Great Celestial Master Chapter 67

When Deng Yang went to Zhu’s house, LAN Jinxiu also took care of it and met Li Sheng smoothly with Si Yang. It’s probably because it’s hard to stay inside. When Li Sheng was brought here, his face was black and blue. It seems that he was bullied miserably.

Li Sheng originally thought that the person who came was Zhu’s lawyer. On the day he was locked in, Zhu’s lawyer came and said that he was not over the age of 18. Even if he committed a crime, the law would be given a lighter punishment, and his sentence would be commuted because of his active confession. Although he didn’t study much, he also went to school for several years. He also knew that if he pleaded guilty to this crime, it would be intentional murder. It’s really impossible for lawyers to say that a light sentence and a heavy sentence. What’s more, he didn’t commit a crime or kill people. Why should he recognize what he didn’t do.

So when I heard someone wanted to see him this time, I thought it was the bad lawyer who could only work for the rich again. As a result, it turned out that there were two very good-looking strangers. Li Sheng was taken by the prison guard to sit down in the chair. Seeing that they were just staring at themselves, he couldn’t help asking, “what are you looking for me? I don’t know you.”

Si Yang asked him, “why do you say Zhu Guohao is a murderer?”

Perhaps the person in front of him had a good voice, asked too gently, or looked too good. Although he didn’t know each other and didn’t know each other’s intention, Li Sheng intuitively didn’t mean any harm, so he asked a little carefully, “do you believe in ghosts in the world?”

Si Yang nodded: “letter.”

Li Shenglian hurriedly said, “Xiaoya gave me a dream! She said that she was killed by the one surnamed Zhu. She also said that the one surnamed Zhu trapped her in the potted flower. She wanted to reincarnate, but she couldn’t go away. Xiaoya cried in my dream every day, saying that she was so painful and uncomfortable, and cried every day asking me to save her!”

“You believe it with only one dream? Do you regret getting yourself into such a field for a dream?”

Li Sheng didn’t seem to expect him to ask, so he paused slightly, Then he shook his head: “I don’t regret it. What if it’s true? Although I haven’t met it before, I heard many things that science can’t explain when I was a child. I believe people have souls. After my father left, Grandpa Hua took me in. Xiaoya is like my sister. Now grandpa Hua is gone, and Xiaoya comes to my dream to cry every day. If I don’t do something, I won’t be ashamed to die in the future See them. ”

Si Yang didn’t ask any more, but put something like a crystal ball on the table: “put your hands on it.”

Li Shengshi didn’t understand what the man in front of him wanted to do, but he did as he said. After a while, something like an electric arc began to flicker in the originally transparent glass ball. He has seen this thing. It is sold in some small jewelry stores around the school. It is said that the weak current sensing or temperature of the human body can make the inside react. The electric light will follow wherever the fingers go. He just didn’t understand why the man asked him to touch this.

If Si Yang knew that the boy regarded the spirit stone to test the spirit root as a gadget in the ten yuan store, he didn’t know whether he couldn’t help taking back the idea of accepting disciples.

It is confirmed that the boy is Lei Linggen. Although there are two subtle miscellaneous Linggen, they are nothing. He has plenty of treasure to wash the Linggen for him.

In the immortal cultivation world, there are many five elements spiritual roots. For example, there are few spiritual roots extending from the five elements. If the conditions are good, it is naturally excellent talent, but the condition of this boy is really not good. Although he is lucky to have the thunder attribute spiritual root, the two miscellaneous spiritual roots can make him inferior. In the sect, such qualification can only be used as an external factotum.

The most important thing in the immortal cultivation world is the genius with anti heaven qualification, so such a person is not worth washing his essence and cutting his marrow with a baby. But on earth, it is quite difficult to meet someone with spiritual roots. If he hasn’t met it, it’s OK for him to live carefree in this world, but since he met it, he also moved the idea of accepting disciples. If the conditions are OK, accept it.

At the beginning, I didn’t know how many talented children sent to him to worship him as a teacher, but at that time, he consciously was still young and didn’t want to be bound by these causal feelings, so he refused all of them. Now, the conditions for accepting students have been relaxed to this extent. Suddenly, I understand what it feels like to have an old blood stem on the Internet in my chest. I really have to sigh that things are changeable.

Before Li Sheng met, the people looked at the crystal ball and stopped talking. They felt that it was not right to keep their hands on it or take them back. They didn’t know what to do at once.

LAN Jingxiu on one side couldn’t help saying, “Si Yang?”

