smiled: “rich people play law and never need to tell evidence.”

Deng Yang was immediately unable to refute.

At this time, Deng Yang’s cell phone rang. Deng Yang hurried to one side to answer the phone. LAN Jinxiu asked Siyang, “do you need to get people out first?”

After thinking for a moment, Si Yang said, “go and have a look first.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “I’ll arrange it. In addition, this is the information I investigated. The man’s name is Li Sheng. He should be 15 years old. He is an orphan. When he was a child, he was picked up and adopted by a father surnamed Li. Father Li is from Pingcheng village. He is very remote. Li Sheng was still a black family until he was about six years old. Later, in order to go to school, father Li entrusted the relationship with the village head to settle down Li Sheng and put himself in My age is two years older. Two years ago, father Li died. Li Sheng lived with a flower father in their village. There was a little girl in the family of father Hua, who was as old as Li Sheng. When she was a child, she read for two years. Later, since her parents who worked abroad never came back and didn’t send money back, the little girl had no money to study, so she planted flowers with father Hua. Three months ago, the little girl disappeared. Father Hua hurt his head in the process of looking for it and left within two days. In addition, the potted flowers Zhu Guohao went to the orchid exhibition were bought at a price of 20000 from his father. ”

Si Yang looked at the information and asked, “where are the flowers?” He remembered that before they left that day, many people wanted to buy, but there was no deal.

LAN Jin said, “it hasn’t been sold yet. Zhu Guohao’s price is too high, 3.2 million. Some want to buy it, but they also want to press the price. Now the man is dead. His son says he doesn’t understand orchids, so that good things won’t be ruined by him for nothing. So he will sell them as long as the price is appropriate. Now they are still in negotiation.”

Deng Yang, who answered the phone, came over and said to them, “a man surnamed Zhu asked someone to look at the house and found a colleague of mine. The colleague had a case to deal with. He just knew I was nearby and pushed it to me. I don’t know if the man surnamed Zhu is what you said. Anyway, an elder has just left home.”


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