Siyang recovered slightly and took back the crystal ball. After watching Li Sheng for a long time, he said, “I intend to take you as an apprentice. If you like, come with me. If you don’t want, it’s supposed to have never happened today.”

Li shengmeng forced his face: “what?” If this is not in the police station, how can he feel that the current situation is so similar to some MLM or some cults.

Although LAN Jinxiu had guessed about this, he was still a little uncomfortable after hearing what Siyang said. Although Siyang’s decision had nothing to do with him and could not be controlled by him, he always felt that Siyang’s life would be occupied by this boy in front of him in the future. He approached so carefully, but the man in front of him got the attention he wanted without effort.

Li Sheng never encountered such a thing. After a little confused for a while, he carefully asked, “can I ask what you do?”

His condition is not good. Although his adoptive father left some money for him after he left, he came out of the village for Xiaoya’s business and spent almost all the money he had left. In recent days, he scrambled for a seat and slept with beggars under the overpass. If he hadn’t been caught suddenly, he would have been a problem about three times a day. If he has the opportunity to learn a skill, of course he is willing, but he can’t be confused about anything. Let’s go with people in such a muddle headed way. Besides, Xiaoya’s matter hasn’t been solved yet, he must not go.

Si Yang said, “no, but what I can tell you is that being my apprentice is not very enjoyable. In the future, you will suffer much more than you think. As for what you can get after you pay, it only depends on your own ability.”

That’s too vague. Shouldn’t apprentices put out their employment prospects first these days? He’s blind and doesn’t know anything, which makes him how to make a decision. But thinking of his confused future, he didn’t know what to do about Xiaoya, and he didn’t know how to go in the future. The flower father is gone, and he can’t go back to the village to guard the empty house, and there’s no land to grow for him.

All kinds of thoughts flashed through his mind. He didn’t know how to live in the future. Maybe it was an opportunity at present. If the big deal was wrong, he would just find a chance to run away. Anyway, he would certainly not do anything harmful.

But before he promised, he still wanted to make sure: “I’m not afraid of hardship or fatigue. I’ll do a lot of work. Just give me food and a place to live. If I’m willing to be your apprentice, can you help me solve Xiaoya’s affairs? I’ll be obedient to you in the future!”

The Zhu family’s business is not much trouble, and he doesn’t even need to do it at all. However, if the boy directly agrees without mentioning this, I’m afraid Si Yang will reconsider it. A stupid apprentice doesn’t matter, but he doesn’t want to teach a white eyed wolf. However, human nature is not immutable. It looks good now. If he really becomes a white eyed wolf in the future, since he can teach it, he can naturally die.

The apprentice received very smoothly. Li Sheng was also a big hearted man and agreed when he didn’t know anything. But maybe they are destined to be apprentices. If Li Sheng asks more questions or questions, Si Yang will give up the idea. People have always begged him to accept disciples. Even if the actual conditions in this world are not very good, it will not be reduced to the point that he begged someone to be his apprentice.

LAN Jingxiu is very fast. Although he doesn’t like Siyang’s new apprentice in his heart, he did what Siyang asked him to help. In the afternoon, some procedures were completed, and Li Sheng was directly released.

Originally, if Zhu Guohao and his son had not made some small moves behind his back, Li Sheng would not have been caught at all. Zhu Guohao died in his own bed. At that time, Li Sheng was competing with a group of beggars for a place to sleep. Even if there was a motive to kill, there was obviously no possibility of committing a crime. The most thing he could do was to ask him. He couldn’t even meet the conditions for imprisonment.

If it had been before, Li Sheng, who had no background, would have been wronged by them. But now, as soon as LAN Jinxiu’s lawyer team came out, those who made small moves with Zhu Guohao’s son realized that it was not good. They didn’t even have the intention of blocking and let them go.

After Li Sheng was taken out of the police station by LAN Jinxiu, he went directly to Siyang’s hotel. LAN Jinxiu’s face became colder after seeing the boy with black eyes and swollen face.

Maybe he has spiritual roots. In many ways, Li Sheng has an extraordinary keen intuition. He is very difficult to provoke, so he quietly shrinks in the corner and doesn’t dare to make a sound. But he was very grateful. Without this man to help him, he didn’t know how long he would be tortured in it.

He followed LAN Jinxiu all the way to the hotel and got on the elevator. Li Shengcai summoned up his courage and whispered, “thank you.”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t reply: “I’m not the one to thank. I’m afraid it’s your luck that you can’t exchange your blessings for ten generations. Cherish it.”

Li Sheng carefully raised his head and glanced at him. He said how did he feel that this man didn’t like himself since he was at the police station in the morning? Is it because he also wanted to worship the teacher, but the man didn’t accept it? It’s normal for him to hate himself. But even if I hate myself, I’m still willing to help him. I’m a good man, but it’s a little cold.

Seeing Li Sheng with a black and blue face, Si Yang frowned slightly: “the water in the bathroom is ready. Go in and soak for ten minutes, especially your face for a while, and the clothes inside are also prepared for you.”

Li Sheng is also a clean person. Although he is poor, he always keeps himself clean if conditions permit. He didn’t take a bath these days. He couldn’t stand it. When he heard that he could take a bath, he was happy: “OK, thank you, teacher!”

Si Yang corrected him: “call the master.”

Li Shenglian hurriedly said, “yes, master!”

When Li Sheng entered the bathroom, LAN Jinxiu saw Si Yang sigh, went to one side, poured two glasses of water and brought it over: “why sigh.”

Si Yang said: “nothing, just sigh that the world is difficult now. Human beings are looking forward to progress. In fact, life is too convenient. On the contrary, it makes them regress, and their qualifications are getting worse and worse.”

LAN Jingxiu paused and said, “if you are not satisfied, you don’t have to force.”

Si Yang shook his head: “it’s OK. It depends on his understanding.”

When Li Sheng came out of the bathroom, the scars on his black and blue face disappeared, leaving only his face full of panic. It’s probably that what happened in front of him is too unimaginable. However, after soaking in the water for a while, the bruises and scars on his body have been washed away directly as if they were dirty things. If Xiaoya’s ghost had not laid some psychological foundation for him before, he would be scared and stupid by the current situation.

“Master.” Li Sheng shouted cautiously, then stood not far or near, and didn’t dare to come forward casually. No matter how stupid he is, he now understands that his master must not be an ordinary person and will take him as an apprentice. Maybe it’s because he can see ghosts in his dreams?

LAN Jingxiu glanced at him. He suddenly disappeared the injury on his face and didn’t show any surprise. He just stood up and said to Siyang, “I’ll go back to my room first. I’ll come down to have dinner with you.”

Si Yang nodded. After LAN Jinxiu left, he said to Li Sheng, “come here and kneel down.”

Li Sheng quickly obediently came and knelt in front of Siyang.

Si Yang looked at him and said, “I’m not a person who pays attention to those rules, so those complex salutes are exempted, but you must know something about the school.”

Li Sheng knelt in front of him and listened.

Siyang Road: “My surname is Si Yang, and the word Qixuan comes from Hengtian sect. In the future, it will also be your sect. Your Shizu’s name is Lan Xing, and his honorary name is Nan Di, which is the cultivation of the great four heavenly emperors. I will tell you slowly in the future. The first thing you need to learn is how to introduce Qi into the body and build the foundation. When you solve the Zhu family’s affairs, I will take you back to China and teach you how to do it Cultivation, remember, the disciples of Hengtian sect can not cause trouble, but they must not be afraid of things. You can’t be so timid outside. I can make up for you if you pierce your master. ”

From childhood to adulthood, his adoptive father told him to be a man and to suffer losses is a blessing. His family condition is poor, no matter in the village or in the school, he never dare to take the initiative to provoke anything. When he was a child, he knew that he was adopted. He was an orphan without parents. Even if his adoptive father was very kind to him and better than other biological parents in the village, he was still afraid of being abandoned and causing trouble to his adoptive father.

This time, it was completely because Hua’s father was gone and Xiao Ya was gone. He was completely unaccompanied. In order to get justice for Xiao Ya, he was completely out of his mind. Anyway, there is a saying that a barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes. He is the barefoot now.

So suddenly I heard someone tell him not to be afraid of things. When the sky collapsed and someone was carrying it, the inexplicable sadness poured into his eyes. Although he hasn’t been together for less than a day, he really has a feeling of dependence in the future. He has a master and relatives.

Seeing Li Sheng with red eyes, Siyang had no choice but to smile. He was a child: “but now I want to change your name.”

Li Sheng looked at Si Yang with a little red eyes. He looked a little tangled, but he nodded obediently: “OK, listen to the master.”

Si Yang smiled: “Although you are not Li Quan’s own son, he brought you up. You took his surname, and it is reasonable to offer incense to him in the future. Therefore, you can continue to use this surname Li. The name will change from victory to knowledge. If the state has Tao, you will know. If the state has no Tao, you will be stupid. I hope you remember this sentence. I hope you can become a person with clear mind and not stupid in the future.”

Li Zezhi, who has changed his name, silently read his new name at the bottom of his heart, and then said to Siyang, “I will try to be the kind of person the master said!”


